ok folks lets talk about elephants

it has come to my attention that lots of people here on tumblr are unaware about the sad and preoccupying situation that both african and asian elephants are facing.

as a nature blog it is not uncommon that this beautiful animal appears on my dashboard.  however it is unfortunate that more often than not the elephant is in captivity. 

lots of posts seem to romanticise the idea of riding an elephant, seeing them at the circus, and even painting, but the capture of wild elephants for domestic use (asia) and tourism all over, has become a threat to wild populations where numbers have been seriously reduced. not only that, but elephants suffer so much to be domesticated and in their everyday captive life! elephants are extremely social, active and complex beings. being locked up, ridden and treated like an object is complete torture for them. many end up with not only psychological disorders, but also other problematic health issues: that’s why even though elephants can live up to 70 years in the wild the mean in captivity is only 20.     
also there’s still a LOT of poaching going on in Africa, due to their ivory.
blogging and posting photos of ivory artefacts and jewelry is again romanticising it, as it is buying ivory on its on.  

if things stay as they are, elephants will go extinct in 20 years

so please, share this message and help to spread awareness on this. it is important that people don’t encourage elephant capturing and killing! the more people support this, the longer it will last.

no public = no money = no captures or deaths

let’s take care of our wildlife while we still have it.

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Barely Methodical Troupe were the first winners of Circus Maximus back in 2013. 

If you want to be like them, apply here: http://www.udderbelly.co.uk/pages/circusmaximus


Icelandic inspired winter Circus by CircusMASH in Birmingham, UK.

I worked with this company last year and I love their creative vision!