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6. favourite band

The Arctic Monkeys… or Fall Out Boy… or Two Door Cinema Club…. or The Midnight Beast.

12. ideas of a perfect date

Some thing simple, like going to dinner, or just hanging out. But not going to the cinema because you cant actually talk to them then.

14. piercings i want

I really want my nose pierced. just a simple stud but it is likely i would chicken out of it. 

You can tell a lot about someone by the time of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your ipod, phone, itunes, media player etc. And write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people. One rule : no skipping. tagged by marielisadi 💜

  1. this is the life- two door cinemas club
  2. hiding tonight - alex turner
  3. cold fame - band of skulls
  4. when it started - the strokes
  5. tick of time - the kooks
  6. talk - the 1975
  7. step - vampire weekend
  8. baby come home - the neighbourhood
  9. the lovers - alex turner
  10. froot - marina and the 💎’s

Oooh some of my faves! what a mix// not really

anyway i tag americanbleachbabe acidicniallo lickmyballsharry candyyc kristinelhammer louteasadle behindthegarage samteazdale emojniall punkrock-mermaid21 lirrysgrunge styledbyslade and anyone else who wants to 🎄 merry christmas lovelies xx

El Hobbit, la batalla de los cinco ejércitos

El Hobbit, la batalla de los cinco ejércitos

Después de “El Hobbit: un viaje inesperado” (2012) y “El Hobbit: La desolación de Smaug” (2013), el director termina un ciclo argumental del libro que inicia la gran odisea de “El Señor de los Anillos”.

No es de dudar que dicho trabajo le haya llevado muchos años. La obra de Tolkien ha sido agotadora para un realizador que se ha propuesto dejar una huella en el cinema internacional como uno de…

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Joshua Bell | Sixth Year | Gryffindor | Halfblood | Open
  • Tends to get friend-zoned
  • His older sister works at a clothing store in Hogsmeade, graduated, unwed, with a baby girl due in January
  • Tends to get grief from ruder students about his sister’s promiscuity 
  • Enjoys muggle cinema
  • and is an avid Quidditch fan, often doing commentary
  • Has made shout-outs to the girls he is crushing on during the Quidditch games
+ neighborly + goofy + gentlemanly
- meddlesome - overbearing - overly forthcoming


  • Gwenog Jones: pays too much attention to her during games
  • Declan Vane: good friends, wishes he could attract women like him
  • Olivia Wood: one of the guys to him
  • Caradoc Dearborn: mispronounced his name in Caradoc’s first Quidditch game, but they laughed it off later
  • Rita Skeeter: friend-zoned him when they were younger, still occasionally helps her with Quidditch jargon
  • Thomas Kirke: understand each other
Faceclaim: Penn Badgley
Art house theaters offer to screen Sony's 'The Interview'

An alliance of independent movie theaters says art house cinemas are willing to screen Sony Pictures’ “The Interview,” the Kim Jong Un assassination comedy that was pulled from release in the wake of terror threats. 

I got a mistletoe kiss fuck

we went to the cinema and like he wouldn’t let me pay and was just so lovely and then we went for good and he paid and just so lovely and then we went to the lake and he was like “ok let’s try this lake thing again and maybe I won’t cock up this time” and etc etc loads of lovely things and then asked me (in German) and so I’m like 😳 and he’s like please say yes so I can kiss you so I whispered yes and he cups my face in his hand and said “don’t whisper, everybody will be jealous of ME, and I am so so happy” and then we kissed
And then when we were saying goodbye he was like “so when am I seeig you again” and I was like “I can’t do the 28th bc I’m having a girly day with soha etc” and he was like “ok well let’s do something on the 27th and give you guys something to talk about” and just why is he so perfect
Kegs boys who know how to woo you ugh yes please dankeschön