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Ok now THIS is the most twisted AHS: Freak Show teaser we’ve seen yet!

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We’re putting our best foot forward … Are you Ready? 
 AHS: Freak Show  ”Head To Toe” Official Teaser #5. 


Shared Instagram video: Catch me & the bros with the Circulus gang perform on BBC’s Tumble at 18.15 this evening manggg! by chanberrybez at National Centre for Circus Arts

Reading ‘Last Chain on Billie’ 😨😢like the things they did and do to elephants and other circus animals is barbaric!

Also these quotes make me think of orcas, Seaworld, trainers, etc:

“At forty, Bombay was the calm presence of the group, the leader. Among other things, she could walk on her hind legs while carrying a pony in her mouth. The stunt was a testament to Bombay’s reliability: if she bit down too hard on the pony, she could have crushed it to death.”
Katina is a reliable whale, she did* waterworks with humans and even though she COULD crush someone, she doesn’t. What a reliable circus performer.

“The season was barely underway when a tiger attacked Cuneo during a performance in Kansas City…the tiger sprang at him through the bars, tearing his neck, chest, and right arm. Cuneo made light of the attack saying it was “strictly 100 percent” his fault.”

Hmmmm sounds like every other trainer at Seaworld when a whale viciously attacks them! “This is not an act of aggression…”

SeaWorld is a fucking circus get it through your heads people.


Shared Instagram video: I burnt my arm. But I learnt something new. by lydiasquibs at National Centre for Circus Arts