Hi guys, I don’t know why I’m making this, I guess I just wanted to share with you my favourite blogs of this year and tell you that even if I don’t talk to you because I find you way better than me, I see what you post and love your blogs :)

a-b-c: Awestyles, Bangzarry, Bbeautifulchristmas, Bestfoursyears, Boobstyles, Britstagram, Christmasniallers, Coltunhaynes, Conorgaynard, Curlychristmas,

d-e-f: -diannas, Doncasting, Edsheerun, Englandsnow, Everniallers, Everniam, Fadingair, Fallenforpayne, Fckniall, Flyniall, Freakinghoran, Frostcara, Frostcaster, Frostyflack, Fuckharold,

g-h-i: Haharry, Haroldsking, Haroldsmas, Harryedward, Harrymeetsworld, Haylorofficial, Hstyes, Hlmschpl, Horaneyes, Horanicted, Horanshump, Horanvanity, Horany-feels, Horeland, Horens, Horon, Hstylesblog, Inlondonstoday, Instaliam, Itshazza, Irishmine

j-k: Jaesama, Jinglesbells, Jinglezayn, Josndevine, Kinghoran, Kingofbums, Kissthesun, Kryptoniall

l-m-n: Liamwhoran, Likes-boys, Lilonade, Lordnialler, Lordstylesh, Loufrost, Louisdisick, Louistmlns, Lovinpayne, Maistyles, Malikmittens, Malikst, Merryratchetlarry, Missinglou, Mistahlevi,  Morninglou, Mrzaynie, Mulingar, Nananarry, Narryavenue, Narrysh, Niallars, Niallelujah, Niallsgotmehigh, Niamsj

o-p-q-r: Ollymurs, Omgstyles, Paynut, Perfectdarren, Puretommos, Queercaster 

s-t-u-v: Snowinghaz, Snowmurs, Snowylondons, Snowzarry, Starksfell, Stylesmyking, Stylespudding, Tastyniall, Teamelounor, Theirishgod, Tomlindolls, Tomlinfection, Tomlinfeels, Tomlinsnow, Twinklenialler, Uhhstyles, Unbrokenelounor, Urbancatfitters

w-x-y-z: Whiteskmo, Winterhorun, Wintersh, Wolverchapels, Wolverhammy, Wordsthatyouwhisper, Yayhaz, Zabinie, Zaynaliks, Zaynspeppermint, Zedmaliks, Zeyuns, Ziallkings, Zoucaster, Zouology

1-10: 1djustice, 17flack


ofrnatthealy asked:

wud u rather lick a fat man's armpits who ran 2 kilometers or get eaten by millions of piranhas slowly? (im weird, sorry)

omg bc of piranha 3d im gonna have to go for the 1st one but ew


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