ALBUM REVIEW: glass animals//zaba

While good artists connect with you, truly spectacular artists sweep you away into their world, and British group Glass Animals does just that. With tropical beats and ambient melodies, their debut album, Zaba sweeps you away into the eerily lush humidity of the rainforest. 

Single Gooey delivers on the provocative title with a syrupy-smooth ode to summer-tanned youth as well as some of the best/most bizarre lyrics on the album. “Peanut butter vibes”, anyone?

Despite being partway through the album, Walla Walla stands out as a perfect introduction to Glass Animals. There’s a darkness to the sing-song nursery-rhyme chorus that calls to mind a Brothers Grimm sense of sinisterness lurking behind an innocent façade.

Despite nonsensical lyrics about moles, sloths, and “funky-chic snake-baboons”, Zaba remains a surprisingly sexy album. Instead of relying on cheap and overused innuendos, Glass Animals create a cerebral sensuality. There’s a certain degree of calculatedness that hints at mind games and quiet aggression hidden beneath brooding gazes.