Soooo I’m going on holiday in six weeks and ice decided thy I desperately need to lose weight and tone up. So aswell as going to the gym, heating healthy and working ever hour my bosses can give me, I have decided to partake in the 30 day squat challenge and the 30 day abs challenge. However I’m going to need some motivation to help me so please do it with me?? I’ve completed day one today but if anyone wants be a fitness buddy with me then please get in contact! We can help motivate each other!

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Abdominales sin dañar el cuello

Hi everyone! :)
What’s up?

I had a lot of exams in college, that’s why I didn’t write anything here. But I passed all of them and I’m very happy about it 😄
I’m doing 100 crunches everyday & I want doing it for 21 days. I heard that first 3 weeks are most important and difficult, but after this time it become a habit. This is my goal - habit of doing 100 crunches everyday!
I’m trying also eat 4-5 meals a day and no sweets. I think it’s going fine at the time 😊

30 day shred: week 1 day 2

I didnt get a chance to post yesterday but im sore. I really do like the circiuts. It makes it mentally a lot easier for me to want to finish. The first circuit im okay, second circuit im on the brink of giving up but i know theres only one left so it makes me want to just finish. Its also only 20 minute. Im kind of on a time chrunch usually so i can fit it in. Stoked to see results.

Legs, shoulders and even some abs in the end today. And did some boxing too.. #fit_40_club #fitness #fitmen #flexing #fitfam #flex #fitguysworldwide #fitnessmodels #fit #fitbod #fit_over_40 #fitover40 #fitguys #fitstagram #bodybuilding #biceps #getfit #biceps #instafit #icaniwill #instahealth #healthy #workout #styrketräning #training #abs #abcrunches #chrunches #chest #bestoftheday

anonymous said:

do you do that every day? don't you ever get bored with just doing chrunches and running?

Nah not really, I just exercise so I don’t get fat so whatever works