Just came in from a 7 mile long walk. Friends asked if I wanted to go for a wander but I never realised I agreed to walk 7 MILES! 
Anyway, my hair has gotten so long lately! ;O 

So I have gone for the whole fringe look now and decided to abandon the quiff shit I had going on before.. Hmmm. And I pardon the fact this has been taken at 03:33! LORD, I must sleep. 

So guys, I have a boyfriend. His name’s Ryan and we met over Twitter, we started Skyping and then I met him when I was coming back from a holiday. He lives in Glasgow, 442 miles from where I live, which kinda sucks. I move down in 7 or 8 months and I’ll finally get to be with him permanently. 

I think my hair is getting just a tad “large”

Father asked me when I came down stairs in the morning, AFTER I HAD DONE MY HAIR, and said: “Have you been given a fright?”

Cheers father..