Alright so I'm going to try to write this as carefully as possible:

Alright. All due respect, why is it this country is more angry about a journalist who was kidnapped in a war zone and killed by militants (not that he deserved it, nor is it legal under CIHL) but we don’t talk about the shit happening to members of the media in what should technically be a civilian setting. The way that these police forces are conducting themselves, they act like untrained armed forces in an NIAC. They are combatants and the civilians are attacked despite not being legitimate targets, not to mention that indiscriminate tools like Tear gas shouldn’t be used because they, by design, cannot be constrained to only target civilians operating in a combatant’s position, as well as, in tandem with rubber bullets, are designed to inflict unnecessary or superfluous pain.

Seriously, one reading of Ferguson read as an NIAC and the Ferguson Police Department is committing so many violations of int law.