On this day, August 22nd, around 1917: John Lee Hooker was born in Coahoma County, Mississippi.

Today’s soundtrack: “Boogie Chillen’,” “I’m in the Mood,” and “Boom Boom.” 

Today’s rhythm: the choogle.

Today’s screening: THE BLUES BROTHERS

Today’s quote: “I don’t play a lot of fancy guitar. I don’t want to play it. The kind of guitar I want to play is mean, mean licks.”

Today’s licks: Mean, mean.

Today’s photo: © Lawrence Shustak for Riverside Records, ca. 1960

Today’s ill-advised tattoo: http://tinyurl.com/3btp8yg

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Creedence Clearwater Revival - Effigy

A young man turned this song off at a party I was at this past week.  He was decrying Creedence as childish yet, later he was loudly talking about wearing a tie made for an eight-year-old.  The combination of both events made me hate this gentleman and is probably a good example of why I don’t have many friends.  Either way, fuck that guy with his fucking tie.  I don’t need friends.  I have Creedence.

On this day in 1928: Mr. Bo Diddley was born in McComb, Mississippi.

Today’s soundtrack: “Have Guitar Will Travel”


Today’s guitar: the cigarbox

Today’s rhythm: the choogle

Today’s quote: “I thank you in advance for the great round of applause I’m about to get.”

Happy birthday to Bo!

chariot--choogle said:

Hi. I was wondering if you were aware of what's been happening in Celebrity Big Brother recently as there's been a surprisingly trans-positive stance to it. Kellie Maloney (formally Frank Maloney) is a contestant who has not been misgendered, as far as I know. She had a debate with Audley Harrison, who knew her as Frank, about how difficult it was for him to accept her choice but that he just needed more time. Sadly Gary Busey's mental health issues are not being so well observed.

No, I don’t follow Big Brother, but it’s good that they have been treating her with the respect that she deserves. But I would like to note that putting her birth name in this ask was pretty disrespectful and is something you should avoid in the future, please.

Speaking Korean

If you speak Korean comment if you know what this means!                       .Michin  Eh-ja Nu choogle lea.🔫