portrayed by Stefano Ferrante at SpazioMOE

Stefano Ferrante, young emerging photographer, is building a collection of portraits that show the face of many of the most important Italian photographers. The whole project based of a modus portraiture that establishes a relationship with the poetics of each author.

edited by Paola Riccardi

the project has already included the following authors:

Isabella Balena

Federico Ciamei

Franco Donaggio

Gianni Berengo Gardin

Nino Migliori

Joe Oppedisano

Ivo Saglietti

Emiliano Scatarzi

The innovative photographer Federico Ciamei will be teaching at LUZ Academy from January 2014:

- This photo is part of 80s SWM seeks LTR, a project about seniors that seeks for love on web appointments. From this portrait of a pilot of the american navy in pension, a phrase particularly touched me: ” My mind is always active…also during night I make vivid dreams, the ones happy and adventurous. -

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