chu learns how to gif: bo believing in tamsin in 3x08

sovereign-chuami asked:


1. It requires a certain amount of cajones to play a character that inspired as much vitriol as Chuami. I was never one of those people— I fell in love with her brassiness at first listen— but I respect how you took her on, even if she’s quite different from her original! 
2. Though I never had a problem with Chuami, frankly, I think your changes to her were for the better! Particularly, I like that she’s DEAD. …okay, that sounded mean, but no, no. It’s just a really good plot twist, haha, and only serves to flesh her out and further complicate her (in a good way).
3. This one’s a given, but Chuami is hilarious. So is her mun. Well, I guess, Chuami couldn’t be so without her mun’s input, so that’s obvious, right? :p But yeah, that aspect of your blog is adored by all, and I’m sure that breaks some of the barrier of people’s resistance towards Chu! 
4. That said, when she gets down to serious business and hits you with the feels, she HITS YOU HARD. AND MERCILESSLY. SHE TEARS YOU DOWN. We haven’t gotten to really do to much feelsy stuff, because I’m lazy but your various drabbles about her past, and her serious threads with or about Auron… they’re always a sadistic kind of pleasure to read. Because ow, but… it hurts so good?
5. her passion for Auron/Braska is inspiring. never give up on the pilgrimage yaoi,