Usually I know when a song comes to me if it’s an idea for the Chili Peppers because it sounds unfinished when it’s for the Chili Peppers; it doesn’t sound complete. When it’s a song that’s meant for me, it sounds complete when it’s just the acoustic guitar playing, or when it’s just me singing along with my acoustic. The stuff I write for the Chili Peppers require a lot of imagination to hear it when it first starts. Like when “Otherside” started I didn’t know where it was gonna go, it was just this thing that I thought was cool. On my own, that was as far as I could go with it. The rest of it came about with the band. I mean, there are exceptions to this rule, and I’ve never put it that way until just now, but really that is what happens: I’m writing stuff specifically because I’m curious what Anthony would write over something like that. There are other times, like on the chorus for “Parallel Universe,” when I first came up with it I was singing over it and it was inspired by the Ramones. I considered it a song of my own, but I thought to myself: “It’s exactly in the key for that Chili Peppers song that needs a chorus.” So I said, “I’ll try it. If it doesn’t work as a chorus for that song, then I’ll write a song for it
—  John Frusciante (Guitar One, 2001)

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