i dont remember if i told you all this but my gen ed teacher gave us an assignment to write a 5-7 page paper on an ethical leader. she deliberately refused to define “eithical leader”. 

jokingly, i said, “look, professor, if you dont give me an idea of who i can do, i’m going to write about captain america!”

she says, “if you can defend him as an ethical leader, go for it!”

TLDR; i’m writing a paper about captain america.

The most confusing question I’ve ever gotten was where someone asked me why I sometimes copy/paste earlier answers to the same questions (from different people), or why I post links to other things.

Like, you want me to regurgitate an answer I’ve already answered instead of saving myself time? And you come to a language blog and get upset that I include links and cite some sources and add supplemental things??

If your approach is, “I don’t want to LEARN the thing, I just want to KNOW the thing” you should stick with Google Translate until you get some perspective.

Perhaps I’m just being over-sensitive, but the way people sort of pinch Canada’s proverbial cheeks both in real life and online has really been getting under my skin for the last year or so. Yeah, I get that Canada has some bizarre cultural artefacts and that the sociological factors caused by our low population density often produce news articles that appear farcical to outsiders, but the whole construction of Canada as a wacky land of ~*~colourful plastic money~*~ and ~*~men in funny hats on horses~*~, how is it even a ~*~real country~*~??? is frustrating when the last half decade has been marked by increasing police brutality, puzzling spending excesses, and a reversal of numerous progressive policies that Canada was once prided on, all under a Prime Minister who has been held in contempt of Parliament, and conducts himself with about 0% transparency.

I get that it’s a fantasy that’s fun for Canadians as well, and considering the chaos that’s been happening in the US, it’s a fantasy that a lot of Americans need. I’m just saying that it gets fucking exhausting sometimes.

Citing Help!

I know it’s pretty much the end of homework for awhile (yeah!) but here’s a nifty tip on citing sources straight off of Google!


Step 1: Google the article/book/poem title into Google scholar. 

Step 2: Click ‘cite’ at the bottom of the result

Step 3: Copy whichever form of the citing into your document

It’s that easy! :) Hope this helps for any future papers! 


“I love the BFI. I love the Doctor and hope you enjoy this presentation. Joe Ahearne directed five of the 13 episodes of the first series. He understood the tone the show needed completely – strong, bold, pacy visuals coupled with wit, warmth and a twinkle in the performances, missus.“If Joe agrees to direct the 100th anniversary special, I will bring my sonic and a stair-lift and – providing the Daleks don’t bring theirs – I, the ninth Doctor, vow to save the universe and all you apes in it.”
—  Christopher Eccleston on a possible return for the 100th Anniversary (x)

Some people expressed interest in the giant Fushimi meta I started working on a while back, so here it is (you will all regret that when you see the size of this thing, I did not intend for this to turn into a dissertation, I swear).

Under the cut because looooong. No Missing Kings spoilers (since I already posted my thoughts here and out of deference to those who haven’t seen it yet) but spoilers for basically every other piece of media Fushimi has appeared in ever including the post-series, pre-movie stuff. Also warning for being way too long, occasionally kinda rambling and stupid jokes.

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remember in mink’s bad end how he didnt have to put up a heartless front anymore and was finally able to express his true feelings towards aoba and protect him from the dangers within his own mind because he knew they would both eventually die and would never escape to the real world again

so things like fake masks and concealing his emotions didnt matter anymore and the only important thing to him was that he could protect aoba in a way he believed would save him, even if it meant mink went insane, stuck in limbo for eternity all alone, because the only shred of happiness and solice he had left was knowing aoba’s soul was finally safe

koshi-kitty said:

I was doing a research paper for a Music History class about film score, and I remembered reading on a Cracked article (specifically the "7 Insane Easter Eggs Hidden In Movies And TV Shows") about how part of the Inception soundtrack was basically a slowed down version of the song that served as a kick in the second dream layer. So I used Cracked as a source for my paper. My teacher wrote "Good sources!" at the bottom. Thanks, Cracked, you helped further my education!

Glad we could help (and get you way, way into Édith Piaf)!