Gender identities

transgender: a state of one’s gender identity not matching their assigned sex

agender: also called gender-less, gender-blank, non- gender or null gender

bisexual:attracted to people of one’s own gender and people of other genders

pansexual: attracted to people regardless of gender.

straight: heterosexual

lesbian: a woman attracted to other women

Gay: a man attracted to men

asexual: not sexually attracted to anyone. Do still experience romantic attraction

cisgender: a person who’s gender identity, gender expression, and biological sex all align

ally: a straight person who supports queer people

We are all different but we are all human.

Master Post of Gender Identities

Disclaimer: I pulled a lot of these definitions from the internet. If you see a definition that isn’t correct or should be clarified, please let me know and I will update this list.

  • Cisgender identifies with gender given at birth
  • Transgender does not identifiy with gender given at birth
  • Demigirl not fully a girl
  • Demiboy not fully a boy
  • Genderfluid gender changes
  • Agender identifies with no gender
  • Bigender has two genders
  • Crystagender when your gender randomly changes, often feel fractured between multiple genders
  • Cryptogender gender that can’t be described
  • Aporagender gender separate from male, female, and anything in between but still having a specific gendered feeling
  • Aliagender gender is apart from existing gender
  • Angenital feel uncomfortable (potentially dysphoric) with having any sort of genitalia (sex) at all but do not mind gendered pronouns or having a gender label. You have a desire to be sexless but not necessarily genderless.
  • Androgyne identifies at androgynous gender
  • Neutrois gender nuetral
  • Non binary gender outside the male/female binary
  • Demibinary not fully binary or non-binary
  • Genderflux intensity of gender varies. similar to a light switch, one day feeling genderless, the next feeling very gendered.
  • Genderless no gender
  • Gender neutral neutral gender
  • Genderqueer umbrella term for all genres not male/female
  • Graygender someone who identifies outside the gender binary but does not feel completely one gender (similar to graysexual/grayromantic)
  • Gyaragender/Gendervex - Having multiple genders, but understanding none of them.
  • Gyaragirl/Gyarafeminine - Having multiple genders that, none of which you understand that have feminine qualities.
  • Gyaraboy/Gyaramasculine - Having multiple genders, none of which you understand that have masculine qualities.
  • Intergender an in between gender related to one’s intersex status. dyadics cannot be intergender
  • Intersex a person born with reproductive or sexual anatamy that does not fit male or female binary
  • Multigender more than one gender
  • Nanogender small part of a gender (considered opposite of demigenders)
  • Nanogirl small part girl
  • Nanoboy small part boy 
  • Pangender/Omnigender non-binary gender experience which refers to a wide multiplicity of genders that can (or not) tend to the infinite (meaning that this experience can go beyond the current knowledge of genders)
  • Polygender more than one gender
  • Temporagender gender changes with seasons
  • Trigender has three genders
  • Voidgender no gender

See Sexual/Romantic Orientations here

Stop telling cis people to question their genders.

Stop telling cis people to “become trans” for a little while to “see if they like it”. Do you know how stressful and scary it is for a lot of people when they are unsure of who and what they are?

If a cis person DECIDES ON THEIR OWN that they want to experiment with presentation / pronouns / whatever to see if anything else other than the “cis” label fits them better, that’s fine.


It's 2015 and...

Agender people are amazing

Bigender people are amazing

Cisgender people are amazing

Demigender people are amazing

Genderfluid people are amazing

Genderless people are amazing

Genderqueer people are amazing

Questioning people are amazing

Transgender people are amazing

Two-Spirit people are amazing

The only thing keeping anyone from being amazing is by not accepting others.