Random truths of life #2

Downy kids have like double the strength of not downs people. So that means if a downy kid starts weight lifting. They’d be like twice as strong. And that’s pretty darn scary. I used to lift all the time back in high school and there was this kid with downs at the restaurant I work at and he was the managers boyfriends son so he got to do whatever the duck he wanted. Then he was trying to take my phone. And I was like dammit give me my phone back and I couldn’t get it back from him. He was 15 and I was a 17 years old and like strong as fuck. And I couldn’t get my phone. Then I threatened to tell on him and he screamed and dropped my phone. Then he went and stuck his hand down my brothers pants….shut was weird. Anyways. Extra chromosomes = extra power. Don’t fuck with tards