RotBTD story pitch

i once written out this whole elaborate RotBTD AU about knights and wizards and what not.

Merida was a freelance mercenary who was running low on cash, so any job she could take on was worth the money. So she goes into a pub and meets songstress rapunzel who was known for her gold hair. Like rapunzel’s hair was legitimately gold and it was 50 ft long. Upon hearing Merida’s money problems Rapunzel hires Merida to be a bodygaurd and to help her save her lover Eugene from the witch Gothel. Rapunzel offers to pay Merida in gold hair. Merida accepts. 

But before Merida and Rapunzel head off to witch gothel’s they had to armor up. Merida who was in need of weapon sharpening, and rapunzel who was in need of everything. They head off to meet Merida’s old blacksmith friend, Hiccup. Upon arrival Rapunzel meets Hiccup’s dragon, Toothless and freaks out. Merida reassures rapunzel that toothles is harmless, and that Hiccup is actually a dragon tamer who works as a blacksmith on his spare time. 

Rapunzel and Merida suit up and asks Hiccup to come along to help with weapons and armor repair. And so Hiccup accompanies them on their journey. 

On their journey they must travel through the winter forest. Which is a forest that stays in the winter all year long. While traveling through the forest they had numerous of pranks and tricks played on them. Toothless being the smart creature he is, caught the prankster and dragged him out from hiding. Surprise! the prankster was the legendary wizard Jack Frost. 

Jack Frost threatens them that if they wish to continue on they must solve the riddles within his forest. And so they took on the challenge and solved all the riddles. They made it out of the forest, but with jack frost following them. Jack decides to follow them because he’s “bored” lonely. 

They make it to witch gothel’s tower and they make a plan on how to bust out Eugene. Rapunzel and Merida will head towards Eugene while Hiccup and Jack distract witch gothel. Jack and Hiccup groan at each other because they cant stand each other, they love each other very much, but due to Jack and Hiccups irritations with each other they failed the plan and witch gothel goes after Merida and Rapunzel. Merida tried her best to protect Rapunzel but Gothel took Rapunzel by the hair. Rapunzel tells Merida to run and take Eugene to safety first, but Merida is having none of that shit, so Merida takes her sword and cuts Rapunzel’s hair out of gothel’s reach. 

As they run towards safety Jack stays behind to protect their escape route. Jack and Gothel have an all out magic battle. Jack eventually freezes Gothel in an everlasting ice crystal. Jack returns to his forest without saying good-bye to his companions.

Merida and the rest find safety in a town nearby. Rapunzel is reunited with her lover Eugene. Hiccup offers Merida a new sword because Merida’s sword is now dull after cutting Rapunzel’s hair. Upon hearing their conversation about a new sword, Rapunzel questions how she will be able to pay for Merida’s work. Merida tells rapunzel that she doesn’t need any payment and to take this as a friend’s favor.

Rapunzel and Eugene decide to stay in a town farther down from their safety town. While Hiccup and Merida return to his blacksmith shop. Hiccup then tells Merida that he is going to go visit Jack in his winter forest because “toothless misses jack”.

And merida? She still broke and in need of a money. She enters the pub she met rapunzel in and sits at the same table she sat at before. Orders the same drink. And makes small talk with a girl named Anna who’s sister has gone missing in the snowy mountains and is in need of help.

boom, sequel story!!!

i mean i wrote it. but like idk why i never posted it. will anybody even look at it? like bruh.