Day to Night in New York City

Photographer Stephen Wilkes aims to capture stunning cityscape’s and landmark sites’ transition from day to night in a single photograph. He creates a 2-D version of a time-lapse video by taking images for at least 10 hours. Wilkes then combines 30 to 50 photographs to create the ideal gradient. 

Below, we have compiled our favorite NYC shots. The results are stunning and ephemeral. We have seen thousands of photographs of Central Park and Times Square, but a few convey the concept of time and its natural effects on the majestic scenery.  



Brilliant Nighttime Photos of Los Angeles Shot from a Helicopter

Photographer Vincent Laforet flies high over the city of Los Angeles and turns his airborne perspective into captivating nighttime shots of the city. After the sun has gone down, Laforet goes up in a helicopter and uses his expertise to capture perfectly exposed frames that showcase LA’s vibrant nightlife. The crystal-clear images, pastel colors and twinkling lights make Los Angeles look like a picturesque miniature model rather than the life-size city in all its glory. From other perspectives, the highways blur out until the glowing infrastructure simply looks like a computer switchboard.