S.H.I.E.L.D. ACADEMY - Dalton Campus

House Windsor - Operations
Senior Agent:
Charles “Charlie” Amos
Level: 5

House Hanover - Communications
Senior Agent:
Justin Bancroft
Level: 5

House Stuart - Sci-Tech
Senior Agent:
Logan Wright
Level: 5

One of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s lesser known facilities for training new agents, the Dalton Academy Campus is where young recruits between the ages of 18 and 22 are sent to hone their skills in one of three divisions. Each house is led by a “Prefect” - a 4th year student that shows excellent promise in their chosen division.

Life at Dalton Campus is challenging but fun, until an old enemy returns and everything changes. The Prefects will have their work cut out for them as they try to protect the boys under their care, while trying to determine who is still loyal to S.H.I.E.L.D., and who has turned traitor.

(I should not be allowed to play on Photoshop at 1 in the morning. Admittedly also severely lacking Photoshop skills, but hey, I tried….

Based on an idea I had of crossing Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD with cpcoulter's “Dalton”. The prefects of course belong to her. I'm merely borrowing them for my madness.

Theme: Post-apocalyptic
Genre: Humor
Characters/Pairings: The three Dalton Prefects – Charlie Amos of Windsor House, Justin Bancroft of Hanover House and John Logan Wright III of Stuart House. Charlie/Bat, Logan/Coffee, Logan/French fries and Charlie/Justin
Warnings: Slight gore and language and implied (sort of) sexual situations, plus slight suspension of belief. It’s zombies, okay?
Rating: R for violence, gore and language. Oh these boys’ filthy mouths when you get them out of Dalton.

Are the prefects close?

"Hi, I’m Derek Breaker."

"Hi, I’m Blaine Anderson, I’m glad to meet you." They shook hands. "Welcome to Windsor, Derek. I’ll be your prefect for the moment. Our prefect, Charlie, is having a prefect’s meeting with Stuart and Hanover’s." 


"Oh, yeah, that’s the spot, Chaz." Justin moaned. Another wet mouth started kissing his bare stomach. 

"Don’t start without me." Logan whispered against the Hanover’s skin.



"Here in Windsor, you’ll find random explosions, loud noises at night, and a bunch of rowdy boys, can you handle that?" 

"Pft. I live on rowdy." 


Charlie kissed Justin fiercely on the lips, with his hand fisted up into the Brit’s hair. Logan glared from where he was - fellating Justin - he wanted to kiss him too. But he had a better idea. 

"Ready?" He asked Justin after taking his mouth off Justin’s dick.

Charlie pulled away. “No way, you got to do it the last time.”

"You’re there, I’m here, you get the picture."

"Fuck no."

"This is very sexy, mates. Please argue about having sex."

"Fine." Charlie spat. 


"So, what’s it like here?" 

"Oh you’re in a very brotherly environment."


"Oh, Logan… Logan…" Justin moaned. 

"That’s enough, Logan."


"Fine, I’m taking you."

Logan smirked over his shoulder as Chaz stood behind him, erection touching his back. “I thought you’d never bring it up.” They kissed.


"Where are the prefects again?"

"They’re having a meeting. Something about new students, I forgot, Chaz was being very vague about it." 

"Are they nice?" 

"Of course they are… I’m not sure about Logan, but when he’s not having a bad day, he’s pretty approachable."


"Tell me you love me." Chaz said as he grabbed Logan’s hair, as he pounded into him. 

"I love you."

 "What? I can’t hear you."

"I love you."

Charlie did an extra deep thrust that made both Logan and Justin moan at the same time. “I FUCKING LOVE YOU.”


"Are the prefects like… close with each other?"

"I suppose you can say they’re best friends. They’re almost inseparable." 


"Best. Meeting. Ever." Justin moaned. "Bloody hell, I’m gonna - Oh - OH YES."

Charlie leaned against Logan, making them move lower and lower until he and Justin were face to face. Logan was still thrusting, so was Charlie. The three moaned at the same time. Charlie kissed Justin as they climaxed. 


"This is your room, it’s exactly beside Charlie’s so if you have any problems you can just come knock, okay?" 

Derek nodded. “Yeah, thanks for showing me around.” 

The door creaked open. Logan and Justin came sauntering out. “Hiya, Blaine, new kid.” Justin nodded and left with a slight hop in his step (and a slight limp). 

"Hi, Blaine. I better go back to Stuart to see how they’re doing without me." Logan laughed, making Blaine look slightly confused. 

Charlie was left leaning on the door, smiling at the two boys as they left. Derek smiled at the taller boy.

"Charlie, this is the new student, Derek Breaker." 

"Hi there." 

Charlie turned to the boy and grinned broadly. “Welcome to Windsor!” Then he hugged Derek suddenly. Honestly, Charlie was still feeling the after glow he got from having sex with two of the most amazing boys in the world. 

"He doesn’t usually hug…" Blaine really confused. A happy Logan? A huggy Charlie? It was just too much to handle. What did those two eat?

"Meeting" – Chustogan

Three bodies, slick with sweat, hot with each other’s heat, touched each other to no end. Articles of clothing were ripped off in a lust filled rage and discarded around the room. The prefects could be as loud as they wanted since everyone was out in class and they were supposed to be discussing things to do about the upcoming Parents’ Night. This was a very sexy discussion. There were no inhibitions with each other. They’ve done this before after all.  A whimper from a Brit, a loud moan from a Windsor, and a grunt from a blond, the three were all too familiar to these sounds. They were all too familiar with what made each other them shiver with pleasure. They were all too familiar with each other. They enjoyed these sessions where they are overcome with lust and want. They could go on for hours and hours. And they intended to.

I don't now, what can be more bad ass than a Helicopter?




the concept of sleep comes to mind. lol syntax error


I said to myself, “hey we need a new ship name and it has to be badass like…. like…. A MOTHERFUCKING HELICOPTER.”


It’s not official but it’s an idea………………………………………… Co-Captains, WHY YOU SOMEWHERE ELSE?!

You guys, we have to stop using the Tankondola.

Julian isn’t in Chustogan, therefore it is actually wrong to use the Gondola. That’s too bad, the idea of Tankondola is getting to me. But since Julian’s not there, we should change it.

Any ideas as to what other mode of transport?

Dear Chustogan Co-Captains,

We need fifty (at least, that’s what I saw one the Jameron page) fics/drabbles to get our own page on the weebly. Then one day, Chustogan will be known by everyone. Everyone will love the Chustogan Tankondola. Everyone will.

One day.

Some day.