Chorti: Mexico- The Chorti are wild men who live in various wildernesses of the world. They like to live in remote places, so they’re mostly found deep in the forests, or in icy mountain caves, or in jungles. They are huge and hairy and can be vicious when provoked. This vampire has its feet on backwards, with the heel pointing where its toes should be, and its toes where the heel should be. In this way, its feet are always pointing in the direction of the places it has traveled. Its feet hasn’t impeded its survival in the wild, however. They love nature, in some legends they are a guardian of it. It’s told in some stories that the Chorti is a protector and champion of the forests. It’s a powerful creature and can be extremely savage when it needs to be, it has claws made of steel or metal and it has the strength to slice off a man’s head in a single slash. Earlier tales of the Chorti tell of its harmless side, as a somewhat compassionate or at least not a threatening spirit of the wild. Sometimes it is portrayed as a friendly woodland spirit. But Chorti are always described as a guardian of the wild, and since the advent of deforestation the stories tell of a forest vampire who will ferociously protect its home. It will rip a person to shreds and feed on its remains, sometimes leaving only bones to be found. The Chorti feeds almost entirely on men. It will drink the victim’s blood but will also feed on his flesh.

True Line Of The Day ....

True Line Of The Day ….

Hamesha Choti Chorti Galtion Se Bachny Ki Koshish Kro

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Insan Paharoon Se Nahi Pathroon Se Thokar Khata Hy …..

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