circles90 replied to your post: It’s like certain fragments of the Merlin fandom are determined to piss the actors off enough to leave Twitter

He wrote some story on his blog where his narrator was a homophobe, but people started criticising him and acting as if HE was a homophobe. I think it got a bit nasty and he’s thinking about deleting his account altogether.

…people started criticising him and acting as if HE was a homophobe…

this fandom is doomed tbh.

I may have mentioned some nonsense about not watching S5. I have been warned (see comments below), so I'll be watching S5 regardless of how I feel. And I think the same would apply for you too AG-Albion.
elegantpaws replied to your post: Umm….waving goodbye to S5 okay guise

Get your ASS back here! You will deal! You will deal like the rest of the family!

circles90 replied to your post: Umm….waving goodbye to S5 okay guise

NOOOOOOO. You’re part of my Merlin family, so you’re staying! You have no say in the matter. :P

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I think I know what they’re trying for as well, but I don’t think they realize all the problematic holes their leaving in this series by going for that. I’m going to watch the finale and then make a decision on this show as far as S5.

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circles90 a réagi à votre billet : circles90 a réagi à votre billet : thanks again…

Oh yeah, I’m quite the Brangel shipper too (even though I usually don’t ship RL couples but I can’t help with those two and their ridiculous levels of adorableness)..I just never knew they’d actually been ASKED about it in interviews! :D

brangel is my first RLshipping , well im not a creep , i just enjoy seeing them laughing and smiling at each other


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YOUR TAGS ARE MY EXACT FEELINGS. Even though I’m obviously a massive Arwen shipper, the Gwen/Gwaine dynamic was so adorable. S3 Gwaine was perfection itself…i miss him and his friendship with Merls. Hopefully S5 will be more like my favourite S3.

YES! They were adorable. And I watched S3 thinking the storylines were much better and more consistent. And I hope S5 is more like that. I miss everything about Gwaine. The drinking, the hair, the shirtlessness, and mostly the wonderful relationship he had with Merlin and Gwen. That scene where he was talking to Merlin about their Dad feels and that bit where he was leaving and figured out Gwen was in love with Arthur. UGH!!! My heart. I think being IN Camelot saps the brain cells of people. 

Tag! You’re it!

The marvellous Allie tagged me!=D

This tag is to get to know the person behind the blog better.

As with any tagging game there are rules:

  • Rule 1 - Post the rules.
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1. What would be your bogart?

Finding myself with false friends again.

2. What would you rather to be: Strength, Courage or Magic?

Magic=3 Blame my Potterhead life.

3. Favourite book.

You’re cruel. Well, not exactly a book but a tale: “Just One Bare Foot” (badly translated).

4. A song that talks about you.

Express Yourself, by Madonna.

5. Clouds of Stars?

Clouds, because it means it’s probably going to rain and I loooove the rain.

6. Colours or Sounds?


7. Why did you join Tumblr?

Because Series 4 of Merlin was getting closer and I wanted to squee with more people.

8. Which is your favourite book character and why?

Hermione Granger, from the Harry Potter series. She was the very first character I could identify with, and I just love her.

9. Most embarrasing moment.

…Do I have to? Er, well. Once I was talking to a girl who needed glasses. She was wearing sunglasses at the moment, and I said (without thinking, or else I can’t understand myself) “It would be a good idea to invent prescription sunglasses” and she said “…They have been invented. I’m wearing ones right now”. I swear, I knew those existed, but I forgot.

10. I always laugh at…

Classic quotes from The Simpsons.

11. Which Tumblers would you sit on your Round Table? ;)

Circles90, peenissexual, the-eyes-of-merlin (no boot-licking, I’m serious!), imagineallof, thepratandtheidiot, recordbug, thisislostinlace, luzan, deealee and euphoria1001.

And now my questions *evil laugh*

1. Dark chocolate or white chocolate?

2. Favourite day of the week.

3. A country you would like to live in.

4. Sweet or salty?

5. Favourite film.

6. If you had a superpower, what would it be?

7. Beach or mountain?

8.Favourite ice-cream flavour.

9. Cats or dogs?

10. Favourite actress.

11. If you were involved in the making of a movie, what job would you have?

circles90 a réagi à votre billet : something appeared on my dash , a merthur shipper…

You mean you want to see a fresh, developing A/M dynamic, rather than the same scenes we’ve been getting over and over and over for the past 4 years?! The writers will never listen to such blasphemy! :P

i dont want the slash , i dont like it when it comes to A/M ( though i like it when its with the knights haha XD XD ) because sometimes its innapropriate : one time there is a serious scene , and then next there is a slash scene with arthur showing no respect to merlin…its like a “repeat” button. idk gosh i really dont like talking about merthur .  My point is , im done with the lame jokes/slash , i prefer some serious and devloped bromance who doesnt imply getting rid of Gwen but all the contrary.