Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump and Ryan Key star in a short indie film called Moustachette. They began filming it in 2009.  According to them, it is a film that

is a tongue-in-cheek, satirical look at a group of unabashedly pompous and misled young artists. Overwhelmed by the naivety and selfishness of his best friend, Eugene searches for truth, integrity, and/or a blueberry milkshake. 

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Cady Groves covers The Avett Brothers. Watch above

Eric Leaves The Downtown Fiction

The drummer of The Downtown Fiction, Eric Jones, has decided to leave the band to pursue a career on the industry side of music. On their tour with The Plain White T’s, Anthony Villacari, of Cash Cash will be filling in. Their touring guitarist, Wes Dimond, is now an official member of the band. 

Read the official statement from the band here


The Maine posted their ‘Mockumentary’ showing the bands “Metamorphosis" from the past 5 years that they showed on their Pioneer tour

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Andy Grammer, who is currently rising on the music charts, just posted a mash-up-mix of songs his fans requested him to cover. Includes: Taylor Swift, The Script, Jessie J,etc.

catch him on the last few days of his tour with Natasha Bedingfield

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Demi Lovato's video for “Skyscraper” is now out!

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Looks like Metro Station is back!

Listen to their new song “Don’t Waste My Time" above.