Interview for ''Cologne 7th Fest''




Alexei DeBronhe
Belarussian videomaker


Interview: 10 questions

3. What kind of subjects have your films?

I can’t predict what I’d create. I feel that I’m developing and searching constantly, I’m madly curious and attentive to the details, Sometimes it bothers. Topics are varied – social and philosophic. At times experimental or horrors. Feature and documental. Might be even action thrillers. Whether a movie would be superb or a failure doesn’t depend on a genre. All genres are cool, what really matters is a director and a film itself. My latest work deals with the philosophy of space, its hidden energy and sacrality, that I feel with my heart, my soul and some other senses. This is a new genre of the documental cinema, which I created and explained theoretically. I call it CiNEMALISM.

4. How do you develop your films, do you follow certain principles, styles etc?

I always say that creating a film is a many-sided complex process and the result can be alike. 

Adapting literary piece is one of the ways, but I believe that too much “bookishness” can make the film lack the air. Often the scriptwriters create a terrific story but they may not feel the movie principles and peculiarities, they remain just writers, not scriptwriters. The script should live naturally but only on papers but at the film set. You should always follow the right proportion, because cinema is a complex art, a fusion, you should never forget about the perceptive, emotional part of it. I brood my films, nurture them, feel them, search for their emotional key. When I have the luck to find it, it starts living its own life. >From now on you can’t predict anything. It grows by itself and all you can do is only guide it and direct it. I’m always excited and scared by all the stages of film creating at the same time. They influence each other and blending different proportions of it, you can get an unexpected result…

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