Francesca Metcalf flashing The Chattannogan V12 in Little Rock City, Tennessee (video 1:11)

Possibly the first woman to flash a V12 boulder problem.

Oh, I have loved you
in the dirtiest of ways
vomit stained sheets
the scent of blood in the air.
You scream at me
pull it together,
the only thing I can pull at
is my shirt over my stomach
I can’t stop fidgeting.
Fat fat fat
bad bad bad
and horrid.
There is too much of me
and not enough fabric to
hold me together
sew me, rip the seams.
It is still dark
as the sun creeps up
test the water.
You are all I see.
—  Michelle K., Boulder.

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The 10 Best Cities For Young Job Seekers

Employment trends on the whole aren’t looking great for young people, but that may be partly because today’s 20-somethings aren’t looking in the right places.

Using 2010 data from the U.S. Census and American Community Survey, the CEW has compiled a list of the 10 cities in the U.S. with the highest employment rates for 21- to 30-year-olds. The analysis was limited to cities with youth populations of at least 200,000. It found that in the cities with the best 20-something job prospects, youth employment rates ranged from 75% to 80%, significantly above the national average of 70%.

The numbers don’t lie. This is one case where relocating for your career could make a big difference.

1. Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn.
Young adult employment rate: 79.6%
General employment rate: 74.3%
Young adult population: 452,083
General population: 2,124,137

2. Columbus, Ohio
Young adult employment rate: 77.7%
General employment rate: 70.8%
Young adult population: 254,878
General population: 1,106,181

4. Denver/Boulder, Colo. (Tie)
Young adult employment rate: 77.3%
General employment rate: 71.9%
Young adult population: 404,208
General population: 1,763,089

4. Washington, D.C. (Tie)
Young adult employment rate: 77.3%
General employment rate: 74.6%
Young adult population: 843,709
General population: 3,846,500

5. Salt Lake City/Ogden, Utah
Young adult employment rate: 77.0%
General employment rate: 71.3%
Young adult population: 260,870
General population: 989,311

6. Norfolk/Virginia Beach/Newport News, Va.
Young adult employment rate: 75.5%
General employment rate: 70.2%
Young adult population: 267,788
General population: 1,094,605

7. Kansas City, Mo.
Young adult employment rate: 75.1%
General employment rate: 71.3%
Young adult population: 258,685
General population: 1,235,111

8. Austin, Texas
Young adult employment rate: 75.0%
General employment rate: 72.6%
Young adult population: 295,832
General population: 1,121,847

9. Seattle/Everett, Wash.
Young adult employment rate: 74.7%
General employment rate: 70.2%
Young adult population: 406,404
General population: 1,874,057

10. Milwaukee, Wis.
Young adult employment rate: 74.5%
General employment rate: 67.8%
Young adult population: 218,008
General population: 1,017,756

Article via Business Insider, photo by Greg Benz


On this spot in the year of 2277, rangers and soldiers of the New California Republic turned back the forces of Caesar’s Legion during the battle of Hoover Dam. Over one hundred men and women gave their lives on Nevada soil to defend local civilians and the principles of the Republic. May this humble stone be an enduring memorial to their valor and sacrifice.

HAHA this is what happens when you invite me to an Outdoor Retailer convention.
Free swag queen.

Notable count/items:
- 21 coozies
- 7 chapsticks
- 8 liquid containing containers (one with primaloft insulation lol)
- 6 shirts
- 5 hats
- 5 backpacks
- 8 backpacking foods
- 15 emergency peeing devices
- 2 Goal Zero solar charging prizes
- Reel Rock VIP preview pass
- Gold/VIP psico bloc pass

yo gurl did good.