Man. City fans, read this.

Well, as you might know javi garcia is now on your team. Well for you to know him a little bit better let me tell you how was him. Well javi is a great person, he’s always been one of most loved players of Benfica. ALWAYS.
We, fans of Benfica, liked him a lot, because he was a great player and a great person (:
We will always miss him, because he is definitely a “Benfiquista”, a Benfica fan.
For us, this is very hard, i mean so so so hard, i can’t stop thinking that when in the future i will see a Benfica match i won’t see Javi. It’s hard, hard, hard. But it’s best for his career and i have to be happy for him.
I want to wish him a great journey on Manchester City and i hope you like him as much as we liked him.
Thank you if you’re read.


To all the Citiziens out there

Javi García is now your player, since he left us this night, so please take good care of him and please don’t be hard on him. For me, and I think for all the Benfica supporters, he is a true symbol of our club and we will never forget him. He is amazing; not only as a player but also as a person. He is loyal, caring and he gives everything on the pitch. That’s what makes him unique: his passion. Here in Portugal some people are really harsh on him because of his way of playing, so please don’t be like that to him. Insteado of that, help him. I’m sure he will use some help. Love him, encourage him and protect him, because he truly deserves it. Don’t ever doubt of his passion, his talent or his integrity as a person.
Once again, I ask you, take good care of him because he deserves all your love. Javi García is one of the best players and person I’ve ever seen in my life, so take good care of him for us.

With love,

A benfiquista (Benfica supporter) and a Javi García’s fan.

Oh God you never leave my side,Your love will stand firm for all my life…..this song hit me so hard tonight, if you don’t listen to this band you need to,they will blow you away which ultimately is God cause its never the people behind the instruments that do the changing in your heart it’s the person inside the person behind the instrument. #citiziens #marshill #worship #legit #heavy #thankyouGOD #OhGod

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B-front ft E-force playing at Qapital 2014! #QP14 #Qapital #citiziens @djbfront @eforcenl

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