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 Kurt/Blaine, noncon werewolves @ Glee Kink Meme

Kurt/Blaine b!p, D/s, presentation @ Glee Kink Meme

Klaine - Bully Beatdown @ Glee Kink Meme

Kitty!Kurt/Vet!Blaine @ Glee Kink Meme

sub!Kurt/Dom!Blaine, all people are either one @ Glee Kink Meme *link now fixed!

Chasing Our Dreams Leaves Us Breathless by jlneveloff

Enzymes by stut_ter

 (Def)inition by hedgerose

Porcelain & Velvet by oddwritesstuff

Sketchy Relations by PandaMocha

Beg For You to Let Me In (Courage House) by citysins —> Glee Kink Meme fill that’s just HUGE and super good!

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“Hey,” Blaine yells out the bathroom door as he gets back up on his feet. There’s no response, as expected, so he starts down the stairs to the ground floor. “Some of you guys should come up here and help me with this caulk.”


The dull buzz of conversation from downstairs comes to a halt, and it’s Tracy that yells back, “…Help you with what?”