Magnifying Glass Reveals In-Focus Tokyo Among a Dazzling Blurred Landscape

Japanese photographer Takashi Kitajima captures the same Tokyo scenes in two different ways and juxtaposes them in one gorgeous composition. His series is titled Glassporthole, and it features a diffused and blurry view of the city where the buildings, streets, and signage are fused into a dazzling mixture of color, light, and shape. In addition to the abstract images, Kitajima also looks at the landscape through a magnifying glass.

Jennifer Blakeslee :“

this is another old photo from the archives. i took this in edinburgh, scotland, in october 1991. i had just met florian while backpacking in ireland, but he’d gone back to munich, and i didn’t know if i’d ever see him again. while in edinburgh, i called him from a red telephone box, and in a single phone call, everything changed. :-)

flickr is an amazing phenomenon. it makes the world a much smaller place – like connecting me with bootpainter, fellow libra, who’s from edinburgh, and was probably walking these streets the same time i was, living her life. no small thing, in my book.”