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So I was featured in this channel as it’s first video. I got interviewed and at the same day I had a photoshoot. This is my best friend and he is super talented at what he does. I’m very proud to have been featured in this. Please check out the video and his like page:

A like, a thumbs up, anything at all. I would really love for this to spread a little for his studio to grow and so he can do bigger things, and bigger projects.

I am sincerely thankful to have had and still have this experience of being his pactice model and to have had this video.

For my first post, how about a brief history, eh? Well this is the first “Photography” like picture I took, as I was experimenting with my new camera, (Nikon, Coolplix L120), on 7/21/2011. I uploaded it to Facebook to see what people might think of it and surprisingly I was blown away by all the nice comments/likes. So I decided to continue taking pictures as a hobby of things that interested me. A lot of people call me/think I’m a photographer, but the reason I don’t think I’m not is because I just TAKE pictures, in the end without any actual purpose to it, a lot of “photographers” do it to “Capture The Moment” when I do all I’m thinking about is “That would look cool in a picture”, that’s it, but maybe in the future I will call myself a Photographer, but for now I’m just an Editor. I made this blog just to have my pictures more organized and in a place where everybody can see them. So enjoy everything else I’m going to upload! Welcome to my blog.

Okay! So here she is! The Great Kururu! She’s many things to me, a sister, best friend, model, student, partner in the Awkward Police and so on! We met back in 1823 but met again last September 2011 and it feels as if we’ve know each other for months! Hey, wanna make friends? Pull out a professional camera and make her post! That’s what I did. :D Anyways, she’s studying photography and she’s quite good at it and has her own blog of pictures! You’re going to see a lot of her in My blog so I think is just best you follow hers!

Here it is!! My logo for my new Photography Page on facebook! ‘Art Behind The Lens’! After a year of people telling me that I’m a good Photographer, I finally decided to give it a try. In this page I have organized all of the pictures I’ve ever taken plus Photo Shoots I’ve done. If anyone is interested hit the LIKE button (On The Page)! Thank you all of the support! -Chriz Lee