Living On Salsa by Jillian
Via Flickr:
I love this time of year. My garden is going off and I can depend on picking at LEAST three, big ripe tomatoes every single day. Big ripe tomatoes every single day means fresh garden salsa every single day. Let it be known, I have never made the same home grown garden salsa twice. The flavor depends so much on the type of tomatoes and the ripeness of the tomatoes used. However, here is todays recipe for you: 1 jalapeño (for mildish heat) 2 large vine ripened tomatoes 1 medium vine ripened tomato ½ a clump of store bought cilantro (my garden cilantro bolted a LONG time ago) 5 cloves of garlic 2 fresh squeezed limes 10 twists of the salt grinder 12 twists of the pepper grinder ½ purple onion I lightly blended this batch in my mixer for a restaurant style salsa but it would be lovely as a pico de gallo as well. Bon appétit!