Tribeca Exclusive Interview: 'Bending Steel's' Dave Carroll Talks About His Debut

Making both his Tribeca and feature filmmaking debut director Dave Carroll explores, for the most part, uncharted territory with his documentary Bending Steel.  A talent known for its odd ball nature and hard exterior, Carroll showcases the modern day strongman in Queens native Chris “The Wonder” Shoeck within the sport’s origin backdrop of Coney Island.

Bending Steel at first strikes the unassuming viewer with a daily routine for Shoeck, that routine is soon revealed to be significant the further Carroll familiarizes himself with the world of strongmen. His lens focuses on the original history of men practically moving mountains in performances on the boardwalk of Coney Island, as Shoeck reminisces learning about his strongmen idols as a boy. The stereotype which pairs the profession in the same group as bearded ladies and other subversive “freaks” slowly unfurls to reveal an impactful truth about a community of men that long for a human connection, and to overcome their own mental limitations. (Read more @ The Inquisitr)