"A megastructure is a combination of a lot of parts fitting together to do a complicated job on a large scale. The Earth is a gigantic megastructure—all the elements coming together to allow the Earth to function: sun, water, fire, air, deserts, jungles, mountains, plants, animals, humans, etc. Our present cities, like Los Angeles, are megastructures—an overlay of roads, sewers, water, electricity, drainage, waste removal, transportation, habitat, security, offices, manufacturing, schools parks, communities, rivers, lakes."

Cadbury’s was an early pioneer of ethical business. Construction of their first factory included thousands of homes for its workers, literally building a community on site. All homes had gardens and access to ample green space. These homes are still standing, and many of their 25,000 residents still work for Cadbury’s, still renting their homes from the trust that was created to look after these community assets.