citizeneoin said: whhhhhhats crushee….

It’s a new social networking site for the babeliest of babes. It’s still in beta testing, which is why it’s invite-only, but it’s basically a bunch of really attractive people talking about pizza and conversing in gifs and hitting on each other in good fun. It’s kind of like Tumblr, but more social.

If you want an invite, send me your email.

Gotta big haul in today and Cobra Juicy’s watchin over the whole thing

From Graveface Records I got my final Charity Series Package which was:

  • Eternal 10”
  • Sbarro Hot Topic 10”
  • Johnathan Meiburg 10”
  • Graveface Chairty Series Poster
  • Graveface Charity Series Tote Bag

In addition to

  • Serengeti Saal LP/CD
  • Toman Postrockhits Vol. 2 LP
  • Gramma’s Boyfriend S/T LP
  • Some dino coloring pages
  • A grape flavored pixy stix

As you saw earlier my Silver Sprocket Records package came in today too which was

Descendants/Adventure Time combo pack

  • Finn Goes to College Shirt
  • Finn Goes to College, Oomerican, Everything Lumps, and I Don’t Want to Go Boom-Boom stickers
  • Finn Goes to College, Oomerican, Everything Lumps, I Don’t Want to Go Boom-Boom, and Algebraic to Meet You pins

And some patches from Mitch Clem, Eoin, and Nation of Amanda

  • WWHRD (What Would Henry Rollins Do?)
  • I Want to Pet All of the Dogs
  • I Want All of the Cats to Love Me the Best
  • Anarchy Snail
  • Yeah! Fuck You!

Oh and they threw in a Silver Sprocket sticker too

Hell yea

I can't figure out how to reply through the Tumblr App so:

Eoin! Smokey was maxin relaxin at the Ca state fair. Mike, Rocco and myself went people watching and found him over by some chill bar.