Imagine the boys on a Ferris Wheel though.

Buck and JD in one seat and making it rock really badly because they’re trying to see who’ll be sick first and both getting green and just desperately hanging on for the last few minutes and needing to be helped out because they’re both about ready to puke.

Nathan and Josiah sitting quietly enjoying the view and chatting and snacking on popcorn and generally being pretty damn civilized compared to the Terrible Twins.

Chris spending half the time with Vin threatening him to keep him from leaning so far out because Chris is not thrilled with this at all and doesn’t want to throw up on Vin again because God knows they’ve thrown up on each other for a lifetime. Vin with a huge shit-eating grin on his face as he leans out again to get it to rock and so he can feel the breeze and get a better view as Chris groans and mutters about not wanting to scrape his sharpshooter’s carcass off the pavement.

Or Chris refuses to get in a seat with Vin because he’s done this before and has no desire to repeat it so Ezra and Vin share and they act like complete children pelting JD and Buck with popcorn and Ezra reprimanding Vin for whatever he’s done to his suit and Vin snarking back about Ezra really not being dressed for a fair and Chris above them rolling his eyes and sitting back and enjoying the view and the sound of the others having fun. (Buck pukes a few seconds later and there are screams and Chris just sighs. It is not his problem until the ride stops.)