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“​Send Me the JPEG
 Cathy Begien, Janet Biggs, Jimbo Blachly, Jennifer Dalton,
 Rory Donaldson, Chris Dorland, Yevgeniy Fiks, Joy Garnett,
 Ulrich Gebert, Shane Hope, Gulnara Kasmalieva & Muratbek Djumaliev,
 The Chadwicks, Leslie Thornton and Andy Yoder

Winkleman Gallery, 621 W27 St., NYC

"In a recent survey by art industry analysts ArtTactic (conducted for art insurers Hiscox), 64% of contemporary art collectors reported having made the decision to purchase an artwork from digital images before actually seeing the artwork in person… “Send Me the JPEG” will showcase works from gallery artists, however no actual works of art will be on view. Rather digital images of the works will be displayed on large flat-screen monitors. The original artworks in the exhibition run the gamut, from room-sized installations to performance-based interventions, from paintings to prints, from sculpture to photographs. Everything except video, which ironically most online channels are still struggling with… In short, “Send Me the JPEG” seeks to question what is gained and what is lost in this new era of collecting… "  - thru Aug 2


More images from the #WhitneyStudioParty GREY AREA Instagram Project from Storm Tharp, Margaret Evangeline, and Chris Dorland. Can you guess who took which image? 

Attend the Studio Party October 30 to purchase unique prints of artist Instagram photos, all to benefit the Whitney. Follow the Instagram account @WhitneyStudioParty to see images as we upload them. 

Permanent Vacation

Location: Winkleman Gallery - 621 West 27th Street, NYC

September 7th, 2012 until October 20th, 2012

Chris Dorland (b. 1978 Montreal, Canada) lives and works in New York City. Dorland’s hallucinatory and entropic paintings create a layered and networked world of images and signs using stock photography, corporate logos and architectural imagery. His dark humored paintings and videos explore themes of public architecture, cyber culture, advertising and decay, commenting on the increasing abstraction of everyday life in our post-internet world.


The 24/7 Projection: Chris Dorland's Video Debut

(Still from Chris Dorland’s Restoration Hardware)

Artist Chris Dorland is a self-proclaimed image scavenger. If you’re familiar with his work, you’ll know what he means. Dorland creates amazing works framing found images in a new context. While to this point he’s mostly worked as a painter, we are thrilled to host his first ever video piece Restoration Hardware in collaboration with Art Production Fund in The 24/7 Projection at The Standard, Downtown LA and The Standard, Hollywood.

Dorland took a few moments to answer our questions and give us some insight into his process.

The Standard: Up to this point you have mainly been a painter – what made you want to transition to video work?
Chris Dorland: It’s think it’s important to be clear that I am not transitioning away from painting to video but rather I’m just adding a new component to my work. Movies and commercials have been fundamental to my understanding of the world and the development of my subjectivity. Long before paintings ever were. This was just the most obvious way of highlighting that relationship.

Commercial imagery in Restoration Hardware.

What inspired Restoration Hardware in particular to be your first foray into video? And why the name Restoration Hardware?
I had been watching a lot of videos on You Tube. Old advertisements and corporate videos. I’d been saving my favorite videos for a while. I’m very interested in how the idea of Progress gets aestheticised and then ultimately instrumentalized by capitalism. In one way or the other all my work is about the relationship between idea of the future and the construction of consumption and desire. The video is named after the home furnishings store of the same name. It’s such an odd name. It’s sounds like a thrift shop where you would buy used computer parts or cybernetic limbs. Not brand new couches and rugs. 

Restoration Hardware utilizes a lot of found footage/image collage, which is a theme throughout your previous work as well. What is behind this and how do you think it contributes to the overall feel and message of your work?
At base I’m an image scavenger. I find things that already exist and I retrofit them so they have new meaning. It’s a kind of bricolage. Hands on appropriation. Restoration Hardware is a rehabilitation project. 

What was the process like behind the making of this piece and how was it different from your typical process?
It was surprisingly not different at all. It was thoroughly fun. My girlfriend Erin gave me a quick tutorial on Final Cut Pro and that was it. I spent the next 2 weeks developing it. It felt very natural. The only aspect that was new to me was collaborating on the soundtrack. One of my oldest and closest friends Leon Louder scored the piece. He is an amazing audio engineer and I’ve wanted to work with him for a long time. But that was also really easy. We’ve been friends for so long that we have a kind of short hand. We both really enjoyed working together and I’m sure there will be more projects in the future.

What’s next for you?
I just finished my second video SOLEIL SOLEIL (a collaboration with my friend Alexander Carver) which I’m very pleased with. Otherwise I’m spending the summer in the studio painting. Along with a much needed vacation to the Boundary waters.


fragment, page 15/16, from J.CREW CATALOG WITH PAGE 15/16 MISSING and from 4 KEPT FRAGMENTS AND A MEMO; SUN 11:55:05am 03APR2011; rubber, tape, cardboard, foam rubber, paper, ink, plastic, styrofoam, ceramic; 4 fragments of artworks (that were traded for 3 artworks) and a custom-made box - the 4 fragments are from 2 OF 3 FOAM PIECES FROM A GIFT PACK OF PEARS (BOX #1), BROKEN YELLOW PLATE WITH FRAGMENT MISSING (BOX #14), I ORDERED A BEAN & CHEESE BURRITO…WITH PLATE TAPE INK FORK FRAGMENTS MISSING (BOX #19), J.CREW CATALOG WITH PAGE 15/16 MISSING (BOX #55); 5 x 6 1/8 x 2 5/8 inches (closed), size varies (open)

in BOX #7

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Inaugural opening for RePopRoom in Chelsea

The crowd at the opening of  RePopRoom

Skateboards by Make/Make at RePopRoom

Last Thursday RePopRoom opened their new space collaborating with MAKE / MAKE Skateboards. MAKE x RePopRoom is an exhibition featuring limited edition and one-of-a-kind artist designed skateboards, outsider and contemporary art, vintage pieces, hand crafted bicycles and furniture, and apparel.

MAKE x RePopRoom is featuring a Damien Hirst print provided by Malcolm Hearn who earned the mystery piece after traveling the world, visiting eleven galleries showing Hirst’s Complete Spot Paintings exhibit.

Inaugural openig for RePopRoom in Chelsea

Guests checking out the dope boards by Make/ Make

RePopRoom, a design house bridging the gap between retail + pop-up shop + showroom, was founded by Megan Mallow and Suzanne Kennedy to offer a fresh alternative to lengthy retail leases, expensive pop-up shops, and isolating showrooms. At its core, RePopRoom is a curated, membership-based community for creative companies and individuals.

Skateboard by Make/ Make at RePopRoom

Skateboard by Make/Make at RePopRoom

More skateboards at the opening

MAKE/Make Skateboards is a Brooklyn based company, founded by Scott Ogden, specializing in limited edition artist-designed skateboards, original works of art by self-taught and contemporary artists, and apparel. In addition to their own line of products, MAKE collaborates with high-end design teams and retail companies to spotlight new talent and create limited run products. For this Make outing, they are creating a showroom and exhibition at RePopRoom to celebrate the launch of our new website and e-shop and gallery.

Show Includes:

Michael AndersonHawkins BoldenSlater BradleyLarry ClarkChris DorlandAmy GranatDebra HamptonDamien HirstMarina KapposHorse CyclesJacob KassayReverend George KornegayLAND GalleryCameron MartinScott OgdenErik ParkerParts and Labor WorkshopProphet Royal RobertsonTom SanfordEduardo Sarabia, Peter SaulKenny ScharfAdolf Wölfli

For more information or visuals, please contact:

MAKE Exhibition x RePopRoom Launch in Chelsea

Organized by Suzanne Kennedy, Megan Mallow, and Scott Ogden

Show Runs October 10 – 24, 2013

RePopRoom: 527 West 29th Street, 3rd Floor, NY, NY 10001

Photography by: Olya Turcihin

Guests chatting at the opening

Guest at the opening for RePopRoom in Chelsea

Red is in the air at the opening of RePopRoom in Chelsea

Inaugural opening for RePopRoom in Chelsea

Taking a breather form the opening

The crowd at the opening