Its obvious this is Oblivious I. Inspired by SLOWED w/ ETC!ETC! show on February 8th, 2013 at Wrongbar in Toronto. First Moombahton mix ever. Live as always.


Track listing:
1) Surivival (Original Mix) - Alvin Risk feat Sirah
2) Birthday Song (Sazon Booya Mix) - 2 Chainz feat Kanye West
3) Magnet Jam (Original Mix) - Sibot
4) Fresh (Original Mix) - ETC!ETC!
5) Like Home ( Dillon Francis Remix) - Nicky Romero & NERVO
6) Oh Dear (Original Mix) - D!RTY AUD!O
7) Werk (CORRUPTED Data Flipped Moombahton Remix) - Hyper Crush
8) Settle Down (Baauer Remix) - No Doubt
9) Squad Up (Torro Torro Remix) - Clockwork

Chelsea and Raven: My original Brittana.

Raven can be mean, and sometimes she lacks morals, but Chelsea is almost always there to calm her down. When other people make them feel like they aren’t good enough- lying and cheating and such- then the other is always there to tell the other they are wonderful.

Chelsea Daniels: Yeah, but now, Rae, I have no boyfriend. 

Raven Baxter: Yeah, well that guy is crazy because you have ‘it’ going on. 

Chelsea is perceived as stupid by… almost everyone. Some people will call her out on it, but Raven will mark it as a Chelsea-ism and knows it’s just how Chelsea sees the world: literally.

Eddie: Guys! Guys! I have the funniest thing. 

Chelsea: (laughs) That was hilarious! 

Raven: Chels, he hasn’t said the funny thing yet. 

Chelsea: Or maybe you just don’t get it Rae.

Raven will correct her, usually gently, sometimes more sternly, but she never calls her stupid.

She knows that Chelsea has a gentle nature, and supports the things she believes in, even if she doesn’t believe them herself. Like the fur lined jacket that could have made her career for her whilst she was still in High School. But when she understands how much it will upset Chelsea, how it could ruin their friendship in some way, she vetos the idea completely.

They protect each other (like Raven standing covered in clay for hours so that Chelsea’s art project is able to be shown) sometimes more fiercely than others- or at least as fierce as Disney is allowed to show on daytime TV. Chelsea telling Miles “Alright, move it out hotlips” with a rare tone of anger in her voice.

Or when she refuses to tell Alana and her girls where Raven is after they catch her in the corridor.

With petnames and Chelsea being at Raven’s all the time… this is about as close to Brittana as the Disney Channel was ever going to get. And I love it.

Just remembering the episode where Cory’s friend blackmails Raven into kissing him.

Sure, she makes him close his eyes and kiss a fish, but I always loved how pissed Chelsea sounded after that. She was furious, clearly, and ushered him out with one of the harshest tones of voice she knew.

…oh God, my heart.

Here with the entry volume of my new house mix series “Housejammer Lammy” where I get funky and jam out with some amazing house tracks that I have not been able to get out of my head for weeks now. Enjoy!

1) Dannic - Clobber (Original Mix)
2) Busta Rhymes - Touch It (Acapella)
3) Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais Remix)
4) Joe Ghost - Are You Ready? (Hardwell Rework)
5) Michael Woods & Chris Lake - Black Throng (Original Mix)
6) Lazy Rich - Brainfreeze (Original Mix)
7) Fun - Some Nights (Acapella)