• In order for a movie to be considered a “success” it has to make twice as much or more that it’s total production cost in domestic sales (Companies account for extended/delayed release dates, and sometimes even use the domestic release as a gauge for how many places to release it in afterwards)
  • So far, these are the stats on the Book of Life:


  • Which means that so far, The Book of Life has not even made back it’s production costs in TWO WEEKS, much less have made enough to be considered anywhere near a success. Even if they HAD reached the 50 million mark by now, it would still be considered a flop by studios- because studios are looking to make a profit, not just pay back people for their work on a film and go home empty handed.
  • Especially not in our era of multimillion opening weekends for big Blockbuster films.
  • It took FOURTEEN YEARS for any movie studio to agree to take a chance on this film and produce it, EVEN with Guillermo Del Toro’s backing. According to the Director and co-writer Jorge Gutierrez, “I pitched it to every studio in town and they all said, you’re a dumb kid just out of school, and no one’s interested in this subject matter; there’s no audience for Hispanic movies.”


  • If the film is NOT available in your town/city/state/country/continent at this time, THEN NO ONE EXPECTS YOU TO GO SEE IT.
  • If you don’t have the funds to go see the film due to personal circumstances and/or previous priorities, NO ONE EXPECTS YOU TO PUT YOUR LIFE ASIDE FOR A FILM; NO ONE EXPECTS YOU TO SEE IT.
  • If you’ve had work and school and other engagements that have prevented you from going to see this film, then NO ONE BLAMES YOU FROM GOING TO SEE THE FILM
  • If you ARE a movie-going person who’s expressed a sincere interest in seeing more diversity in films (especially in Animated films) and have been part of the vocal movie community on Tumblr discussing and demanding more representation
  • And you do have the funds and time and ability to go see it
  • Then please go see it
  • Please
  • If you could spend 15 dollars on The Avengers in IMAX and 12 dollars on seeing Frozen three times and HTTYD 2 and so many other bigger films this year then please spare your 12 bucks to go see this little film and support it
  • Let’s really put our time and money and support behind our mouths and take action (again, IF YOU CAN)
  • Because letting another attempt at a more diversified film flop only proves to those companies what they told Jorge Gutierrez for 14 years: that no one cares. It’s that simple.
  • Even if you can’t or don’t want to see it, then please- promote it. Spread the word on the film. The marketing for the film has been terrible (to say the least), so even a recommendation or a suggestion can help encourage other people to go.


  • The Book of Life is not a perfect film; most films rarely are. However, even with it’s imperfections, it’s a start in a genre that is desperately needing some diversity in it’s characters and stories. Not just for representation’s sake, but because as a Latina woman myself, it would have been AMAZING to see such a beautifully executed, professionally produced film reach wide success and show that our stories do matter, our cultures are interesting and our stories deserve to be told.

You still consider me your father? (for Spoke Art’s Bad Dads V, a Wes Anderson art show)

18” x 24” giclée, $50, edition of 100, accompanied by signed authenticity certificate. Exhibition opens Friday October 31st, with remaining prints available online from early next week.

As the show title suggests, Spoke Art have been running a Wes Anderson tribute for five years, and this is the second time I’ve contributed. Last year I loved putting my Life Aquatic tribute together, figuring out how best to illustrate the relationships between the characters and what their relative position and scale in the hierarchy should be. Seeing as Wes’ films often feature a similarly large (and largely similar) cast, I figured that creating a Royal Tenenbaums piece in the same ‘format’ would be an interesting challenge. Hopefully they’ll sit pretty nicely together in the homes of a few Anderson fans.

Hmm, now which one to tackle next year?