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Can i ask, what is up with the glass candles? Why are there four? Is it like for the 4 great heroes or something? Or is it something else?

Obsidian/dragonglass candles were used by the Valyrians to communicate long distances magically. This is very certainly a tribute by GRRM to Tolkien’s palantiri, but probably with a twist. (I’m sure that they’re activated with “fire and blood”, probably by cutting yourself on the sharp edges of the candle, and then the blood flames up like with Beric’s sword.) With the decline of magic and/or the death of dragons, they stopped working. With the return of magic and/or the rebirth of dragons, they started working again.

The Citadel has four glass candles, but there are many others in the world. (In Qarth for sure, almost certainly in Asshai, very definitely in the ruins of Valyria, and I’d bet any money there are some on Dragonstone as well.) Why four? Dunno, it probably doesn’t matter. Maybe there’s one glass candle for each cardinal direction, maybe the candles could only view a specific city/area so there needed to be several, maybe there were only four people interested in magic in Oldtown a thousand years ago when the candles were brought there, maybe whoever acquired them from the Valyrians could only afford four glass candles, maybe they bought a dozen or more but only four have survived over the centuries… or made it into the Citadel at least, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s at least one glass candle at the top of the Hightower.

What interests me particularly about the Citadel’s glass candles is the test for acolytes becoming maesters. The Citadel has them spend a night’s vigil with a glass candle that can’t be lit to teach them humility, to show them there are some things beyond the scope of knowledge. But if the candles actually worked back when the dragons were alive, a hundred-something years ago, what was their vigil like then? Was it to light the candle to see if they had aptitude for magic? (Although for that you’d think they’d’ve had a Valyrian steel link already.) And if the candles did work only a few generations ago, what kind of coverup was done to establish within the Citadel the new concept of what they symbolized, once the maesters killed the dragons? They’re definitely tied in with the maester anti-magic conspiracy, for sure.

As for what’s up with the glass candles now –

  • the warlocks of Qarth are using them to communicate with each other
  • Quaithe is very probably using one to send visions to Dany
  • Archmaester Marwyn “the Mage” got at least one of the Citadel’s candles working, and has been using it to look at all kinds of things; one thing we know for sure was that he saw Sam traveling to Oldtown and sent Alleras to get to him before the other archmaesters did
  • Leo Tyrell, Alleras/Sarella Sand, and Pate/the Faceless Man formerly known as Jaqen H’ghar are students that Marwyn has shown the glass candles and may have taught how to use them
  • Sam is probably going to learn to use a glass candle in TWOW
  • I think they’re going to be very relevant in TWOW, ADOS, and the endgame war against the Others (like, does dragonglass have to be in candle form to produce a communication flame? or would a dragonglass knife work also?)
  • I honestly can’t wait to see more

And if you’re interested, lots of interesting quotes about dragonglass candles under the cut:

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Mad Max opens on a clear villain: A patriarch with a scary facemask who has built a small society on the foundations of gas, war, and fear.  Immortan Joe’s desert Citadel literally farms women, using their bodies to produce and sustain an army of War Boys. In a brief scene that’s now forever seared into my memory, we see a room full of women hooked up to machines that extract their breastmilk, like they’re cows. In addition to using women as heifers, Immortan Joe hoards the natural resources of the earth. His powerful savior-image comes from his control of water that he dishes out to the less fortunate in lavish waterfalls meant to display both his control of the land and its desperate people. Meanwhile, the young men in the Citadel know only violence—there is no space for kindness or compassion when the greatest honor in their lives is to die young in battle.

The link between the exploitation of women and the exploitation of Earth is a connection many people have made—but it’s typically not the driving force behind a blockbuster action film. Instead, this connection is the center of ecofeminist philosophy. As writer and organic farmer Alison Parker articulately summed up for Bitch in 2012, ecofeminist thought sees environmental destruction as a form of violent oppression. “Ecofeminism focuses mainly on likening the oppression of nature to the oppression of women,” writes Parker. “Both environmentalism and feminism are essential building blocks of the fine architecture of a just and healthy society.“

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If you’ve never seen Galaxy Quest you really should because it’s hilarious but anyway:

An asari, a krogan, a turian, a human, a quarian, a drell and a salarian are playing galactic heroes on tv. In real life, those actors don’t really like each other and everyone resents the turian for getting all the attention (male lead right??) even if their show has been canceled years ago. Anyway, the Reapers start to invade right when the actors are doing conventions for the anniversary of their show (and conventions are the only moments they can feel like celebrities again). Kids love them but they keep asking them questions about the state of the galaxy now, what is going to happen, and of course: can they fight the Reapers???
It’s super depressing for the actors because they realize they only play heroes on tv, they’re not heroes in real life… Or so they thought because when the Citadel is under attack by Cerberus, they’re doing a show with kids present in the audience. The actors all team up to protect the kids and even manage to make some Cerberus agents reaaallly regret disturbing the show. 

It makes them realize that they all have the potential to be heroes and that they can try and save the galaxy like their characters did on tv. It’s difficult but they become real war assets and real friends.
Once the Reapers are no longer a threat, they all decide to start filming the show again and it’s a huge success.

Never give up, never surrender!

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Apparently Alternate Episode Titles are the New Thing
  • Chiro’s Girl:gIRL. PRETTY GIRL. girL.
  • Depths of Fear:IT WASN’T ME
  • Planetoid Q:shut up hypercast
  • Magnetic Menace:TICK TOCK
  • The Sun Riders:Chiro is a weaboo
  • Secret of the Sixth Monkey:ALL the Star Wars jokes
  • Pit of Doom:well this episode is totally unimportant
  • Thingy:seriously hypercast shut up
  • Flytor:"ow, my head"
  • A Man Called Krinkle:OH NO HE'S US
  • Ape New World:*fetal position* FUUUTUUUUUREEEE.
  • Circus of Ooze:YOU KNOW. FOR KIDS.
  • Hidden Fortress:leg day bruh.
  • Skeleton King:wait this was the START of season 2???
  • World of Giants:ROCK BOOBS.
  • The Lords of Soturix 7:FIVE. FIVE SUNS.
  • Shadow Over Shuggazoom:ZOMBIES.
  • The Sun Riders Return:Chiro is a Weaboo 2 - Electric Boogaloo
  • Hunt for the Citadel of Bone:Sprx you hypocrite.
  • Snowbound:*points to Mandarin* GUYS LOOK
  • Wonder Fun Meat World:this is what we chose to reference in TMNT 2012. this episode. this one.
  • The Skeleton King Threat:BALD. BALD. BALD. BALD.
  • Antauri's Masters:yooooo
  • The Savage Lands - Part 1:oTTOVA????
  • The Savage Lands - Part 2:welp somebody is getting a new toy
  • Season of the Skull:2spoopy
  • A Ghost in the Machinder:dang look at all this rad plot reveal stuf-SPOVASPOVASPOVASPOVASPOVA
  • The Stranded Seven:KITTEH CATS
  • Girl Trouble:chiro no
  • Brothers in Arms:okay but what are the other frog's names
  • Monster Battle Club Now!:when did nova even have time for this
  • Meet the Wigglenog:wHAT.
  • Prototype:the timeline continues to be confusing
  • Wormhole:thanks to this i passed high school chemistry
  • Belly of the Beast:...."friend"
  • Galactic Smash Space Attack:ONE. ETERNITY. LATER.
  • Galactic Smash Game Over:OTTO.
  • Incident on Ranger 7:MAN HANDS.
  • Ghosts of Shuggazoom:STILL FOR KIDS.
  • Invasion of the Vreen:gibson plz
  • Evil Ages:who even storyboarded this
  • Night of Fear:ANTAURI. YOUR FACE.
  • The Hills Have Five:that's a WOMAN?
  • Demon of the Deep:gee i wonder what this is referencing-GIBSON IN AN OVERSIZED SAILOR UNIFORM
  • Secret Society:TRUST NO ONE.
  • Golden Age:dang the monkeys are old
  • Soul of Evil:wait where's the next episode.
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Oh god, Mass Effect’s timeline… Not in ANY way helped by how ME3 has Shepard acting like their ‘six months’ in lock-up was more like six YEARS when interacting with old crew…

Simply because of travel times, the events of ME1 have to have taken at least a few months. One month after the Battle of the Citadel, Shepard is KIA. Project Lazarus takes two years to bring Shepard back to life in 2185. Events of ME2 must also take a few months, and there’s a codex entry you find in the Leviathan DLC which suggests Shepard was active with Cerberus doing ME2 things in August of 2185. Then there’s six months between ME2 and ME3, where Shepard is awaiting trial. The ANN twitter feed at the time (if I remember correctly) heavily suggested the Reaper war began on March 6th, 2186. That might not be correct, but it fits with the time difference, as it’s 7 months from August to March. 

It all gets a bit tight, though. Especially when you factor in a conversation with Kaidan Alenko in ME1, where he flat out tells you he’s 32 - and his birthday is 2151, which means it’s come and passed by the time that conversation rolls around. PLUS, he was exposed in utero early in 2151, so he had to have been born no earlier than late April, I’d say, for eezo to affect his nervous system development and not just give him brain cancer. (I imagine those that get cancer instead are exposed at the wrong time during development, those that develop biotics are exposed to eezo when those systems are still forming - and their chances of it turning to cancer are lower.)

So that knowledge all squishes ME2 into a tight time-frame, even though if feels like it should be more. 

The Reaper War can’t last longer than a year, as the Volus predict a full economic collapse (irrecoverably so, at least in the short term), and post-ending scenes suggest the economy was largely fine and recovered.

BioWare should hire a writer who exclusively manages timelines and continuity, to keep everything on track.

I just really fucking love Toast and The Dag, okay?

Toast is just sitting there in the backseat counting bullets and loading guns and rolling her eyes at your touchy-feeling bullshit because she has places to go, biker bros to drive away from, and she just needs y’all to focus on up. How did she learn to load a gun? Where did she come from? Who was she before Joe found her? I place money on Toast sitting in the Vault finding all the escape routes. Toast made it out of the Citadel before, fuckwads. I bet you anything. Toast can rig traps, pick locks, fix guns, and once the ladies restore their new order she’s probably like the ammunitions expert and probably gets Furiosa to train her in everything she knows. Toast the fucking Knowing, all right? She KNOWS her shit. 

And The Dag. Holy shit. This girl popped right out of some fantasy novel with all her mysticism. She sees beyond what others see. She understands the importance of the future and foresight. She’s the one who remembers to take the seeds from the Keeper. She’s out there thinking about the next generation already and I bet she takes over the planting and tending of the crops when she gets back to the Citadel. I bet she’s recording stories by painting on the walls, bringing in light and color to their oil-stained world. No, there are THINGS beyond the Wasteland, and she can see them all. 

I..have a lot of feelings about these women. 

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Prompt: Arthur is one of Immortan Joe's escaped wives, unlike the others, he is kind to Max and when he gets hurt, Max immediatley goes to his aid. They both feel a strong attraction to each other.

I can’t tell you how excited I am that I have Mad Max prompts :D

Nothing spoiler-y in this! Set in verse! Hope you enjoy!


Immortan Joe had wives - several kinds; his breeders and his favorite Splendid but he had pleasure ones, the ones that severed one purpose and one purpose only. 

When Furiosa set some of the wives free, Immortan Joe’s favorites, his treasures, the fled with her. There were five breeders and one of the pleasure wives, the others too afraid or tired or weak to go. 

They fled from the Citadel and after the initial chase, Furiosa and the wives stopped to clean themselves, the war rig and get something to drink. They cut themselves out of their chastity belts and between all the wives, helped the pleasure wife out of his belt. It was far more ornate and locked than that of the breeders and they had only seen him a few times, knowing him only by the name of Veil. Furiosa explained he had once come from beyond the green place, stolen when young, mistaken for a girl to become a breeder, but once the mistake was discovered, he was made a pleasure wife and all ties to his former life were gone. 

Once the chastity belts were cut off and they were able to properly clean themselves better, they all stopped and shut off the hose as they were approached by a filthy wild man. He carried a body over his shoulder, a car door in his hand, the other pointing a shot gun at them. He demanded water and Veil took the hose from Splendid, wanting to protect her and the young she carried. He approached the wild man, giving him the hose, as he dropped the door and the body. Once he had his fill, he demanded Dag cut the chain linking him to the body, back to the metal mask on his face. Veil offered to do it instead but the wild man only grunted at him, making him turn his back to him while Dag came with the bolt cutters. She struggled to cut the chain and Furiosa took that opportunity to attack the wild man.

They fought, the brides pulling the chain off Furiosa, the wild man growling and falsely starting to run at them before turning to Furiosa. When the body the wild man carried was roused, he assisted the wild man and then helped him cut the chain off him before stealing the rig. The wives chased after it and it died shortly afterwards and after Furiosa explained they could help him and in turn help each other, everyone but the body the wild man carried got back in.
Furiosa drove and as she did, the wild man was given a file to saw out of the mask and he in turn demanded Veil cut it off him. He did as the wild man kept the trained gun on Furiosa, his eyes cutting back and forth to everyone in the rig. Veil succeeded in sawing through the lock and the wild man immediately pulled the mask off his face, flinging it out the window in anger. Veil took some of the cloth from his coverings and carefully dabbed it to the filth on the wild man’s cheek, trying to clean off his face as the other wives tried to stop him.

“Veil, don’t.”

The wild man turned the gun on him but Veil was not afraid. He held up the cloth as he said,

“Just trying to help.”

“He’s a pleasure wife. All he knows is how to be subservient.” Explained Furiosa.

The wild man said nothing as he let Veil clean his face.

As they traveled and avoided Immortan Joe’s war parties and made it into the night, everyone organizing themselves, getting comfortable, alternating being eyes for the driver. The wild man ended up in the back, trying to rest, no longer pointing guns to anyone. They were harmless anyway. Veil slept with the other brides, only being jostled out of sleep when the wild man flinched and sat up suddenly, glancing around in a confused fury.

“It’s alright…”

Veil touched his arm, bringing his guard back down as he held onto it, resting his head on his shoulder. The wild man slowly relaxed, gradually, wary of the bride holding his arm, leaning on him.

“You’re not…like them.”

The wild man grunted out, gesturing to the other brides, one next to Furiosa, one in the back of the rig being a look out, the other three asleep. Veil looked at them then back at the wild man.

“No. I didn’t grow up here. They took everything from me. Even my name.”

The wild man felt he understood but only grunted in response to acknowledge him. He did ask,

“What is your name? Your stolen one.”

Veil looked at him, curls falling around his face from underneath the sheer white linen hood he had wrapped around his head. 

“Arthur. I still remember. What about you?”

The wild man looked away, not wanting to say so, so Veil rested his head back on his shoulder, getting comfortable again as he sighed softly. He felt the man turn towards him, whispering against his head, against the linen covering his hair.

“Max. My name is Max.”