"I told you I would." he smiles happily, his arms automatically moving to your sides as he returns the kiss, grinning happily. It had been far too long since he had the other by his side and I miss you was such a big understatement, but it would have to do for now. "I missed you so much more, baby. How was your flight?" jayhyunny


The Weapons of Resident Evil - (Sorry about the double post, Tumblr is terrible with GIFs)

I was watching Game Informers fantastic Super Replay of Resident Evil 1 and REmake, and they point out how cool the Beretta looks.  

I thought the low poly model on the PS1 did look pretty awesome, so I decided to render the game with a PS1 emulator (ePSXe) at 3840x2880 then capture video of the models so they could be downsized and turned into these GIFs!

Since the background on the “check” screen is a solid color, it was a simple matter to remove the backgrounds, and get these great transparent GIFs.  

These GIF’s are limited to 16 colors + dithering for Tumblr, but you can find full 256 color versions at the link below.  

I hope you find these as cool as I do!  

256 color versions

16 color dithered versions

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