I’m just saying, there is a certain aesthetic that men find universally pleasing in women. It’s biological fact that women are not supposed to have as much muscle mass as men, so I can’t help it that I find it disgusting when women do that to themselves [become bodybuilders]. They have to be on testosterone, which basically turns them into men.
—  4th year Pre-Med Biology major
On the requirment of Dysphoria

I don’t even get why people think dysphoria should be a requirement for being trans

Like you don’t need to hate or even dislike the way you are to be happier being different, like I happen to have dysphoria but that’s just me.

When it comes to hormones if it makes them happier it makes them happier, how they identify doesn’t really matter, its just a jerk move to force someone to not do something that makes them happier when they’re harming no one.

and when it comes to pronouns and social recognition, well, who gives a shit, we made up pronouns and words, we should be able to use them as we please, as long as we don’t harm people with them. 

Cis people aren’t going to respect us more because we keep out people with “silly” pronouns. They have already have found tons of their own reasons to hate us that have nothing to do with non-standard pronouns.

It just seems so needless to me.

  • Cis boy:*wears makeup*
  • Tumblr:Yeah you break those gender stereotypes!! Men can wear make up and still be masculine!!!! You're so amazing and inspiring!
  • Trans boy:*wears makeup*
  • Tumblr:Um sorry but you can't be a guy unless you wear basketball shorts every day and play at least 2.5 sports.
  • Cis girl:*wears masculine clothing and no makeup*
  • Tumblr:Girl power!! Feminism!!!! Amazing!! Fight the power!!!
  • Trans girl:*wears masculine clothing and no makeup*
  • Tumblr:I'm sorry but you are not a girl unless your favorite color is pink and you wear a dress at least 5 days a week.

This blog will:

  • Respect and acknowledge the importance of trans women within the greater women’s movement
  • Reject all forms of cissexism and transphobia
  • Acknowledge the transphobia and (more specifically) transmisogyny that still exists in mainstream feminism
  • Be receptive to call outs in the event of unintentional problematic behavior on our part
  • Remember that any true challenge to patriarchy is a challenge to hetero/cisnormativity and the gender binary

Support your sisters, not just your cis-ters!

all your fave characters are only cis in your headcanon

unless they actually show a baby being born on-screen or on the page, and the doctor actually saying, “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” (gender assigned at birth)

and then also show the character grown up and actually saying themselves, “I’m a boy!” or “I’m a girl!” (gender self-identification)

then there’s no canon proof that a character is cis. That’s just your headcanon, and tbh it’s a pretty boring one.

Fellow Cis People, This Is Not How You Apologize

Truthfully, I’ve never expected much from Sarah Silverman but this? She can keep this bullshit non-apology.

I absolutely believe that the cissexist undertones of that video never crossed Sarah’s mind. But that doesn’t make the content any less hurtful. Remember, intent vs. impact. But after being called out for trivializing sexual reassignment surgery and completely ignoring the fact that trans folk face a huge amount of discrimination in the workforce, her response ultimately ends with, “I support groups I’m not a part of so trans people should support me even though I just trivialized your existence and shit on your humanity”. THAT’S NOT HOW BEING AN ALLY WORKS.  Could you imagine if a man said that after being called out on his sexism? White feminists would have a field day! You want support from a community you don’t belong to? Don’t be an asshole and just admit when you’ve made a mistake! Why is this so hard?!?!?!?!?

Being an ally doesn’t mean you’re going to get it right all the time. You’re absolutely going to screw up because you’re LEARNING AS YOU GO. That’s the point! REAL ALLIES want to learn and fix their mistakes so they can understand how to better support communities they aren’t a part of. Making mistakes and getting called out on them is part of that learning process! 

If you’re confused about why making jokes about sexual reassignment surgery and equating gender with genitals is problematic, here’s your chance to learn from Sarah’s awful mistake so you can be a better ally to the trans community. In an effort to avoid cissplainning, I wanna encourage you to read this great post from HelloGiggles, "Why Sarah Silverman’s wage equality campaign made me feel awful", which really breaks things down. Let’s do better, ok? 

Nicole was using the girls’ bathroom, which in the lower grades accommodated only one person at a time. By the fourth grade, Nicole was dressing and appearing exclusively as a girl, and was initially allowed in fifth grade to use the communal girls’ bathroom, the Supreme Judicial Court wrote in its Jan. 30 decision.

Her use of the communal bathroom was uneventful until one boy, at the direction of his legal guardian – his grandfather – followed Nicole into the girls’ bathroom twice, arguing that he, too, was entitled to use it. In the ensuing controversy, the school administration reversed course and barred Nicole from using the communal girls’ bathroom.

Notice how this happened because an adult ordered a child to advance his political agenda?  This is what cis people accuse US of doing, but we go into washrooms because we have to go to the freakin’ washroom!  We’re just living our lives, while this is actually what cis people complain about, which is somebody deliberately doing a situation in order to advance their ideology, which in this case is to ban trans people from using the proper washroom.

Cis people always go “oh boys will use the girls washrooms then” or “children naturally will freak out about trans people”, but nobody did.  It was an adult who told a child under his care to deliberately do it because the ADULT has a problem with trans people, not the children.

Transphobes can’t get the nightmare scenarios they want to use to ban trans people from using the proper washrooms, so they MANUFACTURE them.

Blaming the trans girl for the deliberate actions of a cis man, is like blaming the victim in a rape.  Rape is caused by the presence of a rapist.  This incident was caused by the presence of a transphobe.  This scenario would never have happened if it wasn’t for the grandfather and his transphobia and willingness to use his own grandson to restrict the rights of an innocent girl.  It is not trans people’s fault that awful cis people exist.

[Link to video in question]

What Transgender People Really Think About Sarah Silverman’s Fake Sex Change

The National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) has a new campaign called the Equal Payback Project, which, under the guise of “crowdfunding the wage gap,” seeks to raise awareness about the very real disparity between how much women get paid compared to men in the U.S. They launched the fundraising effort with a new video starring comedian Sarah Silverman, who is facetiously preparing to undergo a sex change so that she can earn as much as a man does.

The video has gotten rave reviews from mainstream outlets. E! Online praised the ad as “humorous” and “thought provoking.” Us Weekly joked that Silverman found the “perfect solution” for beating the “vagina tax.” Even Time Magazine highlighted the “risqué” ad, describing its plot as Silverman deciding that “it’s easier to just get a penis.”

Transgender people — those who might actually weigh the decision to undergo transition-related surgeries — had a very different reaction to the clip. Many have been criticizing the video on Twitter, and a few shared their thoughts with ThinkProgress about why they feel its shtick trivializes their experiences as transgender people.

Rachel See, a transgender lawyer in Virginia, told ThinkProgress that “being used as the punchline of a fundraising campaign by a group that should be our ally made me sad.” Though the ad suggests Silverman’s salary would go up, See explained that “transgender people routinely face discrimination for transitioning. Many lose their jobs, or find that they have a harder time getting a job.” Indeed, the National Transgender Discrimination Survey (NTDS) found that in 2011, transgender people were four times more likely to be living in extreme poverty than the general population and faced double the rate of unemployment. As activist Janet Mock quipped on Twitter Wednesday, tagging the NWLC and Silverman, “Sex reassignment doesn’t help one advance in workplace. Ask one of the most underemployed populations: trans people.”

GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis similarly chided the video Thursday afternoon. Ellis acknowledged that the humor was probably “well intended,” but suggested that it “missed the mark” by not acknowledging that “for transgender people, the workplace is usually a very hostile environment. And that’s not really funny at all.”

It’s nonetheless true that many skeptics of transgender equality accuse transgender individuals of transitioning for selfish reasons. Sarah McBride, Special Assistant for for LGBT Progress at the Center for American Progress, notes that there are “widespread societal prejudices and misconceptions” that people transition for “some sort of sexual or financial advantage.” But as See points out, many trans people do not even undergo surgery because they cannot afford it. The NTDS found that no more than a quarter of trans people had undergone some form of genital surgery. Though about 43 percent of trans men had had chest surgery and another 50 percent wanted it, only 2 percent had undergone phalloplasty (the construction or reconstruction of a penis), and 72 percent of them didn’t even want it.

Likewise, See points out that the video problematically defines gender by reducing it entirely to a person’s genitals. In response, she posed the question, “Is a transgender person who has not yet had genital surgery any less of a man or a woman? That’s what the NWLC is implying in their ad.”

But that’s not to say that transgender people don’t have something compelling to add to the conversation about the gender wage gap. McBride told ThinkProgress that transitioning was an “eye-opening experience” because she learned not only about prejudice against transgender people, but the effects of sexism as well. “My qualifications and talents did not change when I transitioned, yet in the eyes of many people, they did,” she explained.

Likewise, trans men do acknowledge that they experience male privilege after transitioning. Lou Weaver, a trans advocate and educator in Texas, said that after transitioning, he could ask for more money to do my job. “Before [transitioning],” he recalled, “I did not get paid as much as my male counter parts even though I had as much experience.” But the advantages he has a man only persist so long as he doesn’t reveal that he’s trans. If he outs himself, he’s told that he will “always be female” and that he is “not a ‘real’ man.” When faced with such detractors, Weaver counters, “I do not need a penis to be a man.”

NWLC did not respond directly to a ThinkProgress request for comment, but did post a response to the controversy Thursday afternoon. The statement from NWLC Co-President Marcia D. Greenberger notes that “our work includes all women” and highlights some of the financial challenges transgender people experience. As to the content of the ad, however, the statement seems to defend its premise as comically “ludicrous,” arguing, “The Equal Payback Project uses Silverman’s brand of absurd humor to draw attention to this ludicrous situation — it was not our intent to make light of the serious issues transgender people face.”

Greenberger does not explicitly apologize for the ad, but she does include a promise to do better by transgender people: “We will share statistics about job discrimination faced by transgender people as part of the Equal Payback Project. And we commit to using some of the resources raised by this project to bring awareness to the discrimination faced by transgender women and men.”

The Equal Payback Project has raised just over $80,000 as of Thursday afternoon, but nowhere on its page does it currently mention transgender people.

  • Woman:I'm a feminist
  • Woman:But fuck the poor if they're too lazy to work for what they need to survive.
  • Woman:After all I'm fine, I have everything I need, I always have since childhood, because obviously I worked hard for it.
  • Woman:And fuck the disabled because they can't support capitalism in the same way I can.
  • Woman:You don't see me complaining when I'm sore from working, so the disabled can get over it.
  • Woman:And fuck trans women because they don't meet my ciscentric standards of beauty.
  • Woman:I have no problem looking the way I do. It's effortless, they should at least try. Maybe that's why they're all getting killed, they aren't trying hard enough.
  • Woman:And fuck anyone who isn't white for complaining too much about some fabricated white supremacy.
  • Woman:I have never benefitted from my whiteness, I'm still a woman! I have no privilege. And you don't see the police killing me, because I'm not acting bad like them!
  • Woman:You can't say someone oppressed like me is an oppressor.
  • Woman:I am a feminist.

this was a thread on a buzzfeed article called “29 things everyone with a vagina should know” and i swear to god …this has got to be the most perfect example of a whiny white male using the typical “IM SO OFFENDED THIS ISNT ABOUT ME” argument


Gross gross gross. Over all the cissexism too.