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Tomb Raider 2 - PC

Lara Croft set the world on fire in Tomb Raider as it easily became one of the biggest games of 96 providing 3D Adventuring like no other. Compliments of 3D Accelerators Tomb Raider 2 on the PC now surpasses the PlayStation version graphically in nearly every aspect providing of course you own a P133+ with 3D Accelerator. The game runs in a number of high resolutions with richly detailed textures and perfectly lighted environments. Animation is also a strong point and all human opponents move relatively realistically though unless you have a high-end machine the frame rate may drop slightly. This time around the game takes place through more modern environments including the Great Wall of China, the streets of Venice, Tibet, oilrigs and even a shipwreck laying at the bottom of the ocean. Your enemies also are mostly made up of humans who while providing a greater challenge due to smarter AI leaves the satisfying originals slaughtering of almost exotic animals absent. Tomb Raider II contains seventeen huge levels, the clever use of smart puzzles, plenty of exploration for the vivid adventurer, many brilliant environments that are just ready to burst at the seams with life and plenty of weaponry insuring frantic action.

„De hol vannak a falon lógó sörétes puskák?
—  – kérdezem, mire a film fegyvermestere, aki szintén a díszletházban ejtőzik, felnyit egy hatalmas, lelakatolt ládát. Ebben lapul néhány a filmes gonosztevők klasszikus lőfegyveréből, az AK47-esből és annak magyar klónjából, az AMD-65-ösből. De a láda mélyén RK59-es pisztolyt és a nácikedvencnek számító Mausert is látni.