The CIA’s plan to commit terror attacks in America —- Operation Northwoods

In the early 1960’s Fidel Castro was becoming one pain in the butt embarrassment for the Central Intelligence Agency.  Cuba represented an immense failure of US foreign policy, as the once American dominated government fell to Castro’s regime in 1959.  In the upcoming years, the CIA would try numerous times to assassinate, discredit, and remove Castro from power.  This culminated with the Bay of Pigs Invasion in 1961 where the CIA attempted a failed military invasion using Cuban counterrevolutionaries, and the Cuban Missile Crises, a showdown between the US and Soviet Union over Soviet nuclear missiles stationed in Cuba.

In 1962 the CIA proposed Operation Northwoods as a drastic but conclusive solution to the Cuban situation.  Operation Northwoods called for a series of terrorist attacks on American military bases and civilian targets, which were to be conducted by CIA personnel disguised as Cuban agents.  With supposed evidence in hand, the US Government would then have full justification for military operations against Cuba.  Operation Northwoods was to begin with an assault on Guantanamo Bay by “Cuban Forces”.  Then a series of terrorist attacks would be conducted by CIA agents in cities such as Miami and Washington.

 Among the plans was a scheme to hijack an airplane then simulate a crash with an empty airplane that would give the appearance of “killing all passengers”.  In Miami CIA agents were to assassinate a number of Cuban refugees, leaving evidence that the murders were conducted by Cuban assassins. It was also suggested that a boatload of Cuban refugees be destroyed, with evidence planted to blame Pro-Castro saboteurs.  The plan even called for the mass shooting of civilians on the street by “Cuban military forces” as well as the bombings of American ships and buildings. There was even a plan to blow up an American ship, creating a “USS Maine” propaganda moment to galvanize Americans against Cuba.  Finally, Operation Northwoods called for a fleet of American captured MiG fighter jets to fly over American airspace, harassing civil aviation and perhaps even shooting down an American airliner bound for the Caribbean.  

The plan was drafted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, signed by Chairman Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer, and forwarded to President John F. Kennedy by Robert Mcnamara.  Horrified by such a corrupt and unethical plan, JFK refused to approve of it.  Fortunately, Operation Northwoods never happened.  Documents of Operation Northwoods were declassified in 1997.  A copy of a Defense Department memo on Northwoods can be found in the link below.

Is it really so hard to believe that greedy people in places of power practice occult rituals and/or have Luciferian beliefs? Ephesians 6:12

• John Dee (1527-1608) was an advisor to Queen Elizebeth the First. He was known for great knowledge in math & astronomy. However, he is most well-known for contacting fallen angels with help from a medium named Edward Kelley. They claimed to recieve an ancient language from the angels called the Enochian language which is named afer the mysterious Biblical figure, Encoh.

• Albert Pike (1809-1891) was Freemasonry’s “Sovereign Grand Commander” of the Scottish Rite’s Southern Jurisdiction from 1859 to 1891. He developed many of the modern rituals of the order. There is much controversy over a claim that Pike stated that Lucifer is God… Many have accused that high ranking Freemasons have luciferian beliefs. This subject must be researched for oneself.

• The NAZIS (1933-1945) •Hitler was influenced by  occult teachings that dealt with Germany’s pagan past and the prophecies of astrologers. •Heinrich Himmler & the S.S. studied ancient pagen religions and performed occult rituals in a castle called Wewelsburg. •J.F.C. Fuller was a devout follower of Aliester Crowley & developed warefare ideas utilized by the NAZIS in WWII.

• Operation Paperclip & The C.I.A.(1945-197?) This CIA operation granted over 1,000 NAZI Germany scientists American citizenship. Many had been longtime members of the NAZI party who murdered millions of innocent people. It is healthy to wonder how far this NAZI influence has infiltrated USA’s CIA. Declassified CIA operations include: MKULTRA, COINTELPRO, OP. MAY DAY, OP. NORTHWOODS, & MORE

• Michael Aquino (197?) The U.S. military officially recognizes satanism as a religion.  Michael Aquino, the founder of a Satanist group, Temple  of  Set,  was  a Lt. Col in the US Army. He was accused by a child to have been abducted from Presidio Day Care & used for satanic rituals. The child described his home in detail, but Aqunio was never charged. Ted Gunderson & others accuse the Army of covering up this case.

• Bohemian Grove -  In mid-July of each year, Bohemian Grove hosts a 2-3 week long camp for some of the most powerful men in the world. On July 15, 2000 Alex Jones broke into the Grove and secretly filmed an occult ritual where a mock human sacrifice took place. It has been recoreded that every republican U.S. President since Coolidge has visited the Bohemian Grove.

Some SAD Folks.

The CIA’s Special Activities Division, also known as “SAD”, is part of the American National Clandestine Service, and is split into two separate groups, SOG (Special operations group) and PAG (Political Action Group). The two work hand-in-hand to project American influence into other political states. SOG works to collect intelligence through ways that the US government does not wish to be associated directly to, while PAG works to knock a political state’s stability off of it’s feet through psychological warfare and economical warfare.

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The 5 Most Cartoonishly Evil Banks of All Time

#5. Nugan Hand Will Chop Your Family into Bits

Mike Hand, the former Green Beret, helped launch Nugan Hand as a cover for the $25 million he received from drug dealers, arms smugglers, and (possibly) the CIA, who may have been using the bank to fund covert operations in Eastern Asia. During their seven years of business, Nugan Hand stole at least $50 million from their investors. And it’s not like you could get it back by coming in and berating the teller into refunding your unfair overdraft/embezzlement fees — their boss once promised to chop up his employees’ wives and mail the parts to them in a box, Se7en style, if they ever disobeyed him.

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During the Cold War, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency launched one its most bizarre efforts to gain an advantage over the Communists.

Operation Kitty had cats surgically implanted with bugging devices and sent in undetected to eavesdrop on Soviet conversations, because after all who would suspect a cat of wearing a wire! But the first mission failed after the cat was sadly run over and the $15 million operation was abandoned shortly after.

'During the late 1940′s the CIA produced and played starring role in what was then known as “Operation Paperclip”. Operation Paperclip hinged on a misdirection campaign. The Misdirection was simple. The United States led the world to pursue many of the Nazi military officers who committed gross atrocities against their prisoners in at attempt to convict them of war crimes. This was highly publicized with a media fervor. Behind the scenes however, US Intelligence communities were recruiting Nazi scientists and renowned concentration camp medical doctors and psychiatrists. These men were all high ranking Nazi SS officers, who were guilty of committing grizzly and sometimes mind bending offenses that surpassed all else done in the war. Many of these men being recruited to work for us were the very men who were responsible for the horrors at Auschwitz and other camps. They received the option to either come work for us in such labs as Los Alamos for much more money than they received from the Germans, or be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for their crimes. Of course the decision for most was almost instant.

MK Ultra is not just a conspiracy theory. The projects it encompassed came about expanding on the works of the Nazi doctors and scientists recruited from operation paperclip.

It is a fact that the CIA proposed and conducted mind control experimentation from the mid 1940′s on, using the German scientists courted by our nation. In a large degree it is a matter of public record and was a matter of Senate Committee investigation. What actually is revealed is certainly stranger and more frightening than fiction.’

The fact is that western human rights organizations are below contempt. Some are political tools in the hands of the Empire (Human Rights Watch), some are full of western intelligence agents (Medecins Sans Frontieres, OSCE monitors), some are lead by cynical bureaucrats who use idealistic young delegates as cannon fodder (ICRC), some are used by big business as a tool (Greenpeace) while others are quasi-official CIA tools (NED, Freedom House, Open Society Foundation, etc.).

The funny thing in this case is that the photo is not taken in Russia, but in the Ukraine, and the riot cops shown here have Ukrainian unit badges.  But then, who cares anyway?  It’s not like “truth” is a topic that matters to HRW…
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