So I've Been Trying to Work Out a Framing Device

for my reconceptualization of the Archland series. 

Because I’m reading a lot of medieval stuff right now, my interest in anchoresses and monastic women has been renewed, and I’ve been thinking for a while about making my Sleeping Beauty/Rapunzel character (Coryla), something like an anchoress.

Coryla’s mother, Cinera (or Fraxina if I rename her–she is Cinderella), is a very powerful seer with the ability to see past, present, and future at varying levels. Magic like that is traditionally inherited, but I had not put a lot of thought into Coryla’s magic. 

I thought it might be really cool if, while Coryla was asleep for ~500 years, she dreamed about all the events that I want to narrate in the series, and the framing device is her telling all that she knows to Pomona (Beauty), who has always been whom I consider the protagonist. Of course, at the point when she reaches present events the framing device would have to be retired, but it might be a good way for me to explicate all the past events without confusing the reader with different POVs and timelines. 

It would also give Coryla a more active role in the storyline. She’s a great character and I never liked that she was just stuck in her tower with her major active contribution being her children (Hansel/Elianus and Gretel/Laelia). 

Eh, I still need to do a lot of thinking, but it might work with some playing around.


Just wanted to inform you that my Cinera artbook is finally available for preorder at my Storenvy shop! You can find it at the following link:
Preorders will help me cover part of the printing cost and also figuring out how many copies I may need, so, thank you in advance for the help!

21 x 14,8 cm (A5 size, landscape format)
soft-cover, black and white
60 pages
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The artbook is finally done and on its way to be printed!! YAY!!
So, to celebrate the fact that I (surprisingly) made it on time, and to thank all the people who are preordering it, helping me covering some of the costs, I’m going to throw a raffle soon! Stay tuned!!

Cinera artbook is available for preorder at my Storenvy shop!
You can find it at the following link:

Cinera - artbook preview by NadezhdaVasile

So, here’s the first preview of my “Cinera” project!

It will be a collection of pencil portraits, and it will be finished in occasion of the Swiss event Polymanga, at which I will attend together with Amaltheren at the Hiraeth stand.

It will be a small softcover artbook:
A5 landscape format, 60 pages
25+ pencil illustrations, black and white

If everything goes well, I plan to open preorders somewhere between March and April, also, it will be of course available at the Hiraeth booth during the convention!

If you want to have a look at the sketches and work in progress of all the illustrations contained in it, you can visit the dedicated folder on my Facebook page: