im so into dean being the only one who can calm cas down when he’s in like full on angelic wrath mode about to slay tho

just laying a soothing hand on him and rubbing along his shoulder a little, whispering a few words in his ears and cas is just like aw shit now i just wanna kiss this idiot and hold his hand a lot dammit hold that thought ill get u next time asshole //tries to glare but dean is so cute wtf//

endverse folklore au by holyfrackles and leepala

of all the rules at camp chitaqua, there are two that go without saying: you don’t speak openly about that something between dean winchester and castiel, and if you slander the ex-angel’s promiscuity around their leader, you’ll get your nose broken

word slowly spreads, as it is wont to do. break the rules, leave camp with a broken arm, tell the tale, and other camps start hearing tell about this fearless leader and his unsecret lover. some say he killed a guy for the honor of the man he loves, but then some say it was two he’d killed, and others said three. some tell the story of how he slayed an half an army after his broken boy was wounded. 

by the time the tale has spun it’s way across the country, molded and spread from camp to camp, each retelling unique with as many shades to the tale as stars in the sky. they say the leader is a warrior of heaven owned by the human boy he fell for. they say he will destroy anything, kill anyone if the boy asks nicely, celestial guard dog for a hollowed out man. they say his eyes shine bright white, or bright gold, or bright green. 

they say his voice is like the thunder. they say he spits fire and breathes destruction. they say wolves howl for him.

they say he’s gonna be the one to kill the devil

i can’t handle really overused tropes in romances in movies and books but that sure as heck does not mean anything for deancas fic ok

gimme kissing in the rain and predictable happy endings after predictable angsting and dramatic reunions after elaborate apology speeches etcetc

 just all the romance tropes u can cram into the space of your aus, do it and i will fall for it all and cry like a baby 

cliché as fuck deancas that’s what i’m here for fuck yeah


I started seeing something in humanity, okay? Something that shouldn’t be taken. I drink blood. I don’t drink people.

Here’s to the hundreds of hellos we skipped over
Here’s to the thousands of goodbyes we chose to spare
Here’s to the millions of ‘I need you’s I should have whispered an infinite more times

And here—

Here’s to the one ‘I love you’ I never got to say.

—  n.t.

We’re going to the future, Bucky Barnes says, and he hands Steve Rogers a copy of today’s paper, presses him close against his side, and they dream about warless times and flying cars.

Seventy years of sleep later, Steve Rogers lies on the glass of a dying helicarrier, gazes up at angry yet fearful eyes, touches the fist scrunched against his chest.

If this is the future, let’s stay in the past.



EDIT: FYF has been taken down!! Thank you all so much for your support, for recognizing injustice when you see it, and for setting such a wonderful precedent of taking down hate blogs. I kiss you all deeply.


Hey guys, I need your help taking down a major pain in my ass hate blog: fuck-your-fanart.

They have long enjoyed bullying young artists with unnecessary “criticism” that’s often just a personal attack on the artist, a mockery of a certain element of the work, or, most poignantly, saying that characters are burn victims, autistic, or have down’s syndrome as a form of insult.  They use slurs like “downie,” “faggot” and “retard,” often in response to being called out.  In my experience, when I compile posts with legitimate well-worded criticism with links to posts as evidence, they delete the posts immediately.  What they’re doing is not funny, it’s not criticism, it’s bullying.

Not only this, but they have begun vindictively posting untagged sherlock spoilers in the sherlock tag, and are threatening to directly send spoilers to peoples’ ask boxes who have asked them not to, or have stood up to them.  Why? Who knows, they probably get some sort of power complex from doing so. 

They’ve also recently started a slew of hatred against some of the sexualities that they don’t understand, specifically gray-asexuality, telling people they assume made-up sexualities just to be special, and tells them to “bury themselves.”

They implied someone should kill themselves over a piece of crossover fanart.

I get that it’s their right to be as offensive as they want, but they do not have the right to bring the rest of us down with them. This includes the young artists they’ve bullied, and, apparently, anyone who stands up for them, identifies as a sexuality they don’t understand, or doesn’t want sherlock spoilers.

With this evidence in mind, they are in direct policy violation of Community Guidelines such as:

  • Malicious Bigotry
  • Harm to Minors
  • Promotion and Glorification of Self-Harm
  • Spam (both unwanted messages and tagging)
  • Impersonation, Stalking, or Harassment (especially towards tumblr user bennyslegs, who has been threatened to recieve alternate-blog hatred and spoilers) (Shoutout @ Paula btw, you’re fantastic)

Please don’t send them messages, they get off on the conflict they cause. I’m just asking all of you guys to quietly report them to tumblr using the link at the bottom of the page. DO NOT visit their blog, don’t reply to them, don’t give them the satisfaction of your pageviews.  Use this evidence if you need.  If enough of us report them, something has to be done.

Thank you so much for all of your time.

An Alternate Ending, if Season 9 was to be the last:

"What about you?" She asks, "Without your own grace, you’re going to die."

Cas blinks emptily, nodding once. Just once. “So I’ve heard.”

"What are you going to do, brother?"

Castiel brings himself to his feet, one corner of his lip quirking upwards—weak, forced, but well meant. “Pursue my last pieces of happiness.”

- - -

Castiel finds himself in the bunker, in a familiar room.

He lays himself down on the other side of the bed, tucks himself beneath still but familiar arms, splays his fingers against the slight dip of a familiar chest. Holds him close.

"I’ll watch over you."

He closes his eyes.

(They will not open again.)