Crash! 01

   a. To break violently or noisily; smash.
   b. To undergo sudden damage or destruction on impact.
   2. To undergo a period of unpleasant feeling or depression as an aftereffect of drug-taking.

"The car is fucked up beyond repair you asshole! Do you have any idea how much that cost?" Her voice was coming out in a screech as she watched smoke come out of the engine. The vehicle was a mess. Its bright red color had broken into numerous places, metal twisted and being moulded into something entirely different, crafting a new geometry of a unique sort which had a hauntingly hypnotizing feel about it. Gone was the smooth and immaculate structure and its place was taken by something hideous yet oddly compelling at the same time. The pole which the vehicle had struck had bent with the enthusiasm of a homosexual man getting fucked in his ass. "Certainly not more than the amount a fangirl like you might be interested in paying just to have anal sex with me?" Chris joked back with a snicker.

"You are impossible!" She spat out. "This was my favorite car. I should not have let you drive that dammit!"

Everything was such a daze. They were at Club Xerox. They were on street now. Did they just teleport or something? How did this happen? His hand plays with things in his pocket. Pills.

Drugs consumed with Maggie in span of last twenty four hours: Fourteen joints of marijuana procured from Himalayas, four pills of ecstasy, three lines of cocainee, three bottles of Jack Daniels, seven Heinekens.

The realization makes Chris chuckle to himself as he plays with the half burnt joint in his mouth and lights it up. Watching the white wither away smoothly and then the greens. He took a large drag in and shoved the joint in Maggie’s mouth. “You need to chill baby. No need to press the damn panic button. I told you I am not a good driver and your high seems to be coming off so just suck on it like the way you would enjoy sucking on my cock and enjoy the experience.”

But Maggie wasn’t keen on that, she threw the joint down and walked out. Chris followed her as they examined the damage. His eyes moved over it, then he removed sunglasses and repeated the act before doing it again by putting them on for a third time. Jesus, was he in a timewarp? The car sure was a mess though. They had hit the pole pretty darn hard. But now it needed fixing if they were to move and if he wanted Maggie to stop reminding him how he had ruined it until the time democracy came to China.

"We’re fucking stranded here Chris and I don’t know what the fuck am I gonna do. I want to be home as soon as possible and you and your antics are making me late. My favorite ride’s broken and Chris Cassady, if you don’t give me a solution in next thirty seconds, I swear to god I am going to smash your jaw into two!" Maggie literally snarled out like a wild cat. How much Chris loved her in that moment. To see her unleash the animal lying dormant inside.

But thirty seconds? Ouch, that was difficult man. Even Jack Kirby would’ve struggled to find solutions in such short span. Captain Kirk would have collapsed in frustration, James Bond would have given up his manhood…the list went on and so had gone his eighteen seconds. Chris flashed one of his (in)famous bad boy grins. “Listen.” Twenty eight seconds. “There’s a garage nearby. Where we can get this fixed for the time being and then get it sorted out properly tomorrow? Honestly Maggie, thats the best thing to do right now.”

She eyes him, hatred in her eyes to such an extent that they both know they want to hate-fuck each other until the end of time. “Honesty and you don’t belong in the same sentence Chris. But fine, I have rolled with your chaos till now, can’t get worse than that now, can it? Also, hand me another joint.” Well, she says so but just raids his pockets and pulls out one, lighting it up and begins to sucking on it hungrily as the duo gets in the car. The engine chugs and makes gurgling noises before finally starting for the time being. The ride was bumpy and the car struggled but they finally reached a derelict looking structure with the words ‘Garage’ glittering in a broken neon sign.