Size US 24

This is my favorite picture of me yet!

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Whenever i’m feeling down I always look at all of you beautiful ladies and it cheers me up, I hope I can cheer somebody up too. ^^ 

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(**The following is a story about being a plus size bride that is potentially triggering**)
I felt that in the time leading up to my wedding, everything started to be about image. The minute you walk into a bridal store, you’re bombarded by the fact that samples don’t come in your size, or that so-and-so cut won’t flatter you, or that you’ll need to wear this-that-and-the-other shapewear to really “suck you in” (all of this was actually said to me while shopping for a dress.) It seems like I went in cynical and strong, but as the wedding grew near I found myself more and more worried. I thought about the eyes on me and the pictures, and the judgement of everyone because my body wasn’t ideal. I wasn’t bridal. I feared every fitting. I started to believe “random” tips I was getting on weight loss pre-wedding. Still, with the help of Tumblr, my friends, and my now husband, I was able to scoff off the crap time and time again. Through all of the misguided “tips and tricks” I walked down the aisle as ME. My husband said “I do” to ME. You are beautiful the way you are. You are bridal (should you choose to be, etc.) You are just as worthy as the brides in the magazine and on Pinterest and everywhere else. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Now I look at this photos and all I see is magic. It was a perfect day.

US, size 18, age 22 :)

It took moving 2500 miles from my small, southern hometown to the bay area in California (and you lovely ladies of course!) for me to finally start accepting my body, fat stomach and all! I met an amazing man who loves my lumps and rolls, and has made sex fun instead of awkward for the first time. EFF your beauty standards!

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