[ FR ] Dessins en cours ~ Je fais dans l’hétéroclite en ce moment … salle de bain et cocktail (les trucs qui ont RIEN à voir mais en fait si) … Pour T.A.C.E

[ ENG ] Drawing in progress ~ Okay i do really different things at the same time … bathroom and cocktail …  For T.A.C.E

I need your guys’ help. I hope she would be able to see this. A little to the back story -

As strange as fate can be, I was going on a subway ride with a drawing of David Tennant in my arms. I was about to meet him at that night. Upon entering I noticed this girl who I thought was attractive. She has something unique to her look and of course she was beautiful. I’m sadly a hopeless romantic, as you can see. You know how it goes on subway- strangers come and go. But then I saw that she had a Tardis phone case. I knew I had to compliment it so I did and showed her my David Tennant drawing which she took a picture of. You have no idea how glad I was, to have something in common with someone I thought stood out the most of all those subway people.

Unfortunately I left and that was it. I was mad at myself for not asking her for her number. Due to some strange coincidences happening recently I decided to try to reach out to her

It would mean a lot to me if you guys could help by reposting this ❤️ I will follow every one who helps