Chapter 5: The Weak Sheep and the Strong Lion


I lay there limp. My body hunched over as I watched her tears tickle her cheeks. Resting my head in my hands, I let out a sigh.

It was a shame that good fortune never seemed to covet the good. Merina sprawled out on the cold ground, cried with her face in her hands. Not tears of sadness, but tears of salted hate. I stood up to rest a hand on her shoulder only to receive little response. Her inevitable beauty that lingered in her soul was becoming tainted with sadness.

Her lovely smile that fought through every drop of pain was fading into a permanent frown.

“Merina, it’s been such an honor to know you.”

No response, just small cries that would soon subside. At least I hoped that they would.

“Merina, please look at me.” I begged of her.

She shook her head while still buried in her arms. I pulled her shoulders to lift her head up.

It was a shame, a deadly disgrace that a woman so beautiful and loving crafted a face so sad. I mourned for her, although the terrible part had not yet been awakened, I felt for the future.

“You must not cry.” I rubbed the side of her cheek.

“Why should I not?” Her voice bellowed with shakiness wrapped around her words.

“The gods love to see humans vulnerable. They feed off of our miss fortune and grief.”

It was true, the gods were not usually a force on mans side. To be true, they only helped when it would benefit their own.

“My only form of light other than my children has been robbed from me!”

“Merina, my dear… It is easy to lose something, but you can lose the light within you. You must stop looking for light in other things. The light source lies within you.”

“You have to promise me something.” She said rising to feet.

I looked up at her towing over me. She held out her hands for me to hold them, I obliged. I stood facing her with her brown eyes looking intensely back at me.

“Promise me, you will not leave me in this sad forsaken place.”

I slowly took my hands from hers. I knew I couldn’t stay here with her. I wasn’t going to. Merina had been a great friend in the time I have accompanied her, but my life was far more important. I couldn’t bear the sight of evil that surrounded her and I. Just as she needed to find er light, I needed to find mine. Not with Hades, not with his sons, but with Aelos. He had been good to me, far more good than my two sons.

I saw the confused look that twisted her face. She looked at me with her mouth slightly open. The room became hushed in silence.

“Freya… Please.” She begged.

“I can’t. I’m sorry I will not.”

Tears began to form in he eyes once more. She could have the misfortune, but I would not allow my self to be accustomed to the ways of the gods no longer.

“Freya… How could you not-”

“Merina, it has been a pleasure in knowing you, but I will not continue to live like you!” I confessed hardly feeling discomfort in my words.

“Excuse me?”

“You allow Zeus to manipulate you, rape you, and tree you like dirt in the bottom of Poseidon’s ocean!”

“I have no choice! I have been traded for as a slave to him. My only future is aligned in his path!”

“You choose to be a slave! You choose to do as he says because you’re in love with him!”

“I am not in love with him!” She lied through her teeth as easily as snake.

“You are in love with a God that only thrusts pain upon you. You are weak. If I stay with you, I may find my self still in your shoes.”

“What makes you so sure?” She spat with tears still flowing from her eyes.

“I’m leaving with Aelos. Hera has given me something that will ensure my luck.”

The curtains flung open revealing Zeus with his thunderbolt hanging in his grip. The veins in his muscles popped out of his arms. He was surely going to obliterate everything in his way. His presence alone was as scary as Hades. His face hung low in anger with his eyes coated with madness.

“Leave us!” He roared.

I did so happily, I couldn’t bear to watch what he had planned for her. I loved Merina, I did, but I would not be around such ugly tyrants any longer. I was destined for the stars to align for me. I would be a human walking amongst human figures and not succumbed to hellish wanderers.

I walked out of the tent to meet with my beloved Aelos. We met behind the Arena stands, where no one lingered. He reeked of diet and blood. He was a warrior from Sparta, making him and his brother Kyros strong warriors that walked the land.

His blue eyes focused on me with vibrant lust. The tall man reached his hand over to lift my chin in hopes for a kiss.

His lips were soft and comforting. He didn’t force me like Hades did, only gentle tenderness felt between our touch.

“You are so beautiful.” He spoke in a hush tone.

“Thank you.” I blushed at his kind words.

“Have you seen my brother Kyros?”

The thought of Kyros had slipped away from my thoughts after my talk with Merina. Selfishly I didn’t want Aelos to know, I just wanted his attention to be turned to me. If he knew where Kyros was suffering, there would be no happy place for Aelos and I. I would be stuck her for another sunset.

“He’s with Merina. They’re leaving two moons from now.” I lied.

“Why two moons from now? Why not now, with us?”

“Kyros wanted to get protection and weapons from Athena, but he has yet to run tasks for her.”

Aelos was absent minded on his brother’s punishment. He was too busy fighting and entertaining the gods, he had no idea of his brother whereabouts. It was a shame of what survival tactics could do to your memory.

“Shall we leave and never return? You’re finished fighting for the day. The gods have granted you a break.”

He shook his head in approval.

“Don’t you want to bring your children? It would be a shame to have them suffer without your presence.”

“No, they have betrayed me.” I looked down at my sandals.

The look of despair formed in his face. There was a time I had nothing but love for my children. Now things were changing, I was changing. My love for them had been casted to the shadows. When they told their father about Aelos and I, I knew they were becoming mirrors of their father.

“What have they done?”

“They told Hades about us and the nights I have slept beside you.”

He shook his head at my words and took my hands.

“I will not let anyone hurt you. You and I will be happy.”

He held my waist pulling me in for a kiss.


Zeus stood tall before me with his body towering over me.

Fear rang heavy in my heart, the little happiness I had hoped to find had been crushed. He took my chin in his grip forcing me to look up at him. His dark brown eyes penetrated through my soul. Anger washed over his face leaving a deadly scowl. The feelings that I thought I had for him began to subside and every thing I thought I felt for him was wrong.

“You’ve betrayed me.” He spoke with vigorous force.

“I didn’t betray you.” I looked down at the ground. I didn’t want to look at his face. “If anything you have hurt me more than I have betrayed you.”

He grabbed my chin once more, this time harder. He gripped me almost crushing my jaw. Terror laced my heart and for a second my breaths became uneasy.

“Hurt? My love, I have not hurt you just yet.”

He raised his thunderbolt in the air. The electric light beamed form the bolt and nearly blinding me. He caressed my face with his powerful weapon. The heat from it warmed my skin. He clenched my chin higher up, so that I could set my eyes directly in his. He bit down on his lip as his chest heaved up and down.

He pressed lightly then forcefully into my cheek with the thunderbolt. The electricity from the bolt powered through my skin painfully.

“Ahhhh!” I screamed in agony. I tried to slap his hand away and free myself from his grip. There had been no use, I was nothing compared to him.


I cried not being able to breath. In a moments worth I could barely feel my heart beat, I felt as though I was dying, but my soul remained in tact. My body began to shake as blood trickled down my cheeks. The shocking feeling flowed through my bones numbing my face.

“I am your future. You will love me. And only me.” He spat as he ripped the bolt from my cheek.

I didn’t need to look; I knew he left a scare on my face. That was his intention, to scare me and leave me for no one except for himself.

He pushed my limp body down to the ground. I lay there while the cold dirt sent me comfort of coolness. I watched as he leaned down to hover himself over my body. I began to cry harder because I knew what was next. Mixed in with the painful scare and his sexual desires that were about to be thrust upon me, I felt the weak part of me that Freya had noted.

“Don’t fight me.”

I didn’t. I didn’t want to fight anymore, there was nothing left for me to fight for. No more happiness to believe in. No more dreams to have hope in and there were definitely no more prayers to send, for only he would be the one to hear them.

He pinned my arms to the ground and ripped a piece of fabric from my dress. He lightly dapped the scare he had left. Leaning down to place kisses on my neck he positioned himself at my opening. I took a deep breath and let him have his way with me.

He penetrated inside me roughly grabbing my hair. I looked into his brown eyes, for the first time I saw visions within them. I saw the great deal he had done.

Zeus tied Kyros up and hung him by the arms in chains. The twisted evil people gathered round in the arena to watch the show of bloodshed.

Kyros body was dirty from being dragged by horses across the land. The gods sat in rows looking on as guilty as the humans. Zeus carried a long whip with sheltered with electricity that carried a golden glow. Kyros, so weak couldn’t lift his head up to watch his fate.

The sun began to set and the arena turned an orang and red setting. The sun set behind the grassy hills began to look like fire as it hid itself from the punishing. It was almost as if the sun were the only one with a heart not to watch a hateful punishment.

Cracking the whip into the air Zeus lashed out his anger onto Kyros, breaking skin and splattering blood. Zeus face became battered with blood anger and satisfaction arose in his eyes with a fiery sensation. A warm smirk crept upon his lips.

The arena became silenced and the only sound was Kyros wailing in pain.

I snatched my gaze from his eyes; the vision I saw was far more torturing than Zeus invading my womanly essence.

“Ughh! I hate you! How could you?” I screamed letting tears fall from my eyes!

I began pounding my fists onto his back which did nothing but make him speed up his pace. I shut my eyes so I wouldn’t have to listen to his grunts and moans.

“You will watch him burn alive tomorrow.” He chuckled sending a rough kiss to my lips.

“Stop it!” I punched his back harder, but it was still no use.

He was pleasuring himself over the weak and I was no match for his strength.

“You will love me.” He moaned, pushing himself harder into me.

“Nooo.” I shook my head trying to ignore the pleasure.

“He will burn, and I’ll make you light the torch.” He threatened.

I cried harder. Beautiful innocent person was set to die because of me. All because I wanted to be happy when I should have just been grateful that I was even alive.

“Nooo. Please Zeus, don’t make me. Please!” I begged knowing that nothing would help; this was set.

“Than tell me you love me.” He hissed grabbing on to my waist he flipped my over on my stomach.

With my face buried into the ground he pounded himself harder into me. The pleasure mixed with pain consumed me sending me into overdrive. I couldn’t help myself form the feeling; it was too late.

“Tell me you love me!” He thrusted harder, pulling my hair back. His voice laced with anger roared through the tent. He desperately penetrated harded in hopes for me to tell him what he wanted.

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Mine >> killakingsfanfic hellonearthff & primaballerinaff

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Three months later

“Tyson don’t you dare forget my hot cheetos, marshmallows, box of Krispy Kremes and nuggets!”, Lani aggressively warned as I clenched my jaw tight and literally had to bite down on my tongue to refrain from saying something foul. “Call me one more time and Imma whoop yo ass Lani, dont fucken try me”, I grumbled as she let out a scoff before hanging up on me. Wanting nothing more to call her ass back and give her an ear full for hanging up, I decided to let that shit rock only because I had Isaiah in the car and I didnt want him to have to listen through our bickering.

“Why mommy so crazy?”, Zay asked from the back seat causing me to look back through the rearview mirror and laugh at how serious he was, “Cause yo mom aint have this dick in a minute. Done caught a attitude”, I muttered under my breath but by the way Zay was looking at me with a confused stare I knew he had heard. “Dont repeat that shit either, I’on have to hear her voice if she knows I said that shit in front of ya”, I sighed as he nodded his head while swinging his legs back and forth while playing with his toy dinosaurs.

Counting down from 10 in my head, I couldn’t help but chuckle as my phone began to ring as soon as I hit 0. Shaking my head, I hit the answer button and waited for her voice to come thru the loudspeaker of the car. “Ty?”, Lani’s soft voice questioned as I look into the rearview mirror only to find Isaiah giggling at his mothers craziness. “Yea baby?”, I muttered as she let out a sigh, “Are you going to be home soon?”, She asked as I mentally rolled my eyes at the obvious question I knew she would be asking.

“Im around the corner La. We’ll be there in a few minutes”, I mumbled as she let out a satisfied sigh. “Good cause I miss you”, She chuckled into the phone as I couldn’t help but feel a grin tug at the sides of my lips, “Oh and sorry for hanging up on you. You get on my nerves”, She huffed causing me to shake my head, “Yea well the feelings mutual and you pull that shit again and you gonna get a whooping of a lifetime”, I grumbled as she instantly sucked her teeth and once again hung up.

This time Isaiah and I ended up busting up in laughter at Nalani’s antics. It wasn’t something new though as she had gotten rapidly moody about a month after our wedding. I honestly didn’t mind though, I mean yea it got on my nerves but just like she found entertainment in my bipolar I found her mood swings entertaining as well. Not only that but shit was so sexy when she caught an attitude,  it gave me a reason to really put it down on her when we get in them sheets. 

Unfortunately though, sex had been non-existent these last 2 weeks, simply because Lani wasn’t comfortable anymore and I low key had a fear of going to hard or deep and hurting my lil’mama. So now we was not only dealing with mood swings but sexual frustration as well.  I could barely go without sex for more than two days, now Id have to have for over two months cause Lani wont be able to have sex for 6 weeks after she gives birth. Then again I always had her back entrance, right?

It only took us another few minutes before I pulled up to our mansion.  Hitting the button for the gates, I sat patiently as I watched the large steel gates roll open and allow access to our long drive way.  Driving up, I coulnt help but catch a glimpse at the house on the left side of us and let out a chuckle. When Adrian sets his mind to something he never falls short of his goals or plans, so you can imagine when he said he was gonna get a joint near us he made sure that it was no less than a few meters away.

Our house placement was literally Adrian’s, mine, random person, random person and then finally Jeremiahs. If that shit wasn’t enough, I woke up hella early one morning, went out back for my smoke only to find a team of construction people pulling down the fence that was separating mine and Ace’s houses. Just when I thought shit couldn’t get any worse, this nigga Ace was amongst them wearing a hard top hat and one of them fluro orange vests as he directed them. When he finally spotted me he had the nerve to start cheesing as he waved before going back to calling out orders, as if he didn’t just pull out my fence to connect our back yards. He was lucky it was early in the morning and I was too tired to cuss his dumb ass out.

Lani however had a different view on it and was even happier that her best friend was next door. You’d think these women would get sick of each other after hanging out every other day, but that wasnt the case. I for one wasnt too thrilled to always have these niggas around simply because I was the type of person who liked to lay out in bed all day while buried inside my woman. Unfortunately though, that doesn’t seem to stop our no boundary having friends as they will shamelessly walk in while we are fucking just so they can have a chat. The thought alone had me chuckling. 

Parking the range in front of the garage, I turned off the car, got out and went to the back seat to help my little man out. Zay was officially 4 years old, crazy to think that it has already been a whole year and a bit since we took him home for the first time. During his time with us, Zay and I formed a strong bond. He was not only my shadow but little man was my best friend and I couldn’t imagine life without him. I hard out loved spending time with him, we could lounge around all day watching cartoons, eating food and not saying a word and I swear I lived for those moments.

This year for his birthday we ended up taking a trip to disney land as per his request. None of us had ever been and it was only right to go as a family even though Lani was almost 8 months pregnant. Of course the crew came along, well minus Jasmine and J as their girls were still way too young. Isaiah had mad fun though, shit I wont lie, I too had hella fun and it mostly had to do with the fact that Isaiah was losing his mind with excitement. I lived for making him happy.

Setting him on his feet, he stood close to me as I grabbed all of Lani’s requests and locked up the car. Having no spare hands, Zay held onto the back of my shirt as we slowly made our way up the few stairs and into the mansion. Making our way straight out the back, I couldn’t help but shake my head as I spotted Lani chilling in the pool with Briana while Ace sat back on one of the lounge chairs smoking. Noticing that his mom was in the pool, Zay let go of me before running out and instantly began trying to pull off his shoes so he could join her.

“You’re back!, Nalani beamed as I rolled my eyes at the obvious and began placing all her food on top of the table that was close by. Needing nothing more than a smoke, I dapped Ace before wordlessly accepting the joint he passed my way. “Bruh if I had to sit here for anotha minute listenin to them talkin bout nothing but shit I was ready to off ma self, forreal forreal”, Ace grumbled with an annoyed expression etched across his face that had me chuckling. “I feel ya, you think that’s bad you should see when Lani in her moody moments”, I grumbled while shaking my head only to jump to my feet seconds later at the feel of water spraying us.

Ace and I we up standing, soaked in water as we both narrowed our eyes at a glaring Lani and Briana. “You testing ma patience”, I gritted out while pointing my finger at Lani to which she responded with sticking her middle finger up like the mature person she was. Shaking my head as I knew this would just continue as back and forth banter, I waved her off as Ace chuckled, “You know what we need?… We need a trip to the strip club. Shit has been long way over due”, Ace boosted before quickly silencing and ducking as a baby Jordan shoe went flying his way.

“Get yo woman cuh”, Ace laughed as he straighten back up and childishly smirked at Lani. “Im surrounded by children”, I muttered as I pulled out my phone, deciding to call J as I needed some sort of adult around because these niggas were just not cutting it.

“What up bruh, was just about to pull through”, J muttered into the phone as soon as he answered, “Word? Was telling you to come over and save a nigga. Court in a few?”, I mumbled as I inhaled the smoke before handing it back to Ace, “Save you from what bruh… and yea Ill be there in a few”, He chuckled while I gave Ace a head nod so he knew that we was down for a game. Without wasting a second, I watched as Adrian jogged across our yard and towards his back door so he could change, “Save me from these childish ass motha fuckas brah”, I muttered back to J who instantly started chuckling.

“Nigga what you need to do, is call yo self some builders and get em to re install a gate”, He continued to laugh as he thought it was hilarious that I was stuck with the Ace’s crazy ass next door. “Man I aint paying for nothing, I aint the one who had it teared down. Plus this nigga threatening to just pull it down every time I get it fixed”, I huffed out in annoyance which only sent him into more laughter, “Bruh you aint helping. Bring yo ass on”, I mumbled before hanging up without waiting for his response.

My attention turned back onto the pool where Isaiah was now splashing around with Briana while Lani sat on the step in the water, eating her food. Crazy that she was due to pop out a baby at any minute yet she still looked as flawless as ever. It was true when they say that when you’re in love you cant find any faults in your significant other. That was Lani to me, nothing but pure perfection and all this pregnancy did was add an extra glow to her beautiful self.

Shaking my head at all my fruity thoughts, I smirked at how whipped this woman had me before wordlessly heading inside. Knowing that the boys would be other within minutes, I jogged up the stairs, into my bedroom and headed straight to the walk in. LJ’s long body was stretched out across the couch as he licked away at his fur coat. “Lazy ass cat. Always lounging around and shit”, I muttered towards the cat like he could understand me and possibly reply back.

Heading straight to my side of the closet I slipped out of my wet sweats and shirt while silently cussing Lani out for drenching a nigga. Tossing the wet clothes to the side, I grabbed my Heat basketball shorts and slipped them on before tucking my feet into some J’s. Not bothering with a shirt as I knew I’d end up taking it back off, I grabbed my phone and heading back outside. 

Jogging down the steps, two at a time I headed out the door and wasnt surprised when I saw J outside greeting the girls. “Wassup bruh”, I grinned as I walked over and dapped him just as Adrian was coming out of his of back door and headed back over to our yard. “Nuthin man, just ready to relax with ma boys, shoots some hoops, shit maybe even light one up”, He shrugged as I nodded my head in agreement as I liked the sound of his plan. 

“Where’s Jasmine and the girls?”, Lani asked as she stepped out of the pool and wrapped a towel around her rounded body. “She at her moms today, that means a nigga gettin a rest from the sound of crying babies”, J mumbled as he eyed out Lani’s Krispy Kreme donuts. Everyone and they momma knew that J had some weird undying love for them donuts and the nigga made sure to at least have one once a week. Giggling as she noticed his stares, she picked up the box and silently offered him one, to which he accepted without hesitation.  “You ready to hoop?”, I grumbled as I felt my impatience pick up while Lani began offering everyone donuts and noticeably skipped me.

“You just aint gonna offer me one? After I went out and got em?”, I added as she slowly turned around and gave me a sly grin that had me narrowing my eyes at her. Picking up the last one, she didn’t remove her eyes from my own as she slowly began drawing it closer to her lips. In the blink of an eye, I launched at her and grabbed it causing her to let out a surprised squeal while I held up the now squished donut with a smirk. Instantly a frown formed on Lani’s face while everyone laughed at our banter, “You wasn’t gonna share huh?”, I asked with a raised eyebrow as her eyebrows drew together and she was soon glaring at me.

“You’re just gonna snatch a donut from you’re pregnant wife?”, She glared while I subconsciously started grinning at the mention of her being my wife. Lani knew it was a weakness of mine whenever she was referred to as my wife or I as her husband and she frequently used it to get what she wanted. “Ight come here”, I muttered as her lips tugged up into a smile and without hesitation came into my outstretched arms. Melting into my embrace, I enjoyed the first bit of contact from her since being home and didn’t waste any time wrapping my arms around her while being careful not to get the donut on her.

“You done being grumpy and moody?”, I mumbled against her neck to which she instantly nodded her head and let out a sigh. Pulling away slightly she looked up at me with a pout, “Im sorry, hopefully you wont have to deal with it much longer”, She giggled as we both looked down at her rounded belly knowing that her due date was literally days away. “Ight, in that case you can have your donut now”, I chuckled as she looked at it with disgust due to it being deflated and all mushy within my hands, “It looks nasty now”, She mumbled with a frown while I simply shrugged my shoulders. “Shit if you don’t want it, Ill have it”, Ace called out causing me to suck my teeth, Lani to smack her lips while the others laughed at his dumb ass.


It was drawing near 7pm and after helping feed Isaiah his dinner, I took him up to his bathroom and began giving him a bath. Usually Lani would be taking care of Zay’s baths simply because he obviously needed to bath in warm water and I hated warm and hot water with a passion. However, now that Lani is too big to bend down and assist him, I had to put my fears and hatred for it aside and learn to cope with at least putting my hands and arms in it.

I wont lie, shit was hard as hell at first simply because the heat and steam brought back unwanted memories but I gritted my teeth and withheld from freaking out as I didn’t want Zay to see that. Now after a few months of the same nightly routine I was able to give him a proper bath without wanting to punch my fist thru a wall. Zay sat in the bath with bubbles covering his hair and face as he played around with his dinosaur toys.

“Daddy you play with this one and I play with this one”, Isaiah instructed as I sat on the floor beside the tub and took a hold of the stegosaurus toy he handed me. “Why I gotta be this one tho? Lemme be T-rex”, I frowned as I tried to hand my toy back and grab the other one but he instantly started to shake his head causing the bubbles from on top of his head to go flying.

“No I Rex!”, He stated as I let out a low groan and accepted my fate of being the underdog. “Whatever but Im the Trex of the family”, I told him sternly as he began giggling as he leaned over the bathtub and with wet hands lifted up my wife beater. “You have T-rex here”, He pointed as his wet fingers traced over my Dinosaur tattoo on the side of my ribs, “See I told you I was T rex”, I chuckled as he held up his toy and matched it up to mine.

“I get one like this?”, Isaiah  asked as I looked down at him with a amused look while shaking my head, “Hell nah and don’t say that shit in front of yo mom either”, I chuckled as he pouted with a sigh before slumping back into the water and once again began playing with his toys. I usually just sat here and watched him come up with different scenarios for his toys. Its crazy how much thoughts from a innocent mind could calm my not so innocent one. That was what Isaiah had become to me, he was now my sense of innocence. 

It wasn’t until 20 minutes later when the water had turned cold that Isaiah had finally decided he was finished playing. Standing up, I heard a few of my bones crack and let out a low groan as I grabbed his towel.  “Ight come here little man”, I mumbled as I pulled the plug out and wrapped the towel around his small body. Instantly he wrapped his wet arms around my neck while I chuckled and tried to dry him as he hung to me like a monkey.

“Gonna get you dressed, we’ll go say goodnight to mommy and than you off to bed”, I mumbled as I dried his hair before proceeding to carry him into his basketball themed bedroom. Without having to be told twice, Zay sat perfectly still as I dressed him completely before carrying him over my shoulder as he left his room. “I watch Tv with you and mommy?”, He called out as I continued to carry him down the stairs and towards the lounge room where I knew Lani was laying down and watching tv. “Nah its already past your bedtime”, I grumbled instantly causing him to start beating at my back with his small fists. “Please daddy, please!”, Zay continued to beg while I just chose to ignore his little ass. 

Entering into the lounge room I halted in my spot as I raised an eyebrow and looked over at Lani with a confused expression.  She was sitting up, her legs spread apart, hands resting on her thighs as she repeatedly took deep breaths. Noticing our presence she looked up and gave us a forced smile while sending a weak wave, “Why you look constipated?”, I asked as she instantly smacked her lips while rolling her eyes. My own eyes feel down to the crotch area of her grey sweats and I was instantly mushing my eyebrows, “You couldn’t wait till ya get to the toilet to take a piss?”, I huffed as I sat Zay on his feet while he began giggle, “Mommy wet her pants”, He added as I couldn’t help but chuckle with amusement.

“If I wasn’t about to give birth right now, I would have got up and whooped you both”, She breathed out painfully as my chuckling halted and I stared back at her with wide eyes. “Baby coming?”, Zay squealed with excitement as he let go of my hand and run over to his mom while I stood stuck frozen in my spot. A hundred and one different things were currently running through my mind and for the first time in my life, I had absolutely no idea what to do. “Tyson! I need you to snap out of it and help me right now okay? No time for freaking out”, Lani coached as I slowly nodded my head and some how willed myself to start moving my legs towards her.

“Are you in pain?”, I frowned as I bent down in front of her and watched as she slowly nodded her head as she continued with her breathing exercise she had learnt in birthing class. “Shit what the fuck do I do, I aint prepared for this shit”, I freaked out as my eyes roamed all over her body as if the answer was somehow magically there. “Daddy said a bad word!”, Zay exclaimed with a giggle that was silenced as soon as he noticed me narrowing my eyes at him.

“Okay, hand me my phone so I can call Briana, while you go upstairs and get the Louis duffle bag that’s waiting beside the door. Also a new pair of sweats please”,  Lani breathed out as her hand rested over her belly and instantly she was hunched over as she let out a painful groan. Flinching at the sight, I handed her the phone before finding my footing and instantly began running up the stairs and towards our room. “Don’t freak out, don’t freak out, don’t freak out”, I coached out loud to myself.

My eyes landed on her pre packed duffle and after grabbing it and a pair of sweats I was once again running down the stairs and heading to the kitchen. Having no idea what the fuck I was doing, I flung the freezer door opened and pulled out a few ice packs and headed back into the lounge room.

Lani was now resting back as her head was tilted to the roof while she continued to do her breathing exercises. Isaiah was sitting next to her as he softly patted her arm while doing a better job at comforting her than me. Dropping the duffle on the floor, I started placing the ice packs on her belly causing her head to snap over at me with an amused look. “What are you doing?”, She asked with a raised eyebrow while, I went back over and grabbed her sweats.

“I’on? Numbing the pain?”, I shrugged causing her to tilt her head back as she began laughing and removing the three ice packs from her belly. “Oh sweetheart, you have no idea do you?”, She laughed before holding her stomach as she groaned, “Quit making me laugh”, She painfully chuckled as I went over and began helping her pull off her wet sweats. “I aint makin you do shit, I thought it would help”, I mumbled truthfully as she shook her head while grinning. As soon as I had successfully helped her change, Briana and Adrian busted through the back door and ran through the house like they lost their damn mind.

“You couldn’t wait another 20 minutes for a nigga to at least finish his dinner?”, Ace huffed with a mouth full as he jogged into the lounge room while still carrying a plate of food.  Once again Lani was painfully laughing while Briana slapped the back of his head before rushing over to her side to help her, “Why is there ice here?”, B asked with a raised eyebrow only making Lani laugh even harder while I sucked my teeth. “He thought it would numb my pain”, She giggled while Ace looked over at me with a goofy grin that had me wanting to slap it off.

“Ight, ight we get it. Can we please get her to the hospital before she has this baby here and fucks up my couch even more?”, I asked as I eyed out my one seater massage lounge chair that was forbidden from everyone although Lani seemed to ignore that rule. “Help me up you big fool”, Lani chuckled as she held out her arms from me to grab. With the support of Briana and I, we successfully got Lani standing and after a extremely slow ass walk to the car we were finally ready to go. Briana and Zay sat in the back, both helping and coaching Lani, Ace sat beside me still eating his dinner while I cautiously drove to the hospital.

“Daddy how does baby come out?”, Isaiah suddenly called out from the passenger seat causing me to tense up as Lani and Briana tried to hide their laughter. “From yo moms vagina”, Ace nonchalantly replied within seconds before shoveling another spoon full of chicken into his mouth. “Whats agina?”, Zay cluelessly enquired this time causing a groan to escape my lips while Lani once again held her stomach as she painfully laughed. “Something yo aint gotta worry about until yo balls drop”, I explained which only earned me a slap at the back of the head, courtesy of my wife.

“I dont want my balls to drop”, Isaiah sniffled with a frown this time having all of us erupt in laughter at my poor son’s innocence. 


I had been in labor for the past five hours now and not even 10 minutes ago the nurse had come in, stated I was dilated enough and ready to give birth.  I was a big ball of happiness, nervousness and excitement while Tyson looked like we were just about ready to pass out. Now lying back, my legs propped up and open I couldn’t help but laugh at Ty who was pacing up and down beside me.

My doctor slipped her plastic white gloves on and with a grin she took her stance in between my legs while I took a deep breath. I was no longer worried about the giving birth part, it was more so I was so anxious and nervous to finally meet my baby girl. Thanks to the epidural I could no longer feel any pain towards my lower half and the only thing I could feel was a bit of pressure. I told Ty and my Doctor from the jump that if I was going to be giving birth it would have to be while I numb because there was no way I was going to willingly feel my vagina stretch.

“Okay sweetheart are you ready? I need you try and relax, so no tensing up or clenching. You’re going to take a deep breath and on the count of 3 I need you to give me a big push”, The doctor instructed as I instantly nodded my head and held out my hand, “Tyson, hold my hand baby”, I asked as he visibly looked a few shades paler and was now breathing harshly.”I feel sick”, He muttered to himself while I bit down on my lip. Taking his hand into my own, I gave him a small smile which he tried to return, before we both turned our attention back onto the doctor.

“Okay lets get her out 1 , 2, 3 , PUSHHH”, The doctor instructed as I grabbed Tysons had tighter and pushed with all my might. Slumping my head back, as I tried to catch my breath I was torn between crying and laughing thanks to Tyson who looked so lost, it was hilarious. “Good girl, Lani! I need you to keep that up, lets give me another one”, The doctor once again ordered. Taking a deep breath, I waited for her to count to three before I once again squeezed and let out a yell as I pushed again.

“I can see a head!”, The Dr yelled out as I left my tears fall down my cheeks, “Go look”, I whispered to Tyson who looked at me with panic before letting go of my hand and slowly walked towards my opened legs. My eyes stayed glued to him as my chested heaved up and down thanks to my exhaustion. Tyson squinted his eyes as he finally got to the bottom of the bed, before looking down with wide terrified eyes. Soon his shock turned into a hoffied frown as he instantly jumped back while shaking his head.

“OH HELL FUCKEN NAH! NA UH LANI, IM OUT”, Tyson yelled out as he slapped his hand over his eyes and began backing away towards the door, “TYSON!”, I yelled through my laughter as he continued to mumbled a bunch of incoherent words while feeling around for the door handle. “Man thats some alien shit, I swear to god”, He continued to mumbled out in horror with his eyes still closed.

“Now is not the time bring yo ass back here”, I ordered with a grin as he removed his hand from his eyes and looked torn between running out the room and coming to hold my hand, “Lemme get Briana in here or something. You got a motherfuckin head coming out yo cooch La!”, He exclaimed as the Doctor, nurses and I couldn’t help but laugh at how serious he was. 

“We have to push again. Come on Tyson dear, go help your wife”, The doctor chuckled as I held out my hand while he hesitantly came over and gave me his hand. “I feel so sick”,  He mumbled lowly, which I pouted at because he did indeed look like we was going to throw up, “Maybe that wasn’t a good idea to look, sorry”, I whispered with amusement as he narrowed his eyes at me before we both turning our attention to the doctor.

Again she counted to three and I once again pushed with everything in me, feeling the pressure building up with each second, “Okay almost got the head out. Your babygirl is almost here hunny. Tyson you want to see?”, The doctor playfully asked while Tyson instantly shook his head rapidly, “Hell nah, Imma pass out if I see that again”, He mumbled before grabbing my cold, face towel and using it to dap his own forehead.

Biting my lip with amusement, I quickly laid my head back as I was feeling exhausted by the minute. Though my little rest was ended within seconds as the doctor was once again instruction me for another push, “I know you’re tired Lani, but we just a few more pushes”, She informed as I weakly nodded my head and willed up the strength to push her out. “You got this baby”, Tyson finally mumbled his first words of encouragement that caused me to smugly grin and also give me the motivation I needed. “Better late than never”, Tyson shrugged knowing exactly what I was thinking.

I took another ten minutes before the sweet sound of our daughters cry fill the room. Completely exhausted and worn out, I rested back in the bed and closed my eyes while Tyson repeated kissed the top of my head, “You did good baby”, He mumbled against my hair as I gave him a weak smile in appreciation. “Does daddy want to cut the cord?”, The doctor called out causing me to instantly grin with my eyes closed as I knew without looking the expression that Tyson was now wearing.

“Is it hanging out her….you know… her woman area?”, He muttered awkwardly as I opened one eye only to see him uncomfortably rubbing the back of his neck. It honestly blows my mind how my crazy man can barely handle the beauty of giving birth, yet he could willingly cut up and torture human beings so effortlessly. 

“Ty stop being a wimp. Where is my big bad Tyson?”, I giggled with amusement as he looked down at me with a raised eyebrow, not liking that I was questioning his manhood, “Go get our daughter, baby”, I said softly as I gave his hand a small squeeze and watched as he brought it up to his lips and kiss it.

My gaze didn’t falter on his face as he slowly made his way to the bottom of the bed, instantly I could see his eyes widen but it wasn’t the freaked out expression as before, instead it was a different look, “Shes so small”, I heard him mumble lowly as tears filled my eyes, “Here you go, just cut here”, The doctor instructed though Tyson was too busy in a trance as he stared down at our daughter.

Finally snapping out of it, his eyebrows furrowed together in concentration as he cut the cord. Before he could get another look at Taliyah she was wrapped in a white towel and taken to the side to get cleaned up which caused Tyson to frown. “Come here sweetheart, they are just weighing and wiping her down”, I smiled weakly as he kept his eyes over to where they had taken her while he blindly walked back over to me.

“Shes so small”, He mumbled again as he dropped his face beside mine and rested his cheek on my own. “Who does she look like baby?”, I tiredly whispered as I brought my hand up and ran it through his short curls that were growing out. “I split imagine of you, just what I prayed for”, He mumbled as a tear rolled down my face at the sound of all the emotions in his voice.

“Mommy and Daddy ready to hold the baby?”, The Doctor spoke up causing Ty to lift his head while I looked over to the small bundle that was now wrapped up in a light pink blanket. Without another word, one of the nurses slowly brought her over and carefully placed her in my cradled arms. Tyson was right, she was so tiny and fragile and I just wanted to cuddle her in my arms forever so I could always protect her. My gaze roamed every inch of her and I couldnt help but smile at the fact that Tyson was right, she did look like me though I could definitely see him in her features too.

From her small slanted brown eyes, her fathers skin tone, my rounded face, button nose and a small mop of black hair that decorated her tiny head. Her eyelashes where thick and dark and her small pouty lips were a mix of my own and Tysons. Apart from Isaiah I had never seen such innocent perfection and the fact that she was mine and Tysons had me feeling like I was in a dream.

Soon tears were cascading down my cheeks and I could literally feel my chest begin to hurt as my heart was beating so fast due to all the happiness and love I was feeling. “Hi beautiful girl”, I whispered as Taliyah little eyes fluttered open and close tiredly, “Shes so perfect, Ty”, I whispered as I looked up at him only to find him staring down at our daughter in awe. He looked so captivated and when he finally managed to tear his gaze away from her he looked at me with so much love and adoration, “I love her La”, He mumbled in a strained voice that had me smiling as more tears fell from my eyes, “And I love you so much, thank you for yet another gift”, He muttered just as his lips found my own.

Pulling away we looked back down at her like she was the most prized possession in the entire world. “Ty, here hold her baby”, I whispered as I looked up at him only for him to tense as he looked back down at me with panic. Backing away as he shook his head, I smiled softly as I looked back down at Taliyah, “You want daddy to hold you, dont you princess?”, I smiled as her eyes just so happened to open and close. “Look baby shes looking for you”, I giggled as he hesitantly took a step closer so he could see her. 

“I’on want to hurt her though”, He mumbled as I looked up at him with a soft smile, knowing that he meant not only hurt her my carrying her but also in the future. “You have nothing to worry about baby. She will always be safe in your arms…just like I am”, I added as his gaze moved from her and over to me. Finally a small smile slowly started to form on his lips and he cautiously sat beside me on the bed. Unable to use my lower half, one of the nurses came around and picked Taliyah up before walking around to place her in Tysons arms.

“Just like that baby”, I instructed as I helped him form his arms in a cradle position that allowed the nurse to carefully place her in his arms. “We will give you guys a few minutes”, The doctor smiled before her and the nurses exited the room while Tyson stiffly held onto a daughter. His eyes didnt leave her small body and as soon as I rested my hand on his arm, all tension seeped out of his body and he was once again relaxed.

“We have a daughter”, He mumbled with disbelief as I closed my eyes and with a smile enjoyed the presence of the new addition into the family.

@nalaniBROWN: Taliyah Sina Brown. Welcome to the world princess <3


The following day, I was awoken extra early as it was time to breastfeed my baby girl this morning. Tyson was laid out sleeping on the hospital bed beside me and I tried to quietly sit up without disturbing him as I knew he was exhausted from last night. The young nurse came in with Taliyah and I once again felt my cheeks begin to hurt due to wide grinning I was doing at the sight of her. 

After giving birth last night, the nurses went ahead and gave her a bath before transferring us to a private room where Briana, Ace, Zay, Jas and J were waiting for us. Just like his father, Isaiah to was in awe of his new little sister and he insisted on holding her the entire time. However due to the fact that it was in the early AM, everyone was in need of some sleep and after throwing a mini tantrum Zay finally gave in and reluctantly went home with B and Ace.

Tyson on the other hand hadn’t spoken much after I had given birth and instead spent the entire time with his eyes fixated on his daughter. It was obvious that he was still in semi shock and denial that he actually had a daughter and I knew it would take a little time for him to get use to. But I did occasionally find him grinning down at her whenever he thought no one was looking. I knew he hated to admit it, but he was turning into a big softy.  

“Did you rest well Mrs Brown?”, The nurse politely asked as I removed the straps of my bra and cami off so I could start feeding Taliyah. “Lani is fine and yes thank. Despite this giant of a man beside me, I actually slept pretty well”, I chuckled causing the nurse to softly laugh as she carefully picked up my daughter. “Will you be alright by yourself or would you like me stay and assist you?”, She enquired as she handed me a small towel to wipe Taliyahs mouth with. “Ill be fine thank you, Ill buzz if I need anything”, I whispered as my attention was now on my beautiful baby girl who was looking up at me with her small-slanted eyes.

Without another word, I heard the door being closed indicated I was now alone and ready to breastfeed her for the first time without any help. Watching her stir in my arms a little, I satisfied her hunger by cradling her in my arms before carefully guiding her mouth onto my left nipple. It took a few tries and a few painful nips later, but she finally got a stern hold on it and she was soon sucking her life away as I relaxed back against the upright pillows. “Mommies little angel. You are going to be so spoiled”, I whispered with a smile as my eyes took in every little inch of her perfect features.

“If she ends up spoilt like you, Imma be in trouble”, Tysons husky voice muttered behind me causing my smile to become even wider as I looked over my left shoulder and down at him. “Good morning handsome”, I cheesed as he let out a loud yawn before rubbing both his eyes with his balled up fists. “Morning”, He mumbled, voice thick with sleep which only made him sound ten times more sexier than he already did.

“Lil’Mama eating?”, He muffled thru another yawn as he slowly sat up and rested his chin on my shoulder so he could look down at our princess. “Yep, sucking like her life depended on it”, I giggled as I could feel Tysons own grin against my skin, “She got that from me”, He smirked with pride causing me to playfully roll my eyes as he kissed the side of my neck and began getting out of bed.

Noticing my curious eyes, he readjusted his manhood before slipping into his nike slip on’s, “Gotta take a piss”, He explained as I smacked my lips, “Charming as always”, I chuckled as he looked over his shoulder, “Aint that why you married me?”, He winked before disappearing into the bathroom as I lightly laughed and tried not to make too much movement so I didnt disturb Taliyah.

“Your daddy is so silly”, I giggled down at Tali who now had her small hand resting on my breast as she continued to suck away. The entire experience was so amazing to me and since Isaiah was a premi and was taken away from me so soon I unfortunately didn’t get this experience with him. It low key hurt that I never got to go through all this with Isaiah and thats why I promised myself to enjoy every little detail with my second child.

Pulling her away a little, I switch her onto my right breast just like the midwives had told me too and once again she was feeding without any trouble. A few minutes later the shower in the bathroom cut on indicating Tyson was showering and by the time he had finished, Tali was pulling away. “You all full huh?”, I cooed as I slipped my arm back into my cami and lifted her up so I could burp her.

“You wanna do it?”, I asked Ty as he came back into the room wearing black sweats, white wife beater and a black skully, “She gonna throw up on a niggah?”, He asked as he walked around the bed and sat down on the chair that was beside the bed on my side. “Possibly”, I giggled as he looked up at me with a ghost of a smile before opening his arms up without hesitation.

Grinning, I shifted myself closer to him and very carefully place his daughter in his tattooed arms. Tysons eyes stayed glued on his daughter and after I placed a small towel on his shoulder, I helped him hold her up right and softly pat her back. Since last night Tyson probably held Taliyah for only 10 minutes, simply because not only did everyone want turns but also because it was late at night and she needed to sleep. Now watching on, I couldn’t help but beam with so much happiness at the sight of her tiny body being cradled in his big arms.

“Shes so small, I feel like Imma crush her or something”, He chuckled nervously as I felt my cheeks starting to arch due to how hard I was smiling.  “Youre doing perfectly fine baby”, I whispered as I grabbed my phone from under my pillow and quickly brought the camera up. Snapping away and taking as many photos as possible, Tali finally let out a small burp and I helped Tyson re cradle her in his arms. “See that wasnt so hard now was it?”, I smirked as he playfully sucked his teeth although the cheesy grin not once left his face.

“Next we gonna have to teach you how to change her”, I giggled as he instantly started shaking his head. “Hell nah thats all on you, Ill take care of Zay in that department”, He chuckled as I playfully frowned, “But his potty trained?!”, I laughed as he sent me a wink, “Exactly”. We settled back into a comfortable silence and I stayed laid back watching Tyson and Taliyah silently interact. It warmed my heart to see him so taken by her because I did low key think that there was a possibility that he might be extremely distant towards her. It was literally one of my fears but Im so thankfully that, thats not the case. 

“Im just going to have a quick shower”, I informed as I weakly sat back up in a sitting position while Tyson’s eyes shot up to mine with panic, “You gonna leave her here with me?”, He asked with nervousness laced in his voice that had me biting down on my lip with amusement. “You will be fine sweetheart, just cradle her the way you’re already doing and if she cries just rock her softly”, I assured him although he didn’t look too convinced, “Ill even leave the door slightly opened?”, I reasoned which happened to have him visibly un tensing and nodding his head before looking back down at our baby with a small grin.

Satisfied that he would be fine, I slowly slipped off the bed and cautiously wobbled to the bathroom, careful not to move to quickly due the stitches in between my legs. Once inside, I began to remove my clothing items only to freeze in my spot as the sound of Tyson speaking filled my ears. Quickly, I tip toed towards the opened door and hid behind it as I listened to what he was saying.

“You look just like yo mommy. Beautiful and innocent”, He mumbled as I placed my hand on my chest and felt myself pouting at his words, “Im Tyson. Your daddy, but I mean you can call me dad, daddy or even pops… or whatever you like”, He chuckled nervously as I instantly covered my mouth with my hand while smiling so hard. “You’re so tiny. I swear Imma always protect you, okay lil’mama? You aint got nothing to worry about. I got you always”, He muttered as happy tears filled my eyes, which resulted in me leaning my head against the door as I closed my eyes.

The room soon filled with silence after that and it wasn’t until I heard his voice again that I realized that I was still standing hidden behind the door naked, “La you can stop ears dropping now and get yo ass in the shower”, He called out causing me to start laughing at how well he knew me, “Think you slick”, He mumbled straight after as I continued to laugh all the way to the shower.


 Six weeks later.

Catching the incoming ball, I stood on the three point line and shot a perfect bucket that added to the finally score. “You a cheata brah”, Ace instantly fired off as I chuckled and dapped up Jeremiah who was on my team. It was a hot ass day in Miami and the boys and I decided to play a two on two game and of course J and I won against Ace and Brock. “You just mad that you stay losing”, J egged on causing a basketball to come flying our way at full force.

Thanks to my reflexes I caught the ball in one hand without struggle and proceeded to once again take a shot and watch as the ball smoothly fell into the hoop. “Cant help Im the greatest”, I boosted with a smirk causing all three of them to suck their teeth as they waved me off. Laughing at all their salty asses, I jogged over to the side line and picked up Zay who was playing his own game of BB with a mini setup.

“You see me beat them fools?”, I ask as I carried him over to the bench that was holding all our water bottles. “Yea daddy, they weak”, Zay beamed with pride causing me to chuckle as I kissed the top of his head and grabbed my bottle. Downing half of the contents I handed the rest to Zay who struggled to lift bottle up to take a drink. Chuckling at the sight, I helped him lift it up and after a drinking a decent amount we headed off back to the house with the boys.

“Man I can not wait until Basketball season starts back up. I miss being on the court”, I sighed out at the thought of waiting another 3 weeks before we played in our first game for the new season. “Who you telling man, I need to get ma masculinity back up. Ive already had enough with all these females in ma house”, Jeremiah grumbled although we all knew that this nigga would not trade his family for the all money in the world. “Nigga you lying. All three of em got you wrapped around their fingers and the twins aint even 6 months old yet”, Brock laughed as he and Ace dapped each other while J simply sucked his teeth and waved them off.

“Man I hope to god both of you niggas knock someone up”, I muttered, which caused both of them to halt their laughter as it was now J and my turn to laugh at these fools. “I aint never having kids”, Ace stated sternly as I shot him a raised eyebrow, knowing fully well that him and B was gonna pop one out sooner rather then later.

“10 g’s says B carrying this niggas seed in less than a year”, I called out instantly causing J and Brock to break out into smirks at the sound of our frequent game we played. “10g’s for 6 months”, Brock called out while Ace sucked his teeth. “Fuck it, 10g’s says 3 months”, J finally added as we all dapped each other to seal the bet while Ace just stood there annoyed as hell.

“Fuck we getting into tonight?”, Ace suddenly asked, obviously trying to change the subject. “Nothing nigga, Im busy”, I muttered as I sat Isaiah down on his feet and walked into the cool house that had the AC blasting. “You aint busy bruh, forreal what we doing?”, Ace once again asked I instantly sucked my teeth while shaking my head.

“Forreal what you getting into tonight?”, J asked as we all headed straight to the kitchen and started to going through the fridge, pulling out any and everything we could potentially eat without preparing. “Today marks six weeks since Lani gave birth”, I smirked which instantly had J and Brock chuckling while Ace just stood there confused as ever, “I’on get it?”, He frowned as we all laughed at his dumb ass. “Of course you don’t”, I muttered smugly as I began stuffing my face with some of Isaiah’s nuggets from last night.

“He getting that pussy tonight bruh”, Brock explained as Ace still was just standing there with a blank expression. “Damnnnn you aint fucked in 6 weeks nigga?  How you living?”, He exclaimed as I sat Zay on the kitchen counter and began feeding him some nuggets as well. “I’on even no”, I chuckled truthfully as I pulled out my phone to check the time.

“When the girls coming home?”, I asked J who was busy texting on his phone, “Jas msg me about 5 minutes ago saying that they leaving in a hour or so. Imma head home and shower before they get here tho. Ill hit you niggas up tomorrow”, He grumbled as he came over and dapped us all before heading back out the sliding doors and down to the path that lead to his house.

“Im out to bruh, I got a date with some girl tonight”, Brock boosted as I looked over at him with a raised eyebrow, “How much we betting?”, I asked Ace who was already smirking as he rubbed his hands. “See this is more like it, 5 g’s that he hits in a week”, Ace instantly chuckled while I shook my head and eyed out Brock who was now laughing,

“5g’s says he gets that good good tonight”, I betted as Ace nodded his head and dapped me. “Y’all motherfukers aint shit”, B laughed as he came over and dapped us both before heading towards the front door. “Okay now your turn to come up with some excuse and get the fuck out”, I mumbled towards Adrian who just sucked his teeth and grabbed my half eaten roll from my hand and shoving it into his mouth. “I aint going nowhere”, He managed to mumble through a mouth full of food causing me to roll my eyes while, Isaiah began laughing.

Knowing that he was serious and that he wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon, the three of us grabbed as much food as we could and headed towards the den downstairs. Setting up the PS4, Ace and I took turns in going upstairs to smoke a blunt each before lounging back and getting into a game of COD. 

After a hour long of video games, Ace reluctantly took his ass back to his crib while I bathed Isaiah before leaving him in my room to watch cartoons while I had a quick shower. Once I was done with a quick wash, I wrapped my towel around my waist and headed into the bedroom only to find Zay still engrossed with an episode of Spongebob.

Grinning at the sight of him, I headed into the walk in and dried down my body before slipping into a pair of sweats. By the time I put some socks on and headed back inside to the bedroom, I stopped short at the sight of Lani cuddling Isaiah in her arms while they both looked down at my daughter on the bed. “I miss you today mommy”, Zay mumbled against her chest as she kicked off her shoes and sat on the side of the bed, “I missed you to baby, did you have fun with daddy today?”, She asked as her eyes landed on me and instantly began grinning.

“Yep we played basketball and daddy won”, Zay beamed proudly before crawling off her lap and lying down beside Taliyah’s tiny body, “Hi Liyah”, Zay whispered to his little sister while I headed straight for my wife. “Wassup baby”, I mumbled as I leant down and kissed her plump lips before looking over at my little girl.

“How she doing?”, I muttered as I got on the bed beside Lani and leant over so I could kiss Taliyah’s forehead, “Wide awake”, Lani chuckled as she stood up and started heading into the walk in. “Lenny and Lacy told me to tell you hi. Lenny’s got the shits you haven’t visited him in a few weeks”, Lani called out over her shoulder while I carefully picked up Tali and cradled her in my arms.

Six weeks later and holding my daughter in my arms still felt like a dream. My little girl was perfection in every sense of the word and the fact that she was a split imagine of her mother made is so much better. I wont lie, when she was first born I was hella scared, shit nervous even but after time I realized that I had nothing to worry about. Just like Zay, Taliyah knew nothing of my faults, past or wrong doings therefore when they both looked at me there was no judgment there. Only love. Now my only goal in life was to give them both the world and protect them from everything and anything. 

Both my kids were my second chance at life. No more heavy drugs or excessive drinking, no more killing sprees or late night strip club visits. However I couldnt promise no more episodes simply because my condition was none curable and I refused to take medication that turned me into a vegetable. Instead I had to more cautious now, I had to learn not to let my anger get the best of me and I had to learn not to bottle all that shit up. It wasnt easy, but Lani was right beside me helping me, guiding me and letting me learn on her like she had been doing for the past several years.

I had come a long way since being that boy who saw her in the park all them years ago. I no longer looked at myself as some crazy person, nor did I refer to myself as the devil any more. Most of all I didnt look at death as a easy way out and gamble with my life so loosely. I have reason for living now, three reasons actually and I had no space for that dark shit anymore. It was all thanks to her, to my Lani. She is by far the greatest thing that ever happened to me and I owe her the world and more. 

I had also come to be some what proud of myself. I mean I was literally living in hell on earth but I managed to survive. Im not saying Im perfect, shit Im far from it. I still have flaws, a fucked up past and sins that may never be forgiven but Im still here. Im still alive, still living and most of all still waking up next to the love of my life.

“Daddy when can Liyah play with me?”, Zay asked, pulling me out of my deep thoughts and making me aware that Lani was now in the shower. “She’s still a baby but just be patient and soon you gonna be best friends”, I chuckled which seemed to satisfy him as he was instantly looking back down at her and softly holding onto her little hand.

All too quickly he let go of her and carefully stood up on the bed behind me. Without another word he wrapped his arms around my neck and proceeded to rest his face against my back, “I love you daddy”, He mumbled simply as I tilted my head back as softly rested it against his, “I love you more little man”, I mumbled with a small grin forming on my lips.

We must have stayed like that for a little while because before I knew it Lani was coming out of the walk in, wet hair braided back and dressed for bed. “My three favourite people all hugged up. Isnt that a perfect sight”, She smiled as she walked over and laid her body down next to my own. Taking it as an invitation, Zay removed himself from me and carefully laid out his small body on top of Lani who happily accepted him in her arms.

The lights were dimmed, the Tv soundlessly played cartoons while Zay slepted cradled in his moms arms while, Taliyah slept cradled in my own. The only sound that could be heard was the soft breathing of our children and the faint sound of the waves crashing on the beach, “Tyson?”, Lani whispered causing me to look over at her body that was pressing close beside my own, “Mmm baby?”, I mumbled as she continued to run her fingers through my hair while, I rubbed small circles against her thigh.

“Did you believe in happy endings?”, She whispered with a smile as we both subconsciously looked down at our sleeping children, “Yea I did, why did you think I fought so hard for you?”, I mumbled back as I looked up only to be met with her smiling face that had a tear running down her cheek.

“Something said to be so dark doesnt love someone as hard as you do and thats when I realised even the darkest of things could find the light in the end. You are my light, my happy ending”, She whispered as I found myself clenching my jaw, trying my hardest to not let any emotion take over. Swallowing the lump that had formed in my throat, I snaked my hand behind the back of her head and not wanting a minute more of separation I crashed my lips onto hers as her words replied in my head like a life line.

Little did she know that not only was she my happy ending,

                                                                     she was my only ending. 

                                            THE END 

BONUS; A little steamy sex as a parting gift.  


We had laid in bed long enough with our sleeping children and after our little heart to heart and toe curling kiss, the sexual tension was stronger than ever. While I placed Isaiah into his bed, Tyson went off to Tali’s room to set our princess into her crib. Using the opportunity, I rushed back into our own bedroom and heading straight for our walk in wardrobe. Letting out my wavy hair from the clip that had been holding it up, I tousled my hair and allowed it to full down my back. Next I started to hastily pull off my unflattering sweats and Tysons oversized t shirt.

Once I was stipped down, I pulled out a new set of Victoria Secrets I had brought the previous week and began pulling off the tags on the red lace bra and thong set. Slipping into them, I sprayed myself with my favorite scent before glimpsing a look at myself in the mirror. Thanks to the pregnancy I obviously filled out in places and I was grateful that most of it went towards my boobs and ass. My stomach wasn’t as flat as it was before but it was pretty decent considering I just gave birth six weeks ago.

Feeling some confidence for the first time in a while, I smiled at my reflection before heading back into the bedroom just as Tyson walked in as well. Without even waiting a second, a groan escaped his lips as his eyes shamelessly roamed my body with a hungry stare. I knew he was sexually frustrated, hell even I was but unfortunately it was worse for him simply because his bipolar and episodes caused an extra enhanced sexual appetite. Wanting nothing more than to put him out of his misery, I slowly sauntered over as I kept my gaze locked onto his and watched as he bit down on his lip.

“We aint sleeping tonight ya hear?”, He questioned in a huskily tone that instantly had my knees weak while I could feel the moist between my thighs build up. “I asked you a question”, He grumbled a bit more roughly that literally had me wanting to do anything and everything to please this man.  “Yes”, I practically pant out, as I stand before him, ready to drive him crazy and have him drive me the same.  Looking up at him with a smirk, my gaze doesn’t leave his as I slowly begin to descend to my knees in front of him. The way he was looking at me, drinking me in had me wanting to take him in my mouth and taste him then and there.

Biting my lip suggestively, my nails run over the bulge that was straining against the cotton of his sweats, “Is that for me?”, I smirk as I lick over my lips and latch my fingers into his waistband and watch as he nods his head while I begin to remove the unneeded clothing. “Fuck you are so sexy”, I heard him grumble although my eyes are no longer on his…. Instead I was now faced with his very big, hard and impressive length that was looking like it needed to be touched… sucked.

Leaning forward, I let my tongue roam the tip of his nob, teasing and tasting him all at once.  His hands move to my hair in an instant, and I smirk loving that I was in control of his pleasure.  I continue with my little torture, letting my tongue explore down his thick member and over his throbbing veins that were protruding down his length.

And when he lets out a needy groan, I finally end his misery and take him fully in my mouth, instantly feeling him harden even more. Its been awhile since I had given him this pleasure and so I decide to make up for it and go all out for my husband. I listen to the way Tysons breathing shallows, his hands tighten in my hair as I allow his member access to effortlessly hit the back of my throat.

His hands are in my hair, pulling and gripping while I moan at the taste of his pre cum seeping against my tongue. “Shit baby”, He managed to get out through a grunt while my hand brushes up his thigh and find its way to his tightened balls. Softly clasping them in my palm, I feel his hips buckle as my head bobs meeting his evened out thrusts, “Im close”, He groans out in pleasure as I feel my own center, swell with so much arousal I almost think I might cum myself.

It doesn’t take him anymore than five minutes more before I feel him swell in my mouth before shooting his hot cum down my throat. And as I swallow every last drip I continue to suck him until he shudders and rests his hands on my shoulders to stop me.

The sound of his manhood being removed from my mouth causes a popping sound and as Tyson stands in front of me breathing hard to catch his breath, I cant help but smirk. “Imma wipe that smirk off yo face”, He grumbled in a husky, alpha tone that caused my sex to clench while I squeeze my thighs together. Knowing the affect he just had on me, it is him who smirks next and before I could say anything he’s pulling me to my feet, wrapping my legs around his waist and heading straight out to our balcony. Excitement shoots through me and I cant help but break out into goose bumps as the cool Miami wind brushes against my already wet clit and hardened nipples.

“Im gonna fuck you out here and I want everyone in this fucken street to hear it”, He grumbles with so much dominance and sex appeal that I nod my head instead of worrying about the fact that my best friend lives next door and my balcony is closest to there house. Carrying me all the way out until we are the very ledges, I look over my shoulder and grin at the sight of the ocean and moon glistening behind us.

A startled moan escapes my lips as Tysons lips found my erect nipple and despite the soreness from breast-feeding, I allow him to pull and tug while he grabs and pulls the other. I toss my head back, allowing my wavy hair to float down as I stand on my tippy toes of one foot while my other leg is wrapped around his waist. His harden member is pressed against my stomach and I mumble in coherent words, wanting nothing more to feel him inside me.

“You… know.. how ….long …Ive been…waiting.. to feel you.. around my dick”, He groaned against my neck, saying each word as he sucked and nipped, leaving his mark so that everyone could see I was his. 

“”, I moan as I don’t think I could take this teasing any longer. I can feel his lips turn up into a smirk against my skin and I knew just like me, he is getting a kick out of being in control. “You want me inside you?”, He grumbled as he kisses the back of my ear before moving his lips across my jaw line. “Yes.. right now Tyson”, I plead as his lips finally find my own.

My arms wrap around his neck in support as my fingers snake their way into his hair.  His tongue wrestles with mine, fighting for dominance and power and I allow him to have it, I allow him to have me completely. Still engaged in a passionate kiss, one of his arms wrap around my waist while the other holds onto my thigh that is already around him. Without another second, he bites down on my lip as I tilt my head back and let out a loud moan at the feel of him pushing his entire length deep inside me in one go.

A groan escapes his own lips as he pulls back out just as fast, his faced buried in my neck as he continued marking me up. My cries of pleasure once again fill the air and I curl my toes as his length hits the deepest parts of me.  Im dripping wet, making his thrusts easy and I can practically feel myself swallow him up every time he enters. “Wrap the other leg”, He orders as I place both my hands on his shoulders for support and allow him to hoist me up so that I now have both legs wrapped around him.

Still buried deep inside me, Tyson once again picks up his assault with his thick member and I rest back and arched my back against the steel pole of the balcony, my head tilted so far back that when I opened my eyes I can see the ocean and moon upside down.

Its overwhelming, consuming and so fucken sexy. I cry out as a slap hits my bare back side before he roughly grabs it. His other hand gripping one of my bouncing breast and I swear his going so deep that I could feel him inside my stomach as I feel my releasing coming rapidly. “Oh shit”, I breathe out, clenching around him and wanting to feel him even more.

Knowing my body like no one ever has or ever will, Tyson slows his pace out just how I like it. Delivering long hard deep but slow trusts as he repeatedly hits the spot that will send me to heaven and back. “Let it out baby, let me feel it dripping down my dick”, He groans giving me that little push I need to send me over the edge.

My mouth opens but no sound comes out as my back arches more if possible. My eyes are wide and Im watching the ocean as I feel Tyson send me to placing no one else ever can. It hits me so intensely that I swear I see stars dancing around my head and Tyson doesn’t stop, he continues with his toe curling thrusts as I ride out my orgasm and finally let out a passionate moan as I hear him groan and spill his hot seed deep inside me.

Despite the cool air we are sweating and hot and my body feels sticky as his chest his pressed against mine while a mix of our arousal drips out of my opening and down my thigh.

“You are my drug”, Tyson finally gets out after us panting heavily for a few minutes while we try to recover. “My never ending supply and the best bit is? Ill forever be addicted”, He mumbles as I lift my head and lock my eyes onto his.

“My greatest drug”, Tyson whispers as if he’s telling himself rather than me.  Tyson had forever called me his drug over the years and tonight? Tonight I finally realized what he had meant this entire time.

We were each others addiction. One that will never go away. We either survive together or die without each other. 



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Im so sad that this is finally over but I hope you guys can agree that Tyson, Lani and the rest of the crew have had their fair share of drama and obstacles and its now time to let them be beautiful.

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“Please, I need you guys to relax yourselves. Cynthia is fine, okay?” Cyn’s mom spoke into the phone

Cynthia decided she wanted to drop off the face of the earth four days ago and not call anybody and tell them what’s up with her. Now she has us going crazy because this isn’t like her.

“But you’re not telling me what’s going on, for days no one has been answering the phone now all of a sudden she’s ‘fine’?” I questioned

How stupid does her mom think I am? Obviously Cyn isn’t that fine, if she’s not home. She doesn’t even like spending the night at her parents’ house so auntie Kat was going to have to come a little harder than that.

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32. - Ill be the Freak U can Taunt.

Do you like the way I flick my tongue or nah?
You can ride my face until you dripping cum
Can you lick the tip then throat the dick or nah?
Can you let me stretch that pussy out or nah?

Pussy so good, I had to save that shit for later
Took her to the kitchen, fucked her right there on the table.


“I cant believe the way I acted at dinner last night”, I mumbled against Malakai’s skin as he continued to run his fingers all over my body. He had been like this since making up, unable to keep his hands off me and I him.“My mother is going to kill me”, I sighed with defeat as he finally let out a chuckle as he pressed his lips against my shoulder. “Serves yo ass right for actin out”, He grinned though he kept his eyes closed as I continued to trace over his tattoos on his chest.

“I just wanted to ruin dinner for Dom”, I admitted pathetically which had him laughing as he lifted his head and looked down at me with tired eyes. “Thats hella evil baby”, He stated with amusement however I simply found myself shrugging my shoulders while I took the sight of him in.

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Chapter FortyOne


Gripping Lani’s waist tighter, I let out a low groan as she continued to ground her hips against mine. Buried deep inside her, I let her work her magic and ride a nigga this AM. Since falling pregnant, Lani’s sex drive had skyrocketed and I wasn’t complaining because her pussy had been feeling better then ever. “Fuck baby”, She moaned out as placed her hands on my chest and lifted her body a little so I could start pounding into her.

Grounding my teeth at the sight of her now double d tits, bouncing around, I sent hard across her round ass, “Damn girl, tell me who’s this is”, I grumbled as my thumb found her centre as we continued to meet each others thrusts, fighting for dominance, “Mine”, She smirked as she flicked her hair over her shoulders and pushed my chest down with her hands.  Again she started to grind her hips into mine and by the way she was smirking, I knew she was liking the fact that I was letting her have the upper hand.

Slapping her thigh, she let out a small yelp before moaning out loud as I grinded my hips while being buried deep inside her, “Shit Tyyy, Im so close baby”,She moaned as I smirked and without missing a beat, wrapped my arms around her waist and flipped her over so I was now on top. Looking up at me with wide eyes, I grabbed both her hands and held them down above her head, “You ain’t coming until you tell me who’s this is?”, I gritted out as I roughly grabbed her right breast and sent a hard slap across it causing her to let out a whimper.

“They’re sore you asshole”, She frowned before closing her eyes and arching her back as I sent a few deep strokes inside her, “Shut that shit up, you got one more time to ignore me”, I gritted out as I plowed her so deep that she used her elbows to try and crawl back and away, “Fuck you running for”, I grunted while her mouth formed a O, “Shit its yours baby, it’s yours”, She moaned out just as she fell apart underneath me. The very sight of her letting loose sent me over the edge and before I could stop myself, I sent a few hard strokes before realising deep inside her.

Letting out a groan as I pulled out and rolled over to my side of the bed, we laid in silence as we both tried to catch our breath. We had been going at it for the past hour or so and I knew she wouldn’t be able to go anymore rounds. Reaching over, I placed my hand on her waist, ready to pull her over although I was greeted with a slap instead. Looking over with a frown, I found her already mugging me before sitting up with a painful groan, “Fuck you slapping ma hand away for?”, I grumbled as I followed in her lead and sat up against the headboard.

“You hurt me you ass, what I tell you about being rough”, She spat out as she looked down at her now red breasts that had a visible handprint against it, “Shit ma bad baby”, I chuckled as I licked over my lips and reached for my ralph lauren boxers. Slipping into them without getting up, I ignored Nalani’s huffs and rolled over until I was close beside her, “Stop with that frowning shit, it aint cute”, I mumbled as I wrapped my arm around her body and pulled her closer, “Fuck off Tyson”, She mumbled in response causing me to clench my jaw.

“Watch it”, I gritted out as I push her hair from the side of her face and proceeded to roughly grab her jaw. Turning her face to me, I knew she was about to pop off but I quickly crushed my lips on hers and silenced the rant I knew was coming my way. Fighting at first, it only took her a few seconds before giving up and caving into my embrace and my lips, “Say sorry”, She mumbled against my lips as I let go of her jaw and ran my hand down the side of her body and over her ass. Gripping her thigh, I placed it over my leg and grounded my once again hard dick, into her centre, “Nooo, say sorry”, She moaned while placing her hands on my chest to push me back. 

“Fuck lemme get inside you again, one more round”, I groaned as thoughts of the way her wet pussy swallowed me up filled my mind, “Apologize nigga”, She huffed as I smirked against her lips before sucking on her plump bottom one, “I’m sorry baby”, I grunted as her fingers ran down my chest and met the top of my dick that was covered in the thin material of my boxers. Just when I thought my prayers had been answered, Lani shot up and quickly lead over to the bedside table to grab her phone.

“Shit baby we got our first birthing class in less than 2 hours”, She grinned causing a groan to escape my lips as I dramatically laid back on my side of the bed. I had successfully avoided all thoughts of attending that wack ass class but Lani wasnt tryna let a nigga skip it, no matter how hard I pleaded, “You love me Ty?”, She asked as I opened one eye, only to find her closing in on me with a grin that lit up her entire face, “Eh I guess”, I mumbled trying to hide my grin, though the sound of her soft laugh filling the room had me grinning, “I love the fuck outta ya baby”, I muttered truthfully as she rested her naked body against my chest. I brushed her hair away from her face and ran my finger over her red swollen lips. Soon my eyes trailed down her body and once again landed on her redbreast that looked like they were going to bruise.

“Shit Lani, I aint mean to hurt ya”, I grumbled with a frown as I carefully brushed over her swollen skin, “Its okay baby, I lowkey love the aggression”, She giggled while I smirked at her confession, “Yea I know you do ”, I chuckled as I licked over my lips and ran my hand up and down her back, “We forreal gotta go to this class?”, I quickly added, trying to catch her off guard so she could some how agree to just stay home and kick it with her nigga. However, a huff escape her lips and she leant over and roughly bit down on my lip. Tugging it, she finally let it go before sitting up and stretching her naked body, “Im going so that means you’re going”, She stated sternly as I let a groan escape my lips.

“I aint feeling to well”, I said in a matter of factly tone although Lani wasn’t taking no type of excuse as she immediately wrapped her fingers around my nipple and pinched it hard. Hitting her hand away as I mugged her, I massaged my sore skin as she tilted her head back and laughed, “You lucky yo tits are hurting already otherwise I would have fucked em up”, I grumbled as she sat up and pouted, allowing her naked body to come in full view.

Four and a half months pregnant and my baby girl was glowing forreal. Everything about her had me bowing down to her and there honestly wasn’t anything in this world I wouldn’t do, just to see her conestly smiling the way she has been lately, “We got the ultrasound after the class”, She said softly, pulling me out of my thoughts as I let out a sigh at the thought of finally finding out what we was expecting. The thought alone had me feeling a mess and I was still trying to figure out how I would feel if it was going to be a girl. However, I did know that know matter what, I would love this child with everything in me but what scared me was, what if I didn’t connect to him/her the way I connected with Zay?

How would I handle a daughter, when I could barely do right by Nalani?. Noticing my silence, she smiled softly as she crawled over and straddled my lap. Once she placed her hands on my chest, I couldn’t help but lick my lips as she had unintentionally pushed her bare breasts together due to her hand placement, “Stop looking at me like that”, She chuckled as I looked up at her all natural face with a smirk, “I cant help it, got them all up in ma face and shit”, I muttered as my fingers traced up her soft skin of her stomach and around her breast.

“Come shower with me, we have to start getting ready”, She whispered causing me to halt my hand and look up at her with a sigh. Not wanting to argue or disappoint her, I tapped her thigh softly so she could get up and we could shower.

After one more round against the shower wall, Lani finally got me out of the shower and into our walk in wardrobe so we could start getting ready. I honestly had no idea what to expect with this birthing class and although I wasn’t looking forward to it, I decided for Lani’s sake I would stop throwing a tantrum about it. With a white towel wrapped lowly around my waist, Lani headed to her side of the closet while I went to mine. Decided on keeping it casual, I slipped into some black baggy sweats, a black Miami Heat crewneck sweater and paired it with some timberlands. Keeping my jewelry to a minimum, I placed two thin gold chains on and finished off my look with a black skully and tucked a cigarette behind my ear.

By the time I had finished getting ready, I turned around only to be surprised that Lani had actually finished getting ready as well. Babygirl usually took at least a hour or so, even if it was just something casual. My eyes roamed her outfit and I couldn’t help but lick my lips at how good she looked even though she was dressed down, “Damn that ass is looking thick as fuck”, I mumbled causing her to look over and start blushing as she tucked her hair behind her ear. Instantly her eyes roamed my own outfit before looking up at me with a smug look, “What?”, I grumbled as I grabbed my phone and wallet before making my way over to her.

“You look hella thuggish right now”, She mumbled as she bit down on her lip while I smirked, “Shit is sexy as hell too”, She again mumbled although I knew she didn’t mean to say it out loud, “I got you wet huh?”, I smirked, instantly causing her to break out of her daze and playfully suck her teeth, “You aint all that”, She huffed as she tried to hide her grin, “The way you was just drooling says otherwise doe”, I chuckled as I pulled her small body into me and rested both my hands on her plump ass. Licking her lips, she lifted up on her tippy toes and reached for my lips, though being short as hell I had to lean down to meet her halfway.

Sending a slap to her ass before gripping it tight, I was praying for one last round but Lani quickly shut that shit down as she pulled away and wiped the lip gloss off my lip, “We need to leave and you aren’t going to distract me”, She warned with an accusing tone that had me laughing, “Ight, ight lets get going, the crew meeting us there?”, I mumbled as I watched her grab her bag and turn all the lights off.  

“Yea baby, we all just decided to meet up”, She informed me as I took her hand and headed down the stairs together. Making sure to lock the back doors and set the alarm, Lani met me at my Bugatti and instantly I was frowning as she was standing next to the drivers seat, “Hell NAH”, I muttered as I shook my head while frowning, knowing exactly what she wanted. Instantly she started pouting, trying to give me that puppy dog look that always has me caving, though this car was my most prized possession and no ones drives it. 

“Come on TyTY, let mama drive”, She pleaded, though I continued to shake my head and make my way over to the driver side. Still she stood there, blocking my access and I looked down at her as I towered over her small frame, “Nah Lani you know how I feel about this car and ain’t no one but me getting behind this wheel”, I stated as she childishly stomped her foot before burying her face against my chest, “You’re an asshole TyTy”, She muffled against my sweater while I chuckled and wrapped my arm around her shoulder. Leaning down I kissed the top of her head before slapping her ass, “Get yo ass on the other side”, I chuckled as she pulled away with a frown and proceeded to stomp as she made her way to the other side.

Getting in the slick 2014 Bugatti, I let out a satisfied sigh as the smell of the new leather filled my nose. Lani was in the passenger seat within a second and once was settled, she looked over and chuckled at my cheesing expression. I was a sucka for cars, aside from basketball, cars was definitely my other passion and I took each and everyone of mine as if they were my babies. “You’re acting like you love this car more than you love me”, She mumbled as I hit the button to open the garage door and started up the Bugatti with a roar that had me grinning even harder. Since Zay had come into our life, I hadn’t been able to drive around my two seater sports cars as much so know when I did, I always acted out.

“Shit they do come close”, I chuckled in response causing her suck her teeth as I pulled out of the garage and backed out of the long drive way,“Nigga, remember who makes you feel good at night and if you want to keep feeling good you better love me and only me”, She huffed as I looked over and licked my lips at how sexy she looked when she had a attitude, “Forreal I like this aggressive attitude you been rocking since I planted ma seed deep in ya”, I smirked causing her to roll her eyes although I could see she was fighting to hide her grin.

“I miss Isaiah”, She randomly blurted out after driving in silence for 10 minutes, with nothing but the radio playing lowly, “Forreal me too. Im missing ma little mans voice”, I sighed as thoughts of my son filled my mind. Zay had slept over Lenny and Lacey’s last night and we weren’t picking him up until later tonight. It was quiet as hell around the house without him and although it had been good to have this alone time with Lani, it didn’t stop me from missing him. Since the incident two weeks ago with Zay running off into the ocean, he had been so much more behaved after I went off on him. He started listening more and was being the good boy he was when we first got him back from the orphanage.

“No more sleepovers for a while, I don’t like being away from him for so long”, Lani pouted as I reached over and rested my hand on her thigh. Instantly she placed her hand on top of mine and leant over so she could rest her head against my extended arm, “He a big boy Lani, you need to stop babying him”, I mumbled as I pulled onto the freeway and headed down towards our destination, “But he is my baby, Ty. He will always be my baby”, She smiled softly while I lowly chuckled while shaking my head. 

“Im so excited for today, are you excited?”, Lani beamed as I mentally rolled my eyes at her question, “So excited”, I said sarcastically causing her to suck her teeth before laughing, “Whatever grumpy pants, at least try to have fun”, She smiled just as my eyes landed on McDonalds, “Ah shit, lemme get something to eat real quick”, I mumbled as my mouth watered at the thought of hash browns and a bacon & egg Mcmuffin, “Oooh me too. Im so hungry”, Lani’s eyes widened as she let go of my hand and sat up in her seat with excitement.

“Nah you aint meant to be eating this type of shit”, I said just to fuck with her, although in reality she really wasn’t suppose to be eating this shitty food, “If Im not eating it, then neither are you. So I suggest you shut that shit and get me 2 muffins and 3 hash browns”, She ordered causing me to look over with an amused expression, “Damn you eating for a army?”, I mocked causing her to smack her lips as she waved me off while her eyes stayed looking out the window as we pulled up to the drive thru.

We spent the rest of the car drive to the class, munching on a large amount of McDonalds and by the time we got there Lani was holding her stomach in pain. “Why would you let me eat all that”, She groaned as I parked the car and spotted J and Aces cars parked a view spots down. Instantly I snapped my attention to Lani, who was resting her head back as she held her stomach, “Don’t even try to go there, how many times I tell you it ain’t good for you? Betta not throw up in ma car either”, I mugged as she let out a burp causing me to twist up my face in disgust, “You nasty as hell”, I muttered as she busted up in laughter while I tried to hide my amused grin.

“I’on why you complaining, I gotta deal with yo gross farts all the time”, She laughed as I shook my head and got out of the car. Closing the door, I went around to her side and helped her out as she was struggling to get up due to how full she was, “You gonna be good to do this? Yo ass can barely move”, I smirked as she looked up at me with a mug. Rolling her eyes she stood up straight and shut the car door, slamming it in the process. Instantly her eyes went wide while I narrowed my own at her, “That was a accident”, She pouted while I clenched my jaw and slapped her ass hard as hell. Letting out a yelp as she instantly started to rub it while I smirked, grabbed her other hand and began making my way to the front door.

“Shit we are 5 minutes late”, Lani mumbled under her breath and we headed inside and followed the signs that led us to a room at the end of the hall. The door had ‘Birthing Class’ printed on it and Lani was instantly knocking on it before slowly opening the door and pecking her head inside, “Hi, we are here for the class”, She said softly as she walked in further with me following in behind. Looking around the teacher was up front while 4 other couples were sitting on the floor, two of the couples being our friends.

“Oh Tyson and Nalani?”, The white, plump lady beamed as Lani instantly nodded her head before waving at Jasmine and Briana, “Bout time you niggas showed up, got us waiting and shit”, Ace yelled obnoxiously loud causing B to slap him while the other two, white couples looked at him with shock, “Brah shut that shit up”, I chuckled as we headed over to the mat and after greeting our crew, sat on the end of the circle, “So glad you can join us today, we were just introducing ourselves to each other and its now this lovely couples turn”, The teacher, whose nametag said Cassandra, beamed as she pointed to Jasmine and J.

“Hi everyone, My name is Jas this is Jeremiah or J. Um we have been together for almost two years, I’m 7 months pregnant and we are expecting twin girls”, Jasmine beamed as she looked back at J who was grinning just as hard. Simultaneously the teacher and the other two unknown couples greeted Jasmine and J in sync while I looked down at Lani who was muffling a laugh, “Your turn”, Cassandra said to Briana but before she could get anything out, Ace clasp his hand over B’s mouth earning a round of wide eyes from the others.

“Wassup, Ma name is Desean Marques Ray and this is my second cousin, twice removed, Lele Shontelle Ray. We have been married for 7 years and this would be our 5th baby, she is 5 months but she really small so you can’t see it right now”, Ace explained as I dropped my face into the back of Lani’s hair, who was sitting in front of me, and tried to hide my laughter that was threatening to come out. Briana on the other hand looked torn between slapping the shit out of him or rolling with laughter, “Oh well its nice to meet you Desean and Lele. Thank you for coming today. Now last but not least”, Cassandra chuckled awkwardly before pointing towards Lani who had now rested her back against my chest, while sitting in between my legs.

“Im Nalani, this is my fiancee Tyson. Um we have been together for a few years now. Im four months and two weeks pregnant and this will be our second child. We don’t know what we are having yet though”, Lani explained as once again everyone greeted us in sync with each other. Mentally rolling my eyes at how lame this was, we allowed the teacher to stand up and give us a brief introduction into pregnancy, what to expect during labour and the first few weeks with a newborn. I wasn’t about to admit it out loud but the information she was spitting was hella helpful and I mentally stored away as much info as I could.

I had to once again keep my head down to hide my laughter, this time thanks to the sight of Jeremiah who looked like he would pull out a notebook and pen at any moment. I knew this nigga was drinking in the information like his life depended on it and on the low I couldnt help but feel happy that he was this happy about his future with his new family. Ace on the other hand was becoming restless. Nigga got so bored that he started to ask unnecessary questions just so he could have a chance to talk, instead of having to listen to this white bitch go on.

Then there was Lani. I swear her little ass fell asleep a few times and I was ready to cuss her out cause she had been nagging me to come for the past two weeks and now she wanna sleep on a nigga. Only reason I hadn’t said anything was because it was partially my fault she was tired, all them rounds of sex being the cause. The sound of Cassandra clapping her hands together caught the attention of everyone, including Lani who practically jumped up in my arms, “Okay so we are going to do a few breathing exercises, Ladies I want you to lay back against your partners chest and repeat after me”, She instructed causing everyone to get into position.

Lani was already laying back against me so we barely moved an inch. Instead she leaned her head back and looked up at me with a cheesy grin that had me shaking my head. Cassandra was now sitting down as she started to show the girls how to do some breathing exercises if the girls started to have contractions or pains. Instantly Lani and the rest of the woman started to repeat the breathing, while I sat back watching on with a raised eyebrow. My attention soon faltered as I looked over only to find Adrian doing the breathing exercises better and louder than anyone else in the class, “Nigga its for the women”, I mumbled while I tried not to laugh.

Looking over for a second he shrugged his shoulders before continuing to breath like he was about to give birth. J was coaching Jasmine as he softly rubbed her belly, the other couples looked like they had shit on lock and Lani was eying out the wall clock every few seconds. “Dont be looking at no time, yo ass is staying here till this lesson finishes”, I mumbled as leant down and bit her neck lightly, “Im so hungry though”, She whispered causing my head to snap up as I looked down at her with a frown, “You ate an entire McDonalds joint less than an hour ago, how you hungry again?”, I chuckled causing her to suck her teeth before starting up with the breathing again as the teacher narrowed her eyes at us for talking.

“Okay, I want the ladies to lay on their backs. The males to the side, hold her hand and coach her through her labour”, Cassandra instructed causing a low groan to escape my lips as Lani pushed herself up and laid back on the mat beside me, “Stop frowning”, She laughed as I licked over my lips before taking her hand so it looked like I was doing something. Feeling the teachers eyes on me, I clenched my jaw before lifting my other hand and began patting Lani’s head, “Its going to be alright”, I mumbled as I continued the gesture. Instantly Lani was holding her stomach as she burst into laughter, “Nigga why you petting her like she yo pet?”, Jeremiah laughed causing everyones attention to turn us. Shrugging my shoulders as I smirked, I went to open my mouth although I was interrupted by Adrians obnoxious voice.

“YOU GOT THIS BABY, PUSH THAT LITTLE NIGGA OUT. I AIN’T NUT IN YOU FOR NO REASON, GIVE ME MA CHILD”, He yelled as he patted down her tits before crawling in front of her legs and opening them up, “GAH DAMN I CAN SEE THE HEAD, HOLY SHIT IT A BIG HEAD TOO”, He continued to yell as the rest of the crew held onto our stomachs as we laughed hard.


“I cant believe we got kicked out of our first birthing class”, Nalani laughed while shaking her head, as we all bounced out of the building doors and headed to the carpark. Thanks to Adrian’s little show, the teacher decided we was too inappropriate and nicely asked us to leave. Though, when Ace caught an attitude cause he wanted to do more exercise’s she threatened to call security, “That was so embarassing, Ive never been kicked out of anything before. I gotta find a new place now”, Jas groaned as J tried to be on her side although he was visibly trying to hide his laughter.

“Well I dont know about y’all but props to Ace, I needed to get out of there asap. Im hungry as hell”, Lani cheesed as she rubbed her baby bump while I shook my head at how this woman was constantly hungry.“Y’all tryna hit up Chipotle real quick?”, I mumbled as I eyed out my car and pulled out a cigarette from my packet, “Im down for that, theres one just the road”, J agreed as I nodded my head and fished my pockets for a lighter. Finally finding one, I silently nodded towards my car letting them know I was just gonna have a quick smoke before we left. Making my way over, I placed the cigarette in between my lips and inhaled deep just as my phone began ringing.

Pulling it out, I raised an eyebrow when Lenny’s name flashed across my eye phone and instantly worry sparked me as thoughts of something bad happening to Zay filled my mind. Not waiting another second, I answered the call and brought it up to my ear, “Yo, Zay good?”, I asked off bat causing the old man to suck his teeth, “You a rude ass nigga, ya heard? Aint got no damn manners, you aint know how to say hello no more?”, He grumbled in a grumpy tone, this time causing me to suck my teeth at him while I shook my head, “Old man dont start with me this early in the day, how ma kid doing?”, I mumbled as I tried to get straight to the point.

“Bitch ass”, I heard him cough under his breath, “Yea he helping me out, down at the shop. Got him sweeping floors and washing hair”, He laughed as I pulled the phone away from my ear and glared at it before placing it back, “Nigga I aint let him stay with you so you can have him doing manual labour”, I sighed as Lenny’s laughter just got louder by the second, “Man Im fucking with you, he hanging out with us old niggas. Telling him what a little bad ass you was back in the day”, He chuckled in a raspy tone while a groan escaped my lips at all the shit they would be feeding my son, “Imma kill Lani’s ass for convincing me to leave him with you”, I huffed with annoyance as his and the rest of the men’s laughter could be heard through the phone.

“Anyways shit head, little man wanna speak with his pops. Imma put him on”, Lenny mumbled with amusement before shuffling around as the sound of him telling Zay I was on the phone, could be heard. “Daddy?!”, Zay instantly asked with excitement that had me grinning within a second, “What’s up little man, you being good?”, I asked as I once again brought my cigarette up and inhaled deep, “I be good daddy. I help Grandpa LenLen with hair”, He beamed thru the phone as I quickly checked the time to see how much longer it was until we got to pick him up. Just speaking to him, forreal had me missing him even more.

“Thats good Zay, you missing yo pops?”, I muttered as I inhaled one last time before flicking my cigarette on the floor and setting on it to put it out, “I miss you too much daddy and mommy to”, I could hear him cheese through the phone as I made my way back over to the crew, “You wanna speak with mommy?”, I asked as Lani looked up with a confused expression before cheesing as she realised I was on the phone with Zay, “Yes daddy, yes! Hi mommy!”, He yelled before I even got a chance to hand her the phone. Chuckling I gave the phone to Lani and allowed her to speak to Zay as I went and stood beside Ace.

“What yo plans for today? Yo tryna chill, smoke, maybe hit up th-”, Before Ace could even finish what he was going to say I shook my head knowing exactly where this was going, “I gotta take Lani to this appointment, gonna find out what we having. But pull through a little later, I might throw a little barbeque or something”, I shrugged as Ace started to grin at the mention of food, “Hell yea, make sure Lani makes them marinated chicken wings too, otherwise I ain’t coming”, He warned as I lifted an eyebrow, “Nigga you tell her that and she definitely ain’t gonna make em”, J laughed as he slapped Ace on the back just as Lani finished up with my phone and began scrolling through it.

“Ight, we will see you at chipotle”, I mumbled as I dapped the boys and waited for Lani to say bye to the girls. Walking over with her face buried in my phone, I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and began to make my way back to my car, “You got hella thirty groupies in your dm’s”, She huffed as she went around to her side, while I chuckled and unlocked the car door. “Any of them bad?”, I asked just to fuck with her, “Yea this one sent you a nude, her ass is hella fat”, She laughed as she leaned over and showed me a picture some hoe sent me via instagram dm’s. “Them tattoos is nasty as hell tho”, I mumbled as I frowned at all the ratchet tattoos she had planted on her overly large ass. 

“How about this one? Shes kinda cute ”, Lani chuckled sarcastically as I started the car and instantly started to pull out of the spot. Leaning over before I took off, I shook my head at this hoes weave, “Bitch got a weave thats touching her toes, La. Aint shit cute about that”, I muttered as straightened out in my seat and proceeded to speed past J and Ace. Lani stayed the rest of the drive, commenting on the hundreds of naked pictures that were sent in my twitter and instagram dm. That was one of the things I loved about her, as long as it wasn’t someone I fucked with in the past, Lani never put in the effort to get mad at me when groupies threw themselves at me. I never pay any mind or respond to that shit and for that reason she didn’t have anything to worry about.

Lunch at chipotle with the crew was chill as always. Of course we got a number of fans bugging us for photos and autographs but it was something that came with the fame of being a NBA player. Lani and I only ended up staying for a good 40 minutes as we had our appointment time creeping up on us and if we didnt want to be late we had to leave earlier than everyone else. After agreed 100% on a barbeque in the afternoon, we said our goodbyes and before we knew it we drove silently to the doctors to do this ultrasound. We were both visibly nervous and thanks to the effects of having bipolar my mind was running a mile a minute that I didn’t even know how I was feeling anymore.

The feel of Lani placing her hand on top of mine, that was sitting on the gearstick, pulled me out of my raging thoughts, “You’re quiet”, She mumbled causing me to look over at her with amusement, “Yea, so are you”, I muttered as I licked over my lips and turned into the street that the medical building was situated, “Im so nervous”, She whispered softly before letting out a sigh and resting her free hand onto of her baby bump. Not saying anything, I parked the car in a free spot before instantly getting out while Lani took her time.

“You sure you want to find out? I know Ive been a pain in the ass, but I don’t want you to feel pressured into saying yes just because I want to know. I can wait, I swear”, She started rambling as soon as she got out and stood in front of me, “First off Imma need you to stop stressing, it ain’t good for the baby. Secondly I want to know, at least this way I can be prepared before it gets here”, I assured her although I didn’t know if the second part was entirely true as I was still unsure if I wanted to know or not.

In a way yes, it would be good to know now so I could prepare myself but then again my mind was telling me at least I would have these few months not to stress over it if it is a girl. I knew Lani knew I wasn’t telling the truth but instead of calling me out on it she, let out a sigh and nodded her head. Taking her hand, we silently made our way into the building and headed up to the fourth floor where our appointment would be taking place. The second the lift doors opened, we were greeted with other pregnant women with their partners. Being that I made sure Lani’s entire pregnancy would be handle through private doctors and hospitals, I wasn’t surprised when I saw that all these couples looked like they were dripping in wealth.

Taking a seat in the waiting chair, I lifted my head and ignored the gasps of the other patients that had noticed who I was. Lani on the other hand, went up to the receptionist and checked us in, “Im so sorry if this is inappropriate but you are our favourite player and it would mean so much to get a picture with you”, A white lady in her mid twenties gushed as her older looking husband awkwardly stood behind her, “Yea no worries”, I muttered as I stood up just as Lani was coming back with a knowing smirk on her face, “Here I can take it for you guys”, She beamed before looking over and winking at me, knowing I was getting more irritated by the second.

Snapping the picture for them, I clenched my jaw as I went through the process with the three other couples in the waiting room and even the receptionist who was too scared to ask last time. Thankfully the doctor came out and called us in before anyone else could ask and really piss me off. Noticing my irritation, Dr Chambers gave me an apologetic smile before opening up the door and letting us in, “I’m so sorry about all that”, She apologised once the door was closed behind us and we were safely inside the room.

“Its okay, he is use to it”, Lani quickly said once she noticed I wasn’t going to speak up. Patting on the bed, Lani instantly placed her bag on the chair beside me before hopping up on the bed that had a monitor hanging in front of it, “So tell me, how are you feeling? Any pains, throwing up? You know the drill”, The doctor smiled as Lani chuckled and began telling her everything since the last time she was here. I, however zoned out and sat back trying to remember how my life had played out. In all honesty, I never, ever thought this is how I would end up. A multi million dollar career, a fiancée that I could barely breathe without, a son who I considered Gods gift and now another child who I was months away from meeting. 

How I went from literally being the devil himself, to a fucking family man was beyond me and although back then I had all the freedom in the world, I wouldn’t trade what I have now, for the world. “So you’re ready to find out what the little baby is?”, I heard the doctor beam causing me to shake my head to clear my thoughts and turn my attention to Lani who now had her shirt lifted up. Her smooth skin was in full view and her perfectly round baby bump was sitting pretty. Looking over, she flashed me a smile before holding her hand out so I could hold it.

I watched as the doctor, smoothed the clear gel over Lani’s stomach causing her to break out in goosebumps. Next she pulled up the long tube that held the camera and my eyes instantly found its way to the monitor in front of the bed. The image was disfigured at first but after a few seconds the description of a child in a fetal position could noticeably been seen. Soon after the steady sound of a heartbeat filled the room and I subconsciously squeezed Lanis hand. It wasn’t the first ultrasound I had been too, as I had been beside Lani for every single one for this pregnancy. Though still after being to so many, the sight and sound of our newborn always left me with a fast heartbeat.

“Okay, lets have a look here”, The Dr mumbled as she placed her reading glasses over her eyes and looked closer at the screen. Knowing we were seconds away from knowing the sex, I held my breathe as my hands became sweaty.

“Well congratulations. You’re have a baby girl.”


Once I finished seasoning the chicken, lamb chops and steak, I wrapped some cling wrap around them before setting them neatly in the fridge. Since the moment we got home, I had been preparing for the barbeque later tonight and after two hours, I was finally finished. I was beyond tired, exhausted even but I needed to get this done before I could even think about having a nap. It was only 1:00pm and already so much has happened today, I guess thats what happens when you start it off in the early AM. 

Though it was eventful, my mind was only on one thing. We were having a girl. I should be ecstatic right? Overjoyed and happy as hell, unfortunately I couldn’t feel those emotions solely because I was nervous and unsure. Why was I feeling that way? I guess it had everything to do with the fact that Tyson hadn’t peeped a word since the doctor told us. He was blank, like he switched off all his emotions because he didn’t know how to handle it. Something I was so use to but wish at this moment didn’t happen. I was lowkey hurt and shamefully a little jealous of Jasmine. Jeremiah practically sung at the top of his lungs, that he had found out he was having girls, every chance he got. I however, got a nothing but head nods and a few mumbles.

I tried not to be mad at Tyson though. Ive said it before and Id say it again, I knew he was acting like this because he was terrified. He was scared and nervous and he had no idea how to handle the situation. It may not seem like a big deal to others and I knew people wouldn’t understand, but that was the thing about Ty. YOU couldnt understand, not if you didn’t know him well, that is. Everything dealt to him in life, he took it as a sign or meaning and to him, having a girl was karma for what he did to me and many other other girls during his life. Now he was fearful that his own daughter who have to go through it thanks to his wrongdoings. That wasn’t the case though and trying to convince him otherwise was harder than convincing people that Egypt is in fact a part of Africa and not the middle east.

Though even as the thoughts went over in my mind I still couldn’t help but feel angry towards him. Yes, I understood his fears but this was suppose to be a happy moment for the both of us and instead Im down here sulking trying to remain sensitive towards his situation. But I was constantly putting his feelings before my own and this time I didnt think I could do it. I wanted him to realise how this was making me feel, I wanted him to come to me for once and I wanted him to not put his fears in front of our happiness. Instead he got high, locked himself away in our room and has been napping ever since we got home.

Knowing I should probably go up there and talk to him, maybe even comfort him, I decided to be selfish for once. Grabbing my handbag, I stopped in my tracks when my eyes landed on his car keys for the Bugatti, I contemplated my next move. Shrugging my shoulders, I grabbed them fast before locking up downstairs, grabbed Zay’s car booster seat and headed outside to the driveway where Ty had parked his prized possession. Realising he might wake up from the roar of the engine, I quickly unlocked the gate and got in the car, making sure to close the door softly before placing the booster seat in the passenger side. Smirking as I looked at the slick black steering wheel and gear stick, I peeked out the rearview mirror to make sure the gates were fully opened before starting the car.

Feeling like a total badass, I strapped myself in and within seconds I had the car coming to life before backing out as carefully as I could. My heart was beating a mile a minute and I knew it was hella childish but I just wanted a reaction out of him. Lenny’s barber shop wasn’t too far away and I arrived there after 20 minutes, during which I received 50 missed calls, 44 voice mails and 78 messages. All from Tyson. Parking just outside Lenny’s store, I turned the car off and rested back in my seat before picking up my phone that was going off every few seconds. Silencing the rambling, I ignored every message he sent before opening up a new message and started to type my every emotion.

 To: BABY <3

I know you’re really angry I took the car but you know whats sad, Tyson? Is that you can speak to me over a damn car but when its about our child you shut down and block me out. Did you ever stop to think how I might be feeling? DO YOU EVEN CARE? One moment in our life, that should be filled with joy and happiness and your selfish ass had to strip me of that. I couldn’t even beam with happiness over our child because you acted as if it having a girl was a tragedy. I couldn’t jump around, scream with excitement or even smile because as always Nalani puts TYSON’S feelings FIRST. If you dont want this child thats fine, Ill do this by my damn self. I dont need you.

Pressing send, I could hear myself breathing so loud due to how worked up and angry I was. I knew I didnt mean the last sentence but right now any sense of useing my head was out the window and now I was speaking out of pure emotions. The sound of my phone vibrating had me clenching the steering wheel tight. Thankful the Bugatti was heavily tinted and no one could look in, I typed in my passcode before opening it up.

From: BABY <3


Ready to lose my shit at him, I stopped my fingers from typing as a new message instantly came through.

From: BABY <3

I ain’t mean all that baby, you talking bout doing this yo self and you know that type of talk fires me up. Just come home so we can talk this out. 

From: BABY <3

Lani stop fucking with me forreal. Just come home ight, or at least lemme hear yo voice. Please. 

From: BABY <3

You keep ignoring me and you gonna come home to a nigga whose manic. I apoligised for talking shit, just anwser the fucken phone or bring yo ass home.

From: BABY <3

You really tryna have a nigga catch a case huh? You being PETTY AS FUCK. 

From: BABY <3

Little ass girl, yo.

From: BABY <3


From: BABY <3


From: BABY <3


From: BABY <3

Why you parked out the front of Lennys like a creep? I told you no matter where you go I will always find you.

From: BABY <3

 I got eyes everywhere babygirl. and I really wanna fuck you up just for using ma car.

From: BABY <3

Keep fucking with me, Lani. 

From: BABY<3


From: BABY <3

Look Im sorry baby, ignore all them messages. Keep playing, just at least reply.

From: BABY <3

My bad, La. Please answer me, I’on wanna fall black. Please, dont make me fall black.

Leaning back in the leather seat, I couldn’t help but hold my phone as I let out a much needed laugh. No matter how angry or mad he made me I swear I couldn’t help but love his crazy, bipolar ass. His messages were a perfect example of how quick and rapid his mood can changes and although it was bad of me to think this, I could help but love how entertaining it was. Not being able to hold it off any longer as I knew he was most likely about to jump in one of his other cars to come get me, I tapped on his name.

Letting the ringtone fill my ear, he barely let it ring for a second before answering and I could instantly hear his heavy breathing come thru the phone, “I swear you like fucking with me”, He mumbled in a tired tone causing me to grin at the sound of his voice. “You are rude as fuck”, I said once I had composed myself and gave him my best angry voice. “You done with your little tantrum?”, I quickly added, serving him with as much attitude as possible. Instantly he was huffing as the sound of him lighting a lighter could be heard in the background, followed by him inhaling, “I could say the same shit to you”, He finally retorted back causing me to roll my eyes.

“You dont need me huh?”, He finally said in a barely audible tone causing me to sigh as I knew that would have hurt him and I honestly didnt mean it, “I was just upset Ty, you know I dont mean it…. Just like you dont mean all that reckless shit you just sent”, I said softly before quickly adding in the last bit as I knew he would know Im right. “Why you think I said that tho Lani? I wake up to ma girl gone, with ma car, she dont wanna answer no calls and texts and all of a sudden I get one text back tell me she can raise OUR kid by herself and that she dont need me? How the fuck would you feel?”, He spat out, obviously getting heated again. Realising how bad it sounded when he put it that way, I instantly started feeling bad. I knew Tysons biggest fear was be leaving and the moment he closed his eyes I dipped, regardless if it was just to get Zay, I knew what he was like and I was foul for doing it.

Letting out a sigh, I closed my eyes tight, trying to figure out how I was going to make him see it from my point of view. Though considering I fucked up and made a whole other problem out of something so small, I decided to keep it small, “Im sorry Ty, I didnt mean for you to think I left or anything. I was just feeling type of way and missed Zay, so I just came to get him”, I rambled out all in one go. He didnt say anything at first, instead I could hear his breathing slow down as he took in my words. 

“Sometimes I think you do this type of shit just to make me angry, Lani. But look, just go get ma son and come home, we’ll talk about this shit when you come home”, He mumbled before hanging up before I could even attempt to say anything else. Letting out a frustrated sigh, I unbuckled my belt and got out of the car so I could go pick up Zay. Once inside I tired to keep it quick, so after a short conversation and a rushed thank you, I strapped Isaiah  back in the car  before taking off back home.

The drive home felt like it dragged out for a millennium and when we finally got home, I pulled up the long drive way only to be greeted by Tyson who was pacing in front of the steps. Letting out a sad sigh at the sight of him, I mentally cursed myself for letting him fall into that mental state of mind, where he thinks we are going to leave him. As soon as I parked, Tysons head snapped up and he made a beeline for the car. Expecting him to come straight for me, I couldnt help but slightly frown as he went straight for Zay. Helping out of his booster seat, Ty pulled him up in his arms and hugged him tight.

“I miss you daddy”, I heard Zay mumble against Tysons shoulder, “I miss you too little man. Lets go inside, come on”, Ty mumbled as he shut the passenger door and made his way off to the house without so much breathing my way. My frown got deeper as I locked the car and hastily following behind Tyson and Zay, who were heading into the downstairs game room. Rolling my eyes at the conversation Tyson was pointlessly having with Zay, I let out a yawn as a wave of tiredness I had been feeling before I left, came hitting me all at once.

Grabbing the TV remote, Tyson sat back on the overly large couch before resting his legs up to one side while Zay laid out on top of him. Taking this as I slight invitation, I kicked off my shoes, dropped my bag and made myself comfortable as I huddled up next to Ty. Looking down for only a second, he brought his hand up before cuffing the side of my head so he could bring it closer to his face. Instantly I felt his lips on the crown of my head and I closed my eyes to the feel, “Im sorry if I made you feel like I didnt want this baby, or that Im not excited”, He mumbled quietly as he removed his hand down from my head and over my shoulder. Pulling me closer he dropped down his head against mine, “I want this baby, La. I swear to you Im excited, Im just trying to come up with a way to make sure I dont mess it up with her”, He confessed as I frowned, before pouting my lips so I could softly kiss his cheek.

“Im going to have a mini you and that scares me, cause all your life youve been hurt and I couldnt save you from getting hurt. And now its like I have a second chance to protect you and thats by protecting her, But its like Im scared, cause what if I cant? What if I cant protect her and that means once again Im hurting you”, He mumbled as I closed my eyes and took in each one of his words. It confused me how a man this young could hold so many fears and worries, like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders.

“You need to stop letting your fears dictate your happiness baby. You miss out on so much good stuff in life because you’re always over analyzing and worrying about the what COULD go wrong. Live, Tyson. I need you to let go of your past, what happened, what you did and just move on. Live in this moment, with me, no worries and nothing but happy memories”, I practically pleaded as he stayed quiet, watching me as he took in everything I was saying.

“Take a chance at happiness, its really not as bad as it seems”, I smiled softly as his gaze locked onto mine. Without even having to look hard, I could see swirling behind his brown eyes just how much love and appreciation he had for me. That alone made me feel like the luckiest person on the world. Without another second, Tyson leaned over and kissed my lips in such a toe curling way, that I almost let out a moan. Instead I smiled against his lips, knowing fully well that this kiss was not only his apology but also a personal thank you.



Her soft, plump lips covered mine; gripping her bare thighs she slowly slipped her warm tongue into my mouth. Soft moans escaped her mouth and into mine and I smacked her ass and stood with my arms wrapped around her.

I wrapped her legs around my waist as I quickly turned and laid her down onto the bed, breaking the kiss. “Yo, you sure you really ‘bout this shit Cyn?” I questioned for the fifth time in the last 20 minutes.

I really wasn’t for the games this time around.

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1. Hoe


“So you not tryin’ to fuck with my boy?” Trey asked. He’d been questioning me for the past hour about his friend Chris. Chris is fine as hell, I can’t lie but he’s the town hoe. Everybody who’s somebody has been with him even nobodies been with him so I was good on Chris.

“Trey, I don’t want your hoe ass friend okay?” I said, taking a sip of my drink.

Trey was having one of his monthly kickbacks. I would have stayed at home if I knew I was going to get questioned about Chris. Trey, Ty and Aug made it their business so mention Chris when they were around me hoping I’d give in and say I’d fuck with him. They even went as far as having my girls tell me stuff about him, all of them but Heather. She wasn’t here for Chris’ hoe ass ways just like I wasn’t here for them.

I’d be interested if he weren’t such a hoe because he’s fine as fuck. But ain’t no telling what kind of STD’s he’s walking around with.

“How you know he a hoe? My bro a virgin.” I stared at him for a total of two seconds before placing my attention on my pink iPhone 5C. I could hear him chuckling beside me, which ultimately led to me cracking a smile.

“If Chris is a virgin then I’m part Russian.”

“You probably are; witcho oriental ass.” I looked over just in time to see him slanting his eyes with his fingers.

Seriously? I finished off the remainder of my drink before tossing the empty cup onto his lap.

“Bitch nigga,” I mumbled as I quickly made my way up the stairs which led to the first floor.

Trey made it a habit to gather us all in the basement whenever he threw a kickback. If I hadn’t known him for as long as I did, I would say he was hiding something in his main rooms.

“Where you going, sexy?” My eyes seemed to have a brain of their own, because they rolled without me even having to tell them to.

Chris was really too attractive to be such a playa hoe. Why must all the fine ones have the disease dick? I sighed at my previous though, as well as at the fact that he was still standing in front of me. Chris knew that I wasn’t interested in him. Yet he still tried to holla every time we crossed paths Which was once a month, and at the very same house.

I might have to swerve Trey’s kickbacks for a few months if Chris didn’t pick up on the hint sooner than later.

Looking up at him, he sent me this face that I was all too familiar with. It was the notorious so,when we gonn chill? look. “So when we gonn—” I held my hand up just as quick as the first four words left his mouth. “Never gonna happen.”

He shook his head at me, but didn’t say anything else, as usual. That was the thing with Chris. He would holla for a minute, two minutes the most, then when he got rejected, he would shrug you off and go about his business.

Thank you, lord!

I didn’t even watch him as he walked around my body. I continued my search for my best friend, Heather. I wasn’t surprised when I walked into the living room and found her all up under August. Not wanting to cock-block, this time, I quickly backed out of the room the way that I entered. I needed a hit from the hookah…


My eyes landed on her as soon as she entered the basement. “Baby, pass me da hookah!” She screamed as she held up the gold colored hookah. I shook my head at her party girl antics, but said nothing. Winter needed to stop frontin on da boy. I feel like I’ve fucked every girl in Los Angeles, except for her. I wasn’t feeling that. I needed to know what her insides felt like. I grunted as I peeked up the opening of her hot pink skirt. Black underwear? Classy…

“You tryna hit this?” My eyes snapped from Winter’s toned legs and over to Trey. He smirked at me before clearing his throat. I know he saw me drooling over her.

“You tryna hit this shit?” He nodded over to the hookah that Winter was placing on the glass table in front of her. I watched as she kicked off her nude heels before taking a seat on the carpeted floor.

“I hope you vacuumed this carpet, Trey. ain’t no tellin’ what type of bed bug, bitches you fuck on these floors.” I fell back laughing after Winter hit the nail right on its head.

Trey seemed to only pick up the most busted looking females. Some of them looked like they had roaches living in their weaves.

“The only bed bug bitch to touch those floors was you, mama.” I tried to hold in my laughter as the two went back and forth. They were always arguing. The mug that Winter sent him was too cute to even be considered a mug.

She was adorable, as fuck. Tiny as fuck too. I wonder how many rounds I could go with her lil’ ninety-pound ass before she started tappin out. Once again a low grunt slipped through my lips as I stared at her small boobs in the half bra shit she was wearing.

“Yo, you want some?” I watched on with lust filled eyes as she blew smoke from her mouth and nose. I licked over my lips before shaking my head. I didn’t want to hit. I was content with watching blasian mami get faded. The more gone, she was, the easier it would be for me to smooth talk her feisty ass.
– -

“But for real Winter when you gone let Chris take you out or somethin’?” Trey asked her putting her on the spot. By now everyone else had left and it was only Trey, Winter and myself chillin. I’m pretty sure Winter was gone off whatever was in the hookah, she seemed like a lightweight so I knew it would’t be long before she was fucked up.

“Quit asking me about Chris, Trey.” she said with a slight attitude looking up from her phone.“And why do you keep talkin’ for him like he can’t speak?”

Her attitude was crazy towards me and her only legit reason was because I’m a hoe. But if she was my girl then she wouldn’t have to worry about me fuckin’ nobody else cause I’d only fuck her but she don’t see that shit. That ain’t gone stop me from trying and with Trey’s help I was gone get her. No matter how hard she tried to act like she ain’t want a nigga.

“But what I do to you that got you goin’ so hard on a nigga?” I asked. I watched as she rolled her eyes. She shrugged before answering. “How many people have you had sex with Chris?” she questioned.

“Why is that a problem though? What that gotta do with me and you?”

“Everything. You for everybody and I don’t want a nigga like that.”

“From the looks of it you need a nigga like me. I mean you be fuckin’ with some lame ass niggas that do you wrong. I promise you Winter I’m what you need and I’an gone stop ‘till I get you.” I said.

I’ve never been the type to chase a bitch, but I saw something in Winter, something I wanted shit something I needed. I need her. I gotta have her and Im’a get her. She can fight all she wants now, but in due time she’ll be mine.

Have you ever had a girlfriend?” she asked.

“In like middle school, but again, what that gotta do with us?”

Trey got up from the couch kicking Winter, causing me to laugh. These two couldn’t seem to get along to save their damn lives. They were like a set of annoying ass brother and sister. “I’m ‘bout to go find me a bitch to get into while y’all sit down here and discuss this lil’ date you ‘bout to take lil’ sis on.” he said. She rolled her eyes, but didn’t say anything smart. Looks like we’re getting somewhere.

“But like I was sayin.” I said as Trey walked out the room and up the stairs. I couldn’t get over how fucking cute she was. My mama gone be proud of me when I bring her home. Shit, I couldn’t wait to get her ass home, the things I’d do to her little feisty ass. I can’t keep the thoughts of fucking her out my head. It’s just something about her that screams “good pussy.”

“Like you were saying?” she said, snapping me out my thoughts. I watched as she moved from the floor and onto the couch that was sitting next to the couch I was sitting in. Damn she trying to get close to a nigga now? I thought to myself.

Hellooo?” she said, waving her hand in my face. That’s how close she was.

“Yeah.. U-uh, like I was saying, that don’t have shit to do with us. For real Winter I just want to make you happy no bullshit and fuck the shit out of you but that can wait.”

“Why are you so sure you gonna get me? And you can get fuckin’ me out your head.” she said. Too fucking bad I can’t! I laughed before licking my lips.

“God told me. He said “Chris, you know I made Winter for you right? She’s just being disobedient right now, but she’ll realize who was put on this earth for her sooner than later.”

She put her hand over her mouth before laughing. I noticed that’s something she does whenever she laughs. I don’t see why though, I wanted to see that smile. “God did not tell you that.” she said in between laughter.

“I bullshit you not, he did. He told me last night ‘cause he knew we was gone see each other today.”

“You’re an asshole.” she said still laughing. I was happy as hell we were having a normal as conversation and she wasn’t swerving my ass or catching an attitude. A nigga felt like the man right now!

“But tell me about yourself…” I said, looking over at her. She had her knees in the couch with her arms wrapped around them, she was so damn small. Bet my big ass couldn’t do that. The thought’s of fucking the shit out of her little ass came back to my head, really I wanted to quit thinking about her in that way because she meant more than pussy to me but I can’t help it. I want her… all of her.

“Nigga you know everything you need to know about me.”

“No, I don’t.”

“What you wanna know then?” she questioned.

“How many nigga’s you done been with?” Shit, I wanted to know before I wife, her ass up, yeah I know I get around but I don’t want my girl like that too. By the look on her face I could tell she was surprised I asked her that. I shrugged and waited for her to answer.

“What you mean by been with? I’ve been in a few relationships, but I’m a virgin.”

“WHAT?” I yelled before I knew it. “How old are you again?”

She laughed. “23, What does my age have to do with me being a virgin?”

“I mean you just don’t meet a 23 year old virgin every day, Is that why yo’ relationships didn’t last?” I asked. Niggas didn’t know how to act when dealing with females who respected themselves to be honest, finding out she’s never been fucked makes her 10x sexier in my eyes. Now I really gotta make her mine. I want to show her there’s some good niggas out there and I’m one of them. I might not know how to go about doing that relationship shit, but for her I’ma make sure I learn how.

“Yeah.” she said, nodding her head.

“Well, if it makes anything any better I’m still gonna make you mine.”

31. - Don't show the World how Alone you've Become

Lady in a glass dress
I can see right through you
You act like you don’t want this
But you know that you do
Since he broke your heart, girl
You say that you won’t love again
And you won’t let his type girl
But we know in the end

You still dream.


“Mommy please dont make me go”, I stressed for the 10th time as I paced up and down my bedroom while Knoelle stayed laid out across my bed. We had my phone on loudspeaker and my mother was telling us about OUR Christmas plans like we didnt have a choice.

“Lea sweetheart, I want nothing more than to spend the holiday with all my children and the only way to do so is if you attend this dinner”, She stated sternly into the phone causing me to let out an inaudible groan. “I dont even want to see Dominic let alone Malakai or Raheem”, I continued to complain however my mother wasnt hearing none of it.

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Chapter ThirtySeven

~ Two days later ~


Holding Zay close to my body, I rocked him back and forth as we silently watched cartoons in my bedroom. Isaiah had been my only sense of comfort for these past six weeks. Everything about him reminded me of Tyson and so I kept him near at all times, trying to hopelessly close the emptiness I was feeling inside. Not only that but I had also felt a newfound sense of strong protective instincts over my son. Like any mother, the need to protect your child is a natural feeling but since Tyson was arrested I had barely let my son out of my sight.

The reason being was because Isaiah was literally a product of Tyson and I felt like if Ty didn’t make it out of this, I had to hold on the one thing that came from him. The fear of losing them both had me literally going crazy but unfortunately no matter what anyone said or did, that feeling wouldnt go away.

Now snuggled up on Tysons side of the bed, like we had been doing for the past six weeks, I tried to fall asleep though like always it seemed like an impossible task. To go from having someone to wrap yourself around every night, to suddenly nothing at all was a cruel reminder that I may never get to sleep in his arms again. I missed him, I missed him so much that I didnt want to keep living without him and if it hadnt been for Isaiah, Im sure I would have given up already.

The sound of the bedroom door opening caused me look up and find Briana peeking her head in with a sympathetic smile. Gesturing with my head for her to come in, she quietly shut the door before tiptoeing around the bed and climbing in on the side I usually slept on. Fluffing the pillow, she brought it next to mine before resting her head and snuggling up to my side.

Laying in silence as our attention was on the TV, Briana ran her fingers softly through Isaiahs hair until his eyes began to close. Conversations were now a rare occurrence within the house, or maybe just a rare occurrence around me. I found it hard to hold a simple conversation with anyone and even though they tried to get me to open up, I couldn’t find it in me to tell them how I felt. 

I couldn’t speak to anyone about it because no one knew what I was feeling and they just possibly couldn’t understand. How do you tell your best friends that you no longer want to live, if he gets 25 to life? How do you explain to them that it physically hurt to breath because you hadn’t seen his face in six weeks? Or how you refused to sleep without him holding you?

So many things I want to scream out, to vent and let them know that I feel like I’m dying but no one would understand, no one but him. Ten minute rushed phone calls weren’t enough, I needed more. I had so many questions for him, I needed him to tell me over and over again how much he loves me and most of all I needed him to just hold me. Laid out in bed, holding me while not saying a word. Thats whats I needed.

Feeling a tear roll down my cheek, Brianna noticed and instantly her own eyes swelled with tears. This was pretty much what happens on a daily bases, I cry without a word and Briana or Jasmine silently hold me as they shed their own tears.

“Can you come with me somewhere?”, I whispered causing her to look up at me with shock as I barely mumble two words these days, let alone leave the house, “Of course I will”, She said instantly, not even asking where we were going which I was thankful for. Looking down, I sadly smiled at Isaiah who had fallen asleep in my arms. Sitting up, I cradle him close to my chest and slipped off the bed so I could put him to sleep in his own room.

Heading to Isaiahs room, I made sure my baby boy was comfortable in his bed before kissing his cheek and covering him with his blanket. Placed on his bed side table was a picture of us three that was taken on easter morning. We were all cuddled together and had big grins on our faces thanks to the massive breakfast I had surprised them with that morning. A few weeks ago Zay had seen the picture in my photo gallery on my phone and asked if he could put it next to him so he had ‘daddy close’ to him as he slept.

Brushing my fingers over the picture of Ty, I closed my eyes for a moment before setting the photo back down and heading out the room and back to my own. Briana was still laying on the bed watching TV, as I hurried into my walk in and slipped into a simple outfit. Checking myself out in the mirror, I let out a sigh at the state of myself. I had visibly lost a few pounds, my skin was paler from never leaving my room and my eyes were permanently puffy and red from all the crying. 

Shaking my head at the sight, I gathered my keys and mobile before making my way back into my main room where Briana was now standing and waiting for me to go, “We need to sneak out, I dont want any of the boys to come”, I said causing her to instantly nod her head as she linked my arm with hers and lead me out the room. Tiptoeing down the stairs, we headed towards the kitchen and found Jasmine sitting on one of the stools eating away.

Jas was now four and half months pregnant and her belly was growing bigger by the day, not to mention her appetite. Through all the madness, her pregnancy was the one thing that we all looked forward too. I felt terrible for her and J, though. This was suppose to be the happiest time of their life, something to share and celebrate with their family but unfortunately no such celebration had yet to happen as we had all been so stress and occupied by Tyson.

“Hey pretty ladies”, She smiled as she brought up a napkin and wiped the sides of her lips, “How are you feeling?”, I asked her for the first time in a long time, which instantly made me feel like a shitty best friend. Looking over at me with shocked look, her smile quickly became bigger causing me to mirror hers, “Hungry as ever, but thankfully I haven’t thrown up today”, She sighed out in relief causing me to walk up to her and hug her unannounced.

Clearly confused, it took her a few seconds to register before wrapping her own arms around me and hugging me back, “Im so happy for you, I dont think Ive told you that enough”, I sniffled as she rubbed my back softly. I was feeling beyond emotional and if I couldn’t have my family together I could at least be happy for my bestfriends own family.

“You, my dear best friend are the strongest woman I know. Tyson would be so proud”, She whispered in my ear causing my hold on her to become tighter as I tried my hardest not to cry. After what seemed like a eternity later, I finally let go and stepped back to look at them both, “I want to go get a tattoo”, I blurted out causing them both to look at me like I was crazy before grinning.

“Ill stay here with Zay and distract the boys, while you sneak out”, Jas winked causing me to smile. Nodding my head, I gave her one last hug before holding Briannas hand as we snuck out the back door and around the side of the house, “I feel like we are on a mission”, Brianna whispered excitedly causing me to chuckle at how adorable she was, “Wait which car are we taking?”, She asked as I peeked down the driveway to make sure that there were no paparazzi lurking around.

Silently thanking god that it was all clear, I led Briana towards one of Tysons cars and watched as her eyes became wide when I stopped at one of his Lamborghini’s, “No freaking way!”, She whispered as her eyes danced with excitement, “Its not like anyone else is driving them, plus Tyson wont find out, I hope”, I chuckled with a unsure tone before finally shrugging my shoulders and heading around the the drivers side.

Unlocking the car, we both dipped low and sat down in the bucket seats before looking over at each other with excitement, “Wait, you know the guys are going to hear it from inside?”, Briana quickly said causing me to sit back in my chair and think about it for a second before looking over at her with a cheeky smile, “By the time they get out here, we will be long gone”, I winked causing her to clap her hands as she squealed and quickly put her seatbelt on.

Closing my eyes, I tried to remember how Tyson worked the car and within minutes I had it started up and roaring to life, “Oh shit thats loud”, I whispered as we both looked at each other with wide eyes and chuckled. Hitting the button to open up the gates, I slowly started to back out of the driveway and once we were half way down, the front door busted open and Brock, Ace and J stood there looking around.

Spotting the car and realising it was us, their eyes got wide and Brianna started to wave at them as I continued to concentrate and back out as quickly as possible, “Oh no”, I heard her mumble under her breath as I kept my eyes to the rear view mirror, “They coming at full speed, go go go go !!”, She screamed causing my own surprise scream to escape my lips as I backed up onto the street.

Quickly glancing at the drive way I almost screamed again at the sight of the three of them running down the driveway trying to catch up, “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god”, I squealed as I through the gear into drive and accidently did a semi burnout before taking off down the road and leaving a trail of smoke behind us, “Damn Ty is going to be so pissed if I fucked up his tires”, I muttered as I looked over at Briana for a quick second and both busted up with laughter.

It was the first decent smile I have had in weeks and the very first time I had even laughed. Though Tyson was still in my mind and my emotions and feelings were still lingering, I couldn’t help but enjoy the little bit of fun we had just had, “That felt good”, I sighed out with a small smile. Looking over, Briana grabbed my and held it with hers and matched my smile. Reaching over with her other hand, she switched on the radio and turned into some old school tunes. The rest of the car ride was us singing at the top of our lungs to Boney M, TLC, Stevie Wonder, Whitney and a few others.

By the time we pulled up to Sean’s tattoo shop, my cheeks were sore and my voice was raspy from singing so loudly. Parking the lambo at the front of the shop, we made our way out and ignored the curious stares of people hanging out front and passing by. Making sure to lock the car, Briana took a hold of my hand and led me to the front door. Once inside, my gaze washed over the front part of the store, finding people looking through tattoo portfolios and magazines.

“You ladies got an appointment?”, The young guy behind the front counter asked as he looked over at us with a curious look, “No but tell Sean, Briana and Lani are here to see him”, Briana instantly said causing his eyes to go wide with realization, “Shit your Tyson Browns woman!”, He blurted out loudly causing everyone in the shop to go quiet and turn their attention to us.

Frowning at all the attention, Briana looked like she was about to cuss him out although Sean’s head popped out from the back and looked over at us. Instantly he gave us a cheesy grin and came out, “Well well well, if it isnt my two favourite ladies”, He beamed causing my nervousness to wash away as he engulfed us both into a group hug. Sean had been such a good friend to me since I met him a year ago but since the arrest he had been even more amazing. He was the type to never ask me how I was feeling, instead he would come over and cheer me up with movies, jokes and funny stories about tattoos fails and his clients.

It felt good to have a friend around who wasn’t constantly showing that they were worried about you. He made me feel normal, which was something that helped me forget my situation, even if it was for a little while, “Come on lets head back to my office”, He cheesed before looking over at the guy behind the desk and narrowing his eyes at him.

Heading to the back, we walked down the long hallway and reached the last door which was Seans office and working station,”What I do to deserve the visit?”, He asked as I took a seat in his office chair while Briana sat on top of his desk, “We just wanted to see how you were”, Briana shrugged nonchalantly causing him to tilt his head back and laugh.

“You a liar”, He chuckled while shaking his head, “Lemme guess, you wanna get some ink, huh?”, He smirked my way causing me to chuckle as I nodded my head, “Lemme take another guess, something for Tyson?”, He said again this time causing me to raise an eyebrow at him, “Okay you either can read minds or  you know me to well. Im still trying to figure out which one I prefer”, I laughed as I got up from his chair and pulled out a piece of paper from my pocket.

“I want his name, right across my ribs. Big fancy writing”, I explained as I unfolded the paper and showed him the cursive font of his name that I wanted. Looking it over, he nodded his head before looking back up at me, “I can do that, lemme go stencil it and we can get started”, He grinned before taking the paper and headed back out the room.

“Ace is blowing up my phone”, Briana chuckled as she lifted up her iphone and showed me 20 missed calls from him. Pulling my own phone out, I was silently glad I had it on silent as I had over 50 missed calls from all three of the boys, “Damn they gonna be so mad when we get home”, I muttered before looking up at her and chuckled at the thought.

Sean came back into the room a few minutes later and patted the tattooing bed for me to get on. Handing my phone and keys to Briana, I made my way over and jumped up on the bed. Lifting my shirt off, I tossed it to the side and laid back, “You want numbing cream? This your ribs so its gonna hurt like hell”, Sean explained as I closed my eyes and thought about it for a second. Shaking my head, at the thought of me already being numb all over, “Nah just do it, might feel good to feel a different kind of pain”, I muttered under my breath forgetting that I wasnt alone.

The look on both of their faces told me that they had heard. Not wanting to dwell or talk about it, I laid back down, closed my eyes and waited for him to begin. A few seconds of sitting in silence, the sound of the tattoo gun turned on and filled the room. Seconds later any pain of being away from Tyson was replaced by the burning pain of the tattoo gun ripping into my skin. For the first time in six weeks, I let out a sigh of relief. 

It took Sean an hour and a bit to finish the whole process and by the time he was done my whole side was numb. Setting his gun down, he pushed his chair back a bit and got a better look at his work, “Yo I am one talented mother fucker”, He praised himself causing me to chuckle as I slowly sat up. Grabbing a mirror from off the bench, he held it up for me and I got to examine my newest tattoo. My eyes water at the very sight of his name and I couldn’t help but smile at the artwork Sean had done, “It looks amazing, thank you”, I mumbled as I slid off the bed and gave him a hug.

Pulling out 10 crisp hundred dollar bills, I placed them on his desk while he wasn’t looking as I knew he wouldn’t take money from me, “What about you B, you bout this tatt life?”, He smirked as he slyly made his way over and started to pinch her sides, “Quit it”, She laughed as she swatted his hands away and hopped off the table, “And maybe next time, I need to think about what I want”, She shrugged just as Seans phone started going off. 

Holding up his hand, he pulled the iphone out of his pocket and looked down at the name with narrowed eyes before looking up at us with a raised eyebrow, “Ace, what up man?”, Sean said as he answered the phone and brought it up to his ear, “Yea they here”, He replied just as Briana and I started shaking our head and gesturing with our hands not to say we were here.

Realising his mistake he shrugged his shoulders and continued to listen to whatever Ace was saying. Soon his eyes became wide and I looked over at Briana who looked just as confused as I did, “Ight, Ill let her know”, He mumbled before hanging up and putting the phone back in his pocket, “First off y’all both foul for dipping out like that. Have em all worried and shit. Second why you got phones if you aint gonna use them? Shit could have been an emergency”, Sean grilled us as we both stayed silent as he was right.

“Lastly, y’all better take yo asses home cause Tyson some how managed to get the court date moved up so instead of another 6 weeks, it gonna be tomorrow”, He explained as my heart literally started pumping a thousand miles a minute. Holding onto Brianas arm, I leaned back against the table and desperately tried to decide if this was a good thing or not.

Pro was that I would finally get to see him in the courtroom. Con was that the trial was pushed forward which meant the future of Tyson was going to be determined sooner. I still hadnt prepared myself in case he was convicted and the fact that it was all going down tomorrow scared the hell out of me.

“You okay?”, Briana whispered cautiously as she knew better than anyone that I hated when people asked that, “I dont know”, I whispered truthfully as I wiped my cheeks with the back of my hands. Realising I was still in just a bra, I pointed towards the cream and allowed Sean to attend to the after care. No one spoke as he worked quickly before wrapping it up and handing me my shirt. Slipping it back on, I took my keys and phone from Briana and nodded my head towards the door, “You need me to come through tonight?”, Sean asked with concern for the first time in six weeks.

“Its okay, Im just going to try and get some sleep tonight. Its going to be a long day tomorrow”, I sighed as I gave him one last hug, “Ight just have one of the boys message me what time court is tomorrow and Ill try pull through”, He muttered as he opened the door and led us out.

This time when we made it to the front of the shop a groan escaped my lips as there were 5 or so paparazzi lurking at the front and taking pictures of the car, “So much for Tyson not finding out we used his car”, Brianna said light which caused me to let out a little chuckle at the thought, “Lemme walk you out. Yo Cameron come help”, Sean called out causing a big tall man who looked like he belonged in the army to appear from the back.

“Help me get my girls to their car”, He nodded his head out to the front showing him the circus that was starting up. Linking my arm with hers, Briana stood close to me as Sean opened the shop door and led us out while Cameron stood close pushing people back. Keeping our heads down, we ignored the hundreds of questions being thrown our way and I let go of Briana’s hand so I get head to the drivers seat.

Opening the door for me, Sean helped me in before sending me a grin as he closed the door. Strapping my belt on, I looked over to make sure Briana was in safely and once we were both okay, I turned the car on and started to pull out, “Run them over”, Briana glared as a few stood in front of the car trying to get last minute pictures in. Beeping my horn, I revved the car which sent them scattering back to the sidewalk and taking the opportunity, I hit the gas and sped out of the media circus we were stuck in.

I sped the entire way home and the silence that lingered in the air was almost deafening. My mind was running a mile a minute and all I could do was silently pray to God that Tyson would finally come home. Gripping the steering wheel tight, I hit the button that opened the gates and let out a low groan at the sight of Brock, J and Ace sittin on the front steps of the house, “We about to be blasted into next century”, Briana mumbled in annoyance as I let out a sigh and drove up the driveway.

“Here we go”, I muttered as their heads shot up at the sound of the car pulling up. Parking the lambo in front of the garage, I turned it off and slowly got out the car trying my hardest not to bump my fresh tattoo. Closing the door, I headed around to the side and allowed Briana to stand behind me as we made our way to the stairs where the boys were now mugging us.

“Dont start”, I sighed as I walked up a few steps and turned around so I could sit down on it with them, “Cant be pulling that shit Lani”, J mumbled as I rested my elbows on the step above it and leaned my body back, “I needed to get out”, I mumbled as rested my head against Brocks shoulder.

“Thats fine, but next time you take one of us. Dont be running out on us Lani, we trying to protect you”, Brock added as I shook my head, “Tyson really needs to relax with all this ‘protecting’ shit”, I huffed with annoyance as I knew truly well that Tyson has been drilling each and everyone of them about taking care of us. 

“You got new ink?”, Ace quickly asked so we could change the subject which I was thankful for,“Yep”, I grinned as I stood up. Standing in front of them all, I lifted up my shirt and showed off my new tattoo on my ribs, “Oh shit King gonna be feeling himself when he see that”, Ace hollered loudly as the boys laughed with agreement, “Forreal though that looks hella dope”, J said just as Jasmine came out and made her way down the stairs so she could sit with us.

“So whats going on with Ty’s trial?”, I asked once everyone had settled down and were paying attention. As soon as I ask the question everyone turned their attention towards Brock, “Its been moved up to tomorrow, so Imma need y’all to rest up cause we got a big day tomorrow”, He said as I kicked a small rock from the sidewalk and onto the grass.

“Why the change, is everything okay?”, I asked as negative thoughts started to fill my mind, “I’ono how he managed it but Ty pulled some strings to get it moved up”, Brock shrugged as everyone looked around with curious eyes. Letting out a sigh, I started to make my way back up the stairs as I felt like I needed to lay down for a bit. “Im going to see if I can have a nap. What times court tomorrow?”, I asked as I stopped at the top step and looked behind me.

“11:00, be ready by 10:30 though”, J said as I nodded my head and quickly made my way inside. Jogging up the stairs I didnt stop until I made it into my bedroom and rested my back against the door. In the comfort of my room, I sluggishly made my way over to our bed and crawled onto Tysons side. Grabbing his pillow, I hugged it into my body while trying to take in his scent that still lingered. 

Pretending it was him I was holding, I felt my eyes get heavy and before I knew it I was passed out.


9:30 The next morning everyone in the house was on super sonic speed and rushing around like chickens with their heads cut off. It was obviously we were all nervous and on edge but the way we were acting you’d think that the world was coming to an end. I guess thats what it kind of felt like though. If Tyson didnt make it out of this and he was convicted then MY world would definitely feel like it was coming to an end.

I had gotten 5 hours sleep last night and that was more than what I have had in weeks. Though it wasn’t much, I still ending up waking up a little bit fresher than I had before. My morning consisted of having a shower and washing my hair. Blow drying and straightening it. Giving Zay a shower as well as breakfast before finally leaving him in the care of Lenny and Lacy while I went back upstairs to start getting ready.

Now everyone else in the crew had already retreated back to the rooms that they claimed and had been staying in since Tysons arrest. Heading into my own room I was thankful that I had already laid out my outfit on the bed, this morning, I shut my bedroom door and started striping out of my sweats and cami. Sitting back on the bed, I slid into a tight fitted pair of skinny jeans, before eyeing out my top. 

Remembering to rub some aftercare cream on my tattoo that was still sore, I rubbed it in evenly before grabbing my white sweater and slipping it on. Next I choice a pair of heels that Ty had brought me for my birthday and finished off my look with a few piece of jewellery, also gifts from Tyson.

As soon as I was dressed, I headed to our walk in and started on my hair with the flat iron and proceeded to apply some natural looking make up on. Feeling decent enough, I slipped on my engagement ring before standing up and heading to the floor length mirror. I let out an exhausted sigh at the drained look on my face but let myself have a little praise at my choice in outfit. It had been a while since I had really dressed up and put on makeup and it had been a long time since I felt beautiful.

Mustering up a small smile, I looked back at my reflection in the mirror and couldn’t help but feel proud of myself for the first time ever. Time and time again had I heard my family and friends tell me how strong I was but never had I seen it until right in this moment. I some how managed to live through so much terrible shit and I was still standing tall after so many years of heartbreak, hurt and up’s and down’s.

Smoothing out my hair one last time, I grabbed my things and switched off the light before heading out my room and down the stairs. Everyone was sitting around the kitchen table, all dressed and ready for the court hearing today. Spotting me entering the room, Zay jumped off Lenny’s lap and ran over, crashing his small body into my legs.

“There’s my handsome boy”, I grinned as I leant down and picked him up in my arms. Wrapping his legs around my waist, Zay rested his head on my chest as he played with my hair, “I come mommy”, He plead with a frown causing me to pout as he was just too adorable for words, “You cant baby, but if you be a good boy for grandpa Lenny and grandma Lacy, mommy will bring you back a surprise”, I whispered in his ear causing him to instantly start nodding his head, “I be good mommy”, He grinned before meeting my awaiting lips with his own.

Giving him a few more kissing, I sat him on his feet and held his hand as I took him back over to the group, “We gotta get going”, Brock spoke up causing us all to subconsciously look down at our own phones and watches for the time. Letting out an unsteady breath, I nodded my head and allowed the crew to lead me out of the house and towards the two SUV’s waiting outside. 

Forty minutes later we had pulled out front of the courthouse and pushed through a mob of paparazzi. The word had gotten out that Tysons trial started today and so naturally everyone was buzzing with gossip and cameras. Keeping my head down the entire way, the crew sandwiched me in, making it hard for the paps to get any decent pictures. Once inside we went through the security process and as always it took longer than necessary and was a complete drag.

By the time we walked into the courtroom, the entire room was filled out minus the front row of Tysons side as it had been reserved for us. Jas and Jeremiah were the first to slide in, followed by myself, than Briana and Ace and lastly Brock. Remy, Mark and another man had already been seated in front of the desk and as soon as we sat down all three of them turned around. 

“You all good?”, Remy asked as he looked over all of us before stopping his gaze on me, “How this looking, give us some good news man?”, Ace spoke up ignoring his question as we all really didn’t even know how to answer him, “Honestly? Ty aint give us much to work on, he been hella tight lipped about this whole situation”, Remy muttered as he let out a frustrated sigh while I felt my stomach drop. I wanted to be mad at Tyson, I wanted to cuss him out and yell at him for not trying harder to clean this mess up. But I couldnt. The hurt of not having him with me out weighed any other emotion I was feeling.

Noticing the courtroom had quietened down, we all shifted our attention towards the side door where they entered in with the prisoners. Holding my breath as the door opened, I held onto Brianas hand tightly as an officer appeared followed by Tyson and another officer behind him. Feeling my eyes swell up, I took in his appearance. Keeping his head down as they walked him in, I noticed that his curls had grown out, his cheeks had shrunken in and fists bandaged and cuffed behind his back.

Approaching the desk, he turned around facing us so they could take off his cuffs although not once did he look up. Wiping the tears off my cheeks, I closed my eyes for a few moments, willing myself not to break down then and there. As soon as I re opened my eyes, my lips parted with a small gasp as they met his own eyes. His beautiful brown eyes. Though he looked absolutely run down and drained, I was more than surprised when I found him grinning with a mischievous look in his eyes.

I watched as his eyes roamed my body before landing back onto my face where he looked at me like I was the greatest thing on earth. My heart was beating so hard and fast that I was sure it was causing my chest to visibly move up and down, “God damn I love you”, He muttered under his breath before subtly shaking the officers hand without breaking our contact. Frowning with confusion I looked over at the officer and realised that Tyson hadnt’ given him a hard time and willingly let him take his cuffs off and move away without a fuss.

Narrowing my eyes, my eyes scanned over his name badge and wondered with curiosity why Tyson was being friendly with a officer whose name was ‘O’Brien’. Looking over I noticed the boys also watching on with a wary look as they watched the scene play out. “Can I kiss her?”, Tyson asked the officer for permission causing my eyes to go wide as I was now well and truly confused. Even while sane, Tyson would NEVER be this nice and cooperative, so I had no idea what was going on.

“Sure man, hurry before the judge comes in though”, Officer O’Brien said as he turned his back to give us privacy which I thought was funny considering the whole court was pretty much watching our interaction. Looking back over, Tyson nodded his head and stood close to the barrier that separated us. Standing up from my seat I took a step forward and without waiting a second I pressed my lips against his, melting into it him like he was the air I was breathing.

Wrapping his arms around my waist, he held me closer towards his body as we continued to kiss each other like never before. The clearing of someones throat reminded us we weren’t alone and after a few more pecks to the lips, Tyson and I pulled away, “I miss you so much”, He mumbled in a strained voice that literally broke my heart. Before I could even begin to tell him just how much I missed him as well, Officer O’Brien turned around and gestured with his head, the court session starting.

“Ill be home today”, He mumbled in my ear before kissing my lips once more time and turning back around so he could get into his seat. Feeling breathless and a slightly bit uneasy, I sat back down in my seat and pressed my fingers onto my pink, swollen lips, trying to hold onto the feel of his own against mine.

“All rise”, They called out causing everyone to stand up immediately, including Tyson which had everyone looking around with raised eyebrows. Once the judge came into view, he gestured for everyone to sit back down and before I knew it court was in session. I sat there the entire time with sweaty palms and a heartbeat that felt like it was going to explode due to how fast and hard it was beating.

We watched in silence as they presented the evidence and theories as to how Tyson killed Adrianna. My eyes watered as they played the video that had Tyson stepping out of a taxi and heading into an unfamiliar apartment building which they said was hers. Next they had photos showing a bottle of painkillers I had never seen before but had his name and dosage intake printed on a sticker that was on the bottle. Not only that they had DNA testing that proved his fingerprints on the bottle. 

An hour later of them presenting different pieces of information and evidence, I was left with a knot in my stomach and a heavy heart. Everything they had shown, was a direct link to Tyson and I had no idea why he was so confident he thought he would be able to get out of this. 

Reaching into her bag, Jasmine pulled out a few tissues and handed them to me so I could dry my eyes and cheeks. At this point I felt nothing but protective instincts and anger. I wanted to jump over the barrier and yell and scream at every and anybody trying to lock him away. I wanted to wrap my arms around him and take him far away so no one could ever speak ill towards him again. Most of all I wanted to tell him every single day for the rest of our lives just how much I loved every inch of him.

And it hurt that I might not be able to ever get to do that for him.

Wiping the thoughts from my mind, I keep my gaze to the front of me and watched with wide eyes as Tyson unexpectedly stood up. Catching everyone off guard, the room became visibly silent and everyones attention was put on him.

“Your honor if its okay I would like to represent myself”, Tyson said causing a lump to form in my throat as gasps and whispers erupted throughout the room. Looking over at Remy to see if this was some sort of plan of theirs, I felt my heart drop to the pit of my stomach as he sat there with wide eyes and his mouth hanging open.

“Tyson what the hell are you doing?”, J whispered angrily as Mark was now standing up trying to convince him otherwise, “Order, order”, The judge yelled as he used his gavel to silence everyone. Within a second the room was once again sent into silence, “Mr Brown are you sure this is what you want? Maybe we should take a recess so you can discuss this with your team”, The judge suggested causing Remy and Mark to start nodding their head although Tyson shook his own, “I want to represent myself”, Ty again stated clearly as I placed over my stomach desperately trying not to be sick.

“The floor is yours”, The judge motioned causing Tyson to step out of his seat. Walking over to the side, Officer O’Brien handed him a thick A4, yellow envelope which he took and headed back to his table, “Your honor the footage of me entering the apartment building was on the 9th of April at 2:55pm. Two days after Adrianna attacked my fiancee in a club bathroom”, Tyson said causing myself to control my facial reactions as I knew people would be watching me to see my reactions.

“Do you footage of me entering into her apartment building two days later? Yes. Did I know she lived there? No. You see your honor after the fight went down in the club, I spent the next two days at my brothers house and I had no vehicle might I add. Jeremiah?”, Tyson called back over his shoulder, causing J’s eyes to widen before quickly standing up, “Thats true your honor, he stayed at my apartment two days and I drove him to mine so he had no car during that time, Adrian and my girlfriend are also witnesses”, J rushed out before quickly sitting down as he realised he just interrupted a court case.

“Objection!”, The head lawyer on the other side yelled out, “You honor I do not see what this has to do with anything”, He chuckled uneasily before meeting Tysons glare.

“If you just shut your mouth and sit yo ass down then you will find out once I finish”, Ty spat out causing the judge to quickly start using his gavel to silence everyone.

“Silence! Overruled, Brown continue”, He pointed to the other side before looking at Tyson and allowing him to continue what he was saying. Holding up the envelope, he placed his hand in and fumbled around in silence before pulling a few papers outs.

“This here your honor is a photo of me getting out of a cab in front of the apartment complex. You see you honor, like I said I had no car and therefore had no way to get home. Hence why I called and booked a cab and had them delivered to the apartment building. Your honor if you could be so kind to read out the name and number in the second paragraph?”, Tyson asked as he held up the paper and walked over to the bailiff who took it and handed it to the judge.

By now we were all literally sitting on the edge of our seats. What Tyson was getting at with all this was a huge mystery and that made it all more nerve racking, “Bruce Ray Jackson, Apartment 35, level 8. Tenant since 27th of July 2009”, The judge called out causing everyone to look around with confused expressions while Tyson let out a satisfied sigh and headed back to the table.

“Brock your license please?”, Tyson asked as he held out his hand while Brock stood up and fished in his pocket for his wallet. Opening it up he took his ID and handed it over to Tyson with a smirk causing realization to come crashing down on me. Dropping my jaw in shock I watched as he held the ID up to his face before turning back to the judge and jury with his own cocky smirk, “Bruce Ray Jackson”, He read out loud before opening his arms out like he had just done something glorious.

The crew on the other hand all turned their attention to Brock with narrowed eyes, “You live there?”, J asked with a confused tone while I shook my head, “You mean you knew and you didnt tell me this whole time?”, I asked with hurt all laced in my tone.

“Wait, your real name is Bruce Ray Jackson?”, Ace asked with all seriousness before holding his stomach as he laughed while Brock sucked his teeth and flipped him off, “Now as you all know, Brock has been my personal security for the past three years. Now if you were smart enough you would put two and two together but unfortunately we arent working with very bright people”, Tyson sighed dramatically while I sat there speechless at everything that was unfolding in front of me .

“Here I have photos from inside the elevator at the apartment building, showing me clearly stopping and getting off at level 8 and not on level 6 which as according to that paper in your hand is Adriannas level”, Tyson shrugged as if what he was saying wasn’t a big deal but in truth he was pretty much calling out the entire investigating team in the middle of court.

Handing the photographs to the balieff, he handed an additional several other papers before walking up and down the courtroom like he owned the place, “The first paper in your hand is the camera footage of the elevator as well as the time and date on the bottom. 2:59pm”, Ty called out loudly so that they jury could hear the pieces being put together.

“The second paper is a text message sent from my phone at 3:02pm and was sent to Brock, your honor please read it out?”, Tyson asked again as he turned and gave him his full attention. Looking down at the paper, the judge looked back up with a raised eyebrow before letting out a sigh and looking back down. “Yo ‘n’ word, Im outside yo door. Open up before I bust this ‘b’ word, down”, The judge read out causing a bunch of snickering to erupt in the courtroom while our entire row had our heads down trying our hardest not to laugh.

“Alight, alright. Very funny. Continue Brown”, The judge mumbled lightly although you could tell he was trying not to crack a smile, “Appreciate it your honor. Brock what you do when you got the message, matter of fact I’d like to call Brock up to the witness stand”, Tyson called out causing everyone to wait for the judge to agree. Nodding his head, Brock stood up and made his way through the little wooden doors and headed over to the witness stand. 

Holding up his hand, he swore not to lie under oath before taking a seat in the chair, “Brock, what did you do when you got the message?”, Tyson asked instantly as everyone watched on, “I opened up the door and let you in.”, Brock stated simply as Tyson nodded his head, satisfied with his answer, “Your honor, the second paper handed to you is a email, send from my email, using Brocks computer. The email shows that the email was sent to one of my coaches at exactly 3:26, that was 13 minutes after Brock opened up for me. Now 13 minutes was enough for me to log on, type up the email and send it off, am I right?”, Tyson asked as he looked around and earned a bunch of head nods from the jurors, judge and even some from the audience.

“If you would please look at the third page you honor you will see that it is another photograph. Again in the elevator and this time Brock is picture in there with me. If you see closely we are headed to the underground carpark and if you have a look in the bottom right the time says?”, He asked with a raised eyebrow.

“3:32”, The judge announced as I felt my lips begin to tug up right at how this was all playing out in our favour, “So that was a total of 6 minutes for me logoff my email, shutdown the computer get our stuff together and head down to the underground car park where Brock’s car was parked. Brock where did you take me when we left your place?”, Tyson asked as he looked over with his hands in the pockets of his orange jumpsuit.

“Straight back to your house”, Brock stated with a trumpet tone that had be grinning while I shook his head, “Your honor, last two pages please”, Tyson called out as he waited for the judge to shuffle through all the papers spread across his desk.

“Your honor, the first one you’re holding up is a documented transcript of all the prescribed medication given to me in the last three years. If you scroll through the list you will find that the bottle of painkillers that were found at Adriannas house was lastly prescribed almost two years ago. A bottle that I haven’t seen since kicking Adrianna out of my house 19 months ago”, Tyson explained as I literally sat there feeling every little piece of doubt drain from my body like a bad toxin.

“The last page your holding is a copy of the DNA of my fingerprints found on the bottle. I had some 2 experts down at the hospital run it over again and they found some pretty interesting information that the investigating team decided to overlook”, Tyson said as he looked over at the team and gave them a smug look.

“The results implicate that the fingerprints found on the bottle were at least over a year and a half old”, The judge read out before lifting up his head and giving a raised eyebrow at Detective Hawkins and his team, who now all had their head hanging low at all the humiliation being delivered their way.

“It looks to me your honor, that this investigation was, please excuse my language, a big waste of my mother fucking time. As you can see, all their evidence is a bunch of bullshit that they put together to go along with their over imaginative minds. Now if you dont mind, I just spent the last six weeks in prison for no fuckin reason. SO if we could wrap this up, Id love to spend some time with my wife and see my son”, Tyson smugly announced as he opened up his arms and looked around like he was a god. 

Flipping the bird to a red faced Detective Hawkins, Tyson came over to the desk and sent me a wink before taking a seat in his chair and sat back as he raised his feet on the table, “Brown”, The judge warned causing Ty to chuckle as he held his hands up in surrender and took his feet off the table.

“Hawkins, I hope you realise you know longer have a steady case. Looking at these reports, I dont see why suicide was ruled out, considering this girl has a long list of medical history with depression and a number of suicide scares”, The Judge huffed in annoyance as Hawkins looked over at the judge with wide eyes and stood up.

“I-I-I dont know what you are talking about, I check her medical histories and it didnt have anything like that”, Hawkins panic frantically as he shuffled through his documents trying to find something, “I have it right here Hawkins. Im going to have to speak to your supervisor because this is simply unacceptable. This case is dismissed, Tyson you are free to go and a Detective Hawkins is ordered to make a public apology tomorrow in front of a press confession. Court dismissed”, The judge yelled as he hit his gavel and stood up while Detective Hawkins rushed out of his seat trying to catch up to him.

I on the other hand was out of my seat in a second, rushing out of the row, Tyson pushed through the wooden doors and picked my body up as I launched myself at him. Not caring who was watching and thankful I was wearing jeans, I wrapped my legs around his waist and held him tight as we buried our faces in each others necks. Pulling away just enough so I could see his face, I crushed my lips onto his as a round of applause erupted throughout the room.

“Dont. You. Ever. Leave. Me. Again”, I mumbled in between pecks, trying my hardest to compose myself but in reality all I wanted to do was keep kissing him until my lips were bruised, “Feels so good to hold you”, Tyson whispered as his hands roamed my back before setting me down and placing his hands on either side of my face.

Looking up at him with watery eyes, I let them roll down my cheeks as I took in every last detail of his handsome face, “I think Im ready to go home”, He muttered causing a chuckle to escape my lips as I nodded my head and cried at being so overwhelmed. Remembering Tyson had a ton of other people dying to see him, I moved out of the way and allowed Ace to pounce on him while laughing.

“Ma nigga Ma nigga. Bruh you just shut shit downnnnnnnnnnn”, He hollered out loud, while him and Ty embraced in a hug, although Tyson refused to let go of my hand, “Man I’on know why y’all had any doubt. You forgetting who I am?”, Ty mumbled cocikly as he looked around and flashed the boys a smirk.

Moving a side, J took his turn hugging it out with him before patting his back and allowing the girls to get in, “I dont care if you dont do hugs with anyone but Lani. You about to take this hug nigga and you better like it too”, Briana warned as she wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and embraced Ty in a hug. Letting out a chuckle, Ty hugged her back and kissed her head before giving Jas a hug as well, “Look at you”, He grinned as he put his hand on her rounded belly before patting J on the shoulder with a proud look.

“Yea man, half way there”, Jeremiah beamed causing me to grin at how excited he was, “Lets get you home and we can all discuss what the hell just went down”, Remy chimed in causing everyone to nod their heads in agreement, “I got yo clothes here bra, bathroom outside where you can change”, Brock said as he pulled out a bag I hadn’t realised he was carrying, “You seem awfully prepared. You just knew he was getting out huh?”, I accused causing him to give me a grin that said ‘please dont kill me’.

“Dont blame Brock, Imma explain when we get home. Lemme just get outta these clothes and get me the fuck home”, Ty muttered as he took the bag from Brock and held my hand as we began making his way out of the courtroom. Allowing him space to get changed, we all stood in the hallway silent as we still tried to let what happened sink in. Tyson went from causing havoc in jail and looking at 25 to life, to a damn lawyer and walking free, all in less than 2 hours. It made no sense at all but I knew better than anyone not to question anything Tyson did.

Spending 15 minutes in the bathroom, Tyson came out looking much more relaxed and comfortable in a pair of sweats and a hoodie. Eyes landing on me as soon as he exited, he let out a sigh of relief before coming over and wrapping his arm around my shoulder as he held my close to his body, “Lets get outta here. I wanna see my little man so bad”, Ty mumbled as he kissed my head and rested his head on top of mine for a moment.

It took us a good 40 minutes to get back home and the entire time was spent in silence as I sat on Tysons lap and silently took each other in. His hands roamed all over my body, desperately trying to touch me as much as possible as he had six weeks of separation to make up for. My lips had turned numb long ago thanks to all the kisses we shared and all I wanted to do now was lay in his arms forever. We didnt need speak out loud how much we missed and loved each other before our actions spoke volumes itself.

My eyes were closed and my face was rested in the crook of his neck as I left kisses while my fingers ran through his outgrown hair, “We’re home”, He whispered in my ear before kissing my earlobe and cheek while running his hand up and down my legs, “Ty?”, I mumbled as Brock switched the car off and everyone started to file out of the two cars. Tyson and I on the other hand stayed seated, looking at each other with so much love that it was overwhelming, “I dont think I can ever go through that again”, I whispered truthfully as I literally didnt think my heart would able to survive it if we ever had to go through something like that again.

“I promise you it aint ever gonna happen again”, He mumbled with regret as he tucked my hair behind my ear and ran his fingers across my cheek. Hearing the sound of Isaiah squealing from inside the house, a grin slowly formed on both of our faces. Quickly opening the door, I slid off Tysons lap and helped him out of the car just as Zay’s little body came running out the front doors.

“Careful bra”, Ace chuckled as he held his hand down the stairs and let go so Zay could run across to Tyson. Looking up, Ty wore the biggest grin Id ever seen and as soon as Zay looked up from running down the stairs he broke out into a little run, “DADDYYYYYYY”, He screamed as everyone started laughing at the cuteness. Getting on his knees, Ty opened his arms and allowed Zay to crash his small body into his dads, “My little man”, Tyson cheesed as he scooped him up in his arms and began placing kissed all over his head and face.

“You miss me ?”, Ty asked as held him up in the air like he was miniature superman, “I miss you, you miss Zaya?”, Zay asked causing my cheeks to hurt due to smiling so hard at my boys, “I missed you the most”, Ty said before kissing his baby lips and looking over at me with a wink, “I missed you more”, Ty mouthed causing me to laugh as I linked my arm with his and began heading into the house.

The next three hours was spent with everyone catching up and telling Tyson what had been going down over these weeks that he had been away. Lacy, Lenny and Sean were there and we also had visits from Tys coaches and team members, welcoming him home. Isaiah stayed stuck to Ty’s hip and even went as far as making Tyson go with him to the toilet, get food and play with Mason together. 

I on the other hand was pretty silent throughout the whole time. I pretty much sat back and observed from a far as everyone laughed and joked around with him. It wasn’t until Zay had knocked out and everyone but the crew had left, that Tyson looked over at me with a curious look, “I barely heard you mumble two words”, He muttered as he stood up from his lounge chair and made his way over to where I was.

Dont get me wrong, I was more than ecstatic that Tyson was home but I was as confused as ever. I didn’t understand anything that had gone down in the courtroom and I knew it wasn’t going to rest in my mind until Tyson laid everything out to me. Shrugging my shoulders at his statement, I stood up and passed by him and headed straight towards his office.

Closing the door behind me, I headed straight for his mini bar and poured myself a glass of whiskey. Tysons bar had become a frequent visit for most of us throughout the past few weeks and I had know been able to hold my liquor. Heading to his large window, I leaned against the edge of it and looked out to the view of the beach. Bringing my glass up to my lips, I swallowed a large amount of the liquid just as the sound of the door opening could be heard.

Looking over my shoulder, I watched as Tyson, Brock, Remy, J, Ace, Jas and Brianna entered in causing me to raise an eyebrow, “Switch your phones off and put em in here”, Brock instructed causing everyone to pull their phones out and do as instructed. Tyson on the other hand made his way over to me before narrowing his eyes at the glass in my hand. Without saying a word, he took it out of my hands and downed the rest of the contents with one go before slamming the glass down on the desk.

“So you wanna tell us how the fuck you pulled this all off and how you got mixed up in the first place?”, Ace asked as everyone began taking seats around the lounge couches that were in his office. Standing in front of the desk he leaned back against it as he lit up a cigarette and gestured for me to take a seat. Letting out a sigh, I sat on the edge of the couch and looked over at him with a confused gaze.

“Whats going on Ty?”, I asked as he puffed on his cigarette and looked around the room, “Man I done told every nigga you aint kill her, didnt I tell all you’s?”, J beamed as he looked around waiting for someone to say that he was right, “I did kill her”, Ty said nonchalantly causing me to choked on my own spit while I looked up at him with wide eyes.

“What did you just say?”, I whispered as I stood up and placed my hand over my mouth in shock, “I. Killed. That. Hoe”, Ty said as he broke it down like we were all slow or something, “Wait, but, but? The case and the evidence? You? What? How?”, Jeremiah stumbled over his words as he too stood up looking confused as ever.

“You said you didnt kill her”, I said in a raised tone, while my chest began to raise and fall due to how hard I was breathing, “Of course I said I didnt, you think Imma admit to that shit in a police station where they could be listening? Come on Lani”, He chuckled as I began shaking my head furiously, confused and some what hurt by what was going on.

“See now I done told you niggas, that he did it”, Ace boomed with pride and laughter as he stood up and dapped Tyson before freezing as he noticed everyones mugs, “And you ! Why didnt you tell me it was your apartment Brock? You saw me cry myself to sleep every night, thinking the worse and you said nothing!”, I heard myself yell towards Brock while my tears began to blur my vision. 

“Lani”, I heard Tyson sigh, though I held my hand up not wanting to hear anymore excuses, “Shut up Tyson, for once in your fucken life just shut up !”, I yelled towards him while he looked over at me with a strained face, “Let him explain Lani”, I heard J mumble as he came over and wrapped his arm around my shoulder allowing me to break down into his chest.

“Lani”, Ty once again tried, this time his laced was filled with pleading and regret. Knowing that he was making his way over, I quickly lifted my head and shook it causing him to stop in his tracks, “Stay right there, you dont come near me until you explain everything”, I warned him through my tears. He looked like he wanted to object to it, he wanted to come and hold me but I wasn’t giving in this time.

Letting out a frustrated sigh, he walked back to the desk and rested back against it again, “Ive been plotting to take that bitch out for a minute now. Adrianna had been fucking some cop down at the station, she told him if anything happens to her, it was most likely done by me. Few days later she shows up at Zay’s birthday, trying once last time to try and get me. I was gonna let that shit slid, but after the fight in the club you know I had to take her out”, Tyson stated nonchalantly as everyone sat there in silence taking in what he was saying.

“Brah you was doing so good though, why couldnt you just ignore that shit man? Get a AVO on her or something norm-”, Jeremiah said only to quickly stop himself, “Something normal people would do?”, Tyson finished off for him while chuckling bitterly. “Lemme tell you something you already know. When it comes to Lani, you know I would kill a motherfucking police officer in front of a judge if I had too. Dont know one threatens or raises a hand at her and gets away with that. I dont play that shit man. I didn’t play back then and I sure as hell dont play now. Remember that!”, Tyson spat out while I slowly felt my own anger deteriorate due to feeling so exhausted. Slowly sitting back on the edge of the couch, Ty rubbed his jaw with his bandaged fist before looking back over at us.

“I knew I couldnt kill her without fingers pointed my way, thanks to her little pig she was fucking. So I killed her and made it look like it was me but made sure I could prove myself innocent”, Tyson explained causing everyones face to scrunch up with confusion besides Brock who obviously knew all about this plan.

Pushing off the desk, Tyson walked around the couches and headed towards me, not caring what I had said before. Missing him so much, I held my tongue and allowed him to wrap his arms around my neck , from behind and leaned down so he could his kiss my cheek as he wiped my cheeks with his hand, “I dont understand”, I whispered as he sat behind me and allowed me to rest my body back against his.

“Whats not to understand? I wanted her dead, I knew if she died they would come for me and try to link it all up. I couldnt afford for them to start digging into my history or medical history so I made it easy for them. I gave them the evidence they needed to try and convict me, but I was one step ahead”, He said again this time causing the wheels in my head to start turning. Turning around in his grasp, I looked up at his big brown eyes, “But how did you do it and when?”, I asked the one question I knew everyone was dying to know.

“I did it on that day I left J’s. Brock and I had it all planned out. I purposely went straight to his, made sure cameras caught me on the street and elevator. Stopped off on Brocks level, which he does live there by the way, then I shot him the text before making my way to the fire escape stairs, went down to her floor. Got in. Slapped that bitch around a bit, while Brock was sending the email to coach, which was also just a piece of evidence for us to use, shoved a few pills down her throat, which I found in her draw. Crazy bitch took em with her when she broke in to our old house. When she got drowsy from the pills, I put that hoe in the bath, held her under which was pretty easy cause she was practically passed out. Headed back up the fire escape, got into the elevator with Brock and left like nothing ever happened”, Tyson stated proudly before standing up and dapping a chuckling Brock. 

The rest of us on the other hand sat there with shocked expressions. I had no idea if I should be angry with him or impressed. I knew killing was never the answer but even I had to give him props for being so damn smart about it, “So why you aint just tell us man? Why have us so worried this whole time, the least you could have done was tell us”, Jeremiah grumbled angrily as he shook his head.

Shrugging his shoulders, Ty let out a chuckle, “Just cause I had a plan didn’t mean it would all work out the way I wanted it too, I wasn’t about to have y’all having yo hopes up only for this all to backfire. It was better this way”, Ty explained as I looked down at my hands while trying to process everything that was happening right now, “So why did you wait 6 weeks to finally defend yourself and lay everything out in court. You could have straightened this mess out from the very beginning?”, I frowned as I stood up while placing my hands on my hips.

“Lani I was manic this whole time, you know better than anyone I do shit that makes no sense when Im black. You think clearing my name was on my mind? Nah, YOU were on my mind. Everyday of every minute it was you that took up every thought, straight up, I was too busy thinking about you the whole time that I practically forgot what I was doing in there the first place. It wasnt until I spoke to you three days ago, when everything hit. I woke up sane the next day and after offering O’Brien a couple hundred G’s he helped me out put all the evidence together”, Tyson explained as I looked at him with my mouth hanging opened with a dumbfounded look across my face.

“Plus I thought a few weeks in lockdown would be good for me. You know freshen up the good ole manic side”, Tysons shrugged nonchalantly while I had to talk myself out of slapping the shit out of him, "Yoooooooooo only you would sit in solitary confinement for no other reason besides the fact that you could do so and get out as easily", Ace yelled through his laughter as he stood up and grabbed Tyson into a hug, “Forreal bro, you ma nigga, are hands down the craziest mother fucker I have ever come across”, Ace stated with a proud look while I looked around to see if anyone else was looking at this fool like he had lost his mind.

“Mother fucker”, I mumbled under my breath though everyone seemed to hear as they turned to face me. Frowning as I looked at Tyson, I gritted my teeth as my mind went over the past 6 weeks and all the pain and sadness I had been though, “I. want . to . fucken. strangle. you”, I stated slowly as I stood up and balled my small fists at my sides. Looking around the room with amusement, his gaze stopped on me and slowly he started to chuckle as I began to breath hard out of frustration. 

Without warning, I launched myself at him and attacked him with punches and slaps all over his face and body while he just stood there taking it all, “You stupid mother fucker !”, I screamed as his laughter filled the room while I continued my abuse on him while everyone watched on with amusement, “Im going to kill you myself ! Are you crazy! Why would you put me through that!”, I continued to scream, as I landed a good right hook to his jaw causing him to stumble back a little.

“You done?”, He grinned as he rubbed his rub jaw before opening and closing it to make sure it wasn’t broken, “No ! I fucken, you fucking , fuck ! arghhhhhhhhhh!”, I screamed out in frustration as I could no longer muster up a conversation as I was too angry. By now everyone was laughing but I was being dead serious. If he had just told from the beginning at least I wouldn’t have been as sad. I mean it would still hurt that he was away but at least I would have had a little bit more hope in me.

“Yo, look I appreciate what you all did for my family. Staying here and looking out for them. I owe everyone of you. But as much as I would love to sit down and play more catch up. I aint got none in 6 weeks and as you can see ma wife got a lot of built up anger that needs to be released. So if you will excuse us, I need go help ma lady out”, Tyson grinned while I stood there turning red with anger and embarrassment.

Before I could even protest, Tyson had quickly sent a head nod to everyone before unexpectedly lifting me up and over his shoulder, “Tyson mother fucking Brown you better put me down before I seriously stab you in eye”, I huffed as I began punching his back as he chuckled and effortlessly started jogging up the stairs. Ignoring my protests, he bust through our bedroom door and quickly locked it behind us before making his way over to the bed.

“Tyson Im serious”, I finally sighed out in defeat causing him to carefully lay me out on the bed. Shrugging out of his shirt and shoes, he laid out on the bed and moved so that we was half on top of me, “I know you mad. I probably should have handled it better but everything I do? I do it for you Lani. You dont get it, no matter what it takes I would kill off anyone who harms you in anyway”, He sighed as he tried to get me to understand and I did. I understood where he was coming from perfectly but it still didnt ease the fact that we both went through torture the past 6 weeks because of this.

“Promise me you will never do something like this again and that you will never lie or keep things from me?”, I whispered as I wrapped one leg around his body, locking him into place, “I cant promise not killing someone for you but I can promise I wont lie or keep shit like this from you”, He reasoned causing me to let out a sigh as I knew no matter what Tyson would always want to kill or hurt someone whenever it came to me.

“Okay fine”, I finally sighed causing him to lift his head and look up at me with a grin. I slowly returned the gesture and missing his lips, I leant down and pressed mine against his. After a little make out session, Ty slightly pulled away, “As much as I just wanna be inside you, tonight I just really wanna hold you”, He mumbled causing me to smile as he crawled up and laid his head on the pillow. Loving the sound of just laying in his arms, I sat up and quickly stripped out of my top, jeans and bra before tossing them on the ground.

“Hol up, whats that?”, He asked with wide eyes as he pointed down to my tattoo that I had forgotten all about. Grinning with excitement, I sat up on my knees and showed him my new piece of art, “You got my name?”, He mumbled with excitement, as he softly ran his fingers over the swollen ink, “I had to have you close some how”, I whispered causing his eyes to lock onto mine, looking at me with so much love and adoration I thought I might melt then and there.

Leaning down he kissed the tattoo softly, before crashing his lips onto mine. Closing my eyes as I enjoyed the moment I melted into his embrace and slowly began to pull away so we could lay down.

Resting my body in his arms, I laid my body on half of his before resting my face in his neck while he ran his hand up and down my naked back, “I love you Tyson”, I whispered as I closed my eyes and took in his scent that I missed so damn much, “You know I love you more than anything in the world right?”, He mumbled causing me to smile against his skin and letting his words sink into every bit of my heart.

“I know baby”, I whispered as I felt his lips kiss my hair before wrapping both arms around my body tightly and holding me close. It had been six long miserable weeks but in the end of it all I was glad that it was over and I finally got to be back in my man arms.



Trying to hide my grin, I sat still as Tyson continued to toss and turn. He had been doing so since us getting into bed a few hours ago and the entire time I tried to go to sleep but his moving and frustrated sighs made it difficult. Not being able to take it anymore, I unexpected lifted off his chest and sat up, “Lani?”, He whispered as he stopped his movements while I patted down the blanket trying to find the edge of it.

I knew from the very beginning what had him so on edge and restless. I thought it was absolutely adorable that Tyson wanted to just hold me in his arms all night but I knew he was also currently struggling. So without another word, I ducked under the blanket and crawled under it until I came face to face with his long, thick and already rock hard member, “What you doing? I thought we wasnt going to do that tonight”, Ty said as he sat up and pushed the blanket back so I could come in view.

“Oh please. You know you cant sleep because you’re hard as a rock. So please shut up, relax and let your wife tend to her man”, I smirked as wrapped my cold hand around his member and lowered my head so I could lick over his tip. Without even arguing Tyson let out a sigh of relief before resting his head back against the pillow with a grin, “You know I did try to last though”, He said in a matter of factly tone that had me chuckling.

“I know baby, I know”, I smirked with amusement before opening my mouth and taking his entire length into my mouth. 

We didnt catch a wink of sleep the entire night.

24. - Wanna Label me a Criminal and Cuff me Up.

I’m out this motherfucker?
I can go?
Oh, fuck y'all eh, fuck the judge
Fuck the motherfuckin’ district attourney and the prosecutor 
And fuck you motherfuckers in the jury box
Fuck all y'all
Cause I’m out on motherfuckin’ bail
y'all ain’t never gonna see me in this motherfucker again


It was the day after everything had gone down at the showcase. I had gone out early and pawned most the shit the boys stole from ole creeps house and proceeded to head down to the shelter.

We had racked in a shitload of money and I happily handed over the entire amount to my favourite old lady, Miss Andrews. As always she refused the money and we spent a good half an hour going back and forth before she finally caved in. 

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Chapter FortyThree


So much had gone down within the past 6 weeks that it literally felt like time was flying by us before our very eyes. The very thought had me closing my own eyes as I let the warm water race over my hair and down my fuller body. I was officially 6 months pregnant and as each day went past I was convinced I continued to grow a few inches. However I was no longer self conscious about my extra weight and instead started to embrace it as Tyson made me realise that the weight was just a product of creating a new life inside of me. Now I was 3 months shy of finally being about to hold my daughter and the thought always sent me into an good mood.

As for Tyson he had been warming up to the idea of a girl and after falling into a episode for the second time in a month he was speedy as ever. It also was the day that he decided to wake up and go all out for his new babygirl. Within a few hours, he had interior decorators redesigning one of the spare rooms for his ‘Lil’Mama’, as he has been calling her. It honestly warmed my heart to see him finally being as excited as I was.

The following day, Ty and Ace came home after disappearing for a few hours, only to walk in with dozens upon dozens of shopping bags. I couldn’t be mad though because as soon as I peeked inside, I almost melted at the sight. The love of my life literally went out and brought dozens of new clothing items for our daughter and what killed me was that he made sure he got matching shoes for each outfit. It honestly made me so happy to know that the thought of our daughter could soften him, even when he was manic. 

That was just the half of it though, I guess you can say that he has had a pretty amazing 6 weeks, despite his most current 2 day episode. A week after Jasmines baby shower, the boys played against the Spurs and won the championships. Not only did Tyson play the best he ever had, he also ending up being named MVP. The crew and I were so proud of him and I knew it meant so much to him to hear them words from my mouth. I have never seen him grin so much, let alone be so friendly towards others.

Two weeks after the big win and endless celebrations that followed, Jasmine went into labour and after 16 long hours she finally gave birth to her beautiful twin girls. Miah Jae Cole and Jayla Serenity Cole were the perfect mix of their parents and the love that radiated off of their new family had us all in high spirits. Jeremiah alone could make a grown man weak just by the sight of his happiness and adoration for his baby girls. I could honestly say I have never seen him smile, cry and laugh the way he had since their birth and it warmed my heart that he finally had the family he has spent his life dreaming for.

Jasmine was discharged from hospital four days later and the entire crew practically camped out at Jasmines and J’s during the day and at night the rest of us would retreat back to Ty and my house for some sleep. It was good that Jasmine had girls because it gave me a chance to practise on her daughters so that when it was my turn I would be prepared. Even Tyson had warmed up to the twins after being a little distant at first, he even finally held one of them after a week of us begging him too. It was hilarious to watch the awkwardness of it all but after 20 minutes he loosed up and even started to grin, that was until baby Miah decided to throw up on him. I dont think we had laughed as hard as we did at Tysons expression and J literally had to run and scoop up Miah before Ty could throw her to someone else.

Zay too loved the fact that were two new members around and ever since the girls were born his excitement for his own sister to arrive had skyrocketed. It was so cute and it made me happy whenever he insisted on helping Jas change or wash the twins. All the baby love and being around the twins so much had me also anxious to have my babygirl. It felt like I had been pregnant forever and I was so ready for these last few months to speed up so I could finally see her in the flesh. For the time being though I had spent the rest of my free time preparing and organising this wedding while I left the name choosing for Tyson. I chose Isaiahs name so it was only right for Ty to have the honor of picking out our daughters name.

The sound of someone bagging on the bathroom door had me letting out a yelp as I jumped at the sudden noise. Seconds later I could hear Briana telling me to hurry up as I had spent way too much time in the shower. Letting out a groan, I finished off rinsing the conditioner out of my hair, soaped my body down and finally turned the water off. Grabbing the plush white towel, I wrapped it around my body before grabbing another one and using it to wrap my hair. Stepping out, I slipped my feet into my slippers before heading out of my ensuite and into Tyson and my bedroom. Ty and I had agreed to a beach wedding as he refused to step foot into a church. This was our day and I had decided to agree to his wishes as I didn’t want him to feel some time of way on our wedding day.

Being that our enormous home was housed on a private beach we decided the perfect place would be to have it right here. I loved the idea simply because this house had become special to us. It was the first home we lived together in,  Isaiah’s first home living with us and when our daughter was born this too would be her first home. It was also so much more convenient to hold it here simply because, Jas had new born twins which she could easily let rest in the comfort of our home, same with Isaiah if he got tired. Not only that but the boys insisted on getting wasted so they were happy they didn’t have to drive and could just crash here.

The ceremony would be taking place on the actual beach while the reception would be in the backyard under a hugemongous tent we had set up. The colour theme would be the classic white and red and we had over 20 thousand roses decorating both the beach and inside the tent. It was literally my fairy tale wedding and the fact that I would be marrying a man who considered me larger than life, always left me so breathless.

“NaNa, if you don’t move your pregnant self into that walk in wardrobe, I will whoop yo Jamaican ass”, Briana warned as she stood with rollers in her hair, a red silk robe I got for my bridesmaids and a makeup artist trailing behind her. Letting out a laugh, I listened to her request and headed in our walk in that was currently flooding with people. The boys were all prepping on one side of the house while us ladies prepped in the other. Lucky for me, I happened to get the side that had mine and Tysons bedroom. “Is Zay okay?”, I ask Brianna who was hot on my heels, while Jasmine sat back in the lounge chair as she breastfeed one baby and pushed the other in a stroller. I swear she was like super mom.

“Yep I just went over and saw him. He looks so freakin cute in his little Tux!”, Briana gushed causing me to break out into my own smile at the thought of my little man. Taking the towel off my hair, I let my wet curls fall down my back and proceeded to dry my body with the other. Once I had gotten ridden of most of the moist off myself, I wrapped the white silk robe tightly around my body and sat back in the seat in front of my vanity mirror, allowing the hairdresser to begin her magic.

Since the moment I had woken up, everyone within Tyson and my home had been frantically rushing around, making sure everything was perfect for today. It still felt like I was dreaming as THE day was finally here. In a matter of a few hours, I would officially be Mrs Tyson Brown and the very thought had my rounded belly jumping with butterflies.

“How is everything going outside?”, I asked as I felt a wave of anxiety wash over me. I wanted everything and I meant everything to be perfect but it was hard enough to look over everything, let alone do it while being pregnant. “NaNa, what did we and Ty tell you about stressing? Just relax the wedding planners are out there looking after everything”, Jasmine assured me causing me to let out a satisfied sigh as I smiled at the thought of my two amazing wedding planners. Though I promised Ty I wouldn’t stress while organising this wedding, it was evident that I would and so Tyson made me hire not one but two of the best wedding planners in all of Miami. At first I wasn’t too please to have the help as I wanted to do this all by myself, I soon got over it once I saw how much I actually needed them.

Relaxing back in the chair, I decided to just chill out and let the day play out without me wanting to run around making sure everything was okay. All that matter in the end of the day was that I officially married Tyson and the rest was just details. Nothing less and nothing more. Allowing Briana to put some music on to set the mood, I watched thru the mirror as Jasmine burped Jayla before setting her in the stroller that was made for two babies. 

“Lemme just see her”, I heard a deep voice grumble from outside the walk in closet causing everyone to freeze. “No! Its bad luck, Tyson. Now get out”, Lacy ordered as Tyson let out a string of curse words under his breath. I couldnt help but place my hand over my mouth as I stifled a laugh. Ty had been trying all morning to get even a moment with me but unfortunately for him he had been unsuccessful. “Imma get Lenny on ya ass”, Tyson huffed causing Lacy to suck her teeth. “Boy dont think you too old to get yo ass whooped and I better not see you here again”, Lacy warned which was instantly followed by a bang, which I quickly realised was Tyson punching the wall. Seconds later, the bedroom door slammed and Lacy was entering the walk in closet with a scowl across her face.

“That boy needs a good beating, I tell you”, She frowned while shaking her head, as the rest of us laughed at how riled up he got her. I lowkey felt bad for Ty though, I knew he was desperate to see me as he hadn’t seen me since last night after the girls refused to let us sleep together. Even after I tried to tell them that he wouln’t fall asleep without me, they refused to ruin the tradition and I had to sleep while on the phone to him so he could at least have a sense of me being close. Now I was sure he would do just about anything if it meant seeing me for a quick second as he couldn’t wait the 2 hours for the wedding to start.

Reaching for my phone that was on the vanity in front of me, I waited for the hairdresser to finish blow drying my hair before unlocking the device and pressing Tysons name. Holding the phone up to my ear, I listened to it ring a few seconds before the deep breathing from Tyson filled the phone. “Hi handsome”, I whispered as the rest of the girls continued to have their makeup and hair done. “This some bullshit, La”, He grumbled instantly before letting out a rough sigh. “Sweetheart, Im literally across the hall and Ill be seeing you in less than two hours”, I chuckled lightly however he just sucked his teeth in response.

“Who ever came up with the fucked up idea of not seeing the bride before the wedding needs they ass beat”, He huffed as I bit down on my lip, trying to stifle my laugh that was threatening to escape. “You think this is funny?”, He quickly added, obviously hearing my low laugh I was trying to hide, “Of course not baby. I think its so sweet how much you want to see me. You know I love you right?”, I spoke breathlessly while closing my eyes, enjoying the sound of his smooth voice in my ear. Letting out a sigh, I knew he was giving in and not trying to be worked up anymore, “I just want this day to be over so I can have you as my wife”, He mumbled as I placed my hand on my stomach and tried to calm the butterflies that were erupting inside.

“We also aint have no sex in 15 hours and a nigga wanting that good good”, He quickly added as I could practically hear him smirking while ruining the mood. Smacking my lips, I playfully rolled my eyes as Briana pointed at her imaginary watch thru the mirror. Pouting at the thought of having to hang up, I let out a sigh before clearing my throat, “I have to go baby”, I whispered instantly hearing him let out his own frustrated sigh, “Ill see you at the altar?”, I smiled as I could almost guarantee he let a small grin grace his lips.

“Ill be counting down the minutes”, He mumbled back as I cheesed at his romanticness, “I love you baby”, I smiled as I made a kissing sound into the phone which caused him to chuckle. “I love you too, La”, He muttered back before hanging up at the same time. “Oh thank god, anymore of that lovey dovey shit and I was sure I would throw up”, Briana playfully mocked as she came over and sat upon the vanity in front of me. “Girl dont even try and act all innocent. You know you are all gushy with Ace. Bitch thinks no one see it but girl we peep it”, I laughed as Jasmine busted up in laughter as she knew I was right. Ace and Briana loved to pretend that they werent the whole romantic type of couple but the truth was, they were. They were hella romantic and cute but they played it off as they like both liked to pretend they were too good for all that. Though everyone in the crew knew better than to believe there slick ways and we were forreal peeping the sweet, romantic gestures between the two. No matter how hard they tried to hide it.

Smacking her lips, she tried to hide her blush by waving us off and hopping off the vanity. Laughing at her saltiness, I allowed the makeup lady to start up with my make up while a nail technician began on my finger nails. “Im just going to take the twins out, J has been bugging me to see them”, Jasmine announced as I tried to subtly nod my head without moving too much as the lady was applying foundation over my skin. “So has Ty told you where you’re going for the honeymoon yet?”, Briana inquired as soon as Jas had left. Grabbing a chair, she brought it close to me so we could converse more comfortably, “No and he wont even give me a hint”, I sighed as I thought about the undisclosed location that Ty and I would be heading to for an entire week.

“Why dont you seem excited?”, She frowned as I shrugged my shoulders before looking over once the makeup lady had pulled away, “Its not that Im not excited, cause I am. We are so in need of a holiday but forreal Im going to miss Isaiah. This will be the longest we have been away from him”, I pouted just thinking about it. “You know we will take good care of him, right?”, Briana assured me causing me to instantly nod my head as I had no doubt that her, Ace and Brock would do just fine with looking after Zay. They even had planned to all stay here at the mansion for the week so that way it was more convenient for both them and Zay.

“I wouldnt have anyone else but you guys looking after him but that wont make me not miss him”, I frowned as I stared at myself thru the mirror before looking back at Briana, “Im also not sure how to feel about going to some amazing beachy place”, I sighed instantly causing B to scrunch up her face at my confession. “What why!? Bitch I would die if Ace takes me to one of those catalogue perfect places”, She smiled at the thought while I shook my head. “Yea but you dont have to carry around a 6 month old baby bump in the heat, look huge in a bikini and only have careful sex”, I stated in a matter of factly tone which had Briana and the makeup artist laughing.

“Oh girl, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. And judging by the way I hear you moaning and screaming most nights, I highly doubt ‘careful’ sex is that bad”, She smirked as my cheeks flared with a crimson red. “Thanks for just putting that out there”, I muttered as I playfully rolled my eyes and refused to look around and see if any of the other people in the room had heard. “Lani! I brought someone to see you”, Jasmine suddenly called out before making herself known as she walked into the room while holding onto my baby boys hand.

“Hey baby!”, I cheesed with excitement causing Zay to instantly match my grinning face as he rushed over. “Hi mommy, I miss you”, He grinned as I pulled him up in my lap and gave him a hug as I too had missed him. Though I had seen him earlier in the morning, I was so use to constantly having him beside me that now when I wasn’t with him for a few hours, it felt like a lifetime. “You’ve been a good boy for daddy?”, I asked as I pulled away a little and looked down at his handsome face before eyeing out his adorable suit. “Yes I promise”, He nodded as I giggled at how cute he was. “You look so handsome in your suit baby. Looking like your daddy”, I smiled which instantly causing Zay’s eyes to light up at the compliment of looking like his father.

“He is too precious”, The make up artist smile as I grinned and ran my fingers thru Isaiahs short hair, “Thank you, say thank you baby”, I grinned before telling Zay to use his manners, “Tank you”, He cheesed instantly before resting his head against my chest as the lady went back to finishing up my make up. It took us another hour before my make up, hair and nails were completely done and during this time my poor son fell asleep on my lap. After having Ace place him in his room so he was a little more comfortable, the girls pulled out my wedding dress so I could start getting dressed.

Once everyone but Jasmine, Briana and Lacy, had left, the girls sat the large white bag on the lounge chair in my closet. Feeling some nerves at the thought of walking down the aisle soon, I accepted the body butter from Briana and with shaky hands began applying it all over my body. “Im so nervous”, I mumbled as I slipped into the white lacy thong and proceeded to get into my matching lacy bra. “Girl who are you telling, I’m nervous as hell and I’m not even the one getting married”, Jasmine laughed as both her and Briana pulled out their long flowy, red dresses.

Before I could even attempt to get into my dress, Tyson and Mama Lacy could be heard going at it once again. Shaking my head with amusement, I slid back into my silk robe and stood closer to the door so I could hear what was going on, “You know I love you mama, but forreal Im about to pick yo ass up and lock you in one of them other rooms”, Tyson warned as us three girls started laughing at his threat on poor Lacy. Having been with Lenny for over thirty years and dealing with these trouble maker boys for the past ten, Mama could always handle herself.

“Listen here you little shit, If you dont want me to get out the belt and leave a few marks on your backside I suggest you remove yourself right now”, She threatened straight back to him, as I held onto my stomach from laughing so hard. “Lani! I hear yo little ass in there. Tell this crazy old lady a nigga just wanna give you something”, He huffed while I shook my head at him using every excuse in the book to just try and see me for even a moment. “Ill give it to her”, Lacy said simply as Tyson sucked his teeth. “Man I wanna give it to her, Its a gift from me”, He argued as I bit my lip and looked back at Jasmine and Briana who were laughing.

“How about we blindfold him?”, Briana suggest which obviously caught Tysons attention because he was instantly agreeing. Letting out a frustrated sigh, Lacy finally gave in and so her and Briana began placing a secure blind fold over Tysons eyes. Testing it out a few times to make sure he couldnt see, the girls opened up the wardrobe doors only to reveal Tyson who was in some sweats, shirtless and had several blindfolds over his eyes. Laughing at the sight, Tyson snapped his head over to the sound of my voice before putting his hand out so he could feel for me.

“Can you guys give us a few minutes”, I asked the girls who instantly nodded while Lacy narrowed her eyes, “Five minutes only and no peeking”, She warned as Tyson sucked his teeth. “You testing ma patients woman”, He grumbled while she let out a hearty chuckle while walking out with the girls. “You really have no patients baby”, I giggled as I went up to him and instantly wrapped my arms around his neck. Not knowing where my face was, I guided his head down and instantly pressed his lips against mine. My body melting into his and his hands found the way around my waist, pulling me closer if possible, “I fuckin miss you”, He grumbled before pulling away and looking into space as he obviously couldn’t see me. Letting out a small laugh at how funny he looked, I removed one arm from around his neck and used my thumb to wipe the red lipstick off his lip.

“I missed you too baby, I hated sleeping without you last night”, I confessed causing him to sigh as he leant down and rested his forehead against my own. “You lucky you slept, a nigga ain’t even get a wink”, He muttered as I instantly frowned at the thought of him being up all night, simply because I wasn’t next to him. “Im sorry Ty”, I whispered as he simply shrugged before lifting his head and stepping away. Watching him with curiosity, he patted down his sweats before shoving his hand into his pocket. Noticing a bulge that I hadn’t seen before, Ty pulled out a long, black suede box and held it up. “I got you a little something I thought you could wear today. I mean thats if it matches and only if you want”, He rambled on before finally letting out a sigh and shrugging his shoulders. 

Grinning at his nervousness, I reached up and took the box from his hand before slowly opening it and letting out a gasp. “Oh my gosh, Ty. This is so beautiful”, I whispered as I stared down at the diamond filled tennis bracelet that was shining so bright. “You like it?”, He mumbled as a ghost of a smile showed up on his lips that had me giggling, “I love it baby. I swear sometimes I dont know what I did to deserve you”, I sighed as I leant up and pecked his lips only to notice that he was frowning.

“Whats wrong?”, I instantly asked filling a wave of anxiety build up inside me. “You sure you want to marry me La? I mean after everything I put you thru, shit if it was anyone else they would have ran for the hills by now. You sure you even want me after everything I did to you?”, He manage to get out all at once as I immediately closed the box and sat it on my vanity before grabbing both his hands. Even though I couldn’t see his eyes, I knew Tyson’s mind was filling itself with doubt and it finally hit me why he was so desperate to be in my presence. He needed reassurance. Reassurance that only I could give him. 

Bring his hands to my belly, I pushed open my robe so he could touch my bare skin, “You feel that?”, I asked as he hesitantly nodded his head, “She right there was made out of nothing but love. You see our little boy outside?…. He too was made out of love. If there was any place in this world I was sure I needed to be, it would be right by your side. Always. I love you sweetheart, maybe more than I should but I love you and I loved you yesterday, and last week, last year, 3 years ago shit even 5 years ago. And Im going to keep loving you until Im no longer here. Because I can’t imagine my life without you, without loving you. I’m yours Tyson, whether you deserve me or not, I am yours and I will always be yours”, I spilled out with every ounce of love I had for him, desperately needing him to understand that this was forever..

Roughly sniffling, he snaked his arms around my waist and pulled me into his body. Resting his face in the side of my neck, I closed my eyes at the sound of him inhaling before feeling him press his lips against my skin, “You are my heart, baby girl”, He mumbled simply knowing that those few words were a declaration of his love so great that I felt it within every nerve ending in my body. This here, right now with him, was nothing but pure, rare, consuming love and I thanked God everyday for blessing me with Tysons love.


The time had finally come and I was so nervous that I was convinced I would pass out at any moment. I had stepped into my dress and with the help of the girls, they had successfully zipped me up and helped me into my shoes. Adding my diamond studs, engagement ring and of course my new bracelet, I headed to the mirror so I could take my first glimpse at my completed outfit. “You look breathtakingly beautiful Nala, Tyson is going to melt”, Briana cheesed as she stood behind me and fixed up my small trail.

Without a word, my eyes roamed my reflection as I took in my long black hair that cascaded down my back in big waves. The blood red lipstick that painted my full lips and the simple makeup that I had insisted on. My toes and fingernails matched in the same blood red as my lips and my diamonds shone bright against my bronzed skin. However the dress would be hands down the one item to steal the show. Thanks to Vera Wang, the fashion goddess made me a one of a kind, lace detailed dress that was perfect for a beach setting. It was simple yet jaw dropping at the same time and it complimented my breasts and baby bump well.

Smiling as I took in the sight, I felt a rush of excitement take over at the thought of Tyson seeing me in just a few moments. Tearing my eyes away from my reflection, I turned around and grinned at the sight of my two best friends. Briana being my maid of honor and Jasmine as my bridesmaid, I couldn’t help but gush at how amazing they both looked. Both donned in blood red dressed, Branas was boobtube while Jasmine decided on going of a one shoulder design. Both their hair was a replica of mine, long curls down the back and our signature red lipstick to finish it off.

As for my flower girls, though they were literally only a few weeks old, we dressed Miah and Jayla in adorable tiny, red flower girl dresses. Each had a white flower headband and to finish off their look, I brought them these gorgeous little white shoes that were so tiny that I nearly melted. Isaiah being the page boy wore matching tuxedos as the grooms men, an all black suit, black shirt and a red tie. I think it was safe to say that everyone in the bridal shower looked amazing beyond words. “Lani baby, are you ready?”, Lacy suddenly asked as she bust through the doors and gasped with wide eyes as she looked me over.

“Oh sweetheart, aren’t you just the most beautiful bride Ive ever seen”, She gushed as I instantly started cheesing at the compliment. “Thank you mama”, I smiled as she pulled me into a hug and held me tight. “Come on precious girl, we need to take this pictures and then take you to your man”, Lacy smiled as I matched hers at the mention of Ty. Taking a deep breath, I subconsciously shook my hands out, trying to rid myself of my nerves. Taking a hold of the bouquet of red roses, I allowed Briana to tend to my hair one last time before finally feeling ready.

“Okay, Im ready”, I cheesed as both my best friends squealed with excitement as Lacy raced out of the room and sent in the professional photographer. After another twenty minutes of taking photos solo and with my two bridesmaids and flowergirls, Lacy had informed everyone I was ready and I was soon holding Brianas hand as we headed out of my room. “Zay is awake right?”, I quickly enquired as the girls helped me to carefully step down the stairs. “Relax babe, he and the twins are all ready to go”, Jasmine assured me as I sighed before letting out a smile at Lenny who was looking all clean and proper in his suit. Being that I obviously had no father to walk me down the aisle it was only right to have Lenny, the one man who had taken all three of the boys under his roof and wing.

Grinning as he saw me approach, he tossed a few of his long dreadlocks behind his shoulder and stood up tall and proud. “That little nigga better realise who damn lucky he truly is”, Lenny stated as I stepped off the last step and walked into Lennys embrace. “You look beautiful Nala and I am honored that I am the one walking you down that aisle and giving you away”, He added causing my eyes to go glossy as I was truly touched by his words. It was such a rare occurrence to see Lenny in his serious state so when that side does come out you know he truly means it. “I wouldn’t want anyone else but you walking me”, I said truthfully as we embraced in another hug. 

“Yo where y’all at, this nigga ready to say fuck it and come in here and get you himself”, I heard someone grumble causing me to pull away from Lenny only to find Brock walking into the house. “Man one of these days Imma beat his ass”, Lenny mumbled under his breath causing us all to laugh as we began heading out the door. Stepping outside, my jaw dropped at the amazing transformation that had gone down. Even though the reception was being held in a huge tent, it didn’t stop us on going all out for the rest of the back yard. Fairy lights hung throughout all the trees and wrapped around pillars, white lanterns lined up the outskirts of our yard and the enormous pool was covered with red and white rose petals. 

“They about to get the music starting, Zay will walk down first. Jasmine will walk after him while carrying one baby and Briana will follow with the other. Lacy sitting up front with a stroller for them both, any questions?”, Brock raced out as we all began walking down the side path that led towards the beach. “Nope I think you covered it”, I chuckled as he looked over with a toothy grin, “You look beautiful by the way Nala. My baby sister is all grown up”, He chuckled as I cheesed and leaned in for a side hug as we continued to walk. “Who would have thought we would all be here, huh?”, I chuckled as he let out a laugh knowing exactly what I meant. After everything Tyson and I had been thru, you would never think we would end up with a picture perfect ending, but here we were and I couldn’t imagine myself being anywhere else.

Seconds later the sound of the music started up and I looked up at Lenny with wide eyes. Chuckling as he knew I was so nervous, I stood at the opening of the gate and had Briana help me unstrap my heels. Being that it was literally on the beach, shoes were obviously optional, though most of the men decided to stay in them. “Okay here goes nothing”, Brock winked as he kissed the top of my head and headed off down the beach so he could get to his seat. I spotted Zay a few feet in front of him and he looked adorable as he held onto the small pillow that housed our rings. “I love you sweetheart”, I called out causing him to look back and excitedly began waving before being guided down by one of the wedding planners.

Kissing my cheek, Jasmine gave me a proud smile before carrying Miah as she soon made her entrance and after a few more seconds Briana was following in her steps. Lenny and myself were left and I looked up with him a nervous smile. “Shit even an old nigga nervous “, He chuckled as he helped link my arm with his and proceeded to carefully walk me down the few steps that separated the sidewalk and sand. Holding my dress up from the side, I supported my weight against Lenny as soon as my toes squished into the sand. Letting out a giggle at how nice it felt, I looked up and smiled at the beautiful Miami day that God blessed us with. The sky was a clear pale blue, the sun was shining and a cool breeze filled the air.

In the distance the ceremony set up could be seen and I was once again left with my jaw dropping at the beautiful scene. White chairs lined up on either side while a thousands of red and white rose petals set a path and ran down the middle. At the end of the aisle was a small stage that was decorated with an huge arch of our red and white roses. In the right hand corner beside the stage, a live band was set up and on the left was where a team of professional, hired photographers stood. Getting closer to the scene, I noticed everyone had stood up and were now looking back as I approached slowly. 

Flashes began erupting and the gushing from the attendees could be heard, though I had blocked everything out as my eyes desperately searched for Tysons body. Finally arriving at the beginning of the aisle, I looked straight down only to find Tyson slowly turning around as Ace and J whispered some words to him while cheesing. In a second his eyes caught onto mine and I knew then and there that this was where I belonged. My legs turned to jello and I was almost certain if it wasn’t for Lenny, I would have probably fell flat on my ass. Feeling my heart beating hard, my eyes roamed Tyson as Lenny continued to lead me down the aisle. 

Just like me, Tysons own eyes roamed my body as he wore a look of pride and love that I practically felt from where I was. My own lips tugged into a smile and I couldn’t help but feel so lucky at being the woman who would be marrying this handsome and amazing man. He looked absolutely mouth watering in his black suit pants, black dress shirt and red blazer. His entire outfit was sexy as hell and thanks to these damn pregnancy hormones I couldn’t help but feel excited for when we were alone tonight.

After what felt like eternity, Lenny and I had finally made it to the end of the aisle and Tyson took a few steps down to meet us at the bottom. Looking over at Lenny, I kissed both his cheeks and stepped away and he and Tyson shook hands before embracing in a hug. Patting his back, Lenny stepped back and proceeded to take a seat next to Lacy who was looking after Jas and J’s twins. Looking up at Ty, I broke out in a grin as he stood in awe, eyes fixated on every each on me as he drank me in like we were the only two people on the beach. 

Without another word, Tyson grabbed my waist, cuffed the side of my face and crashed his lips against mine causing everyone to erupt in laughter, cheers and whistling. Catching me off guard, it took me a few seconds to give in and soon after he pulled away leaving me blushing and flustered as hell. “Couldnt help myself”, He simply shrugged as everyone once again laughed as I shook my head while grinning. Using one hand to hold my own, he used the other to support my body as he helped me up the few steps up the alter. Standing beside each other, we interlocked our fingers and just as the priest began, Tyson brought my hand up to his lips and softly kissed the back of it.  

Looking up at him, I subconsciously blocked out everything being said as the only thing that matter was Tyson. I was finally his and he was mine.


Leaning back in my chair, I sipped on my whiskey as I silently assessed my entire surroundings. Couples laughed and danced in the middle of the dance floor, while others sat back in their allocated tables eating and drinking the free liquor. Photographers snapped photos of the many guests and the different celebrity DJ’s took turns on the turntables. Despite it all though, my attention continued to resort back to one person and one person only.

My wife, Nalani Brown. My life had been nothing short of frequent visits to hell and back but despite all the dark shit, I managed to find one source of light, her. She was what and who I lived for. Now I had the right to officially call her mine, to call her my wife and nothing felt more amazing than being about to say it out loud. I was a proud nigga, shit I hands down had to be the luckiest nigga as well because Lani was literally a gift from god. A gift that I some how happened to be blessed with.

Now sitting back, I couldnt help but feel a grin tug at my lips as she and Zay danced around the middle of the dance floor as they laughed together. She looked fucken flawless. The second I spotted her on the beach, I knew it was a wrap. I knew if I could I would stay laid up inside of her for the rest of my time on earth. Shit this woman just didnt know what she did to me.  The way her white, lace hugged her figure, held her breast together and brought out the glow of her skin had a niggas head spinning. Her long black hair flowed down her hair and shit it smelt so fucken good that I just wanted to bury my face and stay there for a while. Her belly was on full display and the way she carried my daughter inside her with so much pride had me loving her harder than yesterday, if that was possible.

Though this was our celebration of marriage, I couldn’t help but want this night to be over. Reason being, Lani and I were heading out to Maldives tomorrow morning and I couldn’t fuckin wait. Seven days of just her and I and the very thought had me feeling higher than any drug had ever made me feel. I planned to have us staying in bed the entire time, not even fucking the whole time though, I just wanted to stay in bed all day with her. I wanted her naked body wrapped around my own, her fingers tracing over my tattoos as I rested my face against her skin. I wanted to hear her tell me she loves me every 10 minutes or so and I wanted to fall asleep, buried deep inside her. Lani by far was the greatest drug I had ever had and she had a nigga so addicted that I couldn’t live without it, without her. 

My attention was reluctantly removed from Lanis figure and turned to Lenny who had taken a seat beside me. Pulling out a packet of cigarettes from inside his suit pocket he put one in his mouth before offering me one. Accepting the smoke without hesitation, we silently passed the lighter and lit up our smokes before silently sitting back and looking over the party. “I know you and I are far from the type to sit back and have them meaningful conversations and shit but I guess the circumstances calls for one of those fruity ass talks”, Lenny mumbled causing me to chuckle as no matter how hard he tried he could never keep it serious if he tried.

“I’on if you remember most likely you don’t cause yo ass was as black as ma elbows but the day Lani ran away and left you that note you instantly fell into a episode”, Len began to re ap an event I was fully aware of and quite frankly wasn’t really interested in remembering. However I knew when Lenny talked about deep shit there was always a reasoning and meaning behind it, so instead I sat back and listen to him speak. “Man during ma years I had seen you at your angriest, your most ruthless but that time? You was unrecognisable. You was so mad and angry at her that you you literally numbed the hurt and refused to be upset.”, He mumbled while frowning instantly informing me that I knew he alone hated to be reminded of the memory.

“We thought we lost you forreal. You spent weeks, shit even months in an episode and when you wasnt in one, you were just so disconnected. SO numb and lifeless. And hell I wont lie, it was hard as shit to watch cause there was nothing we could do, ya know?”, He grumbled while shaking his head and inhaling his smoke. “Lacy and I hadnt heard from you in a few months, J and Ace was finding it hard to keep up with you and keep you out of trouble and I had the phone off the hook in fear id get a call saying you was locked up or worse, dead.”, He confessed as I sat up and gave him my full attention as I had never heard this from Lenny before. Hell, I dont think I had spoken to anyone about my two years of self destruction. It was something that we all avoiding for good reason. 

“One night, exactly 14 months after Lani had disappeared we had some inconsiderate ass nigga banging at our door around 3 am. I hadnt seen you in 4 months and when I opened up with a 9mm pointed at yo head, thinking it was one of them little shits down the street, you dropped to your knees and begged me to kill you”, He muttered as his hold on his glass of whiskey tightened and after a few seconds of silence he brought it up and downed it in one go.

“All my years of knowing you, I had never see you shed a tear. Shit I thought you was literally incapable of showing an emotion that required tears but that night you cried, boy. You cried so hard that you brought a tough old man to tears as well”, Lenny explained as I felt a lump form in my throat which caused me to reach over for my own glass and down the rest of the contents.

“It took you 14 months, 14 months to let down that front, 14 months to finally admit to not only yourself but to someone else how much you loved and missed her. How much you wanted her back. You stayed on your knees for 2 hours as you begged me to either bring her back to you or to take your life. It took 14 months for you to realise you had a heart and Lani? Lani was your heart, IS your heart.

The reason for this story youngin, is cause I’on ever and I mean ever wanna have to open ma door at 3am and find you ready to take yo life cause you did some fucked up shit and she left yo ass. We all know by now how you work, in order for you to live you need that woman right beside you so dont you ever do anything to jeopardize her leaving you, ya hear? This is it for you Tyson. You have her, you finally have her and you do everything in yo power to never hurt her or let her go. You were lucky enough to get her back one time, but that dont mean it will work a second time, you got that?”, He questioned sternly as I instantly nodded my head and let every last one of his words sink into my head.

"Good. Thats what I like to hear”, He grinned as he stood up and opened up his arms causing me to raise an eyebrow, “Fuck you looking at me like that for. Get yo yellow us up and give ya pops a hug boy”, He grumbled in annoyance causing me to chuckle. Putting my cigarette out, I stood up and embraced the only father figure Ive ever had, in a hug. Pulling away, Lenny began to turn around to walk away but I quickly stopped him, “Len?”, I called out causing him to halt in his steps and look back over at me.

“What happened after that night?”, I hesitantly asked as the story Lenny had just revealed to me was something I didnt remember and was completely new to me. Letting out a sigh he stepped back and rested his hand on my shoulder, “You finally fell asleep a few hours later and when you woke up you asked us to take you down to the hospital so they could do a brain electric shock so you could come out of the episode. We refused cause we knew how much that fucked you up as a kid and after a week you were right back on your mission of self destruction.  Every few weeks I’d find you at my door step in the middle of the night, never crying just completely lifeless, you’d come in, sit motionless for a few hours, fall asleep and in the morning you would be gone. Broke Lacy’s heart every time, shit broke an old mans heart too”, He sighed before flashing a small smile and without another word turned and walked away.

“Len?”, I called out once again as he turned around looking ready to cuss me out for not letting him take his dramatic exit. “You know.. I um.. I never meant… I didnt mean for…”, I rambled on trying to spit out the right words. Letting out a laugh Lenny held up his hand and began shaking his head, “I get it boy, you’re sorry. Fuckin acting like tha word is toxic to you. I’on how Lani puts up with yo stupid ass”, He laughed as he held his stomach and walked off while waving me off. 

Chuckling as I slumping back in my chair, I ran my hand roughly down my face as I let my mind run through the memories trying to see if I had any recollection of those dark times. Unfortunately though, like most my episodes I was unable to remember it and that alone frustrated me. 

Not trying to work myself up right now, I turned my attention to the floor in search of her. Scrunching up my face as I couldn’t spot her, I frowned when I noticed that Zay was now dancing with Briana but still no sign of Lani. Ready to stand up and search for her, I rested back in the seat as I could instantly feel her presence behind me. Not even a second later Nalanis arms around around my neck as she stood close behind and rested her face on my shoulder. Tilting my head so I could see her face, I was met with her smiling lips and waited patiently for her to met my own with hers. Never one to disappoint, Lani pressed her red lips against my own and I closed my eyes as she literally felt like home.

All too soon, Lani was pulling away and rounded herself around my chair so that she was now beside me. Instantly pushing my seat back, I patted my lap and without having to be told twice she made herself comfortable on top of my lap. “Everything okay? You and Len looked like y’all was talking deep”, She asked her fingers came up to my face and as always she began tracing my gay ass freckles that I hated. “Was just given me one of those fatherly lectures ya know?”, I shrugged, not really wanted to get into the details again as his story was still fresh on my mind. Hearing that shit first hand from a man who prided himself on showing no emotion really did something to me. I guess it made me really realise how my actions back then not only affected myself and Lani, but also affected the people who cared the most for me.

I had never apologised to any of them for everything I put them through and in honestly I couldnt apologise simply because I have never apologised to anyone in my life but Lani. It wasnt in my nature to say sorry and though I verbally couldnt speak them words out loud to my friends, I mentally reminded myself to do or buy something special for them all to show my appreciation. “You and Lenny had a civil conversation? Man I wish I didnt miss that”, Lani playfully joked as I found myself mirroring her smile as it felt good to have her in my arms. I could practically feel her happiness generating off her and that alone made me feel good inside.

“Have I told you how beautiful you look?”, I muttered as I leaned forward and pressed my lips along her collarbone and proceeded to leave kisses up her neck. “Yes, but you can tell me again”, She whispered with a smile that had me chuckling as I pulled away and looked at her brown eyes, “You look so fuckin beautiful”, I mumbled as she leant forward and pecked my lips a few times. “And you look handsome, you in red is so damn sexy”, She gushed causing me to smirk with a raised eyebrow that had her blushing as she playfully rolled her eyes.

“Yo husband sexy as shit huh?”, I questioned smugly as she smack her lips and tried to hide her grin behind her playful frown. “So damn cocky”, She huffed as I suggestively wiggled my eyebrows that had her laughing, “You you say we dip from here and take the party back to our room?”, I asked in a hopeful tone, though she instantly narrowed her eyes at me while shaking her head.

“No way we are going to enjoy our reception! Besides you still gotta come dance with me”, She cheesed as I instantly frowned while shaking my head. Her smile turned into a pout and she knew a few more seconds and I would be giving into her requests. “We have to have our first husband and wife dance though”, She pleaded as I rolled my eyes and leaned over her belly so I could refill my glass. Downing it all in one go, I tapped Lani’s thigh and in an instant she was squealing as she jumped up and flagged down the DJ.

Shaking my head at her antics, I tried to hide my amused grin but it was soon wiped off when the DJ announced that we would be having our first dance. Almost immediately everyone cleared the dance floor and Lani and I walked hand and hand off the altar where our table was and towards the centre of the room. “Cant believe Im doing this shit”, I muttered under my breath as Lani let out a small laugh and turned to face me. “Do it for me”, She whispered as she wrapped her arms around my neck while I placed my hands on the sides of her waist, “Everything I do is for you”, I replied just as Boys II Men - I Do filled the tent and together we started to move to the music.

“Im so happy Ty”, Lani said softly as her eyes glossed over while I looked down at her, wanting nothing more to stay holding her for the rest of my life. Without saying a word, I rested my forehead against hers, ignored all the claps and flashes and just enjoyed that moment with her.


Four days later 

Gripping Lanis thighs, she continued to grind her hips against my face as I used my tongue to lick up and down her wet slit. Out in the open, I was laid out on one of the beach lounges, clear ocean water in front of us and Lani’s moans as music in the air. Four days in paradise and just as predicted I had Lani every way I possibly could while her being pregnant. It was early in the morning and although we had just finished a satisfying breakfast, I was feenin for something a little sweeter and it resulted with Lani sitting on my face. 

I nibbled and pulled at her clit as her juices covered my lips and flowed down my chin. The pancakes I had devoured barely 15 minutes ago had nothing on the way my baby was tasting and right now I wanted to eat her all day if I could. Her fingers aggressively ran thru my short blond curls and seconds later I let out a low groan as she pulled at them hard. I knew she was close and I was more than ready for her to cum on my tongue, so I snaked my fingers under her thigh and brought them up until they found the top of her clit. Using my tongue to fuck her opening, I used my fingers to apply pressure and in an instant Lani was moaning out as she arched her back. Continuing my assault, it only took a few mere minutes before she gripped my hair tight with one hand, the other digging her nails into my shoulder as she finally released her juices on my tongue.

Letting out a satisfied groan at the taste, her body shook on top of my face as I continued to fuck her with my tongue, letting her ride it out. Once she was free from her juices, I roughly bit down on my favorite dessert causing her to let out a surprised squel. “That felt so good baby”, She moaned as I placed my hands on her hips and helped guide her off my face and onto her feet beside me. “Damn you taste good”, I mumbled as she blushed while grabbing a towel and wiping her moist off my face. “Shit, that exhausted me”, She laughed as I watched her slip back into a white bikini before laying out on the lounge chair beside me.

Her rounded belly was in full display and I found myself placing my hand on her bronzed skin. Instantly Lani looked over with a smile on her face and I knew it was because she always loved when I showed interest in our daughter. It wasnt that I was not excited or happy about having our baby girl, it was more that I didnt know how to show it. I was never the type of nigga to show emotion, get excited like J had done or even project my happiness out, so I found it hard to do so when it came to our baby. Truth was, deep down I was actually counting down the days until she got here. All I could think of, was her looking like a mini version of Lani and the thought alone always had me anxious for her to get here.

Plus, I wanted her to get here so I can protect her. I had failed in protecting Lani in the past so now I wanted to make sure I didn’t fail my baby girl. I was going to make sure not a hair on her head was hurt and I was going to do it all for Lani. Because our baby came from her, meaning our daughter held so much more meaning to me than anyone would ever understand.

“What are you thinking about?”, I heard her ask softly, causing me to remove my eyes from her belly and divert them up to her makeup free face. I swear she was the epitome of perfection. “Nothing baby, just cant wait till she gets here”, I confessed as her smile got even wider than before. Letting out a chuckle at how prideful she looked, I sat up from the lounge chair and heard a few bones crack as I stretched out my arms and legs. “What our plans today?”, I mumbled knowing fully well what we would be doing, but liked to hear it come from her mouth. “Lay naked in bed all day and watch movies”, Lani stated as she too followed suit and stood up from her lounge chair. Positioning her body in front of me, she rested her back against my chest and I instantly wrapped my arms around her waist, resting my hands on her belly.

“Its so beautiful out here, I wish we could stay forever”, Lani sighed as I rested my chin on top of her head thanks to her being that short compared to me. “Only thing missing is Isaiah. He would love it here”, She added as I couldn’t help but grin at the thought of bringing Zay here. He no doubt had mad love for water and the ocean so I could only imagine how much he would love staying in a bungalow that was literally surrounded by crystal clear waters.

“We gotta give him a call a little later today”, I mumbled as I seriously missed my little man. Just like Lani, I too was use to him always trailing me around and four days of not having him around felt like a lifetime. “Maybe when Taliyah is around 1 or 2 years old we can bring them both here”,I found myself saying causing Lani to instantly pull away and look up at me with wide eyes and a huge smile. “Taliyah?”, She grinned as I chuckled and nodded my head, “I mean thats only if you like it”, I quickly shrugged as I knew we both had to be happy with the name for our newborn.

“I love it”, Lani said instantly as she wrapped her arms around my neck, “Taliyah. Its so beautiful, Ty”, She whispered as I leant down and kissed her lips. Pulling away a few moments later, I sat back on the lounge chair and guided Lani down on my lap, “Taliyah Sina Brown”, I said as Lani nodded in approvement, a smile never faltering on her face. "Does it mean anything?”, She asked softly as I brushed her curls behind her ear, “Taliyah means innocent and Sina, Sina means ’treasure; God is gracious’”, I mumbled as Lani melted her body into my embrace and rested her head against my shoulder, “Its perfect Ty, our little innocent treasure from God”, She whispered, speaking out loud the reasoning for the choice of name. 


“Forreal Lani, a nigga is hungry as fuck and if you dont hurry ya ass up Imma leave ya here”, I mumbled as I heard my stomach grumble for the 3rd time in the last ten minutes. Being that we had spent our days locked away in our bungalow, I decided that tonight I would take La out for dinner. But being that she was a female and a pregnant one at that, my baby girl takes a few hours to get ready. Usually I would just shut ma mouth and let her take all the time she needs, but I hadn’t eaten in a few hours and I was forreal starving.

“Ty, I swear to God if you rush me again Im pushing you in the water and leaving YOUR ass here”, She yelled back from inside the bathroom that she had locked herself in a hour and a half ago. Chuckling as I walked over to the complementary fruit basket, I began shoving hand fulls of grapes in my mouth to settle my hungry stomach. Hearing my phone ring in my pocket, I quickly swallowed the grapes in my mouth and grabbed my phone only to find Ace’s name lighting up. Knowing it had to be important as the crew were on strict orders not to disturb us unless an emergency, I quickly swiped the phone only to hear Isaiah’s piercing cries and screams in the background.

“YO?! FUCKS GOING ON?”, I yelled out in panic as I began pacing the room while listening to my son scream at the top of his lungs. “ACE? ACE WHATS WRONG WITH MA SON?”, I yelled again this time hearing a shuffling going on while I could hear Briana trying to calm him down. “Ty? You there man?”, Ace’s voice suddenly boomed through the phone causing me to let out a frustrated sigh, “Bra why he crying? He good? Do we need to come home?”, I fired off questions as I headed out to the balcony as I realised I couldnt let Lani hear only because I knew she would stress herself out which could put our unborn in risk.

“Little nigga fell off his bed man. Hit his head pretty hard, got a bump and we iced it down but he overtired being stubborn as fuck and aint tryna sleep”, Ace stressed as I let out a sigh due to the fact that it wasnt as bad as I had thought it was. “Lemme talk to him”, I mumbled as Ace muttered an okay before telling Isaiah that I was on the phone. Instantly Zay’s loud cries simmered down and seconds later the phone was filled with his small whimpers which caused me to close my eyes as I hated the fact that I couldn’t physically comfort him.

“I know ma little man aint cryin?”, I mumbled into the phone as I could hear his small sniffles on his end, “Daddy?”, He cried softly as I took a seat on the lounge chair and dropped my head, “Yea little man, its daddy. Why you cryin man?”, I asked as he hiccuped a few times, “I hurt my head daddy. I fell off bed and Zaya hit head on the floor”, He managed to get out as I felt myself frown. “You jumping on your bed again?”, I asked knowing fully well that was how he fell. Zay had a new found love for jumping on his bed like it was a bouncer and both Lani and I had told him numerous of times not to be doing that shit.

“I miss you and mommy”, He sniffled, avoiding my question which caused me to laugh as he thought he was slick. “We miss you too Zay. We gonna see you in a few days ight? Now you listen to uncle Ace and get some sleep ya hear? Once you sleep yo head wont hurt no more”, I told him as I could hearing Lani coming out of the bathroom from inside the bungalow. “Okay daddy. I go sleep now”, Zay said in a much more clearer tone, indicating that he was no longer crying. “Good boy. I love you Zay”, I sighed as I ran my hand down my face. “I love you too daddy and mommy too. Goodnight”, He giggled causing me to grin and feeling better knowing that he was okay now.

“Goodnight son”, I mumbled back as I heard him hand the phone back over to Adrian, “Thank fuck man, I didnt think the little nigga would knock out”, Ace yawned causing me to chuckle as I knew he wasnt use to the parental life at all. “All good brah. Make sure he aint jumping on no beds either. He made a habit out of it but hopefully he learnt his lesson”, I said as I reached in my pocket and pulled out a smoke. I hadnt had one in a few hours as I couldnt smoke near Lani but now I was craving one bad.

“Yea, yea. I got him. How it out there anyways? How the fuck you gonna go on a holiday and take yo best friends bra?”, He huffed in annoyance as I pulled the phone away from my ear for a second and gave it a ‘are you serious’ look as if he could see me. “Nigga Im on ma honeymoon. Why the fuck would I bring you and J?”, I chuckled as he sucked his teeth. “I been saying for tha longest I wanna hit up Maldives. You foul bra, I woulda let you and J come with me”, He grumbled with all seriousness while I chuckled, “I need some new friends”, I heard him mumbled under his breathe before Briana’s loud mouth could be heard in the background telling him to hurry up and help her.

“Ight I gotta go man, this woman trippin forreal forreal”, He sighed out as I inhaled the last of my cigarette before putting it out in the ashtray, “Ight bruh, one”, I mumbled as I stood up and adjusted my dark denim jeans, “One”, He muttered back before hanging up. Shaking my head at him, I slipped my phone in my pocket before heading back inside. My eyes immediately landed on Lani and I couldnt help but stop in my tracks so I could admire how damn beautiful she looked. Roaming her outfit, I wanted nothing more to tell her ass to put something less revealing on, but I couldnt find the words as she looked too damn good.

“Damn Imma lucky ass nigga”, I mumbled causing her to turn in her tracks and give me one of her smiles that showed off her perfect white teeth. Spinning around to give me a full view, she chuckled as she faced me and began walking over, “You like”, She grinned as I instantly nodded my head and placed my hands on her hips as soon as she was close enough. “Showing too much skin near yo tittys but you lucky you look hella beautiful”, I mumbled as I eyed out the side of her breasts that was showing off due to the low cut sides of her white dress.

Playfully rolling her eyes, leaned up and turned my snapback backwards before looking in my eyes, “Who were you on the phone to? I thought I heard you yelling?”, She suddenly asked as I let out a sigh and stepped away so I could take her hand and start heading out. Not wanting to lie, I grabbed the room keys, my phone and wallet and waited for her to grab her things. Leading her out of the room, I locked the door, wrapped my arm around her shoulder and began leading her down the long boardwalk that lead us back to land and the main hotel.

“Ace called, Zay was jumping on the bed and fell off. Hit his head”, I explained, instantly causing her to halt in her tracks and look up at me with wide eyes. “He all good, just a small bump. Little nigga was just crying so I calmed him down”, I quickly added as I knew she was on the verge of tears and would most likely insist we pack our shit and head home. “I need to call him”, She panic as her hands began patted down my pockets in search for my phone. Chuckling as I stepped back, I grabbed a hold of her hands and waited until she looked up at me, “Relax baby, he good now. Plus Briana just put him to sleep, so aint no point in calling cause you cant even talk to him”, I explained only for her frown as her lips pouted. Shaking my head in amusement, I re wrapped my arm around her shoulder and urged her to begin walking again, “He ight baby”, I mumbled again just to reassure her before leaning down and kissing the top of her head. 

“Okay, Im not going to stress, Im not going to stress, Im not going to stress”, Lani began coaching herself as she began some breathing exercises that made me look down at her with a raised eyebrow. “Want me to take you back to the room and take your mind off it?”, I asked suggestedly with a smirk causing her to smack her lips with shaking her head. “Such a fool”, She laughed as I shrugged my shoulders and lead her towards the private yacht that was waiting for us near the dock. Once her eyes landed on it, she looked up at me with wide eyes before breaking out in a grin, “We’re going on that?”, She asked with excitement causing me to chuckle as I nodded my head.

“Hell yea, nothing like havin a juicy ass lobster on a big ass yacht , in the middle of the fuckin ocean”, I said with a winked as her laughter filled the air. “I love you husband”, She whispered once her laughter had died down and we continued to walk to the yacht, silently grinning.  I swear nothing ever sounded as good as hearing those words out of her mouth, well that and her moans.


| J A Y L E E M |

I walked through the cold and barren night swiftly,zipping up the thin layer of my adidas bomber that was doing me no good in this winter weather.It was mid-February,setting the California weather to an all time low of forty one degrees.

I pulled the hoodie that I had layered under my bomber over my head and continued to walk picking up my steady pace in a rush to get rid of the contents of my deep pockets.

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Chapter 34


Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry.

Staring at the boxed cakes with my basket full of food items, I felt the juvenile nervousness coming back to me as I silently prayed that my plan would work.


I heard the small voice from behind me, and immediately I spun on my heels, seeing my little friend and his mom standing behind me.

“Wassup Colin?” I said excitedly, getting a glimpse of just how much I missed him. 

He was starting to look a little bit disheveled, but he still ran towards me, hugging my leg. “I miss you,” he said, squeezing tight. 

“I miss you, too, man. You being good for me?”

Colin looked up and nodded, showing off two fresh scratches on his face. “I haven’t got no more reds in class,” he said proudly.

“That’s good,” I said, picking him up. “You’re doing good!”

“Um,” he said quietly, picking at his small fingers. “When can I… when can I come back with you?”

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28. - I Know This is the Part Where the End Starts.

Falling out of love is hard. Falling for betrayal is worse. Broken trust and broken hearts. I know, I know.
Thinking all you need is there. Building faith on love and words. Empty promises will wear. I know, I know
And now when all is gone. There is nothing to say and if you’re done with embarrassing me. On your own you can go ahead tell them
Tell them all I know now, shout it from the roof tops. Write it on the sky line,
all we had is gone now. Tell them I was happy and my heart is broken. All my scars are open. Tell them what I hoped would be, impossible, impossible.


I couldnt tell you how I drove all the way out here safely but somehow I managed to do so despite me not being in the right state of mind. All I know was that I needed to get out of that stifling hospital and be around somebody who had never seen any wrong in me.

Parking my charger in the driveway of my childhood house, I sluggishly slipped out of the car and made my way up to the front door. Right about now I needed to be in the presence of my youngest brother otherwise I was surely going to lose it. Mickey some how had the ability to not make me feel like such a fuck up and I was really needing his positiveness if I was gonna make it without doing something that would land me back behind bars.

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Chapter Forty


I rubbed my growing belly as Lani, Briana and Isaiah sat around the large king bed that was in mine and Jeremiahs hotel room. We were currently in Detroit as the Heat had a game up against the Pistons at this very moment. Usually the four of us were courtside, but due to both Lani and I feeling exhausted thanks to the flight over, the boys agreed to let us watch the game from the hotel. Briana and Zay were suppose to go however, since explaining to him that Lani was carrying his sibling, he has been stuck to her hip and therefore refused to leave without her. It was absolutely adorable how attached he had already grown of his baby brother or sister and any worry of him feeling left out had flown out the window.

“Have you guys decided if you want to find out or wait?”, I asked Lani once the halftime buzzer went off and the boys jogged back into the locker room, “We are still deciding. I kinda want to know so that way I can do the whole colour theme and stuff but I think Tysons a little nervous to find out”, Lani sighed with a small smile as she helped feed Zay eat his nuggets and hot chips that we ordered from room service. Briana was laying on her stomach in front of me as she painted my toes a pretty pink. Since my stomach had gotten so large I hadn’t even been able to see my toes, let alone bend down to paint them.

“He’s still nervous about it maybe being a girl?”, Briana questioned as she broke her concentration and looked up at Lani. Nodding her head, Lani pushed her curls behind her ear before clearing her throat, “Yea, I mean he hasn’t said it out loud that thats the reason why but I kinda suspect it. I can’t blame him though, I know he is just so scared that karma would come around and his babygirl will get hurt the way I was”, Lani explained as we all became silent at the sad thought. Poor Tyson was the strongest man we knew, but when it came to his family, he was at his weakest.

“Im not even going to lie, hearing about Tysons fears always breaks my heart”, Briana frowned as she closed the pink nail polish bottle and replaced it with the clear colour, “Oh I know and what makes it harder, is that its so hard to convince him otherwise. Like once he has an idea in his mind, he sticks to it”, Lani sighed as she grabbed a napkin and wiped the sauce that had decorated Zay’s entire mouth.

“What do you want it to be?”, I asked quickly, trying to steer her mind away from those sad thoughts. Instantly her eyes lit up and I couldn’t help but mirror her smile, “Id be happy with either, but low key I’m hoping for a girl”, She whispered with excitement, “If it is, then our baby girls could be best friends”, She added as I chuckled at the very thought, “All we need is for B to pop one out and then they can be the fabulous four”, I beamed as Brianas head snapped up immediately and started shaking it. 

“Oh hell no, what I tell yall? Ace and I ain’t having no babies any time soon, there will be three new babies in the crew and thats more then enough”, Briana laughed as Zay unexpectedly slipped off the bed and began jumping around in his spot, “Toilet?”, Lani questioned causing him to nod his head instantly. Sliding off the bed, she leant down and picked up his small body, flashing us a grin, “Duty calls, enjoy your relaxation time while you can”, She chuckled as she headed out the room and towards the bathroom.

“Ace can barely take his own self to the toilet, there is no way we are ready for a kid”, Briana laughed as she shook my head and finished up with my toes, “How is living with him going?”, I asked as she sat upright and began fanning my feet, “No different, I guess because we practically spent all our time at each others it just seems natural now”, Briana shrugged as I smiled at the thought of her and Adrian taking the next step in their relationship. A month ago they decided to move in together and 2 weeks later, Briana’s apartment was up for rent and she was moved into Adrians mansion that wasn’t to far from where J and I lived.

“J wants to sell the condo, wants something bigger for when the girls get her”, I muttered as the very thought of packing and moving again already exhausted me, “Fair enough. I mean the condo is huge but its nice to set a foundation in a actual house. Place you’ll have a backyard for the twins to run around and you don’t have to worry about being too loud”, Briana agreed as she grabbed the file and held out her hand so I could place mine in it. Beginning on my finger nails without having to ask, I smiled softly, “Yea thats the same thing J said, but the whole packing and moving thing is what’s got me worried. Its going to be so tiring”, I sighed as B looked up and playfully rolled her eyes.

“Girl you know we will all be there to help, dont even stress. We got you babe”, She winked just as Lani and Zay came back into the room, “What you stressing about?”, She asked as she helped Isaiahs small body onto the bed and watched as he kneeled behind Briana so he could hug her from behind. They shared a special bond and although B says she not ready for a kid, she was more than amazing when it came to Isaiah. “Just talking about how J wants to move and buy a bigger house before the twins get here”, I updated Lani whose eyes widen as she started cheesing. 

“Oh yea! Ty was telling me the other day, I’on if you know yet but J is looking at a house thats in our street”, Lani beamed as my own eyes got wide at the new information, “No way! Oh my God we are going to be practically neighbours !”, I squealed as Briana and Isaiah looked at us as if we were crazy, “And you know B, once Ace finds out that J and Ty are gonna be living close, he gonna wanna be close to”, Lani smirked causing Briana to look up with a frown before groaning at the thought. Falling out with laughter, I used my unpainted hand to wipe the corner of my eyes before settling down.

“Them niggas just need to move in together and leave us out of it”, Brianna huffed as I held my stomach while chuckling, “Hell no, I am not sharing my man”, Lani laughed while Zay held onto Briana as he laughed like he knew what we were talking about, “Come here you little goofy man”, Briana chuckled as she finished up my nails and wrapped her arms around Zay’s body. Hugging her back, Zay rested his head on her chest just as our attention soon turned back to the TV where the game was once again starting back up.

“Look there daddy!”, Zay squealed with excitement, something he did everytime he saw Tyson jog onto the court, “You gonna be like daddy when you a big boy?”, I asked as his attention turned over to me and nodded proudly. Instantly Lani was cheesing, while Briana squeezed him into a tighter hug. We watched the second half of the game with nerves as it was a extremely close game. Pistons were playing dirty and Ace was pushed down causing him to sit out as his ankle was hurting and needed to be iced down. Tyson and the rest of the team became fed up with the aggression from the other team and there for the last 20 minutes were filled with fouls due to them clapping back.

Though it was a close game, Miami came out with a 4 point lead and we took the win. Sighing as we switched the TV off, we all laid back and tried to compose ourselves as we had spent the last 40 minutes yelling and cussing at the TV, “Why do I feel like we just had a work out?”, Lani mumbled in a tired tone as Zay had now found his way over to his mom and laid his head next to her belly so he can rub it like we had taught him too, “Girl the only thing we worked out was our loud mouths”, Briana laughed as she sipped on her glass of white wine that looked so good. Lani and I on the other hand had to sip on bottles of water as Briana got buzzed and rubbed it in .

Suddenly the sound of someones phone buzzing caused us all to turn our attention towards the side table where all three of our phones sat, “It’s yours girl”, I smiled as I leant over and grabbed it before handing it over, “Daddy?”, Zay instantly asked as he sat up with a excitement dancing across his eyes, “Yea it is baby”, Lani giggled as she looked down at her phone and cheesed at whatever she was reading, “Ty said the boys want to take us out for dinner to celebrate the win. Brock and Remy will pick us up in half an hour”, She read out before looking up with a big grin.

“HALF AN HOUR? Is these niggas trippin?”, Briana exclaimed as she sat up and frowned at the thought, “They tripping!”, Zay squealed out in excitement while I covered my mouth trying to muffle my laugh, “Zay!”, Lani yelled though you could see she was fighting so she didn’t bust up in laughter, “Nala leave ma homie alone, come on Zay lets go get ready. Niggas must be crazy if they think we gonna be done within half an hour”, Briana huffed as she slipped off the bed and stood with her arms opened wide. Without having to be told twice Zay launched his body into Brianas arms and in an instant they were walking out the room.

“Crazy asses”, Lani giggled before getting up off the bed,  "You’ll be okay to get ready or want me to stay and help?“, She offered as she came around to myself and held my hands so I could get off the bed,"Ill be fine babe, can you just put my duffle on the bed?”, I asked nicely as Lani nodded her head and picked up my bag for me. Setting it on my bed, she gave me a hug before rubbing my belly and heading out the door.

On queue, half an hour later Lani and Zay were making their way back into my hotel room to advise me that Remy and Brock were downstairs waiting for us. Grabbing my bag, I checked myself one last time in the mirror before closing the door and locking up, “Girl I am so happy we are going out to dinner, I am starving”, Lani mumbled as she held onto Isaiahs hand and hit the lift button a few times. Between Lani and I, being hungry was something that came up within our group conversation every hour, “Me too, my belly is rumbling just at the thought of eating a nice meal instead of this room service”, I agreed as the doors of the lift opened and we proceeded to step on.

“Where Briana at?”, I frowned as I realised she wasn’t with us, “She’s downstairs chilling with Remy and B while cussing Ace out on the phone, she still mad she only got half an hour to get ready”, Lani chuckled as I shook my head with amusement. All too soon, we arrived in the lobby and as soon as we stepped off, Remy, B and Briana came into view. Letting go of Lani’s hand, Isaiah was dashing across the lobby and launching himself into Brocks awaiting arms, “That little boy is gonna make me catch a case one of these days”, Lani mumbled while frowning, “Girl dont even try it, you know that little boy got you and Ty wrapped around his finger”, I smirked as she bit her lip trying to hide her grin as she watched her baby boy.

Watching Isaiah and the way he interacted with not only his parents but with the entire crew as well, always had me so excited for my own babies to get here. I couldn’t wait to be able to physically hold them and show them all the love in the world. Jeremiah was especially excited and it always warmed my heart to know that he was so happy to not only have kids with me, but be happy with me in general. There was no greater joy than knowing you make your partner so happy that he constantly is wearing a smile.

Not only were J, me and the crew so excited but so was my family. My family were well aware of my relationship with J and had met him multiple times over the year. My two brothers took pride in having a Miami heat player as their ‘brother in law’ and my mother loved him even more because he loved and treated me so well. She also liked to remind me of how handsome he was whenever I got a chance to see or talk to her. 

“Isaiah, how many times I gotta tell you not to run off like that?”, Lani scolded as soon as we reached the group that were patiently waiting beside the front entrance, “Zaya sorry”, He grinned while giving his signature puppy dog eyes that always had everyone melting, “This little nigga gonna have all the hunnies wrapped around his finger”, Brock chuckled as Lanis eyes went wide, “Oh hell no. I aint letting none of these fast little girls try and get at my baby”, She frowned as we all laughed at how serious she was being.

“Ight come on, Ty been blowing up my phone asking where y’all at”, Remy mumbled as he shook his head while his phone continued to buzz in his hand every few seconds, “Why is he stressing, it aint even been half an hour yet”, Briana frowned as she held out her foundation powder compact and used the little mirror inside it to check out her hair for the 10th time. Sucking his teeth Brock chuckled as he hoisted Zay over his shoulder, “His family ain’t with him, why else you think he stressing”, Brock stated the obvious as I linked arms with Lani and followed behind them to get to the SUV that was waiting out front.

The ride over was pretty neutral and relaxing, though Lani and I did complain a number of times of how hungry we were getting.  I was always the athletic, healthy eating type of woman but since falling pregnant all I wanted was carbs and greasy foods. I had most definitely packed on the pounds but thankfully a part from my belly, the rest of the weight went straight to my boobs and ass. Though, being that I modeled most my life, the extra weight had me feeling so self conscious to the point where I had cried a few times.

However the last time I cried, which was a month ago, J had caught me in the act and made sure to sit me down, comfort me and tell me not only how beautiful I looked but also  that the weight was just apart of the blessing that came with pregnancy. If anyone tried to tell me he wasn’t the perfect man I think I’d have to slap them, because he was just amazing beyond words.

Now sitting back against the cool leather interior of the SUV, the mere thought of how perfect J was had me missing him like crazy, “I cant wait to get there and not just for the food either, I miss J”, I confessed as Briana looked over and pouted, “Aww my baby Jazzy misses her boo boo”, She cooed while I playfully rolled my eyes and the guys chuckled under their breaths, “Whatever bitch, Im pregnant”, I chuckled as everyone erupted with laughter as, ‘Im pregnant’ was the excuse for anything and everything, these days.

“Yo between you and Lani? Thats all I hear all day every day”, Brock smirked as he shook his head, “Hey, I am not that bad! Jas is worse”, Lani retorted in amusement causing me to look over at her with wide eyes and my mouth hanging open, “Oh so you gonna do me like that huh?”, I playfully frowned as she giggled and hid her face behind her now straightened hair, “Lani dont even front you know you the worse outta the two of you. Wanna steal a niggas fork the other day and say, ‘I’m pregnant’”, Brock huffed as he reminded us of dinner a few days ago where Nalani was to lazy to get her own cutlery so she decided to grab everyone elses and blame it on pregnancy.

“But my back was hurting and I couldn’t get up!”, She frowned as we all just laughed and shook our heads, “Its okay boo, I know what you’re feeling”, I winked just as the boys pulled up to a lavish looking restaurant that had paparazzi lurking around the front, “Ight before we go out, stay close, I’on wanna have to deal with Tysons wrath if something happens to y’all”, Remy grumbled as we all complied by nodding our heads like little children. 

Satisfied, Remy nodded his head at Brock and together they got out of the front seat before coming around and helping us out one by one. By now, the media had obviously gotten wind of not only my pregnancy but Lani’s as well and once again, Miami Heat players where the top topic in the media. Once we hit the pavement the flashing of lights flared up and we stayed close just like instructed while Zay buried his face against Brocks chest.

The media frenzy didnt last long as we made it to the front doors within minutes and as soon as we walked inside it seemed like everyone dining in turned their attention to us, “Come on, they at the back in a move private section”, Remy spoke up as he motioned for us to follow him. Arm linked with Briana, we followed behind Lani and Brock before rounding a corner where my eyes landed on our men. Dressed down in casual wear, the boys lounge around chatting and I couldn’t help but break out into a massive grin as my gaze stopped on Jeremiah who was looking as handsome as ever.

As soon as Isaiahs yell for his dad filled the room, the boys snapped their attention towards us and almost instantly they all broke out into grins. Placing my hand on my belly, I made my way over along with the girls and J was on his feet within seconds, kissing my belly before meeting his lips with my own, “I missed you”, I whispered truthfully as he engulfed me in a hug and held me tight, “I missed you too Barbie, how are all ma girls?”, He grinned as he pulled away a little so he could see my face.

“Kicking and giving mama pain but we good”, I smiled as I ran my hands through his growing afro that I’m making him cut once we touch down in Miami, “You played so good tonight baby”, I quickly added as I remember all the assists and buckets J had contributed in this match, “You was watching a nigga?”, He asked with a grin that had me cheesing, “Of course I did, had to make sure the girls watched their daddy”, I grinned as I watched as his eyes flared with excitement and pride. I knew he loved it whenever I talked about our babies as if they were already born, it always made him so happy.

“Come, let me feed ma girls”, He mumbled against my lips as he pressed against my own for a few pecks. Pulling away he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and escorted me over to the table where Briana and Ace were joking around while Ty had Zay on his lap and was stealing kisses from Lani every chance he got, “Y’all got in okay?”, Ty asked once we all sat around and were settled, “Blinded by flashing light but we good baby”, Lani chuckled as she moved her seat back a little so Zay could sit in her lap.

“So we was thinking after this season is over, me, Ty and J gonna go on a little vacation. Y’all be okay with that?”, Ace suddenly asked causing everyone to snap their attention to him, “What the fuck !”, Briana blurted out while Lani looked back over at Tyson with a frown, “The babies would be barely a month?”, I said to J who looked at me with a confused expression. Without another word, Tyson picked up his buttered rolled and pegged it towards Ace who was too slow in catching it. Instead it hit his chest hard and he let out a string of curse words, “Damn bro”, He groaned while Ty mugged him, “Nigga no one was thinking shit, thats all on you. Matter fact I aint even hear about this idea before”, Tyson muttered truthfully as J nodded his head, agreeing with Tyson.

“Ight shit, remind me never to think of something nice for ma brothers again”, Ace muttered with a salty expression as we started laughing, “Nigga out here making executive decisions and ain’t even tell no one”, Jeremiah laughed while Lani just shook her head, “Lost his mind if he thinks his taking my man on a holiday without me”, She mugged before sticking her tongue out at him, “Yea well remember who has known him longer”, Ace clapped back and returned the gesture by sticking out his long tongue that was filled with the munched up bread roll that Ty had just thrown at him.

“Stop it, you’re so childish”, Briana laughed as she leaned her head against his shoulder, “She did it first”, He huffed back while I playfully rolled my eyes at how much they reminded me of little kids sometimes, “Im pregnant”, Lani replied with her frequent excuse that had us all going silent before busting up in laughter.  It felt good to be maturing as couples in the crew but always keeping that sense of playfulness that we always had with each other.


It had been three days since the boys game in Detroit and we had landed back in Miami yesterday. My pregnancy had been going pretty well and the bad morning sickness I was experiencing had finally died down. It had been a hectic week and although we had been with Tyson, he had been so busy with basketball that we had barely had any alone time with just the three of us.

Knowing I was feeling some type of way about it, Ty made sure Remy cancelled everything on his schedule for the day as he wanted to take Zay and I down to the beach for a family day. I hated to feel so needy for his attention, but this pregnancy had me feeling even more clingy than usual but thankfully instead of getting annoyed with me, Ty was actually loving the extra clinginess I was being towards him.

Standing in front of my large mirror, I examined my naked body and couldn’t help but smile as I ran my hand over my growing baby bump. It still had me in awe, that a life that Tyson and I created was growing inside me at this very moment. My first pregnancy unfortunately wasn’t spent like this. Instead of praising my body I was in constant fear of it showing and instead of embracing it, I was hiding it instead. The sound of Tyson and Isaiahs voice pulled me out of my trance and seconds later I heard Ty telling Zay to watch Tv on our bed before making his way to the walk in wardrobe.

“Baby you ready?”, Ty called out before opening the door and walking in. Instantly his eyes landed on my naked body and he shamelessly roamed it with his gaze, “How you gonna be standing around looking this fine when we gotta go and I can’t do nothing to it?”, He mumbled before licking his lips and slowly making his way over, “I was just admiring my belly”, I shrugged with a smile before turning my back on the mirror and heading over to my outfit laid out “Have I told you how good you been looking with all that extra weight?”, He muttered as a smile graced my lips just as his tattooed arms snaked around my waist.

“Everyday and you can keep telling me until it all comes off”, I smirked as I turned around in his embraced and pressed my naked body up against his clothed self, “Why you tryna start something”, He muttered in a husky voice that had my knees weaken at the very sound, “You know I love you right?”, I found myself blurting out which had him raised an eyebrow before chuckling, “Yea I know baby, come on you gotta get ready before Zay bust in here and shut shit down”, He chuckled as I smiled up at him and took in his every feature. I knew it was just the pregnancy once again, but I couldn’t help but feel overwhelming amounts of love for the man standing right in front of me.

“I love you too”, He added as he just knew what I was thinking. Pushing my hair behind my shoulders, he kissed the top of my head, my nose then my lips before lighting patting my butt and heading back out. As soon as he was out of sight, I re started getting ready and slipped into a sexy black one piece that made my baby bump look good. Adding my sandals and a simple black summer dress, I tied my straight hair into a high ponytail and finished off my look with a little bit of water proof mascara and lipgloss.

Once my look was completed, I headed to the mirror and gave myself a once over look and smiled at my outfit Grabbing, my white beach hat and bag, I turned the light off in the walk in and headed into the main bedroom only to find Ty and Zay laid out on the bed watching cartoons, “My boys ready?”, I asked as I headed over and grabbed the remote so I could switch the show off, “Damn you look good”, Ty grinned as Zay sat up on his knees and nodded his head, “So pretty mommy”, He cheesed as I mirrored his goofy smile and opened my arms so he could crawl over.

“Aw mommies baby is so sweet”, I cooed as I lifted up my baby boy and kissed his baby lips a few times, “Ay, ay stop with that shit”, Tyson grumbled as he wedged his hand in between Zay and my face before placing it on top of my mouth. Licking his inner palm so he could move away, I giggled at his salty expression, “Stop what baby?”, I grinned as Zay looked at him confused for a moment, “Giving ma kisses away”, Ty muttered with a frown while my grin got even wider at how serious he was,“Nooo, no my kisses”, Zay pouted while frowning at his dad who now was narrowing his eyes at him.

“Hey, hey you both can share mamas kisses”, I giggled as I kissed Zay before leaning over and pressing my lips against Tysons who was still mugging him. Using my thumb, I wiped the gloss off both of there lips and sat Isaiah on his feet so he could walk, “Got me fucked up, sharing kisses. They ma lips”, Tyson grumbled under his breath as he slipped into his J’s and held out his hand so he could walk Zay out. Biting my lip in amusement, I followed behind my favourite boys and slowly made my way down the steps, “Mason come to the beach, daddy?”, Zay asked once we entered the kitchen where I proceeded to pack a few snacks for our little picnic.

“Nah little man, cats dont like the sand. Plus he is tired so he gotta sleep”, Ty said as he placed Zay on the stool so he could turn around and give him a piggyback. Wrapping his hands around Ty’s neck, he held on tight as I grabbed the bag and headed out the back door. Locking up, Ty took the bag from my hand and walked beside me as we headed to the very back of our back yard that had a trail that led out to the private beach. As soon as Zay spotted the long horizon of the ocean, his excitement flared up and Tyson sat him on his feet so he could run wild, “Let mommy take your shoes off baby”, I mumbled as I leant down and helped him out of his Jordans that he insisted he wore, only because Ty was wearing his and he wanted to be like him.

Tyson followed suit and slipped out of his own shoes, before standing up straight and patiently waited for me to be done with Zay, “Okay baby, lets go”, I grinned as I watched Isaiah step forward with excitement and squish his baby toes into the sand. Running in front of us, we made it close enough before deciding to set up our picnic blanket a few meters from the water. Miami weather was amazing today, bright blue sky’s, sun shining and a nice cool breeze to ensure no one passed out from the heat of the sun. Smiling at the thought of getting a tan, Ty helped me lay the huge picnic blanket out before helping me sit back on it.

“Zay baby come here so I can put some sunscreen on you”, I called out as I rummaged through the beach bag looking for some sun screen. Not having to have me ask twice, Zay ran over and collapsed onto the blanket in a fit of giggles, “My baby likes the beach huh”, I cooed as I helped him out of his shirt and made sure to leave his white wife beater on. Squeezing some sunscreen on my hands I rubbed his exposed skin down before handing him his bucket and spade so he could play in the sand, “Dont go in the water without mommy or daddy and stay right here”, I ordered as I pointed to the spot in front of us.

Being that it was a private beach, not many people were insight which I was thankful for. Tyson was now laid out, topless beside me as he rested his hands behind his head and used his hat to cover his face. I bit my lip at the sight of him and instantly pulled my dress off and kicked off my sandals, “Want me to rub some sunscreen on you to baby?”, I mumbled as I rubbed my own arms and legs down before moving to my exposed chest 

“Mhmmm”, He mumbled as I playfully rolled my eyes and began to rub down his bare chest and his exposed arms. Once we were all covered, I packed the contents away and grinned as I watched Isaiah attempt to make a sand castle. Having no wet sand, the sand wasnt holding and I had to pout as I could see he was becoming frustrated at his failed attempts. Standing up, I placed my hand over my belly and made my way over to Zay so I could help my baby out, “Come here Zay, you need to get some wet sand”, I giggled as I helped him stand up and took a hold of his hand as we headed closer to the water.

“Go in water mommy”, He plead as he looked up at me with hopeful eyes. Not wanting to disappoint, I walked him closer to the waters edge and cheesed as I watched his excitement as the waves got closer to our feet, “We can put our feet in baby”, I grinned as I quickly looked over my shoulder only to find Tyson sitting up and watching us. Flashing him a smile, I turned back around and stepped closer so that our feet were now in the water. A small wave came through and it splashed at our feet causing me to laugh as Isaiah squealed with excitement, “You like that huh?”, I giggled as I stood behind him and made sure to hold both of his hands as his small feet kept sinking into the wet sand, “More mommy”, He pleaded as another wave come crashing at our feet. 

Allowing him to take a few more steps closer, the water was now just under his knees and I let go of one of his hands as he wanted to touch it and splash around. We ended up staying in the water for a good 15 minutes before Zay decided he had, had enough and wanted to go back to playing with the sand. Holding his hand we turned around and headed back up the beach where Tyson was still sitting and watching us, “Come here”, He mumbled as soon as we got close enough to hear him. Grabbing a towel, I wiped down Isaiahs let hands and helped him sit on the sand in front of the picnic blanket before grabbing my own towel and drying my legs.

Feeling a little tired, I crawled onto the blanket and lounged back next to Tysons sitting figure. Not wasting a moment Ty pulled me closer to his side and after wrapping his arm around my shoulder, he laid his head in the crook of my next. Keeping my eyes on Zay at all times, I ran my free hand up and down Tysons arm and relaxed into him, “I missed this”, I sighed as Tyson responded by pressing his lips against the side of my neck, “Once this season is over we gonna have more time for ourselves”, He mumbled against my skin as I closed my eyes for a moment.

“When yo next appointment?”, He suddenly asked as he slightly pulled away and rested his large hand over my growing belly. It had taken Ty a little while to warm up to the idea of a baby growing inside me but now he could barely go without rubbing my belly, kissing it or even talking to it. It was beyond adorable seeing this side of him and I absolutely loved it, “Next week and its the appointment where they can tell us what the sex is”, I said hesitantly as I was unsure if he was still uneasy about finding out or not, “You really wanna know huh?”, He asked while the corners of his lips etched up a little before looking turning his gaze on Zay.

Grinning I nodded my head slightly as my eyes rested on his hand that was slowly rubbing my bulge, “I’m so impatient”, I laughed lightly as he chuckled while nodding his head in agreement, “Ight baby, anything to see you happy”, He mumbled as he pressed his lips against my own. Pecking them a few times, I pulled away and diverted my eyes to Zay who was now digging a hole in the sand. The light from the sun shone upon my diamond engagement ring causing me to look down and softly smile. Seconds later, Tyson took a hold of my hand and brought it up in between us so we could both look down on the 14 carats of shining wealth, “I always said I wanted to get married before we had our next kid”, I found myself blurting out which caused me to tense.

Looking up to meet Tysons eyes, I found him grinning as he licked over his lips, “Well we got 6 months before the baby comes, that gives us 6 months to have us a wedding”, He said with all seriousness causing my eyes to go wide as I searched his gaze for some sort of indication that he was playing around, “You’d want that? I mean you don’t mind moving it up? Cause I know we said we would have a long engagement and all that”, I rambled out before closing my mouth as he started cheesing.

“Lani if I had it ma way, I would have married yo ass the second you came back into ma life. Shit I probably would have married you when I first met you”, He stated causing me to giggle as I knew he was being serious about that, “Shit if you want we can go down to city hall right now and Id marry ya. As long as you by ma side, nothing else matters”, He said with so much passion that I wanted to fling myself on him and let him have his way with me on this very beach.

“But Im going to look like a whale in a wedding dress”, I found myself saying as a frown was etched on my face. Instantly Ty was sucking his teeth as he sat up, pulled me up with him and wrapped his arms around me, “You gonna be looking like ma wife whose carrying ma baby and you gonna be looking so damn beautiful that I aint gonna see no one but you”, He muttered as I felt my butterflies in my belly erupt, “Have I ever told you I love it when your all romantic and shit?”, I whispered as I sat up and wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled as our lips were only a few centimeters away.

Closing the distance, he pressed his lips against mine and gave me a toe curling kiss before pulling away so we can make sure Zay was okay and still sitting in front of us, “So we are going to be married and have a newborn all within six months?”, I muttered in disbelief and excitement all mixed together, “Zay dont be going know where”, Ty ordered before looking at me, “Yea thats right baby and forreal you got a nigga excited as hell for what’s coming”, He chuckled as I mirrored his grin and started to mentally go over all the things I needed to organise for our upcoming nuptials.

“I’on want you stressing over this wedding though, something simple baby cause remember you pregnant and I’on want anything happening to either one of you”, Ty said sternly as I nodded my head and instantly erased all the panic I felt due to all the details I would have to organise in less than six months. Before I could say anything else, I felt Tyson tense up before yelling out Isaiahs name. Feeling my heart drop to my stomach, Ty lifted me off his lap and sat me aside before running so fast I felt dizzy. Standing up in a panic, I looked towards the water were Ty was running, only to see Zay running into the water while laughing.

Placing my hand over my mouth, I quickly followed behind Tyson as he continued to yell out his name only to watch in horror as I wave came and knocked Zay down. With tears in my eyes, I said a silent prayer of thanks as Tyson scooped him up within seconds and patted his back as Zay was now crying and coughing from swallowing some water. Reaching the waters edge, Tyson held onto Isaiah as he clenched his jaw and carried him out of the water, “The fuck I tell you little boy?”, Ty yelled once they made it back onto dry land. Taking him out of Tysons arms, Zay wrapped his arms around my neck as he cried. Feeling my own tears roll down my cheek, I rubbed his back as I kissed his head repeatedly, “Its okay baby, you’re okay”, I whispered as I tried to comfort him.

“Serves his ass right for not listening, maybe next time he will learn to listen”, Tyson gritted out with anger as he ran his hand down his face in frustration, “Ty, stop”, I muttered as Zay continued to cry in my arms, “Nah Lani, little kid is way too spoilt and babied, how many times we told him to stay put”, He grumbled as he started to make his way back up the beach and towards our belongings, “His just a kid Ty”, I muttered as Tyson started to roughly start throwing everything back into the beach bag so we could leave, “The kid dont listen no more, shit aint okay. Put him down and let him walk, he aint no baby”, He grumbled once everything was packed up.

Isaiah was now sniffling against me as his crying died down, he refused to show his face though as he was too worried about getting in trouble with his dad. Not listening to Ty about putting him down, I silently followed him back up the beach and towards the house all while rubbing Isaiahs back trying to comfort him, “When we get home, little nigga gonna have a shower and straight to bed. No toys or TV. Bout time he learn”, Ty gritted out as we walked up the path way and made our way across our back yard and towards the back door.

As soon as we headed inside, Tyson dumped the bag on the kitchen table before stalking straight towards his office. Seconds later the sound of him slamming the office door close caused me to jump while Isaiah started to cry again. I understood why Ty was upset, the mere thought of something bad happening to our son was something that broke my heart. I knew Ty takes it personally though because to him he is our protector and he would blame himself if anything happened to either one of us. Not to mention, Ty would literally lose his mind if his son was hurt or worse. Sighing, I kissed his head as I made my way upstairs, “Daddys just upset because you could have really been hurt Zay and he would be so sad if something happened to his favourite person”, I whispered against his ear before kissing his cheek, “Zaya wanted play with water”, He sniffled as he lifted his head and rubbed his red eyes with his small fists.

“What did mommy say though? You don’t go in the water without mommy or daddy”, I reminded him as he looked down and started to play with the ends of my hair, “Come on, lets give you a bath, put you in some jammies and we’ll do say sorry to daddy before we go to bed”, I said as he looked up at me and nodded his head. 

I had Zay bathed in a warm bath, clothed and myself showered and dressed all within one hour. During that time Tyson remained in his office and I knew it was because he was trying to cool off so he didn’t fall manic. Holding Isaiah’s hand we headed down stairs so I could fix us a small dinner before putting my baby boy to bed. He was tired and I knew he wasn’t going to be able to stay awake for much longer so I made him his favorite, chicken nuggets with a side of mash and vegetables. Halfway through his meal, we heard Tyson coming out of his office though he headed straight upstairs and into our bedroom.

Isaiah looked at me with sad eyes and all I could do was kiss his head as I helped him eat the remainder of his food. Heating him up a sippy cup of warm milk, I made sure to lock up and turn off all the lights downstairs before making our way upstairs so we could put him to bed. Knowing Tyson had already had a shower and was most likely laying in bed, I held onto Zays hand and before going to his room we stopped off at mine so we could see Tyson. As predicted Tyson was in bed, back propped up against pillows as he held the PS4 remote and played a basketball game.

Hearing the door open he looked over for a quick second before diverting his attention back to the TV and pausing his game. Without saying a word, he placed the remote on the side table and patted his lap so Zay could go over to him. Not having to be told twice, Zay handed me his sippy cup before running over to the bed and trying to climb on. Letting out an amused sigh, Ty reached over and picked him up as I walked around the bed and proceeded to get in on my side. The second Zay was on Tysons lap, he rested his head on Ty’s shoulder and hugged his body, “Zaya sorry daddy”, Isaiah said causing Ty to shake his head, trying to hide the grin that was threatening to show.

“You better start listening to yo moms and me, Isaiah or you gonna start getting smacked ya hear?”, Tyson grumbled sternly showing that it wasnt okay for him to go off running like he has been lately. I knew Tyson was right to be stern with him, Zay was spoilt and usually got away with everything he did but today was a wake up call. If Ty hadn’t kept his eyes on Zay and didn’t get to him so fast, Isaiah could have easily drowned. The very thought had me wanting to spill some tears but I held them down as I didn’t want to show my emotional side in front of our son. 

“No more naughty, ok daddy?”, Zay pouted as he pulled away and rested his hands on Tysons shoulders so he could look up at him, “Better not be, come here”, He mumbled as he kissed Zays baby lips and gave him a hug. Smiling at the sight, I fluffed my pillow before grabbing the coco butter that was on my bed side table. Laying back as they hugged it out, I lifted my black nighty cami and opened the tub so I could smooth it across my belly, “Zaya do it mommy”, Zay quickly said causing me to look up only to find him and Tyson watching. Chuckling, I patted the spot between Ty and I and Zay quickly slid off his dad’s lap and wedged himself in between us. 

Holding his fingers, I helped him get a generous amount of body butter on his tiny fingers and sat back as he gently started to rub it across my baby bump, “Hi little baby”, He said causing me to look up at Ty with a pout because Isaiahs affection towards our unborn was just too cute for words, “Daddy, come say hi to little baby”, Zay quickly said causing Ty to chuckle as he leaned over and dipped his fingers into the tub of body butter. Following in Zays lead, Ty rubbed it all in before sitting up and leaning over Isaiah so he could kiss my belly, “We cant wait to meet you little baby”, He mumbled against my skin, causing me to rest my head back, close my eyes and listen to my two favourite people start telling our unborn how much they love him or her. It was perfect.

Chapter 35

My thoughts had been kicked into overdrive these past two weeks since that awkward meeting with my father. Thoughts of him clouded my mind 90% of the time and the only time I was able to truly focus was during school and even then I wasn’t all the way there. I just couldn’t help but wonder why he had a sudden change of heart when just a few months ago I could’ve sworn he hated me and wanted nothing to do with me. Now he’s claiming that he wants to work on our relationship, as if we ever had one.

He’s even gone as far as to contact me randomly throughout the day to see how I’m doing and if I’ve thought about his offer. In all honesty I hadn’t even come close to making a decision yet because I was still shocked that this was something that he actually suggested. I couldn’t help but think that he had an ulterior motive of some sort because it was so sudden and random. He never seemed to have any regrets about our business only “relationship” so why the sudden change of heart?

That question had been gnawing at me for days and if it wasn’t for my mother and Chris I would’ve driven myself insane. They both pretty much gave me the same advice in saying that I didn’t have to accept his offer if I didn’t want to and that I was allowed to think about it as long as I wanted since he made me wait twenty two years for this type of acknowledgement. Deep down I knew that all I ever wanted was to have a relationship with this man, but I’ll be the first to admit that I was scared of letting him in.

What if I was right about him having an ulterior motive?

He had caused enough pain in my life, I couldn’t just willingly allow him to cause anymore. Though I desperately yearned to be a daddy’s girl all of my life, I became exhausted. I had finally become accepting of the fact that we would never have a relationship and now here he comes trying to turn my world upside down.

My phone alerting me of an incoming text message pulled me from my thoughts.

U miss me?
Depends. You miss me?
Is that even a question? U know I do!


I smiled, still amazed how he could change my mood in a matter of seconds. I hadn’t seen my baby in two days because we were both busy with work and school, and it was one of those rare occasions when I wanted to sleep in my own apartment. I honestly just wanted some time to myself to think things through, and though it was nice to have this alone time I couldn’t deny the fact that I missed my baby and I’d probably end up over his house by the end of the night.

When am I gonna see you then?

U got two hours to get dressed. I’m taking u out.


Butterflies immediately swarmed around in my stomach at the thought of having a date night with Chris. Though we both appreciated the time that we spent just hanging out, it was also nice to have that balance between going out and staying in. I enjoyed going out with Chris just as much as staying in to watch movies. As long as I was with him, I was in my happy place.

Being that it was already six o’ clock that meant he’d be picking me up at eight, which I assumed meant we were going to dinner. Knowing that I’d need the full two hours to get ready, I hastily rushed out of bed and into the bathroom to start a shower. As I waited for the water to get hot, I stripped out of the cami and underwear that I donned and placed my polka dotted shower cap over my head, because we’d be here all night if I allowed my hair to get wet.

I spent about twenty minutes in the shower, which was less than my usual thirty or forty. Mainly because I still needed to decide on something to wear and how I wanted to sport my hair for this outing. In the mirror I glanced at the heavily defined curls that sat on top of my head and immediately decided that I wasn’t in the mood to straighten it right now, and I honestly didn’t have the time. Straightening my hair was a full time job and I just couldn’t risk it tonight.

Thumbing through a couple of dresses in my closet, my movements stopped when I noticed the red midi dress I had bought a few weeks ago knowing that I didn’t need to look any further. I tried it on in the store and immediately fell in love with it because of the way it hugged my tiny frame, accentuating curves that I knew I didn’t have.

Deciding to deal with my curly mane before slipping into the dress, I took a seat at the small vanity in my bedroom and fingered through my curls trying to decide just exactly what I wanted to do with it. Wearing it down would’ve been to plain and boring so I quickly decided on a curly up-do. After playing with it for about five minutes, I settled on a ponytail with a few loose curly strands hanging from the front and I was surprisingly satisfied. Wanting to keep my look simple yet sexy, I decided against wearing foundation only opting to wear mascara, eyeliner, and a dark shade of eye shadow for a nice little contrast.

Once I was completely dressed, I completed the look with some nude lipstick. Eyeing myself in the full length mirror in the corner of my bedroom, I was definitely satisfied with the results. And as if on cue, the marimba ringtone blared through the speakers of my phone alerting that my baby was ready to pick me up.

“Hello?” I answered breathlessly, anxiously awaiting what was to become of our night.

“I know you ain’t ready, so—“

“Actually,” I intervened. “I am ready baby! Gimme a little credit.”

“What?” He asked incredulously. “Mark this one in the calendar!”

“Shut up!” I said, fighting through a fit of giggles. “Lemme put on my shoes and I’ll be right down.” Not bothering to wait for a response, I ended the call in search of the black strappy heels that I had planned on wearing with this dress. Obtaining my black clutch from the closet, I made sure to turn off all of the lights before beginning my trek downstairs to meet up with Chris. I was almost certain that I’d be ending the night at his house, and a sigh of relief escaped my lips when I remembered that it was no longer necessary for me to rush and pack a bag since I had a decent amount of clothes, undergarments, and toiletries at his condo.

Dressed in all black, stood my boyfriend almost blending in with his black Range Rover as he leaned up against the passenger door with his hand crossed in front of him. Upon noticing my arrival, an enormous smile broke out onto his face exposing those dimples that I adored so much, causing my face to mirror his. Anxiously, I sped walked the short trek to his car until we were face to face just silently gazing into each other’s eyes.

It had only been two days yet it felt like forever.

“Damn,” he was the one to break our silent gaze. “You look beautiful baby,” he mumbled, holding onto my waist tightly as we embraced.

“Thank you handsome,” I smiled, hooking my arms around his neck. It was like we read each other’s minds because no other words were exchanged as we both motioned towards a kiss. The moment our lips connected, fire ignited inside of me, a fire that only Chris could cause. I was so in love with this man that I couldn’t even comprehend it sometimes. Digging my nails into the skin on the back of his neck, a soft moan escaped my lips when his hands groped my ass through the thing material of the dress I donned.

“Keep playin’ and you gon’ make me fuck you right here,” he mumbled huskily against my lips.

“Mhm, as tempting as that sounds,” I trailed off, pecking him twice before saying, “I’m hungry.”

“Aight,” he said, pulling away slightly as he rested his head against the windshield. “I swear you don’t know what you do to me bae.”

“Funny. I could say the same to you,” I smiled, wiping the corners of his mouth that had traces of my lipstick on them.

I’d been living in Miami all of my life and yet I’d never been to The Oceannaire, although plenty of people raved about it all of the time. Surprisingly enough, that’d be changing tonight since that’s where Chris decided to take me for this unexpected outing. Hand in hand, we journeyed inside of the restaurant and I was shocked to know that Chris had already made reservations which I was silently thankful for because patience was not a strong suit of mine.

We were seated immediately and were greeted by our waiter just as quickly, and in a matter of minutes we had our drink orders placed. We agreed upon a bottle of the Cakebread Napa Valley wine and the oysters as an appetizer.

“I can’t believe you’ve never had oysters. Prepare to have ya life changed,” he said, taking a sip of his wine.

“I remember reading somewhere that they’re an aphrodisiac,” I said, making sure to side eye him. “Are you trying to get me horny Mr. Brown?”

“I ain’t gotta use no oysters to do that and you know it,” he said, a cocky smirk resting on his face.

“Touché,” I smirked feeling my cheeks warm up slightly, thinking back on our moment on his car in front of my apartment.

The moment the oysters arrived at our table, Chris fed me the first one watching me expectantly as he awaited my reaction. Oddly enough, I actually liked it.

“Oh my God,” I said. “Where have these been all my life?”

“You play too much,” he chuckled, grabbing an oyster for himself.

“I’m serious though, babe. These are so fucking good I wasn’t expecting this at all.”

“I put you on and shit,” he chuckled, glancing up as the waiter returned to our table prepared to take our order. Being the gentleman that he is, Chris allowed me to order first as he continued to thumb through the menu.

“I’ll have the Seafood Mixed Grill, along with the Grilled Asparagus,” I said, closing my menu to hand it over to the waiter.

“And I’ll take the Grilled Filet Mignon and Shrimp,” Chris said, closing his menu as well.

“How would you like your steak sir?” The waiter asked, scribbling onto his notepad as he spoke.

“Well done,” Chris responded.

“And is the asparagus fine for your side?” The older white gentleman asked, glancing at Chris who looked like he wanted to protest but a menacing glare from me halted his actions.

“That’s fine,” he muttered, handing the older white gentleman his menu before pouting like a child.

“Don’t be such a kid,” I chuckled, shaking my head at his childish antics.

“I don’t eat asparagus, baby, you know that. I’m only doin’ this cause you said I need to eat healthier.”

“And I was right, you do need to eat healthier Chris. Before you met me how often did you eat a home cooked meal?” I asked, awaiting his answer because I knew he almost never cooked.

“Whenever I went to my mom’s crib,” he shrugged, that boyish grin resting on his face. “Which wasn’t often,” he scrunched his face up, nodding at me as he realized exactly what I was getting at.

“But you cook for me all the time now, so…”

“Shut up,” I said, shaking my head at him. It’s crazy because Chris had cooked for me a few times and honestly he wasn’t bad at it. Was he the world’s greatest cook? Absolutely not, but he definitely could cook.

As time passed, another bottle of wine was brought to our table since we had guzzled down the first one. I wouldn’t say that I was drunk, definitely not but I was just a tad bit tipsy, add that to the natural high I felt simply from being in his presence and I was thoroughly enjoying myself.

“What’s on your mind?” I asked, noticing him drift away from the conversation.

Pouring himself another glass of wine, he shrugged before pouring a little into my glass. “I’m gonna go to Virginia in a few weeks,” he revealed. “The date is coming up.”

Not needing to ask what date, I immediately knew that he was talking about the anniversary of his father’s death. Grasping his hand in my own, I massaged the back of it in a comforting manor in an attempt to ease his mind. “Just tell me when and I’m there,” I said.

Glancing up at me, he searched my eyes for what seemed like forever before speaking. “You got school and–”

“Chris,” I interrupted. “I told you I’d be there, so I will. Let me be there for you like you’re there for me.”

“July 17th.”

“Okay,” I said, letting him know there was no issue with the date. It honestly didn’t matter what day he said, I would be going because I said that I would.

“I love you,” he expressed.

“I love you too, baby,” I said, leaning forward to meet him for a quick kiss.

Silently, we finished our respective meals but not without Chris occasionally dipping into mine. By the time we finished, the waiter asked if we wanted dessert to which I obliged and decided to divulge in slice of chocolate cake. Of course it turned into me feeding Chris a few bites of it since I was too full to finish it by myself, and he was greedy.

“This was nice,” I sighed blissfully, resting my hand in his as we awaited the valet to bring his car around.

“It was,” he agreed, giving my hand a light squeeze just as the truck pulled up in front of us.

After helping me into my seat, Chris closed my door before jogging over to the driver’s side to get himself situated. His right hand rested on my thigh as his left hand controlled the steering wheel.

“Yours or mine?” I asked, although ultimately I knew we’d end up at his place because that’s just where we spent the bulk of our time together.

“Yours,” he answered, surprising me. “I wanna be alone with you tonight,” he said, sending me a quick wink that I could’ve easily missed had I not already been looking at him. I knew exactly what he meant by his statement, my place was the only option for us to be truly alone with no interruptions.

“What are you going to do with me?” I asked, anxiously awaiting his answer.

Much to my dismay, no response had been given, and instead he exposed one of his infamous smirks.

The moment we entered my apartment it was like a race to see who could get undressed quicker. I would say it was the oysters or the wine, but the truth is that we’d been feigning for each other all night. If anything, those two things only heightened what we were already feeling.

Upon slipping out of my dress, Chris hoisted me up in his arms instructing me to wrap my legs around his waist. Slamming my back against the back of my bedroom door, Chris began to attack my neck with kisses and bites being sure to mark whatever territory he crossed. Running my fingers through the soft bed of curls that rested atop his head, I enjoyed the feeling of him nipping away at my flesh as his fingers slid inside of the black lace thong that barely covered my bottom half.

“Fuck,” I moaned lowly, feeling him tease my center with one of his long fingers.

Our lips intertwined with one another as Chris used one of his hands to help free himself from the constraints of his jeans, allowing them to fall to his ankles.

“I’m ‘bout to fuck the shit outta you,” he grumbled, ripping the thong from my body. Chris kicked off his jeans before walking us over to my queen sized bed and throwing me on it. Leaning up from the mattress, I decided to free myself from the strapless black lace bra that I donned, leaving me completely exposed in front of him.

It felt great to have one person that I didn’t need to be shy with. With him there were hardly any boundaries, and I almost never felt uncomfortable doing things with him that I’d never thought about doing before.

Becoming even more anxious than before, I tugged at his white Calvin Klein boxers signifying that I wanted him to take them off. Not needing to be told twice, Chris smirked before discarding them as instructed leaving him completely exposed, too.

“Fuck,” he groaned, putting his head in his hands.

“What’s wrong?” I whispered.

“You got some condoms, baby?” He asked, lifting his head slightly so he could look at me.

Nodding softly, I pointed to the nightstand next to my bed remembering that I picked some up the last time I went to the store. I was never one to keep condoms in my home and Chris knew that which is why he assumed I didn’t have any, but circumstances were more different than they’d ever been so the purchase felt like a necessity.

Not wanting to waste any more time, Chris wrapped my legs around his waist as soon as he got one of the condoms on. His hard member brushing up against my thigh, dangerously close to my opening as we made out slowly. A euphoric bliss washed over me as his hands teased and groped my body while our lips remained locked in a kiss.

“Ahh,” I whimpered, feeling a little pain as he inched himself into me slowly. Giving me time to adjust to his size, Chris sat still for a minute before continuing to inch himself inside of me until his entire member was buried deep inside of me. Long, slow, painful strokes were being delivered as he placed kisses along my neck.

“You good baby?” He questioned, his breath tickling my neck a little causing me to giggle.

“Yes,” I breathed, digging my nails into the skin on his back as his sped up his pace. Attacking my body in ways that only he could, Chris dug his fingers into my sides as his lips continued to nibble at the flesh of my neck.

Leaning up, Chris began rolling his hips into me in a methodical motion that almost left me breathless. His teeth sunk into his bottom lip as he paid close attention to the merciless strokes he was delivering on my body. I watched him as he watched our bodies try to become as one as possible. I damn near lost my mind when he pulled one of my legs over his shoulder, allowing him to stroke my center at an angle that literally drove me insane.

“Fuck Chris,” I moaned, gripping the sheets so hard my knuckles probably turned white.

“Let it out, baby.”

Beads of sweat dripped off his beautiful forehead as my baby remained focused on pleasuring the both of us. He switched up again by slowing down his pace until it was painstakingly slow, reaching new depths that he hadn’t before. My breathing hitched as he reached his hand between us to rub small circles on my clit, practically doubling the pleasure that I was experiencing and it honestly was becoming a bit too much for me to handle.

“I can’t take it,” I whined, attempting to move away from him.

Confusion washed over my face as Chris stopped his movements to remove himself from my depths. I know I said that I couldn’t take it, but that didn’t mean that I actually wanted him to stop. Disbelief took its place when he decided to lay down next to me. Both of us breathing heavily, I stared at him as he lie there smirking before he pulled me into his embrace.

“I gotta taste you,” he said, sinking his teeth into his bottom lip as he eyed me hungrily. “C'mere,” he mumbled, hoisting me up so that I was now hovering his face.


“Sit down,” he said, not even bothering to listen to my protest. “If you don’t, I’m gonna have to pull you down here and if that happens my tongue is gonna go so far up your–” I cut his sentence short by following his instructions and sitting on his face.

“Oh my God,” I moaned, shocked by how good this felt. Chris had always given me head but not like this, this shit here was on a whole new level and I was glad I was experiencing it. Chris’s arms remained wrapped around my thighs to ensure that I wouldn’t go anywhere as he devoured my flesh in ways that I could never have imagined. It wasn’t long before my hips gained a mind of their own as they gained a rhythm against his face that seemed to only encourage him to go harder. My hands clutching the headboard for support as his tongue teased and nibbled at the most sensitive part of my body urging continuous moans to escape my lips. It wasn’t long before that familiar tightness began to form in my stomach, eliciting more moans to spill from my tongue as he devoured me mercilessly. In a matter of moments I was moaning loudly as a euphoric wave ran through me, followed by Chris scooping up every single thing that my body threw at him.

Pulling back slightly, Chris licked his glossy lips before smirking at my disheveled breathing. Using his arms, Chris guided my hips until I was sitting directly on top of him with his manhood stiff against my back. Leaning forward, I trapped his lips with my own enjoying the taste of them as Chris reached his hand behind my head to remove the ponytail that held my curls in place.

“Ride me baby,” he instructed against my lips. “Don’t worry, I got you,” he said, sensing the nerves that were emitting from my end. Realizing that I wanted nothing more than to please this man as much as he pleases me, I ignored my nerves and instead brought myself to hover directly over his manhood as he held it in his hands, awaiting my arrival. As I lowered myself onto his awaiting member, Chris released a low groan at the sudden contact. His teeth remained embedded in his bottom lip as his hands gripped my sides guiding them in a slow motion. “Just rotate ya hips bae,” he mumbled.

Nodding, I rotated my hips slowly as I tried to adjust to this position that was new to me. All of the times we had sex and I never got on top because I had no experience, but there’s a first time for everything.

Once he saw that I was getting the hang of it, Chris released his hold on my waist opting to hook them behind his head as he enjoyed the show. It wasn’t long before I caught a rhythm that I was comfortable with that had us both releasing moans of pure pleasure. Entangling my hands inside of my curly mane, I began to rotate my hips at a faster pace, occasionally bouncing my body against his which elicited sounds of our skin clapping. Chris quickly caught my rhythm and even began to thrust back, which made this position that much more pleasurable. I liked it because although he was able to thrust back, I felt totally in control of the situation and by the way he groaned I knew I was pleasing him.

“I’m ‘bouta bust,” he groaned, returning his hands to their place on my waist in an attempt to slow down my movements. Sitting up, Chris leaned his back against the headboard as he wrapped his fingers in my hair. Latching his mouth onto my right nipple, Chris urged me to keep going so that’s exactly what I did. Wanting this moment to let as long as it possibly could, I rotated my hips slowly as he quietly met my thrusts. As he moved his mouth to my other nipple, his hand found its way to my clit as he began to rub small circles in an effort to increase my pleasure.

“You close?” He asked, gazing up at me with pure lust in his eyes.

Nodding my head because I couldn’t find the words, I began to speed up the pace as my mouth opened wide with no sound emitting from it. Not needing to be told, Chris matched my rhythm as he began to assault me from below. Nothing but the sound of my moans, his groans, and the occasional clapping of our skin could be heard throughout the room. It wasn’t long before I reached my peak with Chris following shortly behind. Breathing heavily, I collapsed on top of Chris’s body but not before removing his dick from inside of me. Chris disposed of the condom he had on in the trash next to my bed before wrapping me in his arms and place a rough kiss on the top of my head.

“You don’t know what you do to me.”

It was a line that I’d grown accustomed to hearing from him and maybe it was true. Maybe I didn’t know what I did to him, but he definitely didn’t know what he does to me.

So I was on twitter when I saw what appeared to be “screenshots” from a convo a girl claimed she had on instagram with Chris.

y'all I was pissed that shit looks real af . im like dang chris can you stay out of trouble for a day damn . so while im ranting on twitter ready to leave chris, this Nicki Minaj fan page sends me this pic


So I go back to the girls page whose follower count has jumped from 6000 to 10k,  so I could politely curse her ass out for trying to expose chris and she tweeted a link to her mix tape -_-

This grimey ass whore took the time out of her day to photoshop a whole life with Chris just to promote her crappy ass music . I’m done with twitter