please do not send Chrissy Constanza any hate, she’s such a beautiful human being and she’s so freaking nice to everyone. she and Mikey are just friends and her tweet Girlfriend in every city, somehow you’re still lonely. I keep seeing people hating on her and tagging Michael in it. The thing she tweeted is song lyrics it’s not at all what these 5sos gossip sites are making it out to be. Chrissy is my friend and she’s amazing. However, even if her and mikey are a thing it’s none of our business and not everything she tweets is about him. this has been a psa.  

pierceaholic replied to your post:Okay, the reveal was a touch underwhelming, but there are some bright sides! One - Matt is present at the party playing with the Ouija board, which indicates he’s considered an “official” saint instead of just helping out against the Zin. Two - Who knows, maybe GOoH will have the ability to summon Homies, so Matt could still show up. Three - Volition’s been doing a lot of sales recently - maybe this and GOoH are to raise money and interest for a real deal sequel?

Yeah, really ridiculous that it wasn’t Shaundi, IMHO—if they wanted a male and a female PC.

I mean Shaundi did get the focus for the Chrissy dlc I suppose…

You know who I ultimately would have preferred now that I think about it? Asha. Give us some damn Asha - she gets left out of everything. Can you imagine how ass-kicking she’d be fighting her way through hell??? And we’d finally get to know her a little better. Her banter with Johnny would be amazing too.

We were submitted this. 

Chrissy Costanza, who is friends with 5sos (especially Michael), tweeted this:

I think that she is referring to 5sos’s groupies. It makes so much sense. She also stopped mentioning Michael or 5sos in her tweets ever since the say they hung out in NYC. 

Acme’s accountant Andrew Czezowski realised that a scene was developing that had a name but no place to play. He got the Roxy together in an old gay club in Neil Street in W1. And because of the buzz created by the music I played in the shop, he asked me to DJ. Punk was so new that none of the bands had actually released any records yet, so I ended up playing what I was into - reggae, especially dub. But I did slip in tracks I thought the punks might relate to: New York Dolls, Stooges, Television, Velvet Underground and the MC5.

When the punk bands started to get deals and release singles, I started to slip ‘em in, but the punks said I should just keep spinning the reggae. We became closer by revelling in our differences, not by trying to be the same. They dug the basslines, beats and attitude of the tunes I played - not to mention the ready-rolled spliffs that you could buy at the bar (the punks couldn’t roll their own). I remember a punk asking the dread behind the bar for two beers and one spliff, but after a moment’s thought he changed his order to two spliffs and one beer - we’re talking serious cultural exchange here!

It was a culture that spoke in a currency with which the punks could identify. It was the soundbite-type lyrics, the anti-fashion fashion, the rebel stance and, importantly, the fact that reggae was a kind of musical reportage, talking about things that mattered. Songs like Money in My Pocket, I Need a Roof and Chant Down Babylon struck an obvious chord with “the youth”. The third-world DIY approach to creating the reggae sound was something else that the punks could relate to, as most of them had no formal music training.

Punk got me to Jamaica for the first time. When the Pistols broke up, Johnny Rotten decided to escape the media frenzy by accompanying Richard Branson on a trip to Jamaica (with what was to be the beginning of Virgin’s Frontline reggae label). I got a phone call from Rotten asking me if I wanted to join him on the trip. I guess he thought that since I was black and Jamaican - well, sort of - he’d be in good hands. Little did he know that the closest I’d been to Jamaica was watching The Harder They Come at the Classic Cinema in Brixton.

This cultural interaction was to leave its mark on punk. Check out Cut, the first album from the Slits (whom I managed for a while - well, tried to, anyway). And as for the Clash - well ‘nuff said. And listen to Jah Wobble’s bass lines on any of the PIL albums or his current works. Many of the techniques that were pioneered in Jamaican recording studios - putting the drum and bass centre-stage, the DJ/toasters phenomena, the use of the mixing desk as an instrument - have had an audible influence on dance music today. And the sonic striptease of dub continues to inspire a whole new generation of sound pioneers such as Leftfield, the Thievery Corporation, Roots Manuva and the Basic Channel releases. [Read More]

Writing Prompt #632: Person, Place, Thing

Hey, this thing still works! How about a writing prompt? Use these things in your story.

a snake-oil salesman, a backyard cookout, a malfunctioning vacuum cleaner

Also found out we were mentioned here (thanks to Chrissie for the heads up!). So if you found us there, welcome! Sometimes I only get to update this thing sporadically because I get busy with band stuff.


-Kid Cat*
(I just recently changed some villagers in my dreamie list.^^)

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PLACE THAT MAKES ME HAPPY AND WHY: my top three would be disney world (obvi), my friend’s garage, or my home. basically whenever i’m with people i love

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Okay I know it’s only my first week and I’ve been complaining a lot and stuff but here’s the thing: I’m so glad to be going to school to become a music teacher.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Sometimes things get stressful (because it’s certainly not easy to try and learn all these instruments and budget time to practice) but like, the day I had today kinda just makes it all pay off…like, a day where you play in your ensembles or you practice your new instruments and you sound like shit but that’s okay because you’re learning, or you feel your muscles get more developed from playing, or you’re finally able to play a certain note on an instrument…there’s just so many great things about it and if anyone ever finds me considering dropping out of music school, tell me not to, because I’ll regret it.  

I swear, this is the most amazing thing I’m doing with my life, and even when college is over, I’m going to move on to do more great things, and for once in my life, I’m excited to grow up.