Wolfe Clothing Co. Distressed Tee M2

Please like and reblog, every note counts. When WOLFE drops, I will be hooking up those who have been loyal to the brand since the beginning.

To Everyone who is listed below, you are all of my favorite bloggers, I genuinely Love each and everyone of your blogs and I draw inspiration from each of them as well. I’m tagging you in this because I am asking you to please consider giving me the honor of being featured on some of your blogs. I’m trying to get my clothing brand, Wolfe, off the ground and your help getting some attention would be amazing. I know most of you won’t reblog me but to the few that do I thank you from the bottom of my heart. -Max
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webegroot said:

❣ ♣ ¤ ♞ ✾ ◆ [bc i can]

❣ - an unpopular opinion I have

…I don’t understand Free!’s fandom obsession with Makoto. I started out not caring about him at all, and the more of idealisation and praise I see, the more I dislike him.

♣ - my nickname

The most recent is “Ciaga” XD [Combination of “ciocia” - Polish for “aunt”, and “Aga” - short version of my name. My favourtie kid in the family, 2-years-old daughter of my cousin, insists on calling me that <3]

¤ - my real name

It’s Agnes for you, in Polish it’s Agnieszka.

♞ - my age

We don’t talk about that =P …twenty-few.

✾ - tv series I love

So many, but let’s go with Black Sails. Seriously, go watch it, it’s realistic, and pretty, and funny, AND ABOUT PIRATES. Also, accuracy of historical details left me in tears of joy.

◆ - my opinion of you


…no, that wasn’t actual answer XD

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