“CiloGear is proud to announce our newest WorkSacks, the Non-Woven Dyneema series. Already proven on notable alpine ascents, including the 3rd integral ascent of Cerro Torre by Kelly Cordes and Colin Haley, the 45L NWD is a proven alpine performer.

Made to supply maximum strength with the absolute minimum weight, our Non-Woven Dyneema® fabrics are truly amazing. These packs have the highest rip-stop performance on a weight, strength and thickness basis of any packs in the world.

The CiloGear NWD 45L pack is the result of 3 years of applied testing and refinement. These packs are the cutting edge.

The NWD 45 shares the same features as the regular or Dyneema 45 WorkSacks, with a removable framesheet, bivy pad, straps, lid and hipbelt. Unfortunately for some, these packs DO NOT ship with Roger Strong’s personal pair of Fusions – you’ll have to get up stuff on your own. ;)" 

“The CiloGear 45L WorkSack is the ultralight pack for alpine climbing. It’s durable, light, incredibly versatile and comfortable with real climbing loads. 45L WorkSacks are routinely used by many of the best alpinists in the world to do the hardest routes.

The pack balances climbing features and load carrying performance with durability and lightness. In making the 45L WorkSack, CiloGear used the Gu Rule: if it weighed more than a pack of Gu, it’s gone: No crampon pocket and lighter weight materials all around.

The backpanel of the pack is made from 210d Dyneema Cordura Ripstop. The bottom of the pack is made from VX42 in the middle and super light weight VX21 on the bottom side panels. We do give up some abrasion resistance in switching from the heavier VX51 used in our other large packs, but we saved the equivalent of two packets of gu.

This is the same size and design that Kelly Cordes used to climb his link up on Cerro Torre with superman stand-in Colin Haley. The 45L WorkSack lends itself to unsupported expeditions in Patagonia or AT hikes using weekly resupplies.

The flat front panel of the pack means that the 45L WorkSack excels at diagonal carrying skis."