Remodeling the City with @dearaujo

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Architect Décio Araújo (@dearaujo) fuses photography and digital art to remodel his hometown of São Paulo. By infusing wildlife and nature into urban scenes, Décio creates montages entirely on his phone to express a different perspective on daily urban life. “I try to capture the city in unusual ways so that people might become more critical of the spaces in which they live,” he says.

Décio’s photography joins his passion for architecture, which began when he was a young boy. “I used to study the colorful materials construction companies handed out at stoplights to advertise new homes,” he recalls. “I had notebooks where I would create blueprints of apartments and houses.”

When he walks through the city, Décio pays attention to the contrasts, disorder and chaos as a source of inspiration. “I believe we are responsible for the cities we live in and it is our duty to care for and preserve their identities,” he says. “We can make them safer, more equitable and attractive. My hope is to show this in its entirety through my photos.”