Cigar City/Rapp/Cycle Grabs

Had a great beer trip yesterday with stops at Cigar City Brewing, Tampa Bay Brewing, Rapp Brewing, Peg’s Cantina, and Cycle Brewing! Next week’s posts will cover each stop in more detail, but for now, here’s what I grabbed - at Cigar City: four bottles of Tampa Bay Beer Week Double IPA, two bottles of Puppy’s Breath Porter, a bottle of Strawberry Shortcake Lager, a crowler of Milk Maid White Stout (Hardywood collab), and a crowler of Guayabera; at Rapp: a growler of Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout as well as Gose; at Cycle: a crowler of Crank IPA, The Impossible Way, and Cream & Sugar Please. All c/growlers will go in my checked luggage (to be shared with friends Sunday night) while almost all bottles/cans (including quite a few from bottle shops) will go home in my mom’s car to be picked up next week. P.S. This post and the last will be spruced up with links and such when I get home, just too much effort while on mobile devices.

Brew Review - The Dark Woods by Cigar City Brewing

The Dark Woods by Cigar City Brewing @cigarcitybeer #tampa #florida #craftbeer

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

So, I’m a fan of Cigar City. I’m a fan of Tampa. I’m a fan of porters. But I can’t recall anything in Tampa looking close to dark and woodsy. So, with a little confusion and a lot of excitement (and a little Sondheim stuck in my head, oddly enough), I ordered a bit of Cigar City’s The Dark Woods (Imperial Porter, 8.8% ABV).

The Dark Woods by Cigar City Brewing


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Florida Brew Stop #2 - Cigar City Brewing

My mom, aunt, uncle, and I wanted to visit my cousin in Tampa + I wanted to visit breweries in Tampa = quite the natural combination, allowing for plenty of time to shoot the breeze and catch up with each other! Our first stop was Cigar City Brewing, somewhere I have wanted to visit for quite some time. They offered 25 taps - 20 of their own, 4 guest taps, and 1 collab - that provides for the just downright beautiful display above. We ended up spending the longest here, enough time for me to work my way through four flights that included 15 new-to-me Cigar City beers. The Tampa Bay Beer Week Double IPA was by far the standout, the only beer I sampled twice plus what I bought the most (4) bottles of. Visiting Cigar City is officially on my must-do list every time I visit Florida from now on!

Brew Review - The Milkmaid by Cigar City

Brew Review - The Milkmaid by Cigar City @cigarcitybeer #tampa #florida #beer #craftbeer

Cigar City from Tampa recently entered into a rather interesting collaboration with Hardywood Park Craft Brewery out of Richmond, VA. They brewed a pair of thematically similar milk stouts intended to be good on their own, or blended together. Hardywood did a rather strong 13.5% chocolate milk stout called The Milkman. Cigar City’s contribution was a White Milk Stout called The Milkmaid (Sweet…

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