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Red Net Changsha,hogan interactive, December 8 (Xiaoxiang Morning roll intern reporter Wang Huan Li Chunxia) 6:00 every morning,, Changsha Tianxin a bus stop,woolrich uomo, there is always a figure of less than 1.2 meters of thin, quietly standing in the cold a.

Buses roaring,,peuterey outlet, she ran stride leg,, climbed in. After two hours,,giubbotti moncler, her figure will appear in the roar of the machine factory workshop.

She is 62 years old! December 7 am,nike air max pas cher, on the second floor of a small printing plant, the reporter saw her.

“5 o’clock every morning to get up, walk to the bus stop,,nike air max pas cher, sit two hours bus to the Corporation. 21:00 work,, often more than 11 points at home before dark.” The old man has a nice smile on his face.

Can not remember how old, because of an accident, her height to stay in the “1.2 meters.” This figure was later made no change over. Bullying and ridicule, let her heart planted the “unyielding, unwilling after people” seed. Who knew her impression was, “especially eat bitter, Pa was very, very bloody Hunan sister.”

37-year-old to get married, gave birth to a boy the second year,peuterey outlet, at least she thought, “You can live a gasped,” but fate has little time to challenge this woman’s endurance: children 5 years old, her husband died.

When her husband died, she did not retirement pay,moncler sito ufficiale,, the neighbors tried to persuade her to apply for subsistence allowances,,giubbotti moncler, “say I like this condition,tn pas cher, and certainly no problem. But I told them,woolrich uomo, how to eat the national rice it, I simply refused to go. ”

“I declined the help of many people, I decided I have to hold up the house.” She changed jobs too,piumini peuterey outlet, 1996 was officially came to printing the current job.

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