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So, anon, yeah, like, all of us sexual minorities that you're saying are somehow new? No, you've just heard of us recently because we can sorta kinda survive being ourselves now. It still sucks and it's still dangerous, but for the first time in a while, and in most of the first world's history, we're not quite as likely to be burnt at the stake for saying how we feel. We've always existed, but now you hear about us because we're, you know, alive to talk about it.

thank u friend

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(i'm not doubting you, i'd just like a source) what'd stephen fry say/do that was transphobic?

He did a transmisogynistic segment on QI and he linked to an article by Alec Baldwin which contains transmisogynistic slurs. He also basically said that the only women who like sex are prostitutes because they apparently don’t like sex as much as men. Finally, Islamophobia. I’m sure that’s more, but that’s what I uncovered in the 5 minutes I spent googling.

ok i’m getting pretty sick of seeing cutesy posts where people say being gay/lesbian is their form of birth control

because, yes, two cis gay men or two cis lesbian women cannot reproduce together, but a trans man and a cis man could, a trans woman and a cis woman could

but that’s the point. more casual cissexism that erases the existence and experience of trans folk. so please cut it out

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cis is normal. 99% of planet earth is cis. you never have to explain yourself for being cis, trans is becoming less unnormal but shit like demiboy is still unusual to everyone that doesn't use tumblr

where did u get that awful statistic omfg cis isnt normal! u do realize im not cis either right and the term for my identity isnt popular even on tumblr please leave with your rude ignorant transphobic bullshit im allowed to have my headcanons but youre not allowed in my inbox anymore bye

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really glad to see a post talking about why those binders that are very unhealthy are very unhealthy but the bits where the person was all 'why would a lesbian EVER want a binder except for COSPLAY' and 'BINDERS ARE FOR MEN' made me really uncomfortable tbh ('why lesbians' when ppl of all genders may want a flatter chest for self expression reasons, + you would only need a binder if you wanted to pretend to be a man apparently??? cissexism ew things; 'for men' cough cough nonbinary ppl hello)

Agreed. There’s nothing stopping anyone from binding and non-binary people often need binders too. Talking about safe binding is important but they didn’t need to be cissexist to do it. I should have caught that tbh, I would have commented on it.

aight tbh im not gonna answer anythin else about this cissexist bullshit im rly angry about it and im going back to playing dmmd now (ykno the source of the issue. my nice headcanons pissed some cis person off that much.)

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What's your opinion on radfems? I recently found a radfem blog (I don't want to say which it was and give them undeserved attention.) and their thoughts on trans and non-binary people were so offensive to me. Essentially all non-binary people were just putting on an act and trans people were opting out of their gender to avoid privilege/oppression. (1/2)

The woman running the blog said she had no issue with trans people, but then equated their struggles to them running away from misogyny instead of fighting it. (All the while misgendering everyone) She even when so far to say that cis women didn’t have privilege because trans women were born men and had male privilege and trans men were born women and transitioned to get away from their oppression. The whole blog left me feeling really disgusted tbh.

TWERFS are trash. That person is trash. Radical feminists are trash. Don’t blame you for being disgusted, that pretty much mirrors what every ‘trans critical’ radical feminist is like.

things you are born with:

  • around 300 bones in your body
  • an appetite
  • sometimes a lil tuft of hair

things you are not born with:

  • a gender

gender awareness and identity appears to develop sometime in toddler-hood (though gender identity is fluid for some people and can change over the course of a lifetime). so stop saying “the gender [x] was born with.” it’s inaccurate and cissexist.

Helpful Tagging Information
  • Failing to tag a post as “transmisogyny” and instead only tagging “cissexism/transphobia” when the attack is directed at trans women (ex. use of the t-slur) is an act of erasure and violence.

  • Failing to tag a post as “antiblackness” and instead only tagging “racism” instead of "racism" AND "antiblackness" when the attack is directed at black people (ex. use of the n-slur) is an act of erasure and violence
  • Tagging a post anti-(insert race other than black) racism is a microaggression, as it appropriates the framework for talking about antiblackness to other racial groups who have different dynamics (ex. saying “anti-asian racism” when you mean orientalism). The only exceptions to this are antisemitism and anti-Romani racism.
  • If you tag anything “hispanic” or any variant of that word I will side eye you. I hate that gentrifying word, it’s an attempt to make my people palatable by emphasizing our connection to whiteness. 
  • Transphobia isn’t really as coherent as a concept as cissexism is: the words are basically interchangeable, but I favor the latter, because the violence faced by people who are not trans woman is more based in assumptions that they cannot be what they say they are (cissexism) rather than repulsion (described by transphobia). That repulsion is almost always directed at trans women only, described in transmisogyny.
  • It’s good to tag both cissexism and transphobia, because people blacklist the word transphobia, but when you talk about oppressive structures that ALL trans people face, use the word “cissexism” and when you talk about violence faced by trans women call it “transmisogyny,” because that is what it is.
  • her:you're bisexual? um, i'm a gold star lesbian, i don't want to be anywhere a dick has been
  • me:oh really? well i'm a gold star thespian
  • me:*exits stage right out of this conversation, with flourish*

falling asleep last night I realized
isnt it cissexist to believe that in order to be transgender you must have body dysphoria?
like the whole idea around it is that if you’re identifying as a gender other than what you were assigned at birth, you must want “the body and genitals of that gender”, implying the only way to actually be that gender is to have certain genitalia.
what isn’t cissexist and basically disgusting about that mindset

this is p important i think so i’m making it a separate post:

you cannot determine someone’s gender or their birth designation simply by looking at them. to claim otherwise is cissexist.