CIMBER is your 'natrual' choice for jewelry this season.

'True Fashionistas Now' know that you can wear all the fashion you want but you haven't completed your look without a little, ummm jewelry, 'naturally.' Last night, I visited the RSPOP Shop at the Rogersmith hotel where Swank's Showroom presented a plethora of ideas for fashionistas in the know. Dresses, handbags, swimwear, handbags and jewelry were the matters of the evening. Here's a jewelry find that I know you'll love, especially as Spring and Summer approaches.  Get a glimpse of some of the pieces then check out their site for more finds and like them on Facebook, 'naturally'.

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anonymous asked:

I'm sort but, Cimber, I always misread your name as Climber...

Thank you for your enlightening contribution. I suppose it is my own fault for copying the name of a Roman Senator. Don’t feel bad, though; I get “Cinder” far more often than I like. I can imagine there’s something despairing in the misreading, but it fills me more with annoyance than anything else. 

SAS to complete the acquisition of Cimber on March 1, will transfer the CRJ900s

SAS to complete the acquisition of Cimber on March 1, will transfer the CRJ900s

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS (Stockholm) has announced it has received approval from the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority to finish the acquisition of Cimber (Sonderborg). SAS will complete the acquisition and will transfer its 12 Bombardier CRJ900s to Cimber. The airline issued this statement:

SAS is completing the acquisition of Cimber after meeting all of the terms of the transaction,…

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