LOST HIGHWAY - Photographies de Chantal Stoman

Lost Highway, Chantal Stoman’s latest photographic work, is about major cities of today’s world: Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Cairo, Hong Kong, Bombay, Mumbai and Kolkata in particular. 

“At night, the city, the road. In the night, after she returns home, the human soul is laid bare and offers itself to the lens of the photographer. The hint is there. The hint of the film of course, the hint of the night too”. (Chantal Stoman)

TOKYO saisi au vol. De nuit. Le shutokôusoku : la voie rapide qui traverse Tokyo. Morceaux de vie, instantanés laissés en pâture aux voitures. 

“ Rendue invisible par la tôle et la vitesse de mon véhicule, je m'invite là où on ne m'a pas invitée. Protégée par la discrétion de la nuit, je surprends en un éclair les habitants chez eux. Je dîne à leur table, je regarde la télé, je couche dans leur lit. Soudain, leur intimité si rare et précieuse m'est implement offerte. Telle une invitation muette, je suis avec l'Autre.”  –  Chantal Stoman

[Series] Stephanie Jung | Urban Life

Stephanie Jung is a freelance photographer living in Schifferstadt, a small town in South-West Germany. In 2010 she finished her studies in visual communications where she discovered her passion for experimental photography. Since then, she’s created a stunning portfolio of abstract landscapes which continues to grow with every new city that she visits. Stephanie’s passion for travel is well reflected in her works, inviting you in to experience the hustle and bustle, as well as the vibrant moods and hectic feelings that come with city life.

1. When and why did you begin taking photos? Were cities your first inspiration? If not, what was?

I started to take photos at the age of 16, but at that time it was more like a hobby. It became more serious when I started a few internships for an amazing photographer. My time with her was very special, I learned a lot from her and her vision. She was also a great artist with an excellent and unique picture language. During that time I was experimenting a lot, I tried to express my thoughts and feelings through photography. That experience was my first inspiration, the cities developed from that time.

“Skyscraper 01” | Limited Edition Acrylic Glass Print

2. Can you walk us through your creation process? How do you transform the photos that you take into your stunning artworks? Any favorite software?

There aren’t as many processes as you may think. The biggest part is the motive itself: I’m walking around a lot to find the perfect image, but mostly it’s very spontanious, when I see a scene that fascinates me. Then, of course, Postprocessing is another step, but it takes less time than taking the photograph. People always think it’s the other way round. Sometimes I use Multiple Exposures in camera and sometimes I create the effect in Photoshop.

“Closing Time” | Limited Edition Acrylic Glass Print

3. Many of your artworks are created using your photographs from cities in Germany, France, and Japan. Was there one city in particular that inspired you the most, one that really motivated you to capture urban landscapes?

There was not one particular city which inspired me the most, but definitely a country: Japan. Visiting this place was a great adventure, I was fascinated by the masses of people, especially in the city of Tokyo. You feel very little standing at the Shibuya crossing, with all those people around you, so I was inspired to capture the mood of the cities as well as the time rushing by.

“Himeji” | Limited Edition Acrylic Glass Print

4. What’s an upcoming projects that you’re currently working on and excited about?

At the moment I’m focusing on my portrait work, which takes a lot of time. It’s totally different from my multiple exposure projects, but that’s what I’m excited about. I enjoy discovering this new field and I’m curious about where it takes me.

“Berlin 01” | Limited Edition Acrylic Glass Print

5. Are you currently in school or working in a field that allows you exercise your creative talent?

I’m not in school, I work as a freelance photographer, where I can work on my own projects, like the cities, as well as do some work for clients. It’s important to me to keep the balance between those two fields.

“Tokyo View” | Limited Edition Acrylic Glass Print

6. If you had the chance to go anywhere in the world to take photos, where would it be?

That’s a tough question, as there are many places I would love to go and take photos of. One of them is China, especially Hong Kong . I know there exists already a lot of pictures, but I would love to capture the mood with my eyes, I can imagine how energetic this city is.

“Berlin Collection” | Limited Edition Acrylic Glass Print